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Obsessed batch 13 by : 7:56 pm On January 29, 2021
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obsessed season 2 episode 10
It got clearer as Chris and Gibson walked on
“you know here?”
“yeah. This is the back side of the building which I work”
“and you think Jade or Dess could be here?”
“no. I think both of them should be here. They lured us here”
“we have to be extra careful. They won’t let us off the hook the minute they find out that we are working against them. Plus you are supposed to be on their side”
“yeah. Now come over here” Chris gestured Gibson as they moved over into the grass when they saw some armed men walking close by
“come” Chris whispered and tiptoed, moving towards the building.
They were already in the middle of everything. They would certainly have to face whatever is coming their way.
Susan got scared of whatever reason made jade to not have come see her since she told her about going to find the box she hid.
Jade must have seen it and then become too heartbroken and bitter about the secrete she kept her whole life from Jade and Lizzy. As she turned her gaze sideways, she was as shocked as hell to find betty seated on a chair just adjacent to her. But his time, she wasn’t with any body guard. How Betty got into the room remained a baffling and arcane subject to think.
Susan opened her mouth to talk but she got ashamed to even hear the sounds she was making. Her message didn’t come out well, not even little, she struggled to talk.
Betty laughed at her effort “oh well my dear Susan. You like the gift I sent my doctor to give you right? She was so good at it that nobody knew if someone came in to sedate you or not” Betty laughed again seeing the expression of shock on Susan’s face
Susan could remember now, it was all her, all Betty’s doings and a tear slid from the corner of her eye.
“oh no you don’t have to cry! We just began our escapade” Betty bent over and cleaned the tear that dropped from Susan’s eye “in this your very condition, you will watch all what you own disappear. I told you before Susa, you can’t fight with me, it can’t happen. Give me back what I own and I’ll forgive you” she said standing up from the chair and headed towards the door.
About opening the door to leave, she turned and looked at the gazing Susan “and for your information” she said and paused to be sure she had her full attention “I have your daughter” she whispered the last part audibly and laughed all the way out of the room after seeing how perplexed Susan was on hearing about her daughter….
Lizzy shrugged, she wanted to stand but felt tied up. As she opened her eyes, she met a strange room. She looked all around to find the whole room decorated pink and white with the inscription “FORGIVE ME LIZZY!” she smiled and met the eyes of Fred staring at her.
“like it? Those were done by your sister. She had never left your side for the past three days, wanting to make up to you.”
“where is Jade now?”
“she went to visit your mother and that’s all I know now.”
“how long have you been here?”
“can’t give a direct answer. It’s been school, work and here” Fred said and got up from the chair he sat and moved over closer to her.
“I thought you weren’t going to be you when you finally wake up”
“what even happened to me? All I remember was I got down from the bus and became dizzy and…” she paused trying to remember what happened next
“and you fainted…”
“yeah” Lizzy said, holding her head
“I need to get the doctor and tell him you’re awake already”
“no wait! My mum. I have to see my mum” Lizzy remembered her mother as thoughts of her flushed into her brain
“hey calm down. She’s fine, she’s better now. She woke up yesterday”
“then I need to go see her”
“I will only allow you when the doctor says you can go, so let’s wait for his answer.” Fred said and walked out from the room to call the doctor.
Jade woke up with poundings happening in her head. The headache seemed like one which a carpenter would use to hit a nail into a decked wall.
As she opened her eyes, her gaze fell only on darkness. She thought she was dreaming or only opened her eyes inside her mind and that she was yet to open it in real life but the reality of smell that oozed from the room made her believe her senses.
“SOMEBODY HELP!!” she shouted with all her might trying to free herself from the tied ropes on her hands.
“oh she’s awake” a feminine voice said soothingly approaching from the door.
“light up the place” she commanded to no one in particular and the place was lit immediately and Jade could clearly see everyone around.
The lady in front of her looked hot. The skimpy dress she wore revealed her body like a s–t. She looked young but a bit older than Jade, about 28, 30 range of age.
The lady walked closer and sat on the seat in front of Jade.
Jade was all frightened. She feared what might happen to her
“please I beg you. Whatever you want, I’ll give you. You want money? I’ll pay but please let me go” she cried all the more
“young lady. You think I come for the money? Look at me” she said standing up and twirling in front of Jade “I have money.
And I’m f—–g filthy rich. I ain’t need no money”
“then what do you want? I can give it to you” Jade pleaded all the more. The place was becoming amore stuffy and suffocating
“I need a document from your mother but she’s proving too stubborn. So I’m using you to get it the, you’ll have your freedom. I won’t harm nor kill you darling” she said smiling, revealing her perfect set of teeth
“bring me my shit” the lady shouted, obviously referring to someone outside the room
“you just want the document? Then I’ll give you just let me go” Jade said, trying to play smart. Just then, a door opened from behind her and a female walked past her and gave the lady some coke which she wasted no time in sniffing
“I’m not stupid girl. I own you till your mother tells us where the f–k it is. By the way, I’m madam Betty” she said, smilling, the coke was already making her high because she sniffled a large amount into her system
The girl who brought it in finished packing up cigarettes from the floor and turned to leave
“DESS!!” Jade shouted, shocked to the bone
Without an expression on her face, Dess walked away, carrying the tray filled with cigarettes.
As Jade followed her with her gaze, the level of shock she had was indescribable. She felt betrayed, abandoned and dejected. The very last person she taught could be working for her rivals was Dess. As she returned her gaze back to Betty who seemed engrossed in her sniffing, she stopped and looked bloodily at Jade.
“you don’t know what your mother did to me! She f—–g snitched on me. I’mma get back at her, she dosen’t know who she messed with. I gave her all the time in the world to probably return it but she kept asking for her filthy son back”
Betty said, trying to stand up but fell back
“son? My mum has a son?” Jade asked but Betty replied her with a glare and laughed as she got her balance and walked away like she was drunk
Jade was left in her world. It all got her confused. Whatever document her mother was hiding from them must be one that could say everything… Jade’s taught wandered she was scared and had no idea of escaping here.
She turned around to look at her surroundings but couldn’t see her back. She was scared, d–n scared, she wasn’t sure of the future, her mother knew nothing about her being abducted (so she taught) nor her whereabouts…
As Chris and Gibson managed to reach a side of the main building, they got confused of where to go.
“okay here’s what we’ll do. Go that way, and I go this way. Try to stay out of trouble.”
“no. in this kind of situation, it’s better we stay together.
Because with the way the security is tight, you can’t take down all of them. And I guess the security at the room where she must have been locked up will be really tight” Gibson said and they moved Northward, treading carefully.
As they walked past, they bumped into a man full of beards and obviously heavy built with a fierce round face and hairy body. His muscles would make any woman droll at first sight
They gasped as they taught of death as first option. As swiftly as he could, Gibson took the gun he casually held and hit him hard “ahh” the man grumped and swung his fist towards Gibson
“go!” Gibson told Chris as he tried facing the man
“well, well, well. Look what we have here” the feminine voice said in the dark room. Only the clicking of her shoe could be heard cus everywhere was dead silent. “you taught you could come against me and succeed? No f—–g way darling! It doesn’t happen anywhere” the clicking stopped and one could hear the sniffing she made, she was taking in more coke everyday!
“I worked, planned and strategized every single possible move made in this game and I knew you would come in, in one way or the other. This was especially meant to teach you Chris a lesson! To become rich, you don’t play games with your boss, else you’ll die poor!” and immediately, the lights came on and Chris couldn’t believe his eyes. The same figure he had been seeing in the dark whenever Boston held a meeting with him was the same figure that stood in front of him. Now, he could guess her age and she looked young, about his age but a bit older maybe 28, 29… as he stared on, examining her and his possible escape method, she just blabbed on, sniffing in coke and talking at the same time “I knew you would definitely snitch on me and Boston and I told that fowl headed dude not to use you” she looked upwards and then turned back to Chris and Gibson who was just quite, watching the whole scenario. “and as for jade, I’ll make that her filthy mother pay! She doesn’t know I don’t have her son anymore! My plan is working well” she laughed hard, really hard and fell on the chair in front of Gibson “bring me more shits!!” she shouted and a full grown man ran into the room and served her with more coke. “I kept Jade in special room 208, as I did her mother! They won’t know what hit them” she laughed hard, her ribs was cracking and her eyes were blood shot. She would stand up, and then sit down still laughing till she laughed all the way out of the room and locked the door behind her.
The bewildered Chris and Gibson who has never worked on anything like this kinda case before looked at each other not knowing what to say.
“talk now!” Betty flogged Jade and she whimpered
“you know only my mother knows where it is. I have told you I can get it to you only if you let me go. Please!” Jade cried, her eyes were swollen from crying. Betty has been flogging her for the last few minutes and it was obviously because she was high on coke.
“I want your mother to feel the pain wherever she is so that by the time I go and ask her just once more, she won’t hesitate to tell me” Betty said staggering sideways and gave Jade another resounding flog which made Jade whimper even more. She cried but her cried wasn’t getting past the walls to the ears of whoever would come save her. She prayed for help, shouted Chris’s name on intervals but no one was coming to save her. She gave up and fainted…
Jade woke up with a touch “wake up! please” someone whispered. As she slowly opened them, her gaze met with Dess who looked like a strayed dog.
Jade had a proper view of Dess now and nobody could tell her that she looked like a s–t. She had loosed weight and looked like a person whom was suffering from a disease or something “here take this. You’re gonna need it, she’s still sleeping and I’ve distracted the guards, take the description on that map and run as fast as you can. I’ll help Chris and his friend later now go!” she said as she finished untying the rope on Jade’s hand…
Jade was speechless, she didn’t understand anything but had no time to think as she took the blueprint and ran as fast as her wobbling legs could carry her…

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