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Obsessed batch 9 by : 8:36 pm On January 28, 2021
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As jade stood up sweaty, she couldn’t help but think about the dream. She tried remembering everything but the other person standing next to Dess was all she was concerned about. She knew the person must be someone who will be able to unravel everything behind her mystery. whether the person was a male or a female, was what she wasn’t sure of. All the same, she knew she had to go visit Dess’s house again.
Gibson sat in front of a system. He was surfing through some files and digging into information he needed.
About a year ago, he stumbled over some files that were strange in an old room in the police station. As he checked through, he noticed someone wanted to discard it. He took the files and went back into the office he checked through their softcopy files and saw that it was there. It was a case about a woman whom they police tracing. She owned an orphanage but used it for drug trafficking. The teenage orphans according to the case, would be sent out with coke and related hard drug into a strip club or a bistro at night to deal drugs for her. She grew in the business overtime and made huge amount of money. The money went into the bank meant for transfer of funds into the orphanage by the government. But when the agency noticed a particular large amount of money sent, they investigated and handed it over to the police. The active AIG on the case at that time, took the matter to court and it was confirmed that she used the account meant for transferring in funds to the orphanage to deal on drug laundry. She used the orphanage to secure the money comings and the agency did not suspect until a girl from the orphanage testified against her in court of being used for drug trafficking.
The owner of the orphanage, a woman, was sectioned, her orphanage sealed and government officials took the orphans to a rehab.
The woman however ran away on the day she was supposed to be in jail. Obviously then, her men working for her were responsible for her disappearance. Over time tho, the police searched for her placing a reward to whoever would bring her out but up until this day, she has been no where but in thin air.
As Gibson traced tracks and record of this case, he knew there was a foul play to it. A case as strong as drug trafficking couldn’t be left just like that.
He further investigated and noticed that about a month into this case, the AIG was killed and the top persons who were on the case. He knew the woman must be very influential…
On making these findings, as much as he wanted to bring those people to justice, he was afraid of what could be done to him if he was seen bringing back the case. No wonder then, his superiors never wanted him to go into the case.
He sighed, thinking critically of what to do as he tossed to and fro on his arm chair staring at the desktop…
Jade walked about her room, she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to go to Dess’s place but she was scared of whatever she might find out. She wanted to ask for Gibson to accompany her but she decided against it. She solely knew this whole shit was about her, whatever the big secret was about, it might cost more lives or damage relationships or in one way or the other, bring ill luck.
She took her car keys, her phone, bag, a kitchen knife and a torch. She didn’t know what to expect but whatever it was, being prepared was worth it.
As she stepped out of her room and entered into the living room, she placed a call to Gibson
“hey babe”
“want me to come over?”
“oh no, not that. I actually am going to Dess’s place to pick something. If I don’t call you in an hour time, please trace my location and come look for me. Come to the place or call the police”
“since you’re scared of the security, why don’t I just drive you there instead and just be around while you take whatever you want to take?” he asked all concerned
“you need to rest. You’ve done a lot lately. Just keep cool and expect my call in an hour. Thanks a lot”
“okay. You wish!” he hung up bitter. He was angry for Jade always declining his offer. Anyways, his feelings were still there. No matter angry he was, he would never stop being attracted to her. His love grew by the day and wouldn’t wait for a day to come to ask her out. It was all an illusion and he knew that. Chris was already in the picture and there was no way he could fit in!
Jade entered into her car and drove away, thinking of how to go about her business. Just then, a call came in, it was Chris
“hey babe”
“hey” she answered rather shyly
“at home?”
“no, im going to collect some stuff at Dess. Why?”
“Dess? Who’s Dess? That name sound familiar tho”
“oh you don’t know her. She’s a friend… oh yeah I have to tell you about her. Lets meet later”
“okay. Where?”
“my house”
“yeah. bye”
“bye”… they hung up the call. Jade felt weirs all the more so
She stopped by a shopping mall and bought some clothes for him. She had come to appreciate him and was willing to make him into the kind of man she desired.
After a while, she finished shopping and took the clothes into the car and drove off.
Just then, her phone rang again while she reached a turn going to Dess’s place.
It was an unknown number
“hello?” she asked frowning
“hey babe!” a familiar voice answered
“Oh my God! Dess!” Jade shouted. The last person she expected to call her was Dess. She was even beginning to doubt if Dess was still alive or not
“Oh my God! Dess where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you. What the hell happened?” she was in awe
“Jade darling. They kidnapped me. I just managed to escape now. I’m using a service line to contact you. I’ve been really devastated. Why didn’t you try looking for me?”
“I did Dess. I tried tracking your phone but it was untraceable, it seemed they switched it off or something. I went to your house but it was empty. I didn’t even find your mum there”
“I called my mum to run away. She’s currently elsewhere safe”
“Who are these people and why are they after you and your mum?”
“I’ll tell you everything when we meet”
“Where are you so i can come pick you up”
“I don’t know. Everywhere is devastated. They blindfolded me and took me to a building close to where I am now. Even the station I am now is devoid of a soul. I’m scared and they might come looking for me anytime soon. Please help me.”
“Is there any way I can track this phone and know your location?”
“Oh yeah you said it was a service line. Try looking for a sign board or something so I can trace you.”
“Okay. But I just pray they don’t get to me before then”.
“I’ll go to the police now. I’ll go report, I’ll find you soon don’t worry.” Jade assured her, and took a turn back towards the road leading to a police station.
“Call me as soon as you find a clue of wherever you are”
Beep. The call ended as Jade drove down the road. She needed to save Dess as fast as she could. It could be that the persons after them be responsible for whatever she faced at the moment.
She got to the police station and reported as soon as she met an officer
“why wasn’t this case reported when she went missing initially?”
“I was confused, I thought she had travelled or something that maybe where she was didn’t have reception”
“You said she called you?”
With which contact?“
“This” she opened her call log and showed the strange number to him
The officer wrote down the number and dialed it
“It is a service line”
“Then we’ll have to track the location of the service line”
“I thought it can’t be tracked”
“It can. Not for androids or IOS. The hacker system we have can track it. You can go, we’ll take it from here”
“Thank you very much officer”
“You’re welcome”
Jade left and drove in her car away. She thought of waiting for news from Dess or better still confront her about knowing of any document that could mean a lot but she decided against it. Something in her pronged her to go check the house…
As much as she wanted to go, she also wanted to hear news from Dess first…
Lizzy came down from the school bus and walked down from the bus stop. She had loosed weight since the stress of going to school from the hospital. She had received a few gifts and visits from her mates including Fred.
Fred had been nice since he heard about Lizzy’s mum and he had come often to the hospital to visit, bringing flowers and food each time. Fred’s mum had even come to visit some days ago.
At school, she did her best to meet up her grade because it seemed she was all by herself. Jade had little or no time for her, although she tried to understand, she felt dejected and alone. After experiencing the mystery of a strange doctor coming to sedate her mother, who wouldn’t be scared?
On hearing about the condition her mother was, she became even more delusional, day dreaming and having night mares of the mysterious doctor strangling her and her mother to death.
One time, she had fainted in class and was revived by the school’s first aid. When she was told to call her parents or relative, she refused to give out her sister’s contact, Jade was so busy as not to care about her anyways.
So it has been like that; go to school, stare at a particular space, come back, receive gifts and sleep at the hospital looking at her mother from the theatre. She wanted her mum back, she wished she could trade places with her mother still.
Lizzy didn’t want to leave her mother so didn’t bother going to Jade’s.
Jade on the other hand felt no need of going to the hospital. She knew whoever wanted her, must and should not be in contact with her mother and going to visit her mother would drag the attention of whoever was behind everything. Yes, she was concerned about Lizzy but whenever she thought of calling her, something else will take her thoughts away and she would eventually forget about her need to call Lizzy.
As Lizzy walked up into the hospital, she fainted just in front of the reception. Nurses rushed her into a ward and tried to revive her back. She was in a critical condition but they managed to handle it.
“are you a relative to her the patient?” a doctor asked Fred
“ye.. yeah.. I’m a friend. How’s she doing? Is she okay? Any fracture? Any dislocation? Tell me please” Fred behaved as if he was a father to Lizzy as he panicked, breathing hard, sweats were seen all over his face
“I would like to speak to a closer relative, I’m sorry”
“is her condition that bad? I don’t know but her mother is admitted here.. let me check her phone” he rushed down to her belongings and checked for her phone. Luckily, it wasn’t locked so he opened the phone and searched for any name that could be stored with a clue name which could indicate a relative or something “babe” he saw the name written with two hearts to it, so he dialed the number but it rang in his pocket. She had stored his name with babe as if they were lovers…
He blushed and hung up. He felt like a king, how could a very pretty girl of her nature be attracted to him? After all this was a step closer to asking her out. It has been his dream to ask her out be he always found himself initiating stupid conversations that he really wanted to add the topic of “be my girlfriend” to but he was d–n shy!
He scrolled down a bit more and saw “Jade sis” with a red heart too. He dialed it and it went through. It rang for some minutes before it was picked.
“kiddo” a feminine voice said from the other end
“this is Fred, a friend to Lizzy calling on behalf of her. Your sister is admitted here at Houston’s hospital where you mum is. We need your attention”
“oh my God! LIZZY!” she shouted from the other side of the call and hung up.

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