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Obsessed batch 20

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Obsessed batch 20 by : 8:40 pm On January 29, 2021
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Episode 23
##Gibson’s POV##
I walked out of the room and paced up toward my car. I think it’s time to let out the cat out of the bag.
All along, I had been doing my checks on Madam Betty and her cartel.
It was obvious she wasn’t one to contend with especially if you don’t have the means to or if you were alone.
And in my case, I was alone. My superiors had never wanted me to revive this case and I was going to do it after I have gathered enough evidence and tracks of her.
Now it is almost set.
My plans are beginning to manifest and all I pray is for peace for Jade and everyone around her.
Of course I would want her to be the real source of my success but I can’t have what isn’t mine can I?
I reached the car and unlocked it, opened the door and searched inside but couldn’t find any picture.
Of course! David had taken it and I can’t be all wrong. I had always had a very skeptical notion and feeling about him especially with the way he got all quiet around me and would stare at Dess, stealing glances at her which she didn’t notice.
I got frustrated and gave up. I opened the pigeonhole and collected the documents I took from Dess’s place the day I met Jade and Chris and had the house searched.
It was time to tell them all I knew about them and Betty
The file contained not only the document I got at Dess’s place, but also documents that could take Betty down.
I walked briskly back into the hallway as my heart kept feeling uneasy.
I quickened my pace, getting closer to the door and found it was shut.
“Open up!” I called out and immediately I received a blow from an unknown direction. I had come in the wrong ward as I raised my head and saw room 25 which was supposed to be 35.
“Ahhh” I groaned but held firmly to the documents I had with me.
It was the freedom and lives of people I had in my possession and I know anyone who knew about it would want to come for it.
I turned swiftly and saw David staring aggressively at me, swinging his fist toward me for another blow.
And do you want to guess what?
As strange as it may sound, the hallway was devoid of a human being.
I tried dodging the second blow and it landed right on the door, making a thuding sound. But surprisingly, no one heard nor come out from that room indicating no one admitted in it.
He came for the my balls but I was quick enough to advert the result and hit him in the stomach.
Without a groan, he shifted backwards and aimed for the documents I was holding.
You can say I am a fast thinker and I knew that was his aim.
I threw the file on the floor over the tiled floor, and It stopped slidding imediately as it hit against the leg of the visitor’s chair in the hallway.
As expected the plum but strong David went after it just as I had calculated.
I was still on the ground but I knew better as I slid in my right leg and blocked his left leg from walking.
He fell down heavily hitting his jaw on the ground.
David groaned squeezing on the ground
With the small strength I had gathered, I stood up and walked towards the file.
Blood was already gushing out of his mouth and I could tell that either he lost a tooth or had seriously cut his tongue because he used his left palm to cover his mouth in severe pain and the other to drag himself toward towards where the file way laying
I knew he was going to use his last strenght to pay me back the same as I did to him and I was right.
As I approached the file, just inches Away from him, he stretched his hand towards my leg to fall me down too but I raised my leg and gave him a kick against his stomach, repeated it again and again not minding the fact that his groaning was becomig louder and he was already coughing out blood coolval stories.
I don’t know how but he dragged me down as I hit myself against the tiled floor. I thought I had broken my spinal cord with the way I landed on the ground.
I groaned and held my back yelping. I saw him with the corner of my eye as he reached out for the document.
With my last strength, I got up staggering and stepped on his hand hard, squeezing it and putting all my weight on it.
He groaning shouting and hitting his other hand against the tiles in defeat but still, I didn’t let go.
It was Jade we’re talking about here, and her family
It’s about Chris, Dess and I too
I wasn’t going to let a good for nothing mole come to take away my hard earned evidences.
As he groaned louder, the door down the hallway flew opened and I could see Jade, and Dess running up to meet me.
I withdrew from the act and picked up the file, leaving yelling David in the ground and hugged Jade.
Even if I knew it was wrong, this was just the first thing my heart told me to do at the moment.
Blood stained Jade’s clothes when I hugged her but I cared less.
I could see Chris over Jade’s shoulder as he pushed himself out of the room to meet
I knew that look on his face but he understood immediately he got closer and saw David on the floor still groaning.
For the first time during our fight, David managed to stand up to run but Dess went after him, kicked his balls and dragged him back to us.
“Hello this is detective Gibson speaking. We have a situation in the location on this phone. Please track and come with your team”
I said over to the cop on duty at my station
“Sir, yes sir!” He replied and I ended the call.
I handed over the borrowed phone back to Jade whom I had already disengaged from her hug.
“It’s time guys, let’s end this menance once and for all”
I said, talking to no one in particular and I walked to the seat inches away and sat, still holding firm to file.
My back hurt from the fall,
My stomach too, my whole body hurt. But it wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting. Anyone going against Betty should expect more than this …
Episode 24
##Gibson’s POV##
It didn’t take minutes before sirens were heard from outside the building.
I stood up and dragged myself with the aid from the soothing touch of Dess.
She helped me up and walked to the cops outside
“Take him!” I ordered to the cop I had called and he signaled some cops to to go with him
In no time,they came out dragging the cuffed David along.
“We’re going else where, Bring more cops on duty…” I said to the cop but had a rethink
” No, I’ll call desk myself” I said turning to Jade who understood I needed to use her phone.
With the way they saw the scene, Jade, Chris and Dess understood what had happened and none bothered asking further.
As Jade handed the phone over to me, Lizzy came out, rolling her mother in a wheel chair.
And to say for some strange reasons, no one seemed occupying the hospital except us!
I mean how can that happen?
I waved the thought off and focused on calling for more hands.
In some few minutes, they arrived with few of my superiors coming with the patrol team.
I went over and stated my real reasons for calling discarding the like I had told them of having a robbery case.
I knew for one, Peter one of my superiors wouldn’t have agreed in coming for a case he had told me to dismiss.
I showed him the file which he flipped through
“How long have you had this and how?” He asked with his eyes widened in shock
“I only made some few research and go places I dreaded as hell. I had to sacrifice and do it” I simply replied because that was the truth
After Chris took Jade in his hands and left me in the woods that day, I returned back into the woods, took the carved arrows Chris had left and my gun
I walked back into the building shooting fiercely against the armed men in sight.
I succeeded in penetrating the building, running as some unharmed but armed men came after me.
I knew there was something the girl who helped Jade, Chris and I had.
She was the key to getting Betty
She knew the in and out and leaving her behind would be like leaving behind a gem.
I passed a room which seemed sealed and decided to go back.
Being sealed means there was more to it.
And handling the men in the building wasn’t really that hard because they were few of the after I had killed five, five more were after me.
And my cartridge had just one remaining bullet.
I kicked the door open but it was useless the door seemed like a metal, very strong and solid but it was wooden..
I was running out of time and knew the men could be already close by.
I quickly left there and walked on, trying to figure the Chris and I had were abducted in.
I walked on and saw a used rope on the floor. I guess this was what was used to tie Jade cus ours were left in the room.
I picked it up and dashed farther
As I climbed the stairs going upward, I saw a small tiny passage way and followed it.
It led to a room and I slowly entered, picking my steps carefully.
I knew it was the back door and it seemed like a mini escape route.
As I tiptoed inside, it was dark but I could see.
I saw a lady on the bed about a mile away from where I was sleeping.
I walked up closer to her and knew she must have been drinking.
I covered her mouth which made her jerk up
“Shhhhhhh” I sounded, placing my index f!ng£r across my lips and dragged her up which she obliged while she whimpered
“You wouldn’t want me to use this bullet on you would you?” I asked, whispering huskily into her hears and immediately her whimpering stopped
“What do you want from me?”
“Just shut up and follow me” I said and took out the tape I had, sealed her lips with it and used the rope to tie her hand behind her.
As we got out of the dark room, I recognized that she was the same person that had saved us and I felt relief. Just what I wanted!!
“Where’s the way out of this building? Like a secret passage way? Anything?” I was still holding the gun to her forehead
She shook her head positively and gestured I go my left.
Although she was scared which I knew, she felt calm at the same time.
She took me to the door I had passed earlier and gestured me to losen my grip on her which I did.
She didn’t ask for help but I saw how expertly she loved the rope I had tied her hands with and drop it on the floor.
She pulled away the tape I had placed over her lips and smirked at me.
I was just awed! She really was smart but why did she run away herself?
She placed her body against the wall by the side, and reached out for a small flat wood which was painted with the same colour as the door.
She pushed it sideways and tell door clicked open.
Hurry! She said and we walked into the room.
She did same to another piece of wood by the door when we got in and the door closed.
I just watched her in amuesment but walked behind her anyways.
I placed back my gun back into the space between my belt and my skin.
As we walked in, the lights lit up and it displayed a hug library
It had any kind of book you could imagine, for some minutes I forgot my aim for coming here and wowed at the gloriousness of this place as I kept looking upward at the plenty books in sight.
“You’re going hit your leg” her voice brought me back from my riverie.
I looked and saw me just an inch away from hitting against a table and I chuckled.
“Here, help me search for a file with blue strips” she said and handed a lamp to me.
We didn’t need the lamp because the lights were doing their jobs so I kept it on the table
“No. Use it. You can only recognized it with the close neon flame of that lamp” she said and I noded.
Whoever did that, knew exactly how to hid things.
We searched not for long tho and I found it. She confirmed it and in no time, she led the way and we walked behind a curtain In the room.
She clicked a button on the door in front of us and it opened to yet another passage way.
We walked through it, still carrying the lamps with us.
In no time, we came out of the building but from a drainage system.
I cared less and followed her out.
We walked into the woods which she seemed well aquinted with. During all these while, we didn’t say any word to each other which made the air between us wierd so I had to break the silence.
“If you knew these routes so well, why didn’t you run away?” I asked but was answered with silence.
I didn’t bother to ask again and just continued in the silence.
We finally got out of the woods and went walked down the road. She had taken my hoodie and worn it.
I knew she did it because she wanted to avoid being recognised by any of Betty’s men which worked.
After working for what seemed like ages, I became tired and told her to rest a bit but it didn’t yield any result as she walked even more farther away, I had no other choice but to follow suit.
We suddenly arrived at a scene. We saw a car tumbled upside down, with fire already engulfing it.
And also to add that the situation was strange. There wasn’t a police in check, and no one arround were concerned about it.
She walked past it but I decided to go check it out and what I saw shocked me.
It was Jade! Jade and Chris…
And two other men in front.
“Help me out” I called out and she came back
We first carried Jade out and then Chris.
I knew there was no was we could carry them all by ourself without an aid.
I thought of what to do, looking all around confused.
She brought her phone and called an ambulance…
“What’s your name?” She asked me and I was glad she did
“I’m Dess” she said looking into space with no exression on her face.
Just then two vans arrived and we had to separate.
Dess took Jade and I took Chris.
The two men were confirmed dead and weren’t bothered in taking them…
**Back to reality**
“Lead the way Gib” Peter said and I could see the pride in his eyes. He never believed I could do it.
Thanks to Dess tho she got the real credit….

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