One night with a billionaire boy episode 11

One night with a billionaire boy episode 11
Tanya POV
I woke up the next morning with a hang over , I groaned in pain as I held my head with my hands
What happened last night and who changed my clothes to nightie and even covered me.
Wait I remembered seating with Anna before I dozed off she must have been the one that changed my clothes
Such a sweet girl ..
I managed to stand up from the bed , I glanced at the wall clock and almost jumped outta my skin
12pm how did I slept so much , am supposed to go and see that doctor today
I walked quickly into the bathroom after mixing my bath I entered the jacuzzi and relaxed into it as I felt refreshing as the water touched my body
Soon I was clad in a short gown , yeah that’s what I like wearing, I brought out a black stilettos
It seems Jeff didn’t spend the night in his room not that I care tho.
After making up I walked outta my room only to meet with a smiling Anna
“Ahh just the person I wanna see” I said happily
“Really? Good morning b
Sister in law ” she greeted all smiles
“Morning dear how was your night I trust you slept well” I asked
“Yes sure what about you”she answered
” I had a wonderful night thanks for helping me into bed ,” I said
“It’s nothing ma’am by the way I brought this glass of milk for you but it seems you going out ” she said calmly
” Oh no it’s fine let me have it” I said and collected the glass of the milk from her
I drank everything to my heart’s content before returning the glass back to her
“Thank you so much dear” I said and wanted to walk away when she stopped me
” Where are you going to ? Mind if I come with you ” she poutS
“Nah don’t worry about me dear am just going to the hospital I have a doctor’s appointment I promise I won’t stay long” I said and blow her a kiss before rushing out
I walked hastily checking the rooms in the hallway maybe I would see Jeff I need to gain his trust by making him follow me to the doctor
Luckily I found him he was coming outta his mom’s room
He wanted to walk pass me when i held him back
“At least a good morning should do Jeff” I said with a serious tone
” Morning ” he mumbled with a frown
“Morning sweetheart how was your night , actually have been looking all over for you” I said with a smile
” And why were you looking all over for me it’s not as if I ran away from my own house” he said coldly
Don’t worry about that sweetie because am gonna chase you outta this house soon
“That’s not what I meant Jeff I just need you to follow me to the hospital I have an appointment with the doctor” I said with smiling
He looked at me for a while before agreeing to follow me…
Rihanna POV
I made sure she was outta sight before calling Scarlett
Phase 1 has been completed she took the bait ” I said over the phone
Nice one dear so what’s next ” Scarlett asked
We need to follow her to the hospital we will know what to do next” I said
Okay I will send my driver to come pick you up” she said
I hang up and quickly went and change into something comfortable and sneaked out so Mrs Martinez won’t see me
I waited outside the mansion soon the driver was in sight
I entered and he drove me straight to the hospital Scarlett was there already
“You just on time she is in there with Jeff ” she said the moment I stepped out
“Good let’s just stay at the door I need to hear what the doctor is going to say” I said
We disguise our selves as nurses we walked to the doctor office and listen to their conversation
From the looks of things she must have threatened the doctor somehow
“Mr Martinez Please this is time to always be with your wife she needs you now ” I heard the doctor said he was sweating profusely even when the air conditioner was on
“Tell him doctor tell him about the scanning’” Tanya said innocently
Such a witch I looked at Scarlett who was looking at Tanya with so much hatred
“Tell me what ” Jeff asked
“Am afraid mr Martinez but she might be carrying double babies and am not sure it’s going to be very crucial for her so I advise constant sex with her to keep her clit open so she won’t have any complications when she wants to put to bed” the doctor said
Oh so that’s her plan , to get Jeff to impregnate her before she is being exposed
And that gave me an idea
I signaled Scarlett to come with. Me
We left the hospital and headed home
I need to play the voice recording from last night
I must act fast to put her behind bars……
Scarlett POV
Rihanna is a genius , I can’t believe she is doing all of this for the person that hurts her and her family so badly
She has the heart of gold.
Tanya will be put behind bar today we just need mom’s cooperation before this last plan can be successful
“Come with me let’s talk to Mom immediately everything must be set before they return” Rihanna said as we entered the car and drove straight to the mansion luckily we found mom watching TV
“Mom we need to talk to you urgently” I said as I led mom upstairs to her room
We told her everything from when Rihanna had trailed after Tanya and also faking the memory loss
Anna played the voice recording to her
Mom was stunned by everything
“God bless you my dear for not letting my family fall apart” mom cried as she hugged Anna to herself
“It’s okay ma you don’t need to thank me yet we still need to nail this old lady once and for all and here is what you will do for me ” Anna said in a serious tone and wiped mom tears
“How can I be of help dear” mom replied
“Good , as we all know Tanya has successfully convince Jeff that he owns that pregnancy , once they come back from the hospital she is going to bring out property transfer documents and you will be asked to sign or she will do something horrible, ” Anna said breathlessly
” That’s where you come in” I chip in and explained all she needs to do .
“Woow that’s a brilliant idea am so proud of you too come here and give me a hug” she said as we did a group hug and left her in her room.
Tanya will soon be here and we should be ready for her
Tanya POV
The Martinez thinks the pregnancy is the only trick I have up my sleeve what they don’t know is that am a dangerous snake
My venom is deadly .. my main purpose of taking Jeff outta the house was so my boys can sneak into the house and kidnap his mom.
Let’s see how much he loves her and is Willing to do to get her back so I bribed the doctor so he can delay us with pregnancy discussion
Soon my phone started ringing it was one of my boys
I excused myself stylishly and went out to take the call
📞 What’s the status Donald” I said immediately I picked up the call
📞 We have her boss we are at the warehouse awaiting your orders’” he said from the other side
📞 Good job now get a camera and start recording make sure it’s sent to my phone in the next few minutes” I said sternly
📞 Okay boss consider it done” he said while I hang up
And went back inside I signaled the doctor that it was time to end the discussion , he did
Jeff drove straight to house without uttering a single word to me not that I care tho.
We arrived at the house and met Anna and Scarlett I need no one to tell me what had happened…
Jeffery POV
Came home only to meet Scarlett and Anna crying seriously
“What’s going on here ??” I asked curiously
“Brother” the two them ran to me .
” Calm down and tell. Me what happened by the way where’s mom ” I asked
“Brother mom had been adopted by some thugs” immediately they said that Tanya started laughing
” Enough of the get together please , have had enough of those shit lovey dovey stuff and let’s go straight to the point shall we ? ” She said and sat comfortably on the couch
” What’s your problem Tanya have you lost your mind” I barked at her
” Calm down lover boy let me finish , first of all if you still want to see your precious mommy you will as I say ” she said smiling
” What are you talking about Tanya” I said in between clenched teeth
This girl is really getting on my nerves
“Exactly what you heard you know what let’s just play a game ” she said and click on her phone and played a video mom was in it.
My knee went numb instantly, how can this girl be so cruel
“Don’t you dare hurt my mom or else ” I said and wanted to charged at her when Anna held me back
‘” no brother do not touch her so she won’t hurt mom” she said holding me .
My muscles released a bit
” Yes Jeff you such listen to her or your precious mommy is going to get her head blown ” he said with her legs crossed
” What do you want Tanya ” Scarlett asked angrily
“Good question sweetheart” she said and signaled Anna to come
“Anna dear go and bring those documents from my room” she said to Anna she nodded and went upstairs
She came back shortly with a file and handed it over to Tanya who dumped the infront of me.
“Sign them now if you still want your precious mommy to live”she said coldly
I picked up the files and found out it’s was property transfer documents she wants me to transfer all of my family wealth to her name .
“Will not spare you Tanya ” I growled but Anna said and whisper in my ear
She asked me to do something funny which I found reasonable.
“Fine Tanya I will give you everything but you most promise not to hurt my mom” I said with an expressionless face
” I crossed my heart and hope to die ” she said mockingly
I brought out a pen from my pocket and signed the documents
Before handing everything to her.
“Good boy now that I own all of property you will do as I say ” she said and smiling devishly
” I won’t be too sure of that madam” someone said from the entrance…
Rihanna POV
“I won’t be too sure about that” the inspector said and walked in with some police men.
” What’s the meaning of this jeff did you call the cops on me??” She asked mockingly
But poor Jeff was also confused
” No actually I did beautiful sister in law” I said with a smirk and walked to middle of the living room
You can imagine the look on her face when I said that.
“What are you talking about Anna , or did they manipulate you to say it?” She asked with so much naivety
” Ttch and they said you very smart and you can’t read the handwriting on the well ” I said making sure I confuse them the more
“What sort of joke is this Anna ” she asked with a chuckle
“Oh really ?? Okay dear wait. Mrs Martinez can you please come out” Immediately I said that
She came through the door with a smirk
” Suprise right ?? Let me clear your curiousness tanya , I never lost my memory it was just the little game of my own that I decided to play I can’t believe you fell for it babe” I said and walked close to her shocked self.
The look on Jeffery’s face was priceless, will deal with that later
“Inspector arrest this woman here for trying to kill Mrs Martinez and gain ownership of her property” I said pointing towards her.
” 😂You can’t arrest me office because you have no proof against me , I can’t file an FIR for illegal entry into my house inspector and am also rich the entire property is now mine so if you arrest me you gonna regret it” she said laughing
She still don’t get it
” Are sure about that ?? Why don’t you go through the property papers again who knows there might be one crucial part missing” I said and walked towards her
Her eyes widened in shock immediately she found out it was actually fake documents
“Mom please come and have a seat including you too officer am not done yet and you too jeff” I said and gesture them to the couch they all did as I say
It was just me Scarlett and Tanya that was now standing.
“Now for the evidence , Scarlett dear can you please bring me the flash drive ” I asked Scarlett who brought it outta her purse and handed it to me.
I inserted it at the back of the TV and played the video clip of when she had threatened the doctor outside the mansion
And then the audio recording when she admitted to everything including her actual age
Believe she was too shock to even move a muscle
“That’s your evidence Tanya love” I said mockingly
She charged towards me immediately
“How dare you bitch I trusted you” she said and tried to slap me but I caught her hand and pushed her to the floor
“Stay down cause that’s where belong” I spat
Jeff stood up angrily I knew what he was about to do but I was quick to stop him.
“Inspector take this shameless woman away make sure she rots in jail” I said coldly
” You haven’t seen the last of my Anna I will make sure you pay for all this ” she said
I grabbed her hair aggressively and gave her a slap which sent flying to the ground
“You should be ashamed of yourself old man for sleeping with your son’s age mate all because of his wealth get her outta here before I kill her myself” I said Sternly
” You don’t know what you are getting yourself into believe me she is going to come after all of you sooner or later” she said smiling like nothing happened
She was dragged out afterwards
“Good riddance” Scarlett breathed out in relief
“Thank you so much Anna you don’t know how happy you made me ” Mrs Martinez said as she hugged me
” But tell me dear how did you know she was going to kidnap me” mom asked
” Well I overheard her conversation with one of the guys , luckily they were guys from my street I threatened to expose them to the cops if they don’t help me achieve this success , they kidnapped you and did all I said ” I explained
All this while Jeff stood there with a darken mood looking into space
I know lots questions were running through his mind right now, trust me I know how it feels to be deceived and lied to .
“You are best Anna it was because of you our family was saved

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