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Obsessed batch 14 by : 7:57 pm On January 29, 2021
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Jade ran as fast as she could but it was useless. Her legs hurt a lot and she felt pain all over her body from the wiping she had received from Betty. As she struggled to run, it became difficult every minute. She looked at the blueprint for the umpteenth time to be sure she was on the right track.
“EXIT” was boldly written on the edge of the rather confusing map.
She felt a urge to pee but held it in and rested on her back when she got to curve in the big building.
She wasn’t sure of where she was but she was going to try anyways.
As she made to continue, she saw a shadow and quickly moved back, maintaining her former position. It was a guy, about her age she guessed. She wanted to come out and ask him for help but decided against it.
She even felt stupid for having such a bad thought…
As it seemed like he had passed, she got out and dragged herself all the way towards a direction that was supposed to be South. She got to the point where she would have to take the stairs and prayed no one catches her.
After a long time trying to figure out how to get out of the confusing building, she was in the last floor, it seemed like a closed parking lot (a big garage rather) and as quietly as possible, she ran down the stairs and took her left. She got to a balcony that led to a slim hallway. No doubt then, the building meant to be a huge company supposed to be owned by a billionaire. She wondered what such a building could be left unused while it seemed already completed. Some offices in it were already fully furnished and it looked cozy.
As she walked down the hallway of the offices, she admired the d–n expensiveness of the transparent offices and board room.
She made another turn and headed Westwards. She looked one more time at the blueprint to be sure what she was seeing was true and it was, she was wallowing in joy and happiness as her deliverance was near. Closer and closer, she reached the opening to the exit.
Dess looked at the time and guessed Jade to be already out of the building because no one came to report of anyone escaping.
She looked side ways and returned to her job in the big room. Applying makeup and selecting the dress to wear for the trip night at the party.
It was one of Betty’s biggest partner and she was meant to make it enjoyable. Betty always chose her for jobs like this and she had grew weary of it.
She wished she had listened to her friend Cuddy years ago when they were supposed to be freed from the horrible life she now lived which was doubled.
Cuddy had took the courage that day and ran to the agency to own up for a testimony. She remembered Cuddy telling her to join her but the enjoyment and lavishing of money she experienced from madam Betty blinded her eyes and now, she only became a toy.
And she knew the only reason Madam Betty still kept her is because she knows some, if not all her secrets, but why she had not been killed by Betty remained an answer to give when one unravels what’s behind the mind of her.
For all she knew, Betty wasn’t the kind of person who would keep someone for long. Immediately after completing a task, Betty always get one killed no matter who the person was. The only exclusion for this is her son Boston and yes, probably her.
Dess finished her makeup and went over to wake Madam Betty up.
“it’s almost time” Dess announced looking hot and slutty, the kind Madam Betty always like.
“use another stiletto. Match it up with the green you’re wearing.”
“oh the green I have dosen’t suit this grade“
“then order it now. Before we get late”
“okay ma’am”
“are my things ready?”
“okay call Chris to drive us there”
“he’s locked up”
“I don’t know. You locked him up with his friend. You were angry about something and them ordered that he gets locked up in the room. But he was with a friend and you told me to bring his friend along” Dess lied
“OMG! I did? Please release him. Boston must be mad at me for doing such. Does he know?”
“no, not yet. You locked them up about an hour after Boston left here yesterday”
“please quickly go and release them… and please do not let Boston find out about this”
“okay. Right away ma’am”
“and…” Dess stopped halfway opening the door “give them something for the inconvenience and just help me cook up a story. And come back immediately. We have a business to attend to”
“yes ma’am” Dess said and closed the door behind her.
“okay so here’s what happened. You were out with your friend, going about your business and then you got mopped up and dragged into a limo. You were blindfolded and taken here, got beaten and the rest. Nothing happened apart from that. You don’t know who did this nor who’s behind it. You just found yourself here…” Dess said whispering very low while untying their ropes
“Who are you? You think you can just come here and say shit to us? While i got beaten?” Chris said fumming wuth anger and not buying the idea of lying about what really happened to them. If justice was to be served, it should be served with truth and nothing but the truth!
“Where’s Jade? What have you done to her?” Cheis asked, looking straight at her. He was not ready to leave without his love
“Jade is fine and has escapped already. You have to go after her and bring her to safety. Make sure to take the route i gave her on the blueprint. Tear it open, youll see a map of tge woods. Do not go by main road. Take the woods. And whatever you do, don’t forget this favour I showed. Now go! ” Dess Said, clenching and grinding her teeth while talking as she finished untying Gibson and stood up walking away.
Their freedom was in their hands, it is only left for them to decide either to use it or fight a battle now that they will lose. Going home to prepare is the best option now
“Who are you?” Chris asked a second time, feeling shocked of what a miraculous kindness he was shown by the slutty stranger
“It is not important. Now go” Dess gestured with a raised brow, pointing out of the door
Season 2, Episode 12
Dess walked behind them and closed the door and headed towards the room meant to shelter Madam Betty.
She got there and changed into the just brought new green stiletto. Dess added a touch to her contour and dashed out of the room to the already yelling Madam Betty waiting in the car and they zoomed off the compound in Madam Betty’s new limo.
They got to the party and Madam Betty as always, was welcomed with a host of important people, people who deal on hard drug and intoxicating drugs. She was the only woman among them, powerful and influential as always. In this business, even if you’re a very influential and prominent person, you don’t get sure of 100% support because as everyone would have it, anyone would wish to be on the top, be the one ruling and dictating and Madam Betty happened to be the one. So with this kind of status, you can’t be sure of what your very business partner have in mind. He might just be leading you on, while calculating the time to strike and take the crown from you.
Madam Betty on her own awe, was almost unbeatable, she had overcame many pressures, killed plenty, brought down all her rivals and have managed to be the crown for over 15 years. She knew the games in-out and wouldn’t spare anyone’s misbehavior. She had blocks of chains, businesses and partnership, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Dubai and the rest she controlled all.
Her son Boston, managed one part of her assets and did a very good job till he met her.
Jade stole his heart even if he was hiding being a flirt. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and made huge progress in the relationship with her. He knew she loved him very much and he set up a date to ask her officially to be his girlfriend. So he showed a picture of her to his mum a week to the D-day he was supposed to ask her out but for some reasons, she didn’t give him her blessing..
Betty started giving Boston attitude because he proved stubborn not wanting to buy the idea of just leaving Jade alone. So after days of incessant attitude giving, Boston had to ask her for what he could do to make it up to her because she had frozen his account and took his cars from him.
Then and there, Betty told him of her encounter with Jade’s family and why Boston should not mingle with her nor even think of being her boyfriend. On hearing the cooked up stories from his mother (which was backed up with 20% truth and 80% lie), Boston became bitter toward her and decided to take advantage of Jade. The supposed date her wanted initially in order to make his relationship with Jade official was turned into his bait to have another time with her and eventually dump her.
While Dess listened secretively to the conversation Betty had with Boston that day, she made up her mind to help Jade, so when Boston drove to the venue of the date and came out shortly after taking Jade in his arms, Dess quickly sent a call to her but it wasn’t picked up, she decided to send a text instead but none was responded.
As Dess started her engine to follow them, probably call a cop with an unknown number, requesting an emergency help to Jade, Madam Betty called her for an important party she was supposed to host the celebrant in her bed. So Dess made a U-turn, went home and took her things without her mother’s knowledge….
Madam Betty finished her speech and went down the podium. She felt exhausted and wanted the time to herself
“nice speech you’ve got there” Josh, a man in his early 60s about same age with Madam Betty’s real age, said grinning from ear to ear.
“that was all for you my dear. How has the game been for you? Okay? You’ve got any trouble?” Betty said, walking down towards a VIP room secluded for only her and her guests
“no. of course you know I would always tell you if there was any. My sales are good. My shipment are coming in few days time. Supplies has been doubled and it all own to your awesome intelligence Madam.” Josh said as he ushered Betty into her room, wide opened.
Betty took a glass of wine from the waiter that just walked past and closed the door behind her.
“but I must confess I have problem at my strip house. I want more girls and you know you’re the only one who can give me that” Josh said grinning again.
“two million for five of them. My girls are plenty” Betty said as she took off her top and walked closer to the already n√d£ old fool.
“I’ll make it three million babe” he whispered and started devouring her.
Apart from having blocks of Coke dealings, madam Betty owned the biggest Strip house in Germany. Top politicians, gays and anyone who wanted a night stand went to her renowned house to get it perfectly done. It was still here in the house that she sealed most of her coke deals with clients…
And Dess? She was the biggest Stripper any politician knew in town. Talking of beauty and shape, she had it. The moves? Dance on the pole? Seduction? Dess was top notch! She had been in the business with Madam Betty for well over a decade.
But why did she want a break? Why was she losing her body? Her shape and beauty? Me sef I don’t know till we find out soon!
Jade crawled in the grass avoiding the eyes of the patrolling men. It was just meters away to leave the building but she was already feeling weak.
Jade struggled further, walking as slowly as she could in order not to draw anyone’s attention but the struggle was all in one useless as she fainted, It was barely just 10:24am and Jade had fainted three times already! She was already losing it.
Today was supposed to be her dinner night for the graduating students and it was her golden opportunity to see Boston and talk shit to him, but what now? She was lost in the woods, in a compound she just experienced within the past few hours, burning questions she was really wager to quench…
Jade fell on the ground, lost in her world. She lost consciousness and slowly drifted to the underworld till she felt someone carry her…

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