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Obsessed batch 18 by : 8:10 pm On January 29, 2021
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Season 2, Episode 19
##Jade’s POV##
I managed to get out of the house with all questions running through my mind.
I couldn’t believe what I saw, the documents just rang confusion in me.
I ran into the car and switched on the ignition. And as speedy as I could, I changed gear and stepped on it
I was already feeling dizzy and my head hurt.
My vision became blurry and I felt like I could pass out anytime soon.
I needed my drip back and reaching the hospital as soon as possible was the only way.
I took the turn, maneuvered a slowly running car and tried keeping my eyes fixed on the road.
I looked down at the box which was sitting comfortably beside me.
A lot was to be explained about all that I saw in it.
I couldn’t believe in my wildest dream that my mum could hide such a huge secrete from us. I mean we have the right to know right?
As I took the last turn approaching the hospital, I couldn’t help but feel bitter and angry. The thought of meeting up with her and asking her for an explanation was all what I was thinking about.
I frowned and adjusted for the umpteenth time, hissing at the same time.
She is my mother yes but I am an adult, I have every right to these documents.
I brought the car to a halt, took the key out, carried the box and locked the car.
I walked as fast as I could because I knew from any moment I could pass out.
I got into my ward and slowly locked the door behind me. But I got shocked after seeing my mother staring right at me
“where have you been? I asked Lizzy to go look for you after I woke up and didn’t see any trace of you!” she looked at me in the eye but I didn’t answer her question.
There was too much going on in my mind and all I needed at this point was something to help soothe it.
I saw her shift her gaze from me to the box I was holding to my side.
“I can see you went looking for that” she sighed as she took her gaze back at me
“what is the meaning of this mum?” I asked her as I brought out one document from the metal box raising it high up into her face
“for God’s sake mum what is this?!!!” I yelled trying to hold back the tears that were already falling from my eyes.
“you can’t get any explanation from me with that tone my dear. Sit down” she said calmly but my feelings were way past that
“I’m not sitting down mum. I demand an answer right now!” I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I drove minutes to meet her for an answer and sitting down isn’t what will explain anything to me
“that’s a divorce certificate”
“I know!. Why did you divorce my father? Where is he? You made me believe he died? For what?”
“Calm down Jade”
“I’m not calming down. Explain!” it was becoming too much. Just spit it out already
“I did not divorce you father. He wanted a divorce instead”
“why would he want a divorce?” Lizzy asked, coming in from the door
“not you too Lizzy. Please you people should calm down and hear me out” my mum said, amidst tears
“bring the box here” she said, looking at the box with me
“open it” she demanded and so I did
“bring out all the documents and lay them side by side on the bed” she said and I just do exactly. If that was going to explain everything.
“you see that document over there? Yeah that one” she referred to the last one close to me
It was a document containing a picture stapled together. In the black and white picture, stood people who stood in front of a building. “SWEET JINGLE FIVE” was clearly boldly written on the top of the building at the background
“yeah I worked there. that lady there standing at the left hand side is me” she said and Lizzy and I leaned closer, to see her, way younger than who she is now. Blond hair, straight V shaped face with white set of shinning teeth shone over the captured picture.
It looked similar to the picture I saw at Dess’s room…. Dess! It rang in my ear as I remembered I haven’t finished my search there. I know deep down in me that there would be something in that house I was yet to find.
“I was a cook in that Orphanage from my teenage years till the year I had you and your brother” she paused looking at the picture
“I have a brother?” I asked, playing along. I knew Madam Betty had told me the other day and my mum’s statement just confirmed it
“Jade and I have a brother?” Lizzy seconded with her eyes widened in shock.
“yeah. That was why your dad wanted to divorce me” a tear dropped from my mum’s eye as she said that line
“why would dad want to divorce you? I mean you were pregnant for him who wouldn’t want his wife to bear children for him?” I t was just funny and confusing to me
“you see the other lady at the other end of the picture standing by the man? That’s her husband” she said and I looked closely at the angle and yes, there was a woman a man there
“yeah, so?” Lizzy and I were already growing out of patience
“the woman there was my employer who owned the Sweet Jingle five Orphanage in the background where I worked as a cook. Your dad wanted a divorce because he later found out that the babies I had wasn’t for him but for Madam Betty’s husband standing beside Betty my employer. I believe you know her already she adopted you days ago. ” she paused staring blankly at the picture with tears falling
The Madam Betty I saw there didn’t in any way look like the present Betty I saw days ago.
“yeah” I nodded still looking at the picture with my mum.
And unfortunately, we all in the room were staring at the picture in front of us
“after I gave birth to you and your twin brother, your foster father my husband, named you Jade and your brother Jaden. I was scared madam Betty was going to find out and decided to leave the work and move out of the orphanage. I made series of excuses and succeeded in convincing my husband in leaving the high paying job. On the very day when I gave birth to you and your brother, madam Betty came and spilled beans requesting for her step children on my birth bed. She kept on taunting me, saying she was going to tell my husband about it. I was afraid and decided to give her your brother in exchange for her silence…”
“so.. so.. my.. my.. father isn’t my father?” I stammered looking at her confused but she kept her gaze fixed on the picture
“what about me?” Lizzy asked, wanting to know if she was given birth to by my foster father
“Madam Betty came after six years demanding for that document at the middle after she found out that I had stolen it. I denied having possession of it but she maintained her stance. I wanted to use it to take back my son but I didn’t have enough money nor power to go against her. She threatened to tell my husband about it but I thought it was just a threat in order to get what she wanted, it happened that she meant it. My husband, Lizzy’s father got to know about it from Betty and filed for a divorce just a month into conceiving Lizzy. I begged and begged but he felt betrayed and bad for me keeping it from him for such a long time. I know what I did was wrong but I just couldn’t bring myself into telling him the truth so I hid it from him for such a long time” my mum said as she burst into fresh tears.
“but where is my father now?” Lizzy asked
“when Madam betty told him about what I had done, he pushed in for the divorce which I couldn’t bring my self to sign. On the day I was supposed to sign it, he had an accident and died… i… ” she stopped in mid sentence as fresh tears broke in and she cried her eyes out
I now understood how it felt
What madam Betty meant
“but why is she young? Like it’s been long now but she still looks young and entirely different from the person I’m seeing here in this picture” I was still curious and confused
“because according to my findings, she had full body surgery, changing her full appearance because she had to run away, escaping justice. She used the orphanage for drug trafficking , using the government agency as a cover and a shield to cover her tracks. No body suspected that the money she got from the trafficking was paid in into the government’s account allocated for funding from the government to her orphanage, no body knew she was using the poor teenage orphans as drug traffickers, until Dess’s friend Cuddy, gave the testimony that day against Madam betty. On the very day she was supposed to face her sentence, she ran away with the aid of her men. Got away from Germany and did surgery changing her appearance taking Dess with her as her only confidant with Boston her surviving child after she killed her husband who wanted to testify against her if she didn’t confess to her crimes” Gibson said as he walked into the room with Dess by his side pushing Chris with them…
episode 20
##Chris’s POV##
After the surgery that night, I woke up the next morning with a slight headache
I guess exercising my brain won’t be so easy with this start.
As I kept my gaze fixed forward, staring blankly at the door a voice startled me when I heard it come right beside me
“how are you feeling Chris” a plum man clad in black and white suit asked me
“who are you?” was what first come out of my lips ignoring hiss question
“I’m David your lawyer” the man who said as I stared at him widely
“David? I don’t remember having any lawyer” I knew the doctor had said something about my lawyer running on my case but I was expecting someone familia
“yeah that is because you lost part if not most of your memory after you got into an accident” he brought out pictures of the vehicle I had accident with.
“ yeah I know cus the doctor told me so and he said….. who’s this?” I asked in mid sentence as a familiar lady I saw in the fourth picture which he handed over to me. In the picture was the familiar girl and I lying side by side with my head covered in blood and she was injured in series of places like her leg and arm, I stared at her closely not wanting to stop my brain from calculating whatever it was trying to calculate at the moment.
It was hard because the picture wasn’t as clear as it should be as smokes filled the area and it was clear that they just succeeded in putting off a big fire…
I frowned my face trying hard to figure out where I had known this person, her figure caught my attention, and immediately I felt a strong connection between us
“that’s Ja..”
“Jade” I helped him finish the sentence my gaze still solely fixed on the photograph.
I was surprised my head was able to remember that which made me look up at the man and smile, grinning from ear to ear. I thought remembering something at all will take time maybe weeks or so but just few hours after surgery? I must be admitted in the best hospital, even the cozy room could tell.
“you remember that?” my lawyer asked staring widely at me as he brought out a pen and a book
“yeah” I said proud of myself
“tell me more, what else do you remember?” he asked me, looking at me at the picture curiously
“I.. i.. don’t know”
“okay let me help you” he brought out another picture from his bag and showed me “do you know this woman?” he asked and I in turn searched my brain for some answers.
Yes the young lady looked very familiar but I wasn’t able to pin on it.
“yeah she looks familiar, like my brain wants to tell me something about her but i… I can’t tell what It is” I was disappointed
“okay take another look at this” he brought out another picture but this time, old (black and white) and almost wrinkled with a part of it totally torn out
“I know that girl” I said pointing at a little girl about 5, 6 years old, dark brown long curly hair with a fair white skin, as white as the British’s standing in the sun, with a flair flowered gown reaching just above her knee and her face frowned because of the rays of the sun hitting hard on her.
The picture was full of young teenager about 13, 14, 15 years old and young children snapped in front of a big building with only about a few old teenage children standing side by side
The fair skinned girl stood with her hands interlocked with a small boy about her age or younger, there about.
“can you say anything about her?” my lawyer asked looking at me, waiting for a favourable answer but I think my brain was going to disgrace me
“I don’t think so” I said, stressing the ‘don’t
“look closely at the boy standing beside her and see if he rings a bell” he said suggesting a look at it
I tried again, searching my brain for an answer. The girl stood in between two boys. The other was fair skinned like her but the one she interlocked her hands with, was a black, having a striking resemblance with someone I had seen before.
“yeah this one” I said pointing at the fair skinned guy “he looks like someone I know” my brain was alarming signal, green lights were popping in
“do you have another picture? Perhaps a clearer one?” It was becoming unbearable trying to unravel it from a blur source
“yeah I do” he handed me another picture, same as this, part of it torn out leaving only children to be seen but I couldn’t find the fair skinned girl nor the black skinned boy nor the fair skinned boy anymore.
“but these pictures aren’t the same” I quarried
“they are. Look closely” David gestured
I took the picture again, trying to match the first one with it and I discovered that this other picture was the grown version of the first picture.
I searched through and saw the three of them at the top, this time grown up a bit, already teenagers. They were looking at the camera, without an expression written on their faces in contrary to what other children did, perhaps saying “cheese” as all their teeth were clearly seen shinning in the sun.
This time, this picture wasn’t black and white but a little bit coloured.
The children were the only ones different from the rest
I looked closely and an idea hit me!
“can I have a mirror?” I asked and was surprised my lawyer had one in his briefcase perhaps he had planned well for this visit
“yeah sure” he said and I took it from him and had the mirror faced in front of me
I as the one! The fair skinned guy always standing by her side, from being little kids till teenage hood. How on earth did I not figure it out earlier?
“i.. I’m him?” I asked to confirm looking bewildered at the smiling and satisfied look of David my supposed lawyer
“yes you are”
“can I have another picture? Maybe a different one?” I wanted more and he handed another one to me
“this is the last” he said after handing it over to me
I scanned through but it was uncertain. I couldn’t find the children anymore!
Just as the other pictures were, this one also was torn at the edge too. So I was beginning to feel they were cut with it
“I think their snap was cu…” I stopped as I spotted the fair skinned girl. Still not smiling nor posing, just staring right into the camera standing again, in front of the building “SWEET JINGLE FIVE”
But one thing was off about this picture!
She wasn’t standing with any of the boys.
I searched through the picture but couldn’t find them
“I can’t see me nor the other guy in the picture anymore why?”
“I don’t know” David said
“me neither” someone said as the door flee ew open and he walked into the room
I raised my head to meet someone’s gaze, he had a striking resemblance with the black kid in the picture as I did with the white kid in the picture too.
He was the same dude that have been visiting me at the hospital
“my name is Gibs…”
“Gibson! You were at the orphanage too?” I finished the sentence looking right at him shocked to the bones as my memory came flooding back at me!
No wonder he was all over me and Jade
No wonder he looked familiar
No wonder he helped me!
But why weren’t both of us with the fair skinned girl in this last picture?
Why were we sad in the previous picture?
Maybe he would have an answer

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