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Obsessed batch 7

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Obsessed batch 7 by : 6:33 pm On January 28, 2021
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Episode 13
Gibson ate along as he considered carefully the video footage Jade showed him. He understood what she meant and wrote down his findings.
“let’s search Dess house. Take me there” He told her and they got ready to leave.
As they were driving, Jade noticed a car following her again. “There Gibson, that’s someone trailing me” she said, drawing his attention to the car behind.
“slow down let’s take his registration number”
Jade slowed down and Gibson turned back, wrote the registration number “speed up let’s see if he follows us” he ordered, looking back ways
As expected, the car followed suit, speeding up towards them. “it is confirmed Jade. He’s stalking you. Now take that U-turn and slow down” jade just did his biddings and took the turn. “hit the car” he commanded and Jade stepped on the break. She hit the car behind and jolted forward almost hitting her head against the dash board. The cars came to an halt and Gibson jumped down from the car, bringing out his gun.
“who sent you!” Gibson shouted for the umpteenth time, but silence replied.
Chris was tied to a chair and blood could be seen from the corner of his mouth. Gibso lashed him a stroke of an ironed belt and Chris yelped in pain coughing out blood. Jade couldn’t bare it anymore as she dragged Gibson away to a corner
“take it easy. If he dies, we can’t get any information from him”
“I know what I’m doing. When someone is being backed up by a very strong person, he would rather die than to say anything”
“what are we going to do now?”
“he needs time to be tortured. We just barely tied him up. He wont feel the pain now. Get me cold water” he said and walked away from her. Have you read Coolval stories today??
Jade didn’t really want chris to be beaten. She found him attractive and nice and knew he had a reason for doing what he did. All she had to do was to look for a way to make him talk.
Chris entered his taxi and drove away. He wanted to while away time and decided to visit the busiest part of his business. As he rode on, the traffic stucked him just before two junctions to his destination.
He whistled waiting for the traffic to move. Just then a woman caught his eye. He felt connected and attracted at the same time. Although she looked a bit mad with the way she dressed up, with an over sized coat over her moderate slender body and she wore a slipper too. She seemed mad as she was walking fast and then started running. To his surprise, she ran to the front of his car and entered his car. He was puzzled until he saw her look at her back. He checked at his rare mirror yo find a car stalking her then he understood. She must have gotten into trouble with someone big because the car which stalked her looked expensive.
“GON GO! GO!” She shouted and he knew what to do. He stepped in it and sped off. He managed to get out of the traffic and took another unpopular road, swerved cars, maneuvered trucks and escaped the person who stalked her. As he looked one time at her through the driver’s mirror, their eyes met and he got shy and adverted his eyes and fixed it on the road.
She gave him her destination’s address and he drove on. Still on the road, he peeped at her again, she looked really beautiful even in her scattered state with eyes blue and the perfect curve. She wasn’t fat neither was she thin. He found absolute perfection in her
He arrived at her destination and parked. He noticed how thrilled she was when she heard his voice for the first time. All girls gets attracted to his voice but they never want to be with him because he appeared to be poor. He wished he could at least touch or hold her but he knew better. Girls of her class wouldn’t want to be with guys like him so he maintained and wished a miracle would happen.
“Can you come pick me up?” She asked “6am tomorrow?”
“Yeah call me when you’re ready” he replied as softly as he could, writing his contact number on a piece of paper…
As he drove back, feeling happy for having someone make his day, he drove back, head in to his initial destination when a car blocked him. It was the same car which chased them earlier.
He wanted to face the person man to man and protect the strange girl from him but he kept his cool. The person came down fully from the passenger’s seat and approached him proudly, seeing him act that way made him scoff. He otherwise would and can strangle this proud eagle with his fist without a cost, but then again, he decided to keep his cool and get a clue from what was going on on his crush’s life.
“You just drove a lady to a house two streets away from here right?”
“That is not in your power to know. My clown deserve their privacy” he retorted. The guy was already annoying him
“You don’t talk to me that way else, I blow your brains out within a sec for that matter” he said, standing face to face with him
“What do you want?” He decided to play along.
“Now you talk sense. Come with me my friend” he gestured and took Chris into his car. At the paseenger seat sat to fully armed men plus another one at the driver’s partner seat.
” leave us” the strange guy told the men and they all got down except the driver
“I need you to do something really important. Stalk that girl, if possible be friends with her and bring information to.me. when the time comes, I’ll have her abducted but I need the infos first.”
“What do I get in return?” Chris asked, not.moved
“Name your price”
“1 million” he said looking at the road. He wanted to.play along, if at all for her safety.
“Deal. You start tomorrow”
“And end when?” He wanted to sound official
” two weeks time”
“Then you pay double”
They shook hands and Chris got out of the car, entered his own and drove off.
“Follow him” the strange guy ordered one of his men and he obeyed instantly
Chris needed to act fast. He rode to the police station, wanting to report…
Episode 14
As Chris drove as speedy as he could, he noticed that he was being trailed. He knew better than to just go and report to the police while dealing with someone as dreadful as that proud eagle. Given the space Chris could handle him mano-a-mano but he had people working for him, so he’ll have to play his cards well.
Chris had an after-thought and changed direction, he still knew that he was being followed so he acted smart. Went into a café and sat there for lunch. After finishing, he came out and saw the car by the other side of the road, tho it was tinted he could feel he was being watched. He played along and entered his taxi and drove away…
At about 9pm, he received a text message stating where he would meet the strange guy. How they got his contact was still a puzzle to him. As he drove out of his compound the following morning to the venue, the cold he felt immediately going out of his house made him feel that something bad might happen. Since he was even earlier than the speculated 8am, he turned around and went over to the house he dropped Jade the previous day.
If he was going to help, he should be steps ahead of everyone. As he knocked and no one answered, he opened the door and entered. The room was dimly lit and neat, he moved forward, guessing which room to check first. He knew nobody lived in the house because of the nature in which the place was devoid.
He got to the front of a door and saw that it wasn’t locked, it was a bit opened and he decided to open it but it was stuck. Something was holding it from behind and he didn’t want to draw attention in the neighborhood by hitting it so he pushed harder. Harder and harder, the door pushed bit by bit revealing small portion of the room. He slid his hand to the back to feel what was preventing the door from opening and felt a wood. In order to see or feel it better, he pushed rather with all his might, making a dragging sound. The door finally opened to the point that he could carefully struggle using the side of his body to enter.
Chris managed to enter and saw clearly that someone in a bid to prevent any access to the room, locked and pushed a shelve against the door and he knew at once that Jade or someone else had tried in gaining access but couldn’t. but how did the person lock the door and put the shelve if the person isn’t found in the room? He checked the window but it wasn’t broken neither was it a type which could be raised upwards for access. He scanned the room in order to be sure he was safe but he didn’t see a way the person must have gone out of the room.
As he raised his eyes upwards, he was a man-hole burst on the ceiling. He knew the person got out through there. The person had sealed the door and climbed the shelve and got out into the manhole and out of the house. The person must be hiding something important here from the world.
Chris searched, looked, scanned and checked but couldn’t find anything. Time was already far spent and he had to return back to the road and go to the venue he was texted. He gave up and left… he didn’t see it he wasn’t smart enough. In this house, lies the secret to his life, to the life of Jade, to the life of Dess, to the life Boston and everything surrounding the entanglement Jade and Chris are about to face.
Fate won’t allow them be together and she will lose everything. (Not jade tho)
Await SEASON 2! it’s secret revealing, confessions, tears, hurts, bitterness and a happy ending.

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