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Obsessed batch 3

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Obsessed batch 3 by : 6:25 pm On January 28, 2021
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Episode 5
She sat up and scanned the area. It looked familiar. It was still the same hospital but a different ward.
“You lost the baby” a familair voice spoke. Jade turned and saw Boston by the arm chair close to the bed.
“Where did you go?” She managed to ask
“I went to get your drugs” he handed her the drugs
“For how long?” She frowned no buying the idea.
“Why?” He asked, rather softly
“My mum!” She suddenly remembered “I have to go see my mum”
“What happened to her” he asked concerned
“Lizzy called… And.. And” she couldn’t remember in details. “I have to call my mum” she said scanning for her phone
“No you won’t!” He said authoritatively ” I mean, you shouldn’t call her yet, you have to gather facts first. What exactly happened to her?”
“Lizzy called and I couldn’t pick, i saw a text and she asked me to call back” she replied not knowing why she seemed uncomfortable around Boston this time around.
” then call Lizzy” he suggested with a concerned face
“Right” she replied and dialed Lizzy’s contact.
“Hello” she quickly said as the phone was answered.
“Jade I’ve been trying to reach you. Mum had stroke. We took her already to the doctor.”
“What really happened?”
“It was a phone call. She received a call and she got the attack. The call was from an unknown pr!v@te number. I asked her afterwards what the caller said but she wouldn’t say anything”
“A caller?”
“Ill be coming home tomorrow, make sure you be with her throughout her stay at the hospital”
“I’ll be in touch”
“Okay, bye”.
The call ended.
“What did she say?” Boston asked but sensed he relunctance in answering
“She said mum had an headache and it was severe, so she rushed her to the hospital”
“Why’d you tell her not to leave her side?”
“No one’s gonna be wit her if Lizzy leaves.”
“Oh yeah. I get. But you said you’d be going to see your mum tomorrow? Why’s it sudden when you just lost your baby?”
“I have to, she’s my mum. Besides I haven’t seen her in ages.”
“I’ll drive you there”
“No, there’s no need.I’ll be fine. Trust me”
“No, I insist”
“Okay, whatever you say” Jade gave up the argument. She knew she would come up with something later.
### ###
She got up and stretched her legs. She wasnt feeling heavy anymore. If she was going to act, it should be sudden. She removed the needle stuck into her skin, and pushed the drip aside.
Buston was nowhere to be seen and she cared less. She walked up the door and scanned the room. Went back and took her phone. Removed her uniform and wore Boston’s coat she saw on the chair. And exited the area.
He walked down the parking lot to look for her car. Immediately realising she didnt come with any, she made for the road. She still felt pains around her abdomen but the mystery she was currently facing reduced the cramps.
As she walked down the road, she noticed a car trailing behind her. She increased her pace and so did the car. She started running but the car was soon approaching. She ran into the road and ran into a taxi “Go! Go!” She yelled upon entering into the car.
The driver looked at her through the mirror which she knew but she cared less. Her heart rate was high and her breathing; speedy.
She looked behind and saw no car chasing anymore. The taxi seemed to know all the lanes and corners she never knew existed although having spent almost six months in the area.
“There, take that lane” she pointed to a sharp corner which led to Dess’s place.
For the first time, she took a peek at the driver and couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was although he was clad in a boguous trouser and a blue polo T-shirt which had the inscription “Love New York”. He looked handsome but poor. The last type of class she would date. Besides he drives a taxy with a very poor sense of dressing.
She kept on thinking till his voice for the first time was heard, it felt harmonic and extra Nightengale. She drooled at first sentence “is this where you’re going miss?”
She kept on drooling till he asked again “miss, is this where you’re heading?”
“Oh.. Oh.. Yes yes” she finally found her voice “park there” she said pointing to a parking space.
“Oh my gosh I dont have any money on me. Can i go in and bri…”
“Oh no, don’t bother”
“Thank you very much. Can you come pick me up tomorrow? 6am?”
“Sure, here’s my contact, call me when you’re ready”. He said writing his contact on a piece of paper and handing it over to her.
“You don’t have a business card?” She asked rather surprised
“Oh no, I don’t” he replied shyly. And drove away. She stood there watching as he drove away. She couldn’t help but want the conversation going.
She turned slowly and walked up into the compound, closing the door behind her.
Episode 6
Jade closed the door behind her but didn’t take an inch step. The room was dim, even while it was still day. She approached side ways to put on the light but felt a presence.
“Who’s there” she called out but silence replied.
Switching on the light, she had a better vision in scanning the area. She walked slowly, proceeding toward the bedroom as the living room was devoid of any life and was as neat as she could ever imagine.
“Dess” she called, walking slowly.
“Mum?” She repeated
“Anyone?” She approached Dess’s bedroom and pushed the door knob.
The room was scattered, with papers littering the area.
It seemed somone came to search the room.
Jade walked around, taking any clue she could gather.
She paused, seeing some clothes lying on the ground.
It seemed someone is fleeing, running away
“But why would Dess run away without dropping any message” she asked herself, still confused.
She took her phone and snapped the room. Everything corner and every angle. She was sure there’s something she would find. But she had to leave, immediately.
As she turned to go, Jade noticed a frame, lying at one corner of the room, shattered and she picked it up. It was a picture of Dess and her mum with a small boy who looked very familiar but she couldn’t remember where she had met him. Even Dess looked familiar from the very first day she and Jade met but Dess claimed to have met her at the school clearance hall. Where she said she worked as a Janitor. Now she could imagine with the way Dess mother is, how could Dess be working as a Janitor. They had the money.
She removed the picture from the shattered glass and slid it into the coat’s pocket.
Jade walked up to the door, and for the last time, turned around to look at the room again. She knew something was definitely off but can’t place a hold on it. Dess has been her confidant since they started being friends. And Dess surely was a nice person. Even if something was off in this scene, it might be from another source.
Jade left the room and proceeded to leave the house. But decided to check on the mum’s room. She might bw tied up or something, Jade thought and went for her bedroom.
She approached and pushed the door knob. It was stuck. It seemed the door attempted to open but something was blocking it.
“Mum?” She called out still trying to push her way through.
“Mum are you there?” She asked again but felt a strong urge to leave the place. She thought of going but doubted if she was to.make the right decision. For all she knew, the woman might be inside the room, tied up.
With all her strength, she pushed one more time but it felt like whatever was blocking the door, was meant to even block a male boxer from entering. She gave up and decided to leave. The feeling of leaving was getting stronger by the minute.
Jade exited the compound and called the taxi.
“Please come pick me up from where you left me”
“I’m not working again today. You said tomorrow”
“Please, it’s urgent”
“Okay but fare would be doubled.”
“Whatever you say”.
Beep. She dropped the call.
As she waited for him, she placed a call to Lizzy.
“Hello?” Jade spoke but no one replied even after picking up. The background was silent, no noise nor chattering.
“Lizzy?” “Hello”
She kept calling out till she hung up and called agian. It was the same thing she experienced. She would call, someone will pick up but no one would talk.
She felt weird. Her life has been weird since she lost her womb. Things has been happening, and strange things at that.
She placed a call to the taxi one more time.
“I’m close by” he said an hung up immediately.
“Huh?” Was only what she could utter.

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