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OH THIS MY HUSBAND last batch by : 12:18 pm On January 30, 2021
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Part 51
I cannot lie and would not lie. I never called her a w—e.
My husband brought out his phone and told Pastor; In-fact sir, I had been recording a new message on my phone.
The phone was on recording mode when I went to the bedroom and suddenly saw a n√d£ man picture on my wife’s phone.
I forgot to stop the recording till I got back downstairs. Let me play the recording sir.
He played it and when it got to the right place, I heard….
This is a war and I must find time to pray.
All eyes were on me now, I looked like a fool before everyone. But I can swear I heard what I heard.
Pastor smiled and said with full authority. You demon of confusion working in the house, get out!
He looked at me and then at my husband and said;
You have just been visited by the demons called Marital Words Twisters. (MWT).
Hmm, so many things I don’t know…..
Pastor continued; The works of these demons are to cause confusion between members of a family.
They operate by standing between two people. As the first partner speaks, they twist it before it gets to the other partner.
Then they start expatiating the twisted words in the heart of the other party till you take negative actions that would hurt the marriage the more.
Sister Joy, you are about to pack out of your matrimonial house over such a little issue because you have not been prayerful.
You have allowed the devil entry into your life; you have listened to the lies from the devil.
Who is Tony, if I may ask? Pastor said.
I filled them in with who Tony was.
Pastor Mrs. spoke and said to me; My sister, an ex is an ex. Ex stands for excluded.
An ex is excluded from your current life. They had their times and it failed. When someone is excluded, it means no way for them.
The number of marriages that exes had destroyed will alarm you. Don’t become part of the number. He concluded.
Pastor turned to my husband and said; Your first congregation is your wife; your first counselee is your wife. If you cannot successfully win your wife, you are not permitted to stand on the pulpit.
Never go into ministry without taking your wife along. God doesn’t call one partner in a marriage. He calls both.
If one of you is stronger, let that partner pull the other partner along.
Now it’s time for both of you to pray the couple’s love prayer. You both will hug one another tight and pray for one another.
This type of prayer shows to the devil that there is no allowance for him in your home.
Just as we finished the prayers, I ran to the toilet again to vomit.
Pastor’s wife came in to meet me and asked me the golden question.
Are you pregnant?
No ma, I still saw my period three days ago; I replied.
She asked for my palm, checked my eyes and declared me pregnant.
I laughed; I can’t be pregnant.
Or can I? I know for sure that Tony didn’t touch me the day he visited me, I remembered I dozed off but nothing happened.
The only man that touched me was my husband who doesn’t have sperm.
We agreed that I will go for test the next day.
My husband and I went to the hospital the next day, after a very long wait, I was confirmed pregnant.
I couldn’t hold the joy; I am finally going to be a mother.
We decided to confirm my husband sperm again just to know what level the sperm had gotten to. It’s very glaring that God had done a miracle in him.
Three days later the result came back. We couldn’t believe the result.
My husband has no sperm at all. Not even one. The liquid was ordinary liquid, not one single active sperm.
How did I get pregnant?
Part 52
I panicked for months after the test, the devil maximized my relationship with the ex. Especially the day I hosted him in the house alone and I slept off on the couch. He was the first to doze off and I followed. I was scared that he drugged me and had access to me.
I never had peace till I confessed to my husband. He prayed for me and we both discovered that this baby was a gift from God.
I conceived a baby through my sperm-less husband.
Three months into my pregnancy, my husband was called back from work. They apologized and paid him for the months they erroneously fired him.
Three months later, he was promoted above his current boss.
The Assistant Pastor had resigned and during serious prayer session, my husband was appointed to become the deputy for Pastor .
Bose was actually pregnant for a boy in her school. My husband was never the father of her child.
The head usher left town, the last I heard about her was that three men were fighting over ownership of her pregnancy but she aborted the pregnancy.
Brother Accord and his wife left our church for another. The relationship of the wife with my husband who is now the Assistant Pastor puts a strain on both families.
Finally. One year, three months, one week and two days, after I ran to Pastor’s house for the first time, four notable events occurred.
Pastor and his wife travelled for a program in Kenya very early that morning. Pastor had spent almost every day in the last one month with my husband discipling him. Pastor was training my husband on how to be a church leader urgently.
Pastor’s wife had spent same period with me. It became an everyday lecture.
This faithful day, we escorted them to the airport by 4am for a 6am flight. At 7am we learnt that the plane crashed into the sea.
The news of the crash pushed me into labor, I was rushed to the hospital. After 2 hours of labor, I passed out.
I saw a vision of Pastor and his wife being ushered by mighty angels into heaven. There was great rejoicing in heaven because two giants had just arrived.
In the vision, Pastor’s wife called my name and said; Joy, we knew we had but a short time left. We hope you carry on the good works.
We didn’t have our own biological children because we won’t stay long enough to look after them. So, I add them to yours, the two children I asked of God.
Golden robes with golden crowns were presented to them. The last word I heard in the vision is “Never take your eyes off the Mark, Heaven is the Mark”.
My husband was told that I had died in the theatre and that they also weren’t getting any pulse from the baby.
He rejected the news and ran to the church altar to pray. He was praying hard when I woke up in the hospital.
I woke up to find myself already covered like a dead woman. I screamed and the whole hospital scattered.
I was wheeled back into the theatre and was delivered of triplets. Two boys and one girl. The scan had always shown just one boy.
By that evening, the church elders gathered and made my husband the Pastor of the church.
Today I am a witness to the fact that humility and submission in marriage can work wonders for any wife.
My husband teaches that men must love their wives and be ready to die for her.
A new chapter of being a Pastor’s wife had just opened. I will chronicle that aspect of my life too and write it out soon.
The End
But my life and its lessons continue
The story is inspired of the Holy Spirit, based on the combination on many real-life experiences and lessons learnt from them.
Penned By
Femi Oluyamoju
The story is a contribution to the body of Christ; thus, the electronic version can be shared without any changes whatsoever.
We pray that God would open our eyes to learn of Him always so that our marriages won’t lead us to hell.
(C) 2019
Brother Femi Oluyamoju and his wife, Sister Joke Oluyamoju are the conveyers for the Holy Spirit Prayer House Network.

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