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Obsessed batch 16 by : 8:06 pm On January 29, 2021
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Season 2, Episode 15
Chris waved down countless times in a bit to stopping any vehicle in sight but none was yielding.
As he grew out of patience, he started trekking with Jade on his shoulders.
He walked for several minutes, feeling every ounce of weight from Jade, he turned back every second trying to look out for Gibson but he was nowhere in sight.
As he walked on, he became tired. He knew no place near here nor where the nearest hospital was.
Anybody he tried asking for direction would just look sternly at him and walk away. Some thought he was nuts with the way he dressed and breathed but he cared less, still asking anyone he came across with. It was his Jade in question!
Suddenly a vehicle parked in front of him revealing Gibson in the other seat in the driver’s side
“get in!” Gibson hurriedly said as he opened the door through the front seat.
With everything in him, Chris wanted to decline but he was willing to go out of his way to save Jade so he had no option but to accept the offer and got jade inside and they zoomed off
“do you know any nearby Hospital around here?” Chris said, referring to the driver
“yeah your partner here has already asked and we’re heading there now!” the driver said, not looking at him, not even having a glance through the driver’s mirror. The fairly red skinned white man, had a face cap on which was way down his face covering every bit of his forehead to his brows.
The way he looked, he didn’t turn his full face.
Every now and then, he would tilt his head almost in a second and bring it back into position. His hands were shaky and his voice too. With the way he talked, he seemed like a person who had lost some teeth and he did.
Chris felt something off about him and couldn’t take his eyes away from the strange man. All of a sudden, the man began to laugh with nothing around him triggering it. As he laughed, Chris saw his lost two incisor, revealing his brown dirty teeth.
Chris was all uncomfortable around him, he felt his heart pound against his chest as he looked on, at the road then back to the man
“where are you taking me?” Chris asked looking suspiciously at the man then back to Gibson who took his face to the other side “haven’t we gotten to the destination yet? I need to get her to the doctor ASAP!”
“calm down. We’re almost there” The supposed Gibson said but his voice wasn’t that of Gibson! It felt strange and awkward.
Chris looked back to the man on steering and saw him smirk. His heart got beating faster, the speed of the man was already pacing and topping up. He soon saw that they were already far from being in the area where they met him
“who the f–k are you!!” Chris yelled, looking at them
Gibson turned to look at Chris in the passenger’s seat and smiled showing his black teeth.
“who are the both of you?” Chris shouted! The supposed Gibson wasn’t Gibson after all. He was just someone who dressed like him.
He turned to his left and pushed the door, attempting to open it but he heard the doors click, indicating it being locked.
“I asked a question that deserves an answer who the hell are you?!!” Chris shouted banging the door with Jade unconsciously laying on him
“you’d know soon” The guy who posed to be Gibson earlier said.
Chris couldn’t take it anymore. He raised Jade with his left hand in order for him to have space to get up, swung his hard gist toward the guy and punched him hard in the face, turned to the man and gave him his share of the blow.
The other guy held Chris’s hand and swung it toward the dash board, hitting it fiercely against it
“ahhh” Chris yelled as he used his elbow and hit the guy hard (he gave him upper cut lol) sending the guy into a state of dilemma, he held his nose, seeing how much blood that gushed from it.
Turning back to the old man, Chris swung his fist for the second time, giving the old man a blow hard enough to break his remaining teeth but it only broke one.
With the two blows having taken effect on him, Chris dragged the steering with him, aiming to bring the car to a stop.
They dragged on, the trio aiming to take the wheel, they didn’t see it when it all came to an end
The car flew just inches away from the road and came down, hitting the car hard against the tree ferociously ending the struggle.
The car paused, stopping with a thud against the floor of the woods
Chris felt blank. He had hit his head against the wind shield and he passed out!
It slowly started to burn
The car which posed upside down start to fill in with smokes…
It started to burn slowly from the fuel tank area, proceeding to the passenger’s seat where Jade was…
##unknown POV##
I felt numb
Someone shook me but I didn’t respond
It felt choky everywhere, I felt like I was already loosing it.
My soul left me little by little
“some body help me please” I cried screaming but no one heard me
“I’m gonna die!” I said shouting to whoever was close by but there certainly was no response… I tried waiting, I tried hanging on, I tried to stay alive, I shouted again for the last time which my body could tolerate.
I felt nothing! No one! So I gave up….
“help us!”
“some oxygen!!”
“help us please” someone cried all the more
“somebody!!” the male’s voice echoed in the background till it got faint and faded away….
Episode 16
##Chris’s POV##
I felt anesthetized all of a sudden. I thought it was a joke, I still felt my heart beat but the rhythm was beginning to lose it’s tempo
I got scared! Everywhere seemed dark.
I shifted my leg but it didn’t move
I shouted at the top of my voice, calling for help with all my might but no one heard
I need to save Jade, even if I die, she must survive.
I wanted to move over to carry her but I wasn’t seeing a thing!
It was all dark, I couldn’t even hear anything except from my heart beat.
Everywhere smelt of something burning
Oh no! Jade can’t get burnt! She just can’t die like that.
I should have let Gibson take her
I should have Judged aside from my hurt.
I didn’t even see Gibson from the moment I left the woods.
He must have taken another route.
I wanted help, cried for help, shouted and screamed but I wasn’t heard.
I felt bad! Felt sorry for Jade and myself. I let my ill-luck rub off on her and she was going to pay with her life.
I wasn’t going to allow it happen. I’ll love her till death, I’ll save her. But how?
For the first time in 12 years, I prayed again. Asking God to save Jade, begging him to forgive me and to help Jade find love and happiness while I’m gone. I prayed for her life to turn around, taking a better turn.
My prayers centered mostly on her till I realized I had stopped! I didn’t know what else to ask God before I went unconscious fully…
##Jade’s POV##
I felt hot, my body was getting hotter
I tried screaming, perhaps someone would hear and save me but my voice wasn’t perceptible.
I shouted as It got hotter
I felt my skin start to burn.
The hurt I was feeling was becoming too much
I cried but was it worth the tears? Hell no!!
Cus no one heard! No one came.
My body slowly started burning
The area felt choke and breathless. I was beginning to lose it as my heart beat began getting faster
I tried gasping for air but my lungs was too weak
My nostrils filled with smokes.
I prayed, silently as I felt every second my life fading.
I felt bad, my life didn’t take a good turn for the past two months.
All I have been having are bad days upon bad days. Mysteries upon mysteries.
But I couldn’t rebuff the fact that my life wasn’t all in all empty
I had my mum of course, Lizzy and Chris who has been the reasons for my smiles lately
Even in my hard times, I still had him. I remember I almost committed suicide when I felt alone in the struggle, when I was left to unravel everything that made my life become different and full of sadness.
And then Gibson came along, he said he was going to help me.
I remember the night I cried my eyes out at the front of the police station when no one believed my story
And then Gibson came like a ray of light in the darkest tunnel in my life
Giving me reasons to start all over, he made me see hope in everything
Even when he was aware of the life I used to live he stayed right up in every tons and he loved me.
I know ordinarily I’m supposed to reciprocate right? Especially with the fact that he was my first hope and he came before Chris but I didn’t want to be with him for some reasons…
I felt connected even before meeting Chris in person. He kindda complete me, he understands me and yeah he knew I loved soda the day he brought me to the most expensive restaurant.
All I think is him. And yeah, I remember when I passed out and the only image I saw when waking up was him. I thought I klzzed him but I found out that it was Gibson
It was strange but the way he reacted made my heart skip several beats.
When he was mad, all I saw in his eyes were pain, pains that I couldn’t fathom to the fullest degree.
And now? Lol I’m gonna die, just like that?
Without unraveling anything? Without seeing my mum and Lizzy outta the hospital? Without being with Chris? Without maybe undergoing a surgery or something to fix me? Without knowing about the secret Madam Betty and my mum are fighting for? Without knowing who the Betty of a lady really was? Without knowing fully if she was behind everything or someone else was driving it all?
God please save me this once! I know I prayed for death before but not again! There are things I have to handle, secrets to know and people to take care of. If at all, save me for my mum, Chris, Lizzy and yeah maybe Gibson too. They’re all I have now, the only people in my life that I care about. Please help me so I can make them proud.
I promise never to do anything stupid with the remaining days of my life on earth.
As I prayed, the hotness I felt over my arms moved towards my legs area, it got hotter but I wasn’t relenting on my prayers.
As my prayer came to a stop, I felt calm, relaxed and gave up, not remembering anything anymore…..
O B S E S S E D….
My temperature changed as I felt someone touch my nose, then my mouth.
I felt I was moving in air, then my body landed on a wood? Plastic? Bed? I didn’t really know cus my sensation was really weak but one thing was sure; I was moving on something.
Then faintly I heard shouts, I heard people having indistinct talks in the background
And then the felling came like a shocker! I felt nothing! Absolute nothing!
Total darkness and no nervous transmission. I felt completely numb.
As I opened my eyes for the third time, I couldn’t believe what I saw!
My mum and everyone I knew were in the room.
I was in a uniform obviously in a hospital, and I didn’t know but I certainly was away for a long time since the joy that filled everyone’s face were lit and sincere.
my mum was on a wheel chair while Lizzy sat close to me and a boy about her age stood close to her, yeah the boy who was all over Lizzy the other time she was in the hospital…
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyone including those who interned with me were all surrounded. Gibson grinned from ear to ear holding a bouquet.
“WELCOME BACK!!” everyone shouted as they threw balloons all over the place.
I looked at my body and saw it all bandaged. My forehead, legs and hands
“ oh honey! I thought I was gonna lose you.” My mum said tears already welling up in her eyes.
I smiled faintly “what happened to me?” I asked ignoring her statement
“you were in an accident and there was fire outbreak with it. It was this young gentle man that helped you” my mum said referring to Gibson who was just staring widely at me
For some reasons, I found that hard to believe, for all I knew, he and Chris had a fight and the kindda fight I myself wouldn’t want to be his company. How then did he get to me? What really happened?
I waved the thought off and turned to my mum “you’re better now” she looked better from the last time I saw her, referring to the fact that she was on a wheel chair on the other side of the bed.
“yeah. But I can’t use any of my body for now. I guess it’ll take some time” she said, laughing a little “let’s forget about that. We can’t spoil the moment can we?” she said smiling
“no we can’t” I said, returning the smile.
Everyone came one after the other giving me gifts and saying how happy they were that I was still alive.
I felt like a queen throughout the whole scene cus for all I know, if I was asked how many people would take interest in me, I would mention my immediate family and perhaps add Chris and Gibson to it.
Gibson just kept on looking at me in the most absurd way I could fathom. He just stared dryly at me, smiling.
“how long have I been here?” I asked looking at her keenly
“about a week. Your recovery was a miracle. I thought we were gonna lose you. But I kept on having hope, praying everyday for your consciousness” she said, crying but Lizzy helped in removing the tears
“I’m here now” I said smiling at her and stretched my hand to touch her.
It was really true. Her body felt soft like without a firm bone “oh mum” I said, feeling all pity. But who was I to cry? I thought my situation was bad till I thought of my mum.
Cooking has been her pleasure, since I was sensible enough to perceive things around me, mum had been cooking. But now in this state? I guess it must be really hard for her knowing she can’t use her hands anymore…
I felt empty all of a sudden, something was definitely missing
I ignored him and turned to my mum
“where’s Chris?” I was what first came out of my mouth as I looked at all of them one after the other
“who’s Chris” my mum asked back but I didn’t answer as I turned my gaze toward Gibson who looked at me rather disappointedly. He had that expression I couldn’t explain and my heart began pounding all of a sudden.
I didn’t know when a tear dropped from my right cheek. This was the last thing I wanted
“no, no, no!” I shouted as I began pulling out the drips on my body with the little strength I had, crying all the more.
Lizzy rode my mum closer to me and they all began saying things I didn’t play in my head cus all I thought was the death of Chris
“no! it can’t happen. My Chris can’t be dead! I want to see him” I cried, trying to leave my bed but Gibson came over and pat me back
“please take me to Chris. He can’t be dead” was all I kept on saying crying my eyes out…
Read Chris’s POV joor 😂
##Chris’s POV##
As I opened my eyes, the rays of light from the bare window struck me.
I flinched in response, closing my eyes half way.
“thank goodness he’s awake!” Someone in the background said and went over to the window and used the window blind. It was a male, about my age, thereabout.
I couldn’t know whoever he was because my vision was still blurred
Shadows were seen from an angle of the room which appeared to be the entrance and a male in white with two females stormed the room.
“get his pulse” the male in white said as I tried having a clearer vision but it was useless
“slightly readable sir. We have to diagnose him as soon as possible” one of the females who came with him said after pressing my vein down with a machine
“check his PV” the male said, inserting two things into his ears and bending closer to me. With the extension from whatever he had put on his ears, he placed the round edge on my bare chest and stayed in that position for a while before disengaging.
“okay sir” the other female said, and pushed something into me and withdrew it after a while and dashed out of the room.
“how are you feeling mister?” the male in white asked me smiling a bit.
As far as I know, I wasn’t able to speak, I still felt dumb and words weren’t escaping from my lips.
I wished with everything in me to ask what has happened to me but nothing was coming out.
Everyone seemed different and new to me.
“can you tell us your name?” the mister said, scrabbling on his notepad
“my name?” I forced out the first words since I gained consciousness but it was no use as I didn’t remember a thing! “I don’t know” I said looking at him first, then at the other male in the room who has closed the window blind.
“you cant remember anything?” the male in white asked, looking intently at me
“no. who are you?” I asked, my voice was as faint as a woman who had her throat slit
“nothing at all?” he asked again rather concerned at my condition instead of answering my question ad
“you have any relative? Your mother? Father? Wife? Child? Brother?” he asked me again
“my mother? Do I have any?” I asked him back, I tried remembering anything just anything but it was as useless and hoping to ride a virgin s–t!
I checked my brain for the umpteenth time and the only answer I gave on every question was “no”
I felt bad, not remembering a thing left me agitated. I didn’t even know who I was nor where I came from, nor my family.
And yeah who is this male sitting next to me looking at me all day?
“who are you please?” I turned to his direction and asked him but he kept silent looking dumbly at me till he got up and walked past the door, never to be seen again!
The male in white finished his treatment and assured my that he after finishing his own phase of my treatment, he’d hand over me to a psychologist therapy sections.
“here it is” one of the ladies that came in formally with the male in white said and handed over a file to him.
I tried again to see clearly but it was useless
“help me, I can’t see properly” I said blinking my eyes rapidly
“okay over here, what do you see” he asked me, bending over to my face
“a hand?” I asked
“how many f!ng£rs am I holding out?” he asked again
“I think three right?” I wasn’t making it direct
“okay we’ll have to do further checks on you.”
“excuse me” I said immediately as he wanted to leave the room
“I know you’re a doctor and that’s only because my brain told me. But who brought me here?”
I was curious
“the male who sat beside you earlier did”
“but I asked him about himself but not a word was heard from him. ” I expounded
“yeah because he said he’d like to keep his identity discrete” he said and opened the door
“where is this place located?” I asked as if I would recognize it. But I had to do it in case
“down town. At the country’s side. Why?” he asked looking at me suspiciously like I didn’t lose my memory
“uhh nothing.” I said, feeling the headache that banged on “and doctor if you have any update can I know of it please? Like who I am?” I said looking at his direction but I truthfully wasn’t seeing anything
“of course. Now if you’d excuse me” he reached out to the knob and went out of sight.
I exhaled and turned towards the window. I wish I could just remember something! At least anything that would make me know who I was but nothing was popping in…

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