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Obsessed batch 12 by : 6:31 am On January 29, 2021
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obsessed season 2 episode 8
“We just tracked her now was able to find the location. But unfortunately, we can’t find anyone nor a building nearby” the detective cop told Jade
“Then where could she be?” Jade was lost in thoughts. Just one person that could help her was missing again
“we would need to go there and see for ourselves”
“that is what she wants. Left for me, I don’t trust this Dess girl. And if she has anything up her sleeve, she definitely would want to get to you” Gibson told Jade
“but why would Dess want to get to me? She’s my friend. We’ve been really good friends since I met her. Why then would she think of doing anything bad?” Jade asked Gibson
“I’m sorry but can I see you for a moment outside Jade?” Chris said as he just go to the police station
“oh babe you’re here. Okay, one sec please” she told the cop and went outside
“hey” Jade eyed Chris seductively which made him leave a smirk on his side lips
“this Dess, tell me about her”
“oh yeah, Uhh we met when I wanted to do my clearance for internship. She looked really familiar buh I didn’t really remember where so when we got to chat, she said we have met at a time when I was still in school or something. So since then, we got along and we could feel each other vibes. I got close to her mum too so that’s it. Until recently when I went out on a date with someone, I told her to watch my back but that was the end. She disappeared. I called, texted and tried even reaching her mum but it was to no avail. Although one time, I got a text from her that I shouldn’t go out with that person but I didn’t see the text until morning. And then…. Yeah, she called about two days ago with a service line that some people kidnapped her and that she just managed to escape that it was a location she knew nothing about. I told her to call back when she find a clue of wherever she was but she didn’t call back. I came here and reported, so they took the number and tracked it”
“can I get a picture of her?”
“yeah” jade opened her phone and checked. Shockingly, she didn’t see any picture of Dess “I guess it should be somewhere around here” she said as she tapped the icon for selfies. She was sure she took pictures with Dess in a night party some months ago. And apart from that, other series of events made them take picture and she was sure of . It got her confused “babe, I… I’m confused. I mean… we took pictures together, like many different times. But I can’t find any and I don’t delete pictures”
“something is definitely off about this Dess” Chris said as he joined Jade in searching for a seemingly disappeared picture
“ohhh babe this is getting really stressful and you need to listen to Gibson. I know we’ve not really gotten along but let’s follow his advice. This Dess or whatever you call her, is up to no good. The people I work with might be who she works with too. I haven’t met her but I can feel it. I guess she wants to lure you to come to the place and maybe abduct you”
“ yeahhh I guess she hacked into my phone while she spoke with me that day and deleted stuffs so that at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have any picture to show the cops to come find her” Jade said, eyes wide opened “but why would she be on their side? I thought we were good friends” Jade felt heart broken. Dess was one of the few persons she could count as a friend; a reliable one at that. “we can’t really conclude. What if they’re just using her? Or she’s not really the person behind it? Or she really is abducted by these men?”
“yeah babe, we can’t be sure of anything yet but left for me, I don’t trust that girl. It’d have been easier if I had seen a picture of her so I can identify her if she’s working with them or not”
“what are we going to do now?”
“let’s just follow G’s advice. you ain’t going there with the cops. I’ll go instead”
“how’d you know her?”
“ohh..yeah, that’s true. Let’s talk to Gibson about it”
“okay. Gimme a sec” Jade left and came back shortly after with Gibson. At their arrival, Chris gestured Jade to tell Gibson about it….
@@@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@@
They all got into the car and drove off, following the lead of a GPS to the location they had hacked.
Shortly after, the car came to an halt as the beeping of the GPS showed that they have arrived at their location, and Gibson, Chris, and two cops that accompanied them came down leaving only Jade inside, staring at them from behind the tinted glass. The whole area seemed deserted and no building was in sight, at the other side where they parked their car, was the woods where the chilled breeze seemed to be coming from. While they were getting close to the place, they saw a gas station which was in ruins, only the service line close by was still standing, so they guessed that was what Dess used to call Jade.
As they moved away from the car, they saw how deserted the area was. They walked farther but nothing was in sight so they thought of going back or driving father to have a clearer view of the place….
######## ##########
They rushed over and checked the car after hearing the thud coming from that area. On getting there, they saw the door opened from the other side and Jade was missing.
“NO!” Chris shouted as he took a gun from the cop standing close to him and ran into the woods, shouting Jade’s name all the way
Episode 9
Chris dragged along as he kept calling unto Jade’s name. he blamed himself for allowing her follow them, he even remembered suggesting her staying away but she insisted on following in order to identify Dess.
He pushed grasses aside and stepped casually even while it was already dark. Gibson followed suit and they searched for her all the way without getting tired “we have to call for a search team. You have tried enough for today” the other cop who seemed to be the senior said
“NO!” both Gibson and Chris shouted at the same time
“I can’t let them have her just like that! It’s all my fault. I should have talked her out of the idea of coming with us” Chris felt guilty as he felt like crying
“let’s not waste our strength in regretting now. Nothing bad has happened to her. Let’s just keep searching. That’s what we should do” Gibson encouraged and took the lead, leaving them behind.
“it’s already getting dark and it’s not safe in this condition. We need to call a patrol team closer to the area to help support at least. We’ve gone far into the woods already. What if this is not the direction they took after all?”
“yeah. But how can they get so fast? We arrived at the car the moment we heard the thud.”
“they must have hid somewhere close to the car and allowed us pass into the woods before carrying her away to the other side.” Chris said
“no wonder then, did we not see them anywhere close up till now!”
“let’s go after them!” Chris said and turned back, running all the way without resting to take a breath.
It was already getting darker. Chris and Gibson ran all the way. It was until now, they realized just how far they have gone into the woods. Gibson came to a halt as he realized they’ve been running in circles
“D–n!” Gibson exclaimed as he felt frustrated
“this is bad” Chris added, holding his knee, and breathing fast
“we’re stucked. What are we going to do? ”Gibson asked as he felt all the more frustrated. He knew the more time and moment they wasted, the more chances they lose in finding Jade.
“the GPS! We can know our way back with it”
“where is it? Do you have it?”
“no! I guess it must be with the cops. I saw one of them take it a while ago”
They waited and waited for the cops but never saw any. The cops have vanished into thin air and their only chance of getting out of the woods was the GPS.
Upon realizing they were doomed, Chris broke down, heart broken. He had hopes of being Jade’s savior. He wanted to rescue her, he wanted to prove how manly he was. That he was the perfect person for her, that he had nothing but good and pure intention towards her.
Gibson on the other hand, felt like a failure. He cursed many times under his breath for his inadequacy of being capable to be the man for Jade. They sat in the middle of the forest, freezing…
Chris carved a wood and kept it on top of the other five he has carved. There was a burning fire in front of him.
Luckily, Gibson had taken a lighter with him to lit his cigarette on the way so they used it to put on the fire.
It was clear as crystal that Gibson was scared. He was in no way exposed to this kind of life and he was scared to death of what will become of him if any animal threatened. On the other hand, Chris was in no way seen near being scared. For a fact, this scenery only proved the fact that he grew up in the streets. He knew perfectly how to get the sticks carved out, how to put up a camp fire and presently, he was roasting a hare he caught just minutes ago.
As Gibson sat, shivering over his sweater he wore during the day, scared at the same time of what might become of him, he still didn’t take his minds off Jade. He raised his eyes away from the burning flame to see Chris laid down, facing the sky. The stayed over the canopies of some broad trees
“you really love her don’t you?” Gibson asked as he copied the position of Chris
“you really want us to do this? How we managed to stay throughout today without fighting still remains a mystery I can’t unfold. So it’s better we just enjoy the air and fall asleep than to have this convo” Chris answered, not ready for any mood spoiling conversation. Merely thinking about jade made his night. He smiles, smartness, IQ, and definitely figure, would draw the attention of anyone. Chris even noticed the eyes of the senior cop on Jade on all the opportunities he had to stare at her. She truly was a beauty to behold but as life would have it, one cannot have everything complete; her whole life feels like a movie, or a novel, full of funny, yet daunting scenes to behold.
“yeah. Listen I know you might not want this conversation but. I just want to say you can have her. It’s no use anyways dragging her with you whom she chose to be with. So let’s be cool from now onward and find her together. I mean it and i come in peace please” Gibson said and stole a glance at Chris whom he caught, holding his laugh at his last statement.
“Don’t get me wrong Gibson, I’m not a bad person and I have never hated nor despice you. I just wanted to give you space since you may not like me. I thought you actually hated me” Chris said turning to meet the gaze of Gibson
“Yeah. To let it out, I was bitter at you for winning her over. I can’t say I don’t love her cus infact, it was love at first sight. Buh I didn’t fit in. She said you owned her heart so now, I’m ready and accepting to let go” Gibson said bitterly.
“I’m sorry bro. I mean this shouldn’t even keep us apart in the first place. I kindda like you, you’re cool” Chris said looking at the sky.
“Thanks man. Let’s rest. We have to find our way tomorrow”
“Good night”
“Good night”
Chris took the carved sticks along and followed the already walking Gibson behind.
They walked and tried as much as possible to follow another route and they succeeded on the long run to come out of the woods. But even after they came out, they didn’t know where they were because the car they came with the cops were no where in sight. Even after they’ve walked for what seemed like forever, they still can out to be lost in a place they thought would help them locate wherever they were.
“Let’s go this way” Gibson said as he pointed towards the left
And they walked and walked till they got exhausted. There was no water nor food. After eaten the hare Chris caught the previous night, Gibson felt he might have an infection. He almost throw up from the smell that came out of the body of the hare but he eventually managed to eat it because he felt very hungry.
As they walked farther still, they saw a road leading towards a turn. It was a mini road and they wondered who must have created the offshoot because as long and as neat as the road looked from even the beginning, no car has passed even on their way from the station.
As they walked towards the offshoot, they noticed a building from afar. The building looked familiar. D–n familiar to Chris and he maneuvered Gibson who walked in front of him in order to get a clearer view of the place.
It was the building. No wonder it looked familiar
“Let’s go” Chris gestured Gibson whispering as he took a small path and walked towards the building

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