Obsessed batch 17

Season 2, Episode 17
##Chris’s POV##
I woke up to a touch. It was still the male person that left the room yesterday.
He looked at me intently before moving away.
He looked pale and stressed, his eyes as red as the last time I saw him
And yes, I think my vision is getting better.
I can see almost clearly now. I think the doctor did a great job.
As I stared right at him, he shifted uncomfortably
“can you see me clearly?” he asked streaking his face
I didn’t answer but looked on at him, following him with my eyes in every move.
Something wasn’t right about him
He got up, so did my eye balls. He walked forward towards the door and turned to me still staring right at him.
I mean why does he feel so uncomfortable staying with me? He touched me, which woke me up and now, seeing me awake makes him frightened. Who does that?
He stood by the door, sighed heavily, muttered some inaudible words and left.
I was dumbfounded. He just acted crazy and went out.
I should have asked him who he was or where I came from.
I don’t even know what happened to me that got me here.
It was all strange and I was uncertain of my situation.
As I thought about the same guy and the situation surrounding my being here at the hospital, my brain flashed on something, it wasn’t as vivid but I know It needed me to remember something, something very important.
It was my turn to furrow my eye brows.
I searched and searched but nothing came up popping.
Just like a situation where you are supposed to say something, perhaps call a name that you are very familiar with but your brain disgraces you, not transmitting any impulse at that crucial moment.
I just kept staring into space, craking my head when the door flew open and the doctor walked in with some nurses
“how are you feeling today mister”
“I’m actually better. I can see clearer now but my head hurts a lot”
“oh yeah. The reason for your loss in memory was due to the fact that you had hit your head against the car which you got into an accident with. But currently, the driver and other occupancies of the said vehicle were no where in sight when you were taken away from there. It seemed someone had purposely left you in the car” he concluded, sitting opposite my bed.
“this is the result from your X-ray test and PV we ran on you yesterday.” He handed me three sheets of paper as if I could perfectly understand
“so what does it say?”
“you have a slight brain damage and we have to operate on you as soon as possible. But we do not expect an immediate recovery of your memory. You’ll have to be exercising your brain by thinking critically, in order to bring back alive your memory senses ” he stood up and checked , my heart rate
“your body is slowly adjusting now, and you are getting better.
I’ll have to take care of other things now, till we meet again” he concluded and walked further away
“please wait doctor”
“how’d you know about the situations surrounding my accident and who’s paying for my bills? It certainly can’t be the other person I saw yesterday?” I asked and the same time told him
“oh of course not. We have your lawyer who’s been on your case. He showed up yesterday when you were asleep and he’s also responsible for unraveling the situations surrounding your accident”
“why am I not seeing him? Can’t he meet me?” I was confused as hell!
“he has a lot to do on your case my dear. He said when he has some spare time, he’d show up.”
“now get some rest. We have scheduled your surgery 3:pm today” he said, holding out to the door knob and dashed out even before I said anything else!
I just stared at him, looked back at my body and it was only now I noticed my bandaged head and upper leg.
##Jade’s POV##
“you’re four weeks pregnant ” the doctor said beaming with smile
But honestly, it came as a shocker.
How on earth do I explain being pregnant?
I’ve had no sex!
“what? I don’t understand doctor” my mother said, looking at the doctor weirdly then turning to me.
The doctor equally changed his expression from smiling widely into a sober state.
It was obvious he didn’t understand why we had reacted the way we did
“the result we conducted on her states so. We did series of tests and it all gave same result. Good thing the baby is okay, I mean you all should count yourself lucky. Not all women go through a terrific ordeal as hers and not get one or two injury in the baby.” He was trying to sound convincing
“although the baby needs extra care at this point. The accident and her mother’s lack of proper nutrition might cause constrains later, I’d advice a regular, careful and proper care for the mother onward.”
I just kept mute staring into space. The whole thing were dingling in my ear.
No wonder I fainted many times
No wonder I was devoid of strengths regularly
No wonder I had pains and cramps but I thought I was as a result from the operation I had with Boston about three weeks ago!
How then did a baby grow inside me without me feeling it?
Is Boston responsible for it?
Was I slept with without my knowledge?
All these questions kept burning inside me and for some reasons I wasn’t happy
I didn’t know why but I felt bitter and sad.
I heard my name again and I snapped out of my trans
It was until then I knew my mum and Lizzy were calling my name all these while
“Do you know anything about this?” My mum asked, looking at me blankly.
I shook my head negativity and turned to look at Lizzy who drew me closer for a hug.
It was then I knew I was already crying. I don’t want this baby.
I don’t know it’s father
I don’t know a thing!
I can’t remember anything
My God!! Hell no! This can’t be happening
I cried more and more not answering any of my mum’s numerous questions.
It was just Mum, Lizzy and I in the room so I had my space to do so.
Gibson and the other guy had left hours ago, leaving my paralysed mother and Lizzy with me.
I shook my head negativitely when my brain told me to do a check
“Enough of the checks and mysteries. I’m tired already. My whole life is messed and to top it all, Chris is dead. What am I living for?” I asked my head back, still weeping my soul out….
As hours passed, I had a strong urge to do something but I kept suppressing the thought with the fact that I was pregnant and had a life to either choose to keep or kill.
After all they said I had no womb but how did I get pregnant?
Everything was stupidly confusing.
It was already 7:35pm and my mum laid on the extra bed in the VIP room my mum had exclusively for me, with Lizzy on the other side of the room sleeping soundly.
I shrugged up and wore a slipper that was meant for Lizzy
I pulled out the needles connected to the drip and got up from the bed.
I have made up my mind in going to my mum’s house to search for the documents she had mentioned.
I had a strong feeling I will find something that can explain at least a small detail of whatever she wanted me to know days back.
As soundprooved as I could, I sneeked out of the room, taking the car keys on the table with me.
I managed to get out of the hospital and pressed the button to recognize mum’s car.
I got inside and started the ignition.
With all the strength in me, I vowed to get the documents and nothing can change my direction today. Not even the news of my baby’s death was going to stop me from getting into the secret I was entitled to.
I reversed and returned the steering, facing out of the parking lot.
Turned off the GPS tracker and location and drove as speedy as I could…
Episode 18
#Jade’s POV#
As I drove down the road, something in me was already saying I should go back to the hospital or perhaps inform my mum or Lizzy about me leaving but I knew they wouldn’t approve of my going
I shifted for the third time, holding firmer unto the wheel.
I was making a very crucial decision and I felt something bad might happen but for the love of God I couldn’t take it anymore
I have waited a long time, going in circles and you and I know it has been fruitless.
From one problem to another
From one confusion to another
“Now I have a baby?” I asked myself and scoffed at the same time not wanting to believe the story
“It f—–g isn’t true! Hell no” I shouted, banging the wheel furiously as I took a turn in the dark but beautifully lit street
I mean, it was over a week ago or so when I was in the hospital with Boston beside me and what did the doctor say? I had a damaged womb!!!
Now another is saying I have a child? With a damaged womb?
How funnier can this my life get?
I laughed loudly as I thought of it all.
Before I knew it, my eyes were clouded and I couldn’t see the road clearly.
I blinked my eyes widely, trying to open my eyes wide and it was then I knew I was crying
I laughed again, realising myself but the more I laughed, the more tears gushed out
Mixed feelings!
I felt like dying
My sealed lips that were preventing the flow of feelings suddenly broke loose and tears freely gushed down from my eyes as I wailed loudly
But one thing was sure
Even though I was bitterly crying, like the whole thing eating me up, I never stopped driving
I knew I had limited time to return back to the hospital because of the drips I removed and not wanting my mum to know I had gone out.
My heart rate increased as I got nearer to my mum’s house after taking the last turn and driving down her street.
She had the last house on the street with a wide lawn just like
Dess’s house but my mum had her store room close to the gate house.
There really was no need for a security personnel but I grew up seeing that they had built a house for such purpose even though I didn’t see her employ any.
I got down from the car and closed the door, sealing it with the key before taking steps towards the gate
With the aid of the street light, I opened the gate and walked in
My heart was pounding aggressively against my chest as I began approaching the main house.
On pushing the door open, it creaked which sent shilvers down my spine.
I knew I had to make it snappy but he’ll this house is already creeping.me.out
Not only because it has been left unvisited, but also the fact that I knew whatever I was going to find wouldn’t be funny
The feeling was like that of anyone who was eagerly waiting for an exam result, perhaps a result that would determine the date of the person and my situation was worse.
The document I wanted to find would mean knowing most of.my past.
As I walked inside, I quickly turned on the light’s switch so as not to get frightened with whatever might be in the house
I walked slowly towards the stairs and as I climbed, the light’s were switching on, on its own.
Don’t be a scaredy cat, that’s how it is. The lights go on whenever you approach them.
I got to my mum’s door and met it wide opened.
Everywhere was scattered with clothes littering the whole floor.
I got scared the more.
what if someone had come to steal it
What if I was being followed?
What if someone had come to take it before I arrived,
I mustered up my last courage in me and walked briskly into the room.
Immediately as I walked in, the floor made a squeaking sound, frightening the hell outta me.
I stopped in my track making sure I was safe by looking all over the place.
I had purposely left the door open in order to see who or whatever gets close to me or comes from the door.
I swung into action and searched.
Scattered the room more and overturned the middle table, searched and searched but nothing gave a clue.
I went over her things over again and scattered her wardrobe but still couldn’t find anything!
I approached her drawer as I did Dess’s mum’s room and checked it but as it was with Dess’s, it was empty!
I scratched my head in frustration looking all over the place, my time was running out and I could feel it
I needed to return to the hospital before I pass out.
I sighed in frustration turning to the door to go check the store room by the gate house but a rat ran over.my legs and I jumped in fright, hitting hard the wooden floor.
Immediately as I landed weightely on the floor, it cracked open and I fell into it
I only managed to hold the two woods still connected to the room while I was hanging in air
I struggled but it was no use as I fell inside the hole and landed on something soft.
I felt pains all over but it wasn’t as bad as if I had hit the hard floor
So I got up and scanned the room.
It was dark and the only source of light was coming from above where my mum’s room was still visible from and her room’s light extending into this strange room which I never know existed even in my 20 years of stay before going to the university.
I walked further but stumbled on something.
Thank goodness! It was a torch I haved a sigh of relief and picked it up switching on the light.
The room was all dusty with things packed up in it.
It was the real store room
Everything about my dad was here.
How pictures and belongings were all here
My mum had dumped his things here instead of discarding it.
I smiled as I picked up a picture he was with my mum
Both of them were beaming with smile looking at the camera.
They stood by an old car which they rested on.
They certainly looked cute together.
I held unto the picture as I picked up another one, my dad looked way younger here.
This time, he wasn’t smiling but laughing. It was clearly an unexpected snap because the joy he felt could be felt by anyone who looked at the picture.
I sighed and decided to look for a way out and perhaps come back some other time to take his things away when I hit my right foot against a hard metal.
I brought my torch down and looked at a small metal box staring right back at me.
I took it and tried opening it but couldn’t.
It seemed picked somewhere
I looked intently all around it finding where it might be locked and saw it.
It was sealed with a passlock.
I sighed because I was really bad at guessing things especially figures.
I looked back and sat on the foam I initially fell upon and focused on opening the box.
000 was displayed on the roller button I was supposed to use to unlock it
“123” I said and rolled over the numbers and tried pushing it up but got disappointed
I was doomed! How on Earth am I going to guess it? My time was already getting far spent
“987” I matched again but as the first result, it did open
I was already getting frustrated
I tried and tried but nothing was happening!
I sighed heavily as I got more frustrated and got up, flung the box away and reached out for a stool to climb
Afterall it.happens that maybe after getting it opened, it’d be utmost disappointed to see I wanted my time because with most American movies I’ve watched, documents or money will be kept else where but people will be dying to open a box or a safe just to find out afterwards that they had wasted their time!
I stood on the stool and balanced myself reaching out for the woods above which were the floor of my mum’s room
As I stretched my hands and toes to get to the woods, the pictures of my dad which I took along slipped and fell off my hand.
I retired and turned down to the pictures lying on the ground and decide to leave it and just do my business and perhaps come back another time to come take everything when this time, my foot slipped off the stool and I lost my balance, staggered on my feet and sat down frustratedly!
I regretted coming into my mum’s room I yelled on my head, as I looked at the picture lying in front of me
It was the back of my dad’s picture and number “208” was boldly inscribed on it.
“Special room 208” flashed into my memory that instant! There is more to either the number or the room
I thought and my senses slapped me as it suggested I use the number to unlock the box.
I quickly went over to where I had threw it and picked it up.
I turned over the numbers and “click” it made the sound and opened by itself!
I couldn’t believe it as joy filled my heart
I took out the first folded document and couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

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