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Obsessed last batch by : 2:21 pm On January 30, 2021
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Episode 26
Final Episode…
Story written by Authoress Mercy
##Gibson POV##
I held tight to my gun pointing at the relaxed Betty in front of me still sipping from the her glass
“You can’t pull that trigger” she teased and got up walking towards me.
The water level has already reached my thigh and I couldn’t care less.
This whole thing was burning me up!
It isn’t easy to live a hard life without even a parent.
It isn’t easy to live on the streets while you had a shelter which rejects you
It isn’t easy to live a hard life.
Life in the Orphanage was d–n hard
You’d wake up everyday knowing you have some cokes to deal and a target to meet.
Only the children were left out.
Once you clocked 10, you would be asked to go sell coke.
She would take us all in her van, and when she stops, we come out and go to the building in front of us.
If it was a strip club, you would go there and no objection would be heard from you else you would locked up In her torment room where food and care would beresorcicationyou for days till she remembers that she had kept you there.
I and Jaden my best friend then, would be made to go to a gay house.
They would dress us in gay costumes and taught how to behave funnily like a female.
We had cokes tucked in our pants and would spring into action when we get a client.
I for one, began enjoying the life until a day when we; that is Jaden and I were hustling to capture the attention of any guy and was glad we did.
After selling the coke and rocking the guy, two grown people came to us and demanded where we had gotten it from
We didn’t answer and went over to the pole to start another pole dancing when commotion broke lose and people were running in different direction.
It happened that the two guys were desguised cops and caught us.
Along with five other males, we we’re dragged outside after the whole place resulted in a mess.
We were taken to the station but about three hours in the station, we were told we were free to go.
Anyone could be locked up for such a crime even if you were a kid.
Although you might not suffer as much punishment as adults would, but after speaking with your guardian or parents, you would be sent to a rehab…
But anyone who worked for Betty and she still needs you, won’t be left in a place like a cell cus she knows you’d spew her secrets…
I began to hate my life and the life Betty made all teenage orphan live.
Some orphans got used to it and took life as it was but Jaden, I and Cindy the strange fair skinned girl in the picture never ceases to plan a way of escape.
Betty had us tracked.
When you clocked 10 and started selling Coke for her, Betty would put a device in us that whenever we wanted to run away or tell on her, she would punish us.
I had a crush on Cindy and knowing Betty made her sleep with men old enough to be her grandfather all in the name of selling Coke, broke my heart.
We never liked the orphange and would do anything to get out.
That night, while Betty had some plans going on for the celebration of her new hit, Jaden discovered how he could make the tracking device attached in our hair malfunction.
He had a small needle screewed into the tiny hole in it’s edge, somehow, there was a small button in it that he had to click and make the device inactive.
He did it for me first and it worked, the device fell off my hair the minute Jaden had clicked the button.
He did his own and went over to do Cindy’s but she refute it.
I was hurt and shocked at the same time.
Cindy didn’t want to go with us anymore, she had began to love what she did. Men gave her money in addition to the Coke sale.
She said she liked the way men lust for her and that she didn’t like me anymore.
It came like a stab and I felt like dying that moment.
Your first crush and love feels like your whole world. You’d dream getting married, dream doing things together.
And when she gave you green lights in turn, oh God! The flame would burn non stop.
But there I was staring at her back as she left Jaden and I and got into her room.
I vowed to get back at Betty. I vowed to pay her back from taking Cindy’s love from me.
And I knew doing that would mean staying strong and waiting for the right moment.
So Jaden and I went into the streets but this time not as Betty’s puppets but as a 15 year old teenage boys ready to live independently.
We got into bad games, slept in the cold and ate from the trash can.
Never in our hard times did we think of going back there.
Even while we thought of Cindy and the other orphans there, we found out that Betty’s orphange was shut down and sealed up. We didn’t know why but we were happy and for every day I lived in the streets, I hoped to see Cindy again.
Then we got into a cartel and worked for another drug Lord. We were made to sell Coke but truthfully, Jaden screwed up and sold part as his own and hid the money. He wanted to save up and run away but Kale our master caught him and ordered his men to take him away and kill him.
As I watched from back of the door when Jaden was dragged away, I felt bad and cried for my friend and that was the last time I saw Jaden.
With the help of one of his men, I ran away and got abducted by an old couple obviously without a child.
Till they died again. Had to send myself to college and tried the police requiting exam which I passed. That trained me for 2 years and half before I was awarded with my uniform to start working as an officer…
During those times, those hard times in the orphange then on the streets and back to sponsoring myself to college which I did by working part time in a tea shop, wasn’t easy.
Life was hard
Being an orphan was goddamn hard
No one cared
No one helped
It was just you and yourself alone
You over orders and dare not cough
Because she wanted money! Power! Ego! Fame!
We were the ones that gave it to her.
We did her jobs and that’s the reason she had all she had.
Now I’ll take it back and I was going to do it.
I smiled at her and brought out the recording tape I was holding this whole time.
I had connected it to the police station and they heard all our conversation.
” See this Betty? This is your downfall, with this recording already sent to the station and news house, there certainly is no escape anymore. And as evidence, I’m going to keep it and show the world just how bad and brutal you have been” I smiled and hooked it back to my belt space.
The shocked Betty just looked blanky at me and turned to take the route she took when I saw her.
She walked briskly going behind the curtain and I followed suit.
She turned and threw the blood stained knife at me but I dodged it.
Shot her in the legs and dragged her by the hair into the already waist level waterg in the room.
I made her drink the water pushing her head in it for seconds and bringing it out.
I’m not going to kill her immediately she will suffer for what she had done.
I pulled the trigger again and shot the other leg.
Even in the midst of her shouts she was still stubborn as she dragged and pushed not giving up
” Give up Betty! It’s over!” I shouted in her ears as I brought her out of the water again
“Never!!!” She shouted again and I pushed her into the water again, slowly drowning her.
I brought her out again and she gave me a cut.
She f—–g used the knife on me and had a deep cut in my left arm.
Did I let go? Never!!!
I groaned and shot her in her right hand she used to cut me and she shouted, dropping the knife and groaning in between sobs.
I dragged her in the water on the floor and tried opening the locked door.
I groaned again when I felt another stab on my back.
She had used her left hand to stab me and began crawling away.
Even in the midst of my pain, I used the last cartridge and aimed for her remaining arm.
I didn’t want to kill her but make her suffer and go through pain. Same pain we went through in her orphange.
She fell inside the water and began to sink in.
I went over and brought her out, went back to the door and tried opening it.
Because of the force the water pushed against the door, it was difficult to open it.
The water level was beginning to rise
“Help!!!” I shouted
I took my walkie-talkie and pressed the button to call for help but unfortunately it was spoilt due to being in my waist this whole time in the water.
I groaned in frustration as I hit the door, aiming to destroy it.
I took Betty back on top of the table which water was nearly reaching and dragged myself to the door, using my unharmed arm to hit the door.
Even if my hand was aching from the hits, I didn’t relent but sadly nothing was happening.
I looked over and saw the smirking Betty on the table with water almost reaching her.
No I want her to suffer, so I went over and carried her on my shoulder and Sean back to the door still hitting it.
It was no use
“HELP!!!!!” I shouted again but nothing happened.
Then I remembered the door direction she came in and wanted to run through.
I went behind the curtain and I saw nothing.
Nothing but solid wall stood in front of me.
My heart beat began to increase and the water started slowly reaching my chest level,
My legs were already floating and I didn’t know what to do
I left Betty and she sank in, into the water.
I felt the wall, looking for a way out.
Just then,my hand hit a small button and the wall opened, displaying a stairs case.
As it opened, the water in the room. Flowed in the direction, reducing it and I had my legs back on floor.
I went over to pick Betty but she looked like she had already died
“No!!” I shouted pushing her chest to and fro..
After some seconds she coughed but it was faint.
I cared less because what I really wanted was her being alive not healthily.
I raised her and put her on my shoulder, following the stairs down the dark passage way.
In no less than three minutes, I came to a stop as I saw two angles which lights came from.
I knew it led to different direction.
One was by my left and the other, my right.
I decided to tan my left and walked down.
Soon, I was tired of carrying her on my shoulder but I had no choice.
My other arm hurt badly from the stab I got from her
As I walked closer, I came out of the path and was relieved when I discovered it was out of the building
“Freeze!!” A cop shouted and with difficulty I raised my stabbed hand
“It’s I Gibson!” I shouted and my echoed from behind me.
They rushed to where I was and took her from me.
She was slowly dying and that wasn’t what I wanted.
I chuckled with the thought of me paralyzing her four limbs.
Serves her right!!
I scoffed and hugged Jade who ran towards me
“What happened to you man?” Chris asked and wheeled his chair towards us.
“I’ve got the b—h there man!” I said, being proud of my self.
“Good job boy” I heard some one say and turned to see Peter and Dess coming my way.
They dragged along about five men with them
“I’m so proud of you. You’ve done what no body could do”
He stretched his hand for a shake which I took happily.
Having your superior praise you ain’t easy to do.
“Take them away!” He comandes and they were all dragged to the van accompained by other cops.
We entered another car and drove off

##three months later##
“How do you like to breathe in prison air?” I asked Betty behind the glass counter.
She was in the Orange uniform and in chains
She just stared at me not saying anything.
I loved what I was seeing.
Life imprisonment
“Wanna know about your son? He’s in another prison presently.
He was caught bringing in new container of hard drug.
I had him tracked and caught him in the act.
He’s in another decision serving his jail term…”
I stood up sighing in satisfaction…
“You wouldn’t have gotten to this if you had stopped when your husband said so. And where’s your fellow cartel members? They all fled and left you here. Try eating well cus you have labour to engage later”
I walked out laughing all the way.
It really was fun seeing her in that state.
She looked stressed and sad.
With the chain tying her hands, Betty looker like a goat!!
After having her in jail, my division gave me an award and now, im the head detective..
I walked out of the building and entered my car.
Chris is planning a proposal party for Jade tomorrow and I have to go join him..
“Have you booked the hotel reservation?” Chris asked on the other side of the call.
He was so nervous that he had me do almost all the planning.
The Chris I knew was way more than that tho.
I chuckled at my own thought and saw my phone beep.
It was a message from Dess
“What should I do? Her stomach will make it hard to get a fitting cloth for her”
Dess is just so impossible.
I placed a call to her
“Okay meet me up at the mall” I said Immediately she picked up and ended the call too…
##Chris POV##
I felt nervous all the more.
Gibson is the best pal one could pray for. He had the whole top floor of the hotel booked.
Red and white Candle lights were everywhere which spelt “MARRY ME JADE”
red baloons swept the floor and made a huge big red heart drawing and an art picture of her was hung above it.
The chandelier was gold and it beautifully lit the room dimly.
‘Another day in paradise by Phil Collins’ was softly played in the background soothing the evening air.
I had told everyone including Jade’s mum, Lizzy and our team in the police.
Apart from the fact I wanted to propose to Jade today, I also wanted to show everyone who I really was.
As I paced up in the balcony with Gibson trying to cool me down, my heart raced on and on
What if she rejects me
What if she says no
What if her mother told her to break off the engagement
What if says she doesn’t love me anymore?
What if….
I kept on thinking and pacing up till I got a message from Dess saying she had succeeded in luring Jade to the hotel that they were already in front of the building…
My heart skipped a bit as I texted the floor to her and waited for their arrival…
The music was shut down, her mother, Lizzy, Fred, Gibson, peter and some of our friends in the police were already stationed in their hide out ready to work as planned….
##Jade’s POV##
I woke up that morning feeling uneasy.
Although a baby was growing inside me, I knew this feeling was more than that.
Like something good and bad was going to happen.
Shortly after I took my bath, I sat to eat my fav grilled chicken and rice.
I had missed the dinner party of my graduating set
I cared less tho. I needed time to clear my head and attending the party would mean I’d come in contact with Boston which was the last thing I wanted.
I later learnt from my source that Boston had set me up.
I didn’t lose my womb as the doctor had said weeks ago.
Boston found out that I was pregnant and wanted to have it aborted with his mother’s wish.
So he took me to the hospital and first, they conducted a test and said I had lose my womb.
The night I went with him to his house, he drugged me which I fell for and took me to.the hospital.
He paid the doctor to operate the baby out of me which he didn’t.
The doctor lied that he had done it but didn’t do it.
He said his heart couldn’t bring him to commit the act so he gave me some injuries and let me go.
With the blood from the injuries, Boston believed he had done the operation and paid him.
But why did he not say anything about it?
Because he knew it will take some time before I would find out about the baby and Boston wouldn’t know he didn’t do it…
After his confession from a video clip the doctor that tool care of me gave me, I was glad that even while I thought I was all alone In the fight, I was surrounded by people who didn’t want any harm to come to me…
As I took the third spoon, I received a call from Dess
Since Betty had been put in jail, Dess worked with the police detective department in view of the anti drug agency.
She disclosed all the strip clubs and some drug cartel.
They gave her scholarship to their school and she’s to graduate in a year time. Tho she won’t be on the detective department…
“Hey babe. Can you come over to my place? I have a blind date 5pm and want your help on the shopping.
Don’t worry I’ll treat you out.. Please”
She said and I could feel she made a pout already
“Okay. I’ll be there in five” I said, mulching into.my food and in no time, I was done.
We drove in her car to the mall and picked just a few clothes for her.
But she would always find a dress for me too.
How stranger, she was the one going on a blind date not me
“Come on Dess, it’s your shopping not mine, do you really have to do this?
“I know right? But these clothes fits you so perfectly. It would be unwise to leave them. What if someone buys it before you? Quick let’s go try it out”
That’s how she bought four new dresses for me and just one for her.
It’s her date not mine
Why do I feel like a queen right now?
We went over to the shoe row and same thing, Dess bought four matching stilettos for me and just one for her
“But Dess!” I whined
“Come on babe, just take it as a gift from me to you. Besides you helped me right? You came just when I needed you. So it’s my pleasure. Come on let’s go”
She said and went over to the counter and used her credit card.
We drove home and took some rest. Gisting about how our lives has turned for the better.
For a very long time, I have never felt do much peace.
I haved sighs and rested my back, looking down at the protruded tummy in front of me.
Chris is such a nice guy. Even though he found out this baby was for Boston, never did he make me feel bad for it.
I told him about my life with Boston but he took it normal and laughed about it.
Having a boyfriend as caring as he is, is such a blessing.
I skilled down at my tummy and rubbed it dream in of the life I’ll live with this tiny thing in me with his father.
Yeah I haven’t told you yet, it’s a boy.
Chris and I went for ultra sound two days ago and he was d–n happy it was a boy.
He even bought baby things already
Chris is such a wonderful person. He takes the child as his an never for once would he say anything to hurt me or the baby..
As I rubbed my tummy on and on, I didn’t know Dess have been talking this whole time
“Hey girl can you snap out of it?” She said and waved at me which I chuckled to
“I’m sorry”
“Yeah so can we get dressed now? I’m getting late for my date” she whined and pulled me up
“Alright alright I’m coming. But isn’t this date for you? Why should I get dressed up too?”
I stood with hands akimbo
“Don’t tell.me you read that message Gib sent to you unconsciously. You’re to meet him up, he says he want to introduce you to someone” she said staring at me widely
I opened my phone and yeah, the message was there how can I be so forgetful?
We got inside and instead of Dess to focus on herself, she got me all made up.
“Oh girl you look so beautiful. Get into that dress now!” She yelled excitedly as she pointed to the red dress on the bed
“But Dess it’s just to.meet him up. I’m not going to.a party you know!”
“Oh come on can you stop being so dramatic and get into that clothe?” She whined and faced the mirror in front of her, applying her own make up.
I just sighed and wore the gown anyways.
This is so not fair!
We got out of the house an drove out
“We’re here can you come pick Jade up so I go my way?”
Dess said to Gibson over the phone
” oh you can’t. Okay I’ll just bring her in then”
She said and hung up
“Huh?” I asked
“He texted the apartment already. I’ll just drop you there and go my way”
“Thanks so much babe” I’m really grateful for having Dess. What can I do without her?
We got out of the car and took the elevator to the floor Gibson had texted.
I was numb the moment we came out of the elevator and met the balcony all decorated with my name and picture.
My whole picture!
“I.. I… Don’t understand” I stammered and turned to get an answer from Dess but she wasn’t there.
The whole place was dimly lit up and rose flowers made a path. I followed it and took the turn.
It was there, Boldly written with my picture hung above it and a soft low blues playing in the background
With red candle light beautifully lined up around the red and white balloons.
“Please marry me” a familiar voice said behind me and turned to meet Gibson…
“I… Don’t understand” I stammered, looking at him
How could he betray Chris and propose to me?
“Please marry him” Chris said as he walked out of the dark…
“But why.. It’s you Chris”
“He can’t marry you Jade, he’s your brother” my mother said as Lizzy wheeled her out of the dark too
“I don’t understand… Please someone say something. Dess are you in this too?”
“Yes Babe. Chris is Jaden” Dess said walking closer to me.
“Mum?!” I called out softly, fighting the tears that were threatening to fall down already
” Chris is Jaden Jade, he’s my lost child” my mum said, whistle sobs.
“I never knew you were my sister believe me.
I started having doubts lately and found out that we were siblings with the result of the DNA test I did”
“But you died right” I was already in tears.
I loved him!
No one has ever loved me genuinely the way he did
“When Kune told his men to take me out and kill me, one of his men took pity on me and told me to run away. Because I had cover up for him one day when he screwed up, so he just returned the favor”
I didn’t know I had a family. Betty raised me as an orphan in her orphanage and treated me just like the way she treated other orphans so I never had the notion that you were my family.
Until mum told me” he stopped and looked at mum to continue…
“The very day I saw him come visit you at the hospital, I felt strange around him. I thought it was dislike but it was a connection and it a mother-son connection and when he shook hands with your doctor at the hospital, I saw the mark I gave him when I had both of you.
You were fratanal twins. I knew recognizing both of you after Betty took Jaden away from me would be hard so I gave him this tattoo” she said, pointing to the star tattoo on his wrist.
I had my own star tattoo drilled on my waist. I had asked my mum about it when I was little and she said it looked good on me that’s why she had gave me.
I loved it and kept it, not knowing it was more than that…
“Oh my God!” I burst out crying profusely.
I really loved him.
The connection I felt all along wasn’t that of love but sibling hood…
He came over and gave me a tight warm hug.
I reciprocated immediately and felt a third party, it was Lizzy.
My tears never dried.
I felt bad and good at the same time.
I didn’t love the wrong person after all.
“So Jade Greene will you marry me?”
The silly Gibson who didn’t want me to enjoy the moment said while kneeling on his right foot and stretching out the ring box toward me…
“Say yes!”
“Come on Jade”
“What are you waiting for?”
“Don’t keep him waiting
I heard from different angles…
Wait aren’t we the only one in the room?
I heard strange voices
” I’m waiting babe. I know we really don’t have a very exciting love story but I swear with my life Jade, I love you and even if I was ready to let you be with Chris, I only suffered inside, suppressing my feelings.
Please Jade say yes and I will never hurt you, I’ll take care of our baby and keep it safe, please say something”… Gibson said looking intently at me.
Even in the dim light, I could see how devouring his gaze was
He was dressed in red tuxedo and white inner sleeve.
His hair nicely cut, and his cologne was beginning to put me in the mood.
I shifted my gaze back to Chris and he gave me a reasuring smile…
“Yes” I finally said beaming with smiles.
People who hid in the dark came out clapping. And cheering, our friends were all here.
Police team and people at the university.
I felt top of the world at that moment with all the cheering, claps and congratulations from all corners, I knew it was the right thing to do…
“One more thing Jade, I’d like to show you something” Chris said and took my hand
“Let’s go people” he said as he turned to the surprised guest I the room…
As we got out and took the elevator out of the building, we met a line of limo waitig outside.
It was decorated with with ribbons and had an inscription
“For Jade”
“I don’t understand Chris, what’s all these?” I turned to ask the grinning Chris behind me
“That’s for you twin sister! Congratulations” He said, handing me a key!
“Oh My!! Chris.. But…” I was stammering, looking at him in awe.
Everyone was in the same dilemma, shocked to the bones as I was.
The Chris I have always known was as poor as feeding on taxi money!
“Come on everyone, I’ve got a story to tell. Get into the car!”
“Boss you have a call” a young male in black suit said and handed him a phone
“It can wait” Chris said and took me inside
“I’ll take your babe away if you don’t want to come!!”
Jaden yelled from inside the car and locked it
“Don’t you dare!!” Gib gritted and joined us inside followed by Dess…
“Go” Chris told the driver and off we went…
“Wait what about mum and Lizzy and everyone?”
I said stretching my head through the window.
“Relax. They’ll come in the other limos”
He said and I bored I’m relief..
Soon we arrived at a familiar place.
“Borrow me my sister please” Chris begged the already Jealous Gibson.
“Come on!” Dess yelled as she noticed his expression “no one’s gonna take her away you know!!”
She yelled, throwing her hands in the air.
Chris took me into the restaurant.
Same restaurant he brought me when I barely knew him.
Same restaurant he brought me soda and those expensive foods.
Soon my mum and Lizzy and the rest arrived and got into the restaurant too.
“In expectation of my Nephew, I gift this restaurant to you mum. I know how much you love the kitchen, Lizzy told me already and I would love you to please take it as a gift from me to you…”
My mum just looked in awe, opened her mouth but no words came out.
I know that feeling… I’ve been there myself…
“Wait Jaden. How’d you… Like..”
I asked, not knowing how to put the sentence but understood anyways
” After I got away from my master Kune, I ran away not knowing where to go.
After hustling for a while in the streets, I gathered enough money and went to college and furthered my passion for machinery creation and installation.
Soon I gained a scholarship and my school sponsored me to Japan where I studied pure electronics.
I was retained in their workshop, making cars and installing machineries…
Last year, I came back from Japan and established my company here.
I own this restaurant and other branches in Germany.
I’m currently trying to further process the finalty of my Car producing company and I’m going to name it after my Nephew…
So I want you to keep that baby for me Jade and look for a nice name for him too.
And yeah the reason I drive a taxi and wear my bougous trousers and poor clothes because I prefer hiding my identity”…
Jaden concluded and smiled heartily to all of us who were just staring at him speechless…
He went over and hugged my mum and you know mums, she was already tearing up.
This wasn’t what we were expecting at all.
I felt my life beginning to have meaning.
The challenges I faced only made me stronger and brought massive luck to me.
I looked at my adorable twin with love, but this time, real genuine agape love and I didn’t know when I hugged him…
Crossing paths with him, Dess, Gibson and even Betty and her son was worth the fight anyways….
And presently, Gibson and I are trying out some wedding gowns.
This my large protruded tummy is making everything hard.
I’m already in my ninth month and we’re expecting Gibson Junior anytime soon…
Or should we name him Kyle?
Or Tyler?
Or Travis?
Or Leon?
Or Brian???
Gosh!!! Choosing a name is so d–n hard
“Babe let’s just do this after your delivery. The baby isn’t helping matters..” Gibson sighed in frustration and I giggled.
We’re going to get married after we give birth I don’t know why he had suggested to try out my gown now
“Let’s go shop for the baby then!!”
I suggested
“Perfect!!” He said and dragged me out of the room…
“Hey mister! You’re going to hurt the baby!” I yelled pulling my hands away and giving him the most cutest pout i could make
“I’m so sorry lollipop. I hope he didn’t kick” he said rushing over to me
“Of course he did” I said and frowned
“It’s never going to happen again lollipop. Take your time babe” he gestured me to walk forward like the gentleman he is…

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