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Obsessed Batch 5 by : 6:28 pm On January 28, 2021
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Episode 9
“Mum wants to tell us something but she’s struggling” Lizzy announced as soon as Jade entered the room “she mentioned something like a picture… I’m not sure”
“Really?” Jade walked up, surprised as she dropped down her bag
“Mum do you want to tell us anything?” she drew closer to the bed, staring eagerly at the conscious woman
“Pppiiiiiss” her mother struggled to talk further, squeezing her hands and bending her lips
“What are you trying to do?” the doctor walked in “I told you not to force her talk”
“But she wants to say something really important. I can feel it” Lizzy defended
“Miss, please, I’d advice you to leave her. Trying to make her talk, especially on something very important will make my work difficult” the doctor said, frustrated
“ But she..” Lizzy spoke half way
“Okay doctor. We understand” Jade interrupted Lizzy
“But Jade…” lizzy whined as soon as the doctor left the room
“Shhhhh. Even if we really want to find out what happened to mum, we cant do that at the expense of her health. I’ve got another idea” Jade brought out a notebook and a pen
“She cant talk, but she can use her right hand”. She moved forward towards her and stretched out the paper towards her
“mum, there’s been a lot going on right now in my life. Dess is missing and her mother too. I know you might not know them but I feel strongly that whatever made you this way might give me a clue of what has been going on in my life lately. I know your limbs are still weak, but as much as you can give, please tell me what you know” jade looked straight into her mother’s eyes and leaned forward, extending the writing materials to her.
Her mother took it and wrote “DESS” tho not really legible, Jade knew what she wrote
“Dess? You know her?” Jade asked curiously still waiting for more
“lizzy lock the door and cover it with the curtain” she ordered still leaning towards her mum
“PICTURE” her mother wrote again in a blank space of the note, tho still not really legible, it confirmed what Lizzy had said earlier.
“MY ROO…” her mother wrote one more time, before her hands began to shake and wobble. Her feet shook and her whole body
“DOCTOR!” Jade shouted with all her strength as her mother shook fiercely on the bed. Foams came out of her mouth and she fell over to the other side of the ground. Then she passed out
“SHE’S DEAD!” lizzy shouted as she found her mother lying unconsciously on the ground “she is f—–g dead” she cried out shaking her mother. Jade ran towards the hallway,
“NURSE!” “DOCTOR!” “SOMEONE HELP!” she shouted as team of doctors and nurses stormed into the room and carried her to the emergency ward.
A doctor approached them shortly after. “When did you admit your mother here?” was the first thing he asked upon getting to them. Jade turned to Lizzy for answer
“Tuesday last week” lizzy was still shaking
“Was that the ward she stayed from the beginning?” the male doctor questioned further, scrabbling on the case file
“No, when I rushed her here on Tuesday, a doctor took her to special room 208. Then two days later, when she was feeling better, another doctor came and took her here, this ward. The doctor started treating her, giving her drips and taking care of her”.
“as a matter of fact, this ward is not designated for her type neither is special room 208… ” he paused for a moment “can you tell the name of the doctor?”
“I remember seeing ETHAN on his coat” Lizzy said
“first off, your mother’s condition is critical. Although she did not die, she was poisoned, and according to our report, she was poisoned though her drip. Second, she is not supposed to be admitted into special ward 208 nor this ward. Both wards are for patients who have died and are kept in it before the mortuary patrol team comes in duty every two days to take the dead bodies away. It happened that special ward 208’s dead bodies were collected on Sunday last week, and…. Wait you said the doctor’s name is ETHAN right” he asked puzzled
“I guess so. That’s what I saw on his coat”
“the Ethan we had here, was transferred two years ago to another hospital and we have…” th doctor barely finished his statement when a nurse approached
“we need your attention doctor”
“excuse me” he said and left.
“she was poisoned?” Jade asked, thinking critically “by who?”
“THE DOCTOR!” both Lizzy and Jade responded the same time, looking at each other
“someone sent him” lizzy said
“he took her into a ward not functioning for treatment and sedated her” Jade said
“he wore the coat of someone who had left the hospital two years ago” Lizzy joined in
“and worked like a doctor.” Jade said, walking along the hallway, to and fro
“he couldn’t have entered in and performed like a doctor if he wasn’t helped by someone” Lizzy too joined
“and whatever information mum knows, must be very important, very important that the doctor doesn’t want us to know“ she remembered what he mother wanted to say
“we have to file a report”
“Lizzy where’s the notebook” jade asked, looking around. They went inside and came out, looking for the note book
“it’s no where to be found” Lizzy got scared
“the doctor is still around. Go this way,” Jade pointed to the right side “and ill go this way”.
They parted ways, Jade pacing up, checking every corner. Lizzy too, looking for the mysterious doctor.
Jade checked each room, proceeding to the reception area. Just then, she noticed a dead end at the other side to the reception are. She walked up to the place and saw a coat on the floor. “ETHAN” was written on the badge of the white laboratory coat. She took it, and walked further. She saw a mask of a male on the floor and an eye glass she saw the doctor wear, it was shattered. Someone stepped on it while walking “He’s running away” she said and walked up to the reception area. Got to the security man in duty and told him of her report.
“I’m sorry miss, there’s no case of this nature here. We did not see any man walk out in haste and no body can impersonate a doctor while we’re on duty. This hospital is fully watched on our security room and they didn’t call out for help nor report of any case of this nature. I’m sorry” he concluded and walked away.
Jade was left in her mystery, she kept staring into space, thinking of how she can get out of this nightmare…
Episode 10
Lizzy came running toward Jade
“here, look what I found” Lizzy said, immediately getting to Jade. Handing her a part of the notebook. The remaining part was no where to be seen
“YOU CERTAINLY WON’T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU” was clearly written on the page. It was the same page Jade’s mum wrote on.
“whoever is behind this, knows our every move. He’s watching us”
“Jade I’m scared”
“it’s gonna be alright” Jade took the note and stormed inside the hospital.
If no one including the security personnel was going to help her or believe her story, she was going to do it herself, after all, she is a lawyer. She took her bag and phone, snapped every nook and cranny and left. “Lizzy stay put, keep your phone by your side. Ill reach you soon. I have something to do”
“please Jade don’t leave me. How possibly can I look out for mum and myself all by myself? I’m scared”.
Lizzy was really scared. She got entangled into the net of her sister’s misfortune.
“hey Lizzy” Jade called kneeling with a knee, in front of Lizzy “we are all we’ve got. Staying like this or dying like this should be our last option. At least let’s know what we’re dealing with. We can’t just let mum die like that, we can’t just watch our lives being dictated and controlled by some freak we don’t even know. Let’s fight. Promise me you’ll stay put and that you’ll stay with mum and be on the watch for anything before I come, promise me” Jade looked intently at the 18 year old Lizzy who’s barely in grade 10 in high school.
“I promise” Lizzy replied shaking her head.
“stay put okay?”
Jade left, walking briskly down the hallway. She suddenly stopped half way and scanned the area coolval stories .
“security room” she soliloquized and turned back toward the elevator. She pressed floor 1, the first floor and entered. If there would be anywhere the security room should be, it definitely would be the first floor where a better view of the building would situate.
As the door was about to close, a security officer entered. He stood close to her as they waited for the elevator to stop at their designated floor. Jade saw his waist. There stuck a bunch of key and a pass card. She went close and carefully took the card. She was thinking of how to take the keys when her phone rang and the door opened. The officer walked out into the second floor and left her. She checked the caller and it was Lizzy.
“hey” Jade said upon answering the call
“you didn’t take your car keys”
“okay ill be back” she hung up, thinking of how to get the keys from any security officer. Soon, the elevator opened and she came out.
She walked briskly, scanning the area, left and right.
She moved towards the left axis and met a dead end. The offices there didn’t come with the inscription “security room”
She turned back and went towards her right direction. There she saw it. The last room “SECURITY AND CONTROL ROOM” about entering, she noticed a switch. She turned it down and there was a power outage.
She used the card she got from the officer and slid it over the door’s check point and it opened. Jade walked inside, using her phone’s torch but noticed it was devoid of any human being.
There was another door and she opened it slowly and as carefully as possible, hiding behind the door as she went. To her surprise, no one came out nor shouted.
She entered into the second room and found men on uniform all lied down on the ground. They were the security men on duty, someone drugged them. But that wasn’t her business she moved over to the screen and relayed the scenes of the day starting from two hours earlier. She checked the hallway, outside the building, and the ward. All what she was seeing was doctors, nurses, patients and people who came to visit.
She felt people coming into this side of the building, voices were heard outside the room. They were trying to find faults to the power.
She quickly took out her flash drive and plugged it into the control system. She copied file 876 which tallied with Tuesday the previous week, file 877,file 878, file 879, file 880, file 891,file 892, file 893 and 894 was the last to enter. It was loading 78%, 79, 80, 81….
Jade was scared, they have found out that the power was switched off by turning down the switch. “check inside the room” a voice said from outside the room. By now, it was 95%. Jade went over to the door and shut it quietly. It completed loading and she took out the flash and hid under the control table close to the bodies of the men.
“come over!” a male voice shouted to the people outside the room
They came into the room and saw the bodies on the floor.
“wake them” a voice sounding like their senior officer told them
They shook them to wake them up but they didn’t wake up. They came in with series of doctors and nurses and they took the bodies away into the main building.
Jade was still under the control table. Scared to death for her life. She had put her phone in ‘MEETING’ in order not to blow her cover when someone calls or sends a text message. She waited till everyone has gone before coming out. She tried opening the door to the other room, but it was stuck. Someone has locked her inside.
Her fear grew as she was scared to death of what will become of her. She walked about the room, thinking of what to do. Lizzy was still waiting for her, her mother was in the emergency ward, her life was turned upside down. She knew something, something very crucial was going on but she was yet to figure it out.
She looked down and saw bunch of keys, probably fallen from one of the officers. She took it and stormed out of the room. Allowing them catch her was the last thing she wanted. As she went through the passage way of the first floor, two officers passed her. She quickly got into the elevator, and pressed the button going down to the last floor where she would meet Lizzy.
She came out of the elevator and walked casually in order not to draw attention. Got to lizzy, bade her goodbye, took her car keys, and left the building.
#### ####
Somewhere in a dark room
“what have you gotten so far?” a voice said in the darkness
“this” another voice responded showing the first person a system “she doesn’t do much. Just go home, go to the hospital, go to this building she said is the firm she interns or go to this university for some businesses I don’t know. She actually said she’s an undergraduate of the university” the second voice replied showing some pictures on the to the other person in the dark room.
“are you sure this is everything?”
“yes boss”
“if you’re hiding anything from me, you better say it now cus when I find out, you’ll die being a poor man” the voice threatened further.
“that’s the truth boss”
“what about you?” the voice turned to another person in the dark room
“she didn’t catch me but I carried out your biddings. I sedated her with the drug you gave me” the third person reported
“are you sure she will make it?”
“she won’t. and if at all she does, she would have her mouth shut for the rest of her life”
“what about the evidences?”
“I discarded them already”
“okay. All good.”
“yes boss”
“good job you all. You can leave now. You’ll get paid as soon as you leave this building”
“hey you! Stay behind. We’ve got some unfinished business to run” the first voice spoke
“yes boss” the second voice responded and waited behind
“you know your part is very important in this mission. Do not fail. As far as you can go in bringing in information, please go and keep me updated” the voice concluded as dispersed.
############# #############
Jade is seen in her room, watching the video clips she collected with her flash drive. She’s already sleepy but sleep is her last option. She shook her head trying to clear her eyes and got up. She went into the bathroom and washed her face. She was determined in finding out whatever mysterious person is behind all her mystery. She came back into the room and sat upright and watched carefully.
She opened the last file 894 and watched from the beginning of the day. There was nothing off about the video. Everyone seemed normal. No body acted suspicious. She checked the angle where her mother’s ward was and watched from the beginning of the day. She saw Lizzy leave the ward but someone entered shortly after. His face wasn’t shown. The person looked like a male but the walking steps were different from being a male. She closely watched the person enter the ward and later Lizzy returning into the ward. She zoomed in and still watched on. Suddenly, she saw the doctor walk out of the ward. The impersonator! The mysterious doctor walked out and instead of going to his left were doctor’s offices were, he walked forward and later took his right, the same place Jade saw a dead end where she found his coat and eye glasses on the ground.
She became interested and looked closely. Shortly after, someone came out of the same dead end but it wasn’t the doctor, but the strange person who walked in into her mother’s ward “BINGO!” she exclaimed and revised the video. She started from the beginning of the day, when Lizzy went out and the figure walked up into the room, Jade reversed the video slowly and traced his steps. He came from the elevator, he didn’t come in from outside the building. Meaning there must be something he was up to.
Suddenly, she remembered the drugged officers at the control room and watched the tape again.
She looked at another camera, and saw him come out from the floor of the control room “He drugged them, impersonated someone, and sedated my mother! What a crime.” She got up, wanting to go get her bath and report to a police station when something fell on the ground. It was the torn notebook her mother wrote on
“DESS”, “PICTURE” and “MY ROO…” was still on the page.
Jade had an after thought. Instead of going to the police station straight, why not stop at the house and check out what her mother owns in her room that can help out in her findings? She thought.
On dressing up, Jade took her phone, bag, the torn notebook, a kitchen knife and her car keys.
She was definitely ready for whatever situation she finds herself.

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