Oh this my husband batch 2

Part 3
Pastor dropped the bomb; you will have to go back to your home. No battle is won from afar. Soldiers must be on ground to take over the territory.
No president can effectively rule a nation from a distance, when there are other contenders for the position.
No right-thinking person leaves the bag full of money that you worked hard for, outside just because others wanted the same bag.
I was defeated, I had no excuse. I collected the diary and decided to go home.
Pastor Emma asked us to pray. The prayers were sounding distant to me because I was lost in thoughts until I started hearing Pastor saying something like curses. I open my eyes to check if Pastor Mrs. is still connecting to these curse-like prayers. I saw she was saying big amen and vibrating…
That’s when I know I’m in deep trouble. How do I escape now, why did I come to Pastor’s house? I shouldn’t have come here o. I have made mouth and that useless husband of mine would not take me seriously if I go back home.
Pastor was busy praying and I heard him saying….
Father, make sister Joy blind…. Ahhh I can’t say amen ooo
Father, make sister joy deaf….ahhh if I say amen and I suddenly lose my eyes and ears with a very promiscuous and dangerous husband, it means I’m in trouble….I didn’t say amen.
I was just shaking my head, but in my mind, I was cancelling it in Jesus name. I never blind, he has many girls, what if I blind, he will be having sex on top of me. God forbid.
Pastor was still vibrating and the wife also was bursting in tongues. As the owner of the issues, I don’t think I can pray with all that seriousness… But the next set of prayers made me know he was praying from experience…
Father, the grace you gave me to be blind to my wife’s reckless lifestyle, give sister Joy,
Father, I was deaf to rumors, let her be deaf to rumors.
Trust me, I still didn’t say amen. I just kept shaking my head.
Finally, the prayer finished and as a good member I thanked them. Pastor wrote something on a paper and asked me to open it when I get home.
I left their house and started walking about aimlessly, I didn’t plan to go home, it will be a total disgrace upon all my bragging. Ige will laugh me to scorn.
I was walking absent mindedly when my leg hit a stone and I looked up. What I saw made me grow cold
Part 4
What I saw made me grow cold, in my sub conscious mind I had taken the regular route back to the house. As my leg hit the stone, I looked up to see my husband and one useless girl that looked like an over starved puppy, skinny like stingy indomie, both coming out of my house.
Ahhh, Pastor’s prayers didn’t work o. I can see clearly and I can hear wella. Now this is the height of it. This morning he broke the camel’s back and right now he just broke the camel’s neck.
I was about to charge…. honestly, I don’t know if I was going for him or for her, I think I was going for her, with that her tooth pick stature, all I needed to do was break her into two and gladly report myself to the nearest police station.
I dashed forward to tear her apart but I fell headlong into the drainage in front of the house. The last thing I saw before hugging the dirty waters in the deep drainage was my husband and the skinny thing smiling.
In my anger, I had forgotten that I have not yet gotten to the part that was covered, I had stepped right into the drainage that was three inches deep with dirty, smelly and black stench.
I don’t know if I should cry or laugh as I can’t feel anything. Ahhh God why now, why did you let me fall like this in the presence of my enemies.
Ahhh satan you are a liar, you deceived me in not saying amen when my Pastor was praying. If only I had been turned blind, I won’t see what led me into the gutter.
Then I tasted blood, I hate blood, ahhh maybe I am dead, I’m dead… I passed out.
I woke up as water was splashed on me by my neighbors. Did I tell you all these happened on a Saturday of all days. Saturday morning was when my neighbors will be on the streets washing their vehicles. It happened in the full glare of everyone.
From the looks I was getting I knew instantly that my monster husband and that skinny thing didn’t wait to help me, they drove off and left a human being inside gutter.
I stood up and went into the house. I had to rest a bit before I carry out my next plan. I doze off and saw the face of that skinny girl telling me she won, laughing that I have used my own hands to pack out of my house. I saw her wearing my wedding dress and cooking in my kitchen. The kitchen I set up myself.
I saw her wearing my red sexy gown specially purchased for my wedding night Toriperi stories.
I was about to tear at her again, break her into two when I fell again into a well, as I was falling into the well, feeling scared, I became blind and deaf and suddenly I was no more panicking, I felt peace.
Then I woke up, unfortunately I woke up to the face of the last person I wished to see at this time…. how I wish I was blind today……. why did my nightmares not come to an end…..
Part 5
I must have slept from morning till evening because I was woken up by my monster husband, as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the skinny thing of a girl first and then my husband by her side.
He was visibly angry, I had slept with the dirty clothes and muddy waters on the couch in the sitting room, I can see pockets of dirt that followed every step into the house. He was raking and vibrating like a machine that had lost control coolval stories.
He was shouting…..
Pig, bloody pig, that is who you are, your witches powers pushed you into the gutters because that is where you belong, barren witch, useless wife.
And by the way, you told me you were packing out and I will finally be free from breathing in the poisonous air polluted by your obnoxious manifestation of paramount lunatism….
And many more things were said by him, but rather than listen to him, I was having a very bad head ache, I was losing consciousness again. That fall into the drainage must have loosened some key nuts in my head. I knew I was going to faint.
Funny enough, in my quarter to faint state, I noted that my husband is in level 3.5 of his anger
Let me explain. Level one, He ignores me and answers with short replies.
Level two
He abuses me based on what has happened and my inability to give birth.
Level three.
He call me names like evil magician, witch or herbalist.
Level four
Here come the English grammars. Mountain moving English constructions.
Today he is already calling me a witch – definitely level 3.
obnoxious manifestation of paramount lunatism, whatever that means is a level 4 something.
Just before I fainted, I noticed that the skinny thing was smiling, that smile is exactly the smile I saw earlier on in my nightmare that day, this pissed me off…… I wanted to stand up and give her a brain resetting slap that will ensure that no body will be able to smile again in her generation.
As I rose, I discovered the floor was getting closer….
I slumped and fainted.
I woke up in the hospital the next morning, I was afraid I will see their ugly faces again but thank God for little mercies. I was alone.
Oddly, I noticed my purse was by my side. I couldn’t see anyone in my room. I was placed in a private ward.
I noticed more items in the room, this made me sit up,
how dare he, this man is callous and a beast, he is no more a monster, he is now the chief of monsters.
How did I end up marrying a devil, where did I go wrong, why am I getting disgrace from every corner…..
God, why didn’t you just make me blind, answer Pastors’ prayers na. if I was blind, I wouldn’t see the gory sight.
Right in the room with me were my four big traveling bags that I had packed on Saturday morning to leave the house before going to see my Pastor.
This wicked man didn’t only bring me to the hospital, he also brought my load.
What kind of man pack his sick wife with her loads to the hospital?

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