Obsessed batch 8

SEASON 2, Episode 1
Written by authoress Mercy…
It was night, it all had become tougher. The task wasn’t as he thought. He still needed to play his part and at the same time, play his cards well in order not to blow his own cover.
He sat on the chair confused, beads of sweats were already forming on his forehead. What he was getting made no sense at all.
He remembered vividly that day after he left the house he fruitlessly wet to search. He had gone out and drove away to the venue in his car. On getting there, he met a building, a single building erected at the middle of a very large parcel of land as wide and big as he has never seen before. In entering the compound, one would have to pass various security procedures both manually and electronically. You could never commit a crime there and go scot free.
That fateful day, as he eventually got into the building uninterrupted, he was greeted with silence in a very dark room only dimly lit with an orange florescent old lamp at a corner of the room.
Despite the darkness, he noticed a male and a female in the room although he could not perfectly guess the age of the lady, either if she was older or younger than him. Her body built wasn’t clearly seen so he could not perfectly guess it. The male was obviously the mouth piece of the lady
“welcome my friend” the voice of the proud eagle greeted him as soon as he got into the room. Chris just remained silent and observed more. He noticed that during his whole stay in the room, the lady did not make a move; bodily nor otherwise.
“you’re Chris Ferguson, from Newsland, schooled in Irish land and presently drives a taxi for a living. You wake up exactly 5:30am, make your coffee, read news headlines before taking your bath. At exactly 7:00am, you leave for work, taking a particular business man two streets away from your block to work and come back around 8:30m or 9:00am to take a child down your street to school who refuses to board the school bus because he has a deformity…” he stopped talking and sipped from his glass “am I right?”
“100%. Everyone can do a thorough background check on anyone. It’s simple. Even while knowing these petty things about me doesn’t mean you know my life 100%. I wake up 5:30am correct, I read news headlines and make my coffee correct, I take a business man to work before taking a kid down my lane to school, perfect observations. You want to tell me my background and what I do everyday of my d–n life so I can feel if I f–k up, you’ll trace me then you did a great job. I chose to work for you because of the pay and I know what kind of person you are. Now, let’s get down to business ” Chris talked all these while, placing his both hands on his pockets. He knew that if something should happen now, he had no means of going down with him
“I admire you a lot. Okay let’s get down to business then”…
And that was it. He started working for Boston and the mysterious lady for days, trailing Jade and bringing any infos they ask.
Although he was working for then, he did his own biddings. In order to save Jade from whatever harm he’s suspecting, he needs to take steps ahead of them. So he hacked into government’s agency for information and did a thorough search on Jade, days and nights, he did this search and at the same time, won the trust of Boston so it got to a time, he was not being followed nor ordered around. Her name, school, mother, and everything she did. Her use of credit cards, destinations and internship. He finally got all tied up and information ready.
At the long run, he got to find out that the warehouse in the same compound of this building was used to smuggle in drugs from Mexico.
The woman whom Boston worker with or worked for has the Warehouse sorely for drug smuggling and to get into the warehouse, one needed to pass double of the security one faced while entering the present building…
And now that he’s seated down sweating, he had many things to deal with. He had slowly started falling for Jade, and in days to come he’s supposed to join in the plan to bring Jade into abduction which Boston wanted through the strange lady. She was the brain behind everything…
As Gibson wiped Chris one more time, Jade saw the pain in his eyes. She solely believed he had something to say, things to tell them and secrets to unravel but something was stopping him, she knew the complete gentle man that took her out for lunch days back isn’t what she was seeing now.
Jade called Gibson again and took him to a corner of the room
“Gibson you have to respect me too on this. Im even the victim here and im pleading that you let him be for now. I’ve got a way to make him talk” she told him. Although she lied about having a way to make him talk, Jade wanted a break. She wanted him to stop being brutal. She knew he was doing it out of Jealousy. She had noticed the way Gibson looked at her, how he felt close and she definitely will know if a guy falls for her and this was the case.
Gibson on the other hand knew Jade wasn’t interested in him, she wanted friendship because according to the story she told him, her crush used her and she’s obviously afraid in getting into another love triangle.
He watched as Jade went over to Chris and nursed his wounds. He couldn’t help but feel all the more jealous. He knew Jade had a thing for this Chris guy and it was getting into the way of their investigation which he didn’t like.
Gibson was working on a case his superior never wanted him to do.
How did Jade come into the picture of his investigation before meeting her in the street face to face that night? Who really is Jade and why is her life all messed up? Find answers to some of these questions in the next episode.
Jade knelt down in front of Chris. His lips were swollen and his hands were sore from the tightly tied ropes on them.
As Jade looked at him one more time, she felt pained many people were being entangled into her complicated business, many people suffered because of her. She knew she would have to end it in one way or the other.
Things were getting more and more complicated by the day and she felt that ending it would mean killing herself.
Jade raised Chris’s head to look at her. “hey listen Chris, I know you already know a lot and you’re trying to protect the image of the person behind the mystery. But please I beg you…” she burst into tears still kneeling in front of him “I have gone through a lot already. My life have been messed up too much. My mother, sister, my friend and her mother and you are all suffering from this…” she cried all the more “please Chris just say something. I’m tired already. My life has been a mess for about a month now” she broke down, weeping. Gibson stood by a corner watching them
As she raised her eyes, she met Chris’s eyes on her, he was looking passionately at her “I can’t tell you anything Jade but I promise, I’ll protect you.” He said amidst pains
“but why” she still couldn’t understand what was going on
“hey babe. Listen, I can’t disclose anything yet. When I’m sure of your safety, I’ll tell you everything, I have a lot to protect, you and many other things” He coughed and stared at her all the more. Jade was still sobbing and confused at the same time
“Jade” he called as softly as he could
“yes?” she answered sniffing in her catarrh, he finally wanted to tell her
“I LOVE YOU” he said, looking straight into her eyes, his voice as soft as the boobs of a virgin.
Jade just looked at him, not replying. It came as a shock
She was doubtful of what she wanted. Yes she was attractively drawn to him, tho he looked poor which she really didn’t like but what she feels for him supersedes his looks. He looked really handsome and his voice was one she couldn’t compare with anyone.
She looked at him, wanting to say NO but her heart wants to say YES.
As she looked at him more, she didn’t know how but she started moving closer, closer and closer, their lips locked and tongues met.
For minutes, they kissed while Gibson watched from the corner, heartbroken…
######## #########
“Jade you know I gave you green lights first. You knew I loved you first why do you have to agree to him? I love you” Gibson said almost crying. It hurt him seeing them together. Jade had told him to release Chris which he didn’t object to as he grew irritated seeing Chris, so he didn’t hesitate before letting him go
“I was attracted to you too Gibson but my heart chose him. I felt connected to him even the first day I met him. I guess all what I felt for you was merely infatuation. I like you and I appreciate the help you’re rendering. I just hope you don’t stop helping me nor withdraw from this investigation. I also hope you won’t hurt Chris” she asked, staring intently into his eyes and all she saw was hurt and pain. He loved her and she saw it from the beginning, although she liked or maybe loved him but the attraction she felt toward Chris was way stronger than that of her feelings for Gibson.
E just nodded and left…
After Chris had resumed back his job for Boston, he was used all the more to extract information. The after he had gone back to the building, Boston told him he needed a blood sample of Jade. He was scared and confused at the same time what he didn’t know was what they needed it for. He thought of a plan but none was popping in, he became devastated and sad. As his love grew more and more for Jade, working for these people became unbearable for him, he wanted to save her, he wanted to keep her safe, the connection he felt, his heartbeat and feelings it conveyed whenever he saw Jade was unexplainable. He even started dressing a bit proper so that Jade wouldn’t lose interest in him he really wanted to unveil everything but it wasn’t as easy as he thought. Boston and his associate owned places in the city, it wouldn’t take them anything to get done anything they wanted. The people working for them were not merely street thugs but people with influential status. They drew tattoos and came in with convoy. He dreaded this place and prayed incessantly to be able to get over everything…
The abdominal cramps Jade felt increased by the day. Two days ago, she thought it was her menstrual cramps showing sign of menstruation but on the other hand, her menstruation period wasn’t supposed to be that time. After sometime, she became sick but recovered the same evening.
Presently, the pains has started again and she was getting worried, she wasn’t sure if it was the loss of her womb that was bringing in the pain nor was her menstruation but now, she wasn’t ready to die. She knew she had prayed for death but she’s taking it back. She wanted to unravel the mystery first before dying or better still live happier because she wasn’t happy with the way her life went.
No doubt, after some time, the pain subsided and she was able to sleep.
She was naked and her stomach bulging out as if she was pregnant. She was in a dark room and the room’s scent smelt familiar. She turned round and round asking for someone to help her come out. She was scared and her heart was beating fast.
Suddenly, the room lit a bit and she saw dimly, it was Dess’s house as she moved to come out, something hit her she turned round and saw a small box, inside were documents, she opened it and started reading but she couldn’t understand because it was written in a different language other than English and Dutch which she understood. She felt frustrated and carried the box out of the room. As she came out of the room, she saw her self in another strange room which was still in the same house. It looked like a store room because she saw building tools all over the place. Under a tool, she saw an envelop. It was different from every other envelop she saw there, she picked it and opened it. The contents were the same with the box’s the information written were written in a different language she couldn’t understand. She wanted to drop it back but decided to take it. As she walked away, she flipped through one after the other, trying to understand the strange writing but it was of no use. She flipped in a page and saw a picture of the familiar strange boy and Chris standing together, she was perplexed and looked closely at them. They looked alike only for the difference in eye color, and a mark she saw on the neck of the strange boy he looked like Chris’s son. Jade kept on looking at them bewildered, she flipped through the next page and saw Dess and another person standing close to each other. Under the picture was written “SWEET JINGLE FIVE” she remembered instantly where she saw sweet jingle five which sounded familiar days back but when she looked at the person standing next to Dess, Jade woke up!
It was a dream, her heart was beating fast and sweats were already all over her body she kept calling out “SWEET JINGLE FIVE” as she knew there was something she needed to know about it!
TBC… Somebody kiss me ☺

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