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Obsessed batch 21 by : 8:45 pm On January 29, 2021
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Season 2 Episode 25
Written by Authoress Mercy
##Gibson’s POV##
Jade had told us she was pregnant and somehow, we could sense she wasn’t happy about it.
She also said something about she not understanding what it meant.
I mean who wouldn’t be happy to have a baby? Any woman of her age would right?
As we rode in the police cars, Jade, Chris, Dess and I leaving Lizzy and her mother behind, Jade nursed my wounds applying iodine which made me flinch.
Soon she was done and bandaged it with a white cloth.
Chris just stared at us smiling but jealousy was clearly written all over him which I could tell the instant I met gaze with him.
He adverted his eyes and fixed it on the road. Dess was sitting I’m front with the cop who drove the car while Jade, Chris and I were here at the back seat.
The drive was all silent as light’s that shone from the billboards, full screen advert, and street lights filled the area.
We drove smoothly in the dark night, going out of the city, soon life was becoming to decrease as lights weren’t seen too much any more, cars honking and pedestrians were no longer in sight.
We drove for over 30 minutes enjoying the freezing breeze that came with the falling snow.
The fast moving trees by the sides of the road gave me flickers cus spending a night in the woods again, was the last thing I wanted.
The GPS icon started beeping, indicating our closeness to the building.
I had purposely left a tracking device in the building the day I went back for Dess.
Our car was leading the way with two other convey following suit.
No doubt, I was scared, my heart thudding fiercely against my chest.
I was leading a case many cops didn’t want to get involved in
I was spareheading it and of course it was against someone as influential as Madam Betty.
What if she had known about it and ran away?
What if David had told her of our plans already?
I became skeptical all of a suddenly and withdrawing was the next thing on my mind.
But my heart kept fighting it.
I have come a long way, faced situations that I wouldn’t dare want to face, slept in the woods which was my dreadest experience, killed people, saved Dess, gathered evidence and now I was just going to quit?
I was doing it for Jade, for myself and to show other cops that no matter how tough a person can be, you can make him go down.
David was still cuffed in one of the police cars that followed us.
He was to be used against Betty.
Dess will still be used against Her
We had evidences too.
I felt satisfied as my plans were paying off…
As our vehicles came to a halt just outside the building, the police all came out, posing in various angles as Peter gave a signal for a set to follow us inside.
Jade was with Chris and some cops outside and Dess and I led the way into the building
The other police van that deployed the many police were the ones that came with us into the building.
As we got into it, it was deserted just as I had suspected.
Someone must have leaked our plan out.
I felt disappointed but led the way still.
As we were about getting into the main building, I saw a light switched off.
Bingo!! I shouted in my heart as I quietly brought out my gun and moved toward the direction, choosing my steps carefully.
Some cops followed suit as I led the way.
Peter and some other cops took the opposite direction and we found our self, haunting for the hunter, the most dreadful drug Cartel leader.
As scared as I was, I didn’t want to back out all of a suddenly so I had to brace up and do the do!
I climbed the stairs carefully, not making a sound as I held my gun with both hands upward over my shoulder.
We got to the end of the stairs and I gestured two cops to go the other way while I go the opposite way with the last cop.
As I balanced myself on the edge of the door, with the other cop beside me, I used my left hand to slowly open the door in front of me, still holding up my gun, ready for any action….
I opened the room to meet it empty.
It wasn’t this room?
I closed the door and went away but I had a strong feeling to go back, so I turned back and went to the room.
I switched on the light to see clearly and it really happened to be such a cozy room.
Everything was here.
It had a bar, a king sized bed, and a chandelier hung above reaching down enough for any tall guy to touch.
I kept my eyes focused, scanning the room.
As I turned to leave after having a fruitless search, I saw a door in a corner of the room.
I went over and pushed the door slowly, signaling the cop beside me to station at the other edge.
It opened to reveal a bathroom and the shower was left running but slowly.
The thub at the other side was getting filled up.
Someone was in, Betty isn’t far.
As I wanted to go in to switch it off, the light went off and everywhere was dark.
“Gibson, what do you intent gaining from this?” A feminine voice was heard in the dark but I couldn’t tell which direction it came from.
” just stop whatever crime you’re comitting and give in to the police” I answered, trying to adjust my eyes to the dark.
The cop beside me moved toward pointing his gun in various direction.
“Get back here…” I barely finished the statement when I heard a knife cut and a thud on the ground.
I moved backwards in shock and mixed feelings.
The light suddenly came on again to reveal my partner’s body laying flat on the floor and blood gushing out of his throat.
“Just a step away, Gib, just a move and I’ll kill you here and now” Betty said and even if the lights were on, I still couldn’t see any trace of her nor knew where her voice was com in from.
“Please just leave Jade and everyone alone. We did nothing wrong to you” I expounded, still trying to maintain my adrenaline check.
” I don’t have to explain anything to you cus you already know who I really need. Not Jade but her mum and the document you took from my library” she said but I knew she wanted to say more.
“And for that backbiting Sarah, I already have her abducted. It wasn’t hard in luring you all here and caging you”
I didn’t reply but kept my focus and heart alert, with my gun and the gun of my already dead partner with me.
Water was already coming out of the room and slowly flooding the room.
“I’m going to drown you here. No escape and to.make it clear to you, Nobody messes with me.
You don’t add up!” She said and I could here the clicking of her heels. She approached my direction and I could feel it.
She walked out from behind the curtain hung just in from of me.
She was clad in a onion purple knee length skimpy gown.
Her black hair fell over her shoulders and her heels clicked loudly with every step she took.
Her red painted small lips made her perfect makeup stand out.
She walked slowly towards me swaying her hips in my face.
She stopped inches away, her right leg in front, balancing her back placed left leg.
She left a wicked smirk plastered on her lips and held her hands in front.
“Give me the document” she ordered as the smirk suddenly vanished from her face, staring at me sternly.
“If you want it, I don’t think you would want to drown me here” I said, playing smart with her.
The water was begining to fill the room little by little.
Behind her, laid the blood stained knife she had used on my partner.
Perfect! I said subconsciously and played along
” you know why I hate using people?” Betty said and walked away to the bar and took a full Champaign po ur in into two glasses
“Huh?” She asked but I kept mute and still on my spot.
“Okay let me help you” she walked up to me and handed over the other glass to me and walked to sit on the bed.
Despite seeing the room filling up with water, I could see she cared less.
“Take Dess for example, she snitched on me, what about Sarah? She stole from me, what about Chris? He’s your ally and what about other people I deal drugs with? They snitch and steal and go against me too. It’s not new” she paused and sipped from her glass and turned back to me
“In this game, you do everything to survive Gib, you do everything to Clea your track, you murder without mercy, you go out of your way and not let feelings get involved.
A long time ago when I ran away the day I was supposed to be sentenced to jail, my husband whom I trusted wanted to snitch on me too!
He wanted to tell on me
He threatened that I go spew out my crimes else he’ll tell on me
And prior to that, he had slept with Sarah, Jade’s mother and got her impregnated right under my roof and my matrimonial bed!
I took pity on the s–t and offered to take just one of her child but what happens? She comes back to ask for her child!!
Who the hell does that?
And to top it all, she stole from me! She stole a document and used it to blackmail me to return her child.
First I had to kill my husband to get him out of the way and forever seal his bee mouth from spewing out anything. And then, kill her husband too.
I didn’t know why but I held a grudge against her and her family so I killed her husband
I f—–g removed his brakes and had him get into a situation which he had the accident.
I don’t regret doing it anyways…
Then I had to take my document back from that s–t but guess what? She was no where!
I searched for her for years without success till I found her at the country side.
I asked for my documents but she said I have to return her son whom I knew nothing about.
I f—–g ran for my life so how on earth would I care about a mere product of a s–t like him?
I don’t know him and wouldn’t mind killing him the moment I set my eyes on him.
And you Gibson. You were a product of my orphanage why are you coming against your guardian?…”
She paused again, sipping from her drink the fifth time.
The room was already on my knee level and I was scared but I needed this conversation rolling.
“I knew something wasn’t right about you. I knew I had known you somewhere but you changed, you’re not old but look all s£×y and hot and young too” I said referring to her present state
“I and Jaden ran from the orphanage just a night before your orphanage was sealed up but when we started working for a man who owns another cartel, they killed Jaden when he didn’t sell his coke on time, I was scared too and ran away.
That was how I was helped by a couple who took me in and nursed me Lil the child they never had.
But they died just five years after I came into their lives!
I had to survive on my own! Went to college on my own!
Ate expired foods! And slept in the cold! All because of your selfishness and obsession for money!
For a health and power! And you think it won’t come right back at you?!!!
I yelled, my veins standing out fiercely as scenes of my past came back.
I suffered
She used us to push coke.
She would send us out I to the street to deal coke for her
The females were made to sleep with big men just to sell coke!
She used us
Just because of money! Whealth! Fame! Power!
Was all what it was about!!!
I got vexed at pointed the gun at her,
Ready to pull the trigger!!!

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