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Oh my husband batch 9

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Oh my husband batch 9 by : 9:12 pm On January 29, 2021
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Part 29
Lovaquine Injection
I was still very shocked at the news of how a husband will kill his wife over quarrels.
Do you know how many times I have argued with my husband?
I googled coolval stories and I discovered that there are over 5,000 cases of husband killing their wives over simple arguments.
Ahhh what a world….
While I was with my phone, I discovered that Pastor had sent me a message earlier on.
The message reads;
MMP is a serious psychological problem and can only be resolved by reversing the negative information virus that has destroyed your perception of your partner over the years.
These are the ground rules for the next ten days; You will receive a message from us. One in the morning, one at noon and one in the night.
These messages will try to highlight the positive virtues in your spouse.
If other women want to do this at home, they would take a paper and write down thirty common features in their husbands’ character, virtues that should be appreciated.
He married me.
He chose to be with me.
He always comes home.
He never abuses my parents.
He loves my food.
He follows me to ante-natal.
He pays the children’s school fees.
He looks handsome.
He loves my children.
We still have s£×.
He watches football at home.
Now, celebrate three points every day for the next ten days.
Think deep about the positive aspects in these points. Think of times when he had exhibited these points.
Sister Joy, for the next ten days, resist every attempt to think of anything negative about your husband.
Don’t in anyway join in negative discussions about your husband or about men.
If your friends on Facebook or your groups on social media start discussions about the evil that men do. Don’t join.
Purge yourself of all the negativity. It doesn’t mean you are running away from the reality.
It means you are creating the new reality for your own marriage.
Don’t forget, if you can think it, you can dream it. If you can dream it, you can have it.
For the next ten days, you can only think of the good habits and characters in your husband.
End of message.
All through the morning, I kept thinking of those days that my husband and I had quarrels.
I was the violent one. I’m the one that had almost killed him before.
He is a man who will never throw anything on a woman. At least that’s good about him.
By 12 noon, I got another message.
Few times when rain caught you both by surprise, your husband always uses his own cloth to cover you.
Ahhh yes, this brought smiles to my face. My husband will not cover himself in rain. He would always cover me first. This had happened several times.
By 3pm I got another message.
During your last operation, your husband slept on the floor beside you in the hospital.
I paused, where is Pastor’s wife getting all these from. They are very true about my husband.
I realized, I had been so afraid of evil, I have been so taken up by his faults, I have been so focused on his errors.
I have really missed looking at my husband for the good man he can be.
He could be a monster sometimes, but most of the time, he is a very good man.
Hmmmm, we have both magnified the negatives more than the positives.
Truly this MMP sickness can destroy marriages because my marriage is dying from so much cynicism and negativity.
These messages kept coming every day for the next nine days. Morning, afternoon and evening.
At night, Pastor would send me prayer points such as;
•I reject all lies about my marriage.
•I reject all negatives.
•God is love and I am God’s.
•I receive grace to love my partner beyond their fault.
By day ten of the treatment, I had loved my husband again.
Yippee I’m cured of MMP. Now I’m ready for the next stage.
I am ready and on fire to save my marriage.
As if the devil knows what I have been going through, he waited till the last day. Then he strikes.
This very painful news came via text message on the night of day ten.
It was 10:56pm exactly when I got that hurtful text alert…..
Part 30
The message was from one of my husband’s girls. It was a message no woman in my state would love to receive while she’s working on her marriage.
The message reads;
barren woman, finally I am pleased to announce to you that I am your husband’s girlfriend that has a working womb. I have taken in for your husband and I will gladly deliver a set of twins made up of two boys for your husband. I know he has left the house for you but don’t worry we will rent a new house and start our new life together.
Yours truly
New wife.
Hmm mmm I have been trying not to have bad thoughts about this man. I have tried hard not to think of evil or see my husband in a bad light. But he is bent on being evil and being seen in a bad light.
How can you be trying to save a man who doesn’t want to save himself?
Ok, I will not think of anything bad today. Probably this is just another woman who had seen the type of husband I have and she wants a piece of him too.
The husband I have grown to love this week is the type of man any lady will want to have.
If a lady out there is willing to get pregnant just to get this man, it means I got a very good deal for a husband and I’m not going to lose or share him with anyone.
It’s not her fault that she had access to my husband, if I had not made mistakes, she won’t have had access to my husband.
It is the cheese kept carelessly that rats can eat.
I pick my phone to reply the message.
Madam strange woman. You said you are pregnant for us, congratulations.
Like you rightly wrote, I am his wife and we both share everything. My husband and I will discuss it and after DNA test, we would accept the baby if it’s ours.
I sent it to the lady with my wicked smile. Why will a lady send me such useless message? To destroy my joy isn’t it?
I won’t allow anyone tamper with my new found joy.
About three minutes after I sent that reply, I got a WhatsApp notification from my husband.
My husband in his haste mistakenly sent a message to the Mercy WhatsApp group. That is the WhatsApp group for the church.
What he sent was….
O boy, come and see how my wife finished that useless girl that is behaving like a lunatic. Her reply was classic. Wow I wish I had known this classy part of my wife.
As I was reading it, my phone almost dropped from my hands.
How did my husband know I sent a message if he was not with the girl?
Ahhh he sent the message to the church WhatsApp group.
Everyone will know about my marital problems now.
I can’t call him; I can’t delete the message.
Just then, while I was still staring at the phone in terror, the number one gossip of our church replied to the messages in the group chat.
Ahhh!!! mogbe🙆🏻
Part 31
Mama Alicia never sleeps, always online. She is a rich widow but so strict that her children and grandchildren don’t visit her.
See the chat below;
Mama Alicia: ehn ehn, why send a post if you don’t plan to send the message.
Bro Jude: Lols bros let’s see the message na.
Head usher: which useless message is that. All these fake couples.
Bro Jude: shio, how the talk take enter your side na?
Mama Alicia: Aisha, why the rude post?
Head usher: I don’t fake and I don’t roll with fakes.
Bro Jude: This matter or another matter, why will you be taking panadol for another person’s headache.
Mama Alicia: Aisha, pr!v@te chat me, you know you can tell me anything.
Head usher: No need ma, we all know that you are an amebo.
Head usher: see the gist below👇🏽
Head usher: forwarded chat message.
Mr. M: You are crazy, you are very foolish. Even my wife at home don’t talk to me anyhow.
Me : You are a goat, you are a monkey. God punish you and your wife.
Mr M: You are not my wife’s class, I even came to you thinking you were a woman, I regret parking out of my own house to live with a pig.
Me: only pigs sleep with pigs, when you were doing different s£× styles with a pig, didn’t you cry like a goat. Useless hypocrite.
Mr M: Fake head usher, everyone who see you speaking in tongues won’t know you just finished swallowing semen with same mouth. Hell fire sombori
ME: I will expose you to the world. I will tell your wife, sister Joy, I will tell Pastor. I’m not ashamed. You think you can be using girls in the church and no one will know.
Mr M: CNN, you try to tell anyone, let’s see who is going to be suspended and disgraced from church. I am not a worker.
Me: You think I don’t know; you are dating Yemisi that 19 years old girl. Bose too or you think I didn’t see you in the hotel with Mrs. Accord. Or you don’t know I have your full information. See this useless man. Don’t try me.
Mr M: 😳
Me: I will finish you and expose you.
Mr M: If you dare, I will kill you I swear.
Me: hire killer, wife beater, girls chaser, fake Christian, womanizer. I am now very angry and you have tried me. You will see me in action.
Deaconess: What am I reading here?
Bro Jude: Omg!!!!
Bro Accord: Which Mrs. Accord are you referring to?
Sister Accord left
Asst Pastor: which Bose is this please?
Head usher: how many Mrs. Accord is in church, how many Bose in evangelism? Bunch of fools.
Head usher left
Bose evangelism left
Mama Alicia: I have always told Pastor, these girls are from mammy water kingdom..🙆🏻
Deaconess: The only sister Bose is assistant Pastor’s daughter. Ahhhh she has left the group
Bro Tim: What is happening this night?
Choir head: I don’t really understand what those posts means ooo
Bro Jude: let me decode what is happening for you.
Sister Joy’s husband sent a message to group. Sister Aisha got angry. Looks as if sister Joy sent a message to sister Aisha, head usher.
In anger, sister Aisha spilled the beans that sisters Joy’s husband has been sleeping with her, assistant Pastor’s daughter and the wife of Bro Accord.
My husband left
📢 Pastor Emma changed this group’s setting to allow only admins to send messages to this group
Part 32
My night was suddenly over. There was no way I will be able to sleep tonight after all that just happened. How true or false are the allegations? I don’t know.
As of now, my brain is no more functioning. I am as numb as a dry firewood.
The first call I got was from mama Alicia, what does the church gossip want from me? I didn’t pick her call.
The second call came from Pastor. I picked Pastor’s call. Sister Joy, how are you? He inquired.
I’m not fine sir, I don’t know what is happening. I replied.
Oh, I have seen the things written on the page of the church group, I have my reservations to some things written by sister Aisha. I am also not too sure that what she wrote is the truth. So, at this point, I will not advise you to act based on what you have read or to respond to anyone based on what has been written. I just want you to pray about it….
At that point, I started laughing. Oh, how I laughed so hard. This husband had just disappointed me, he disgraced me by sleeping with people even in the church and all my Pastor will call me for is that I should pray for him.
If I ever open my mouth to pray, it will be curses that I will rain on him. I will end up cursing his generation right from Adam.
Nobody should tell me to pray for this useless man. I am not saying any funny prayers.
I understand why you would be laughing because what I said sounded too religious for you but please sister Joy hear me out; Pastor said.
Pastor !!!! I replied cutting him off.
I don’t want to be rude. I respect you so much so I will say this, please let me be. I can’t pray for the man who has broken the vows of our marriage severally and has disgraced me.
He has shattered our marriage in the open. I can never ever pray for such a man. Any prayer that comes from my mouth shall curse him and all those good for nothing ladies that fornicated with him.
Please hear me out!! Pastor kept saying….
Ok o…..
Pastor continued passionately……
You have spent the last one week praying for this marriage. You have been seeking the face of God so that your husband will return to you.
Do you think the devil and the kingdom of darkness will sit back and allow your marriage to come back together again?
No, Sister Joy, they won’t allow it.
Maybe you don’t understand the meaning of the prayers you prayed; whenever a person asks God to heal their marriage and that your partner should love you and you alone, this is what you are praying for;
Number one
You are asking God to scatter any illicit relationship your partner is currently involved in.
Number two
You are asking God to disgrace and exposed the secret sins of your partner because secret sins not exposed are like the head of a snake. It can still harm after the snake is cut into two.
Number three
You are asking God to break by force any hold that is on your partner. Any hold that is stopping them from having time to stay with you at home.
Number four
Because marriage is an institution designed and created by God himself, whenever you ask God to win your partner back to you, you are asking God to work out salvation of that person in whatever way that pleases heaven Coolval stories .
Now either it pleases you or it is painful, heaven is not concerned about how you feel, heaven is concerned about the answers to the prayers you prayed. That prayer is the winning of your spouse back. It might be a bit difficult at first, it might be a difficult pill for you to swallow but as long as you have requested heaven to swing into action, heaven will do everything possible.
Many times, once heaven moves to answer our prayers, we start complaining and complains always stop God from working further.
Finally, number Five,
Because marriage is from God, Satan hates union in marriage. So anytime you pray for your marriage, you have just invited the entire kingdom of darkness to come into continuous war, they will ensure that they do not lose the grip over your spouse.
This is why many times, as soon as you start praying for your spouse, that is when your spouse increases the errors, mistakes and annoying characters.
The partners does not know what they are doing, they’re only responding to the stimulant demon that is in charge of the work of destruction in your marriage.
Sister Joy, what you have seen happening in the group, looks as if it is bad, it looks like a disgrace, it looks as if God is not at work…….
But on the contrary, God is seriously at work.
This is the beginning of the deliverance of your marriage because the persons who are secretly holding your husband’s attention had just been exposed.
From the tone of the discussion, the lady who was holding your husband has just withdrawn from him…
How did your husband mistakenly post that thing into the group chat, if it is not God at work?
Why did the sister responded to the chat within the group instead of pr!v@tely chatting him up? It is because God has started the work.
Unfortunately, heaven is fighting for you but you are currently fighting heaven. You gave heaven a duty to do for you.
Now that God has started recovering your marriage, you are currently not ready to discuss with God again.
It is time to continue your prayers. First, to thank God that He has started answering your prayers. Thank God that the onslaught of the enemy against your marriage is about to come to an end.
Thank God for exposing the secret enemy, we would never have known about it.
Then cry to God the more, that the job He has started in your marriage should be completed very soon.
Are you with me sister Joy on this? He asked.
Yes sir!!!! I replied.
The way you put it sir, really opened my eyes to another perspective of the issue.
What I saw discouraged me but what you said has encouraged me sir.
I will go into prayer immediately after this call. Thank you very much for the call sir. I really do appreciate.
After Pastor cut the call, I was about to go on my knees to pray when another call came into my phone.
It was a call from the head usher.
What does she have to say now?
My emotions can’t handle this now.
Should I pick the call or just ignore it?

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