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Obsessed batch 11

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Obsessed batch 11 by : 5:53 am On January 29, 2021
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obsessed season 2 episode 7
“what the hell are you doing to here?” Jade yelled at Gibson as she stormed the room
“nothing. Your mum wants to tell us something and I’m writing it down, she hasn’t finished yet”
“mum what is it? Let me see” she collected the paper from his hand
DESS, PICTURE, BOX, MY ROOM, JADEN is yo… was clearly written on the paper
“mum you want me to find a box in your room which contains a picture of Dess right” Jade asked as she intently waited for her response. And her mother nodded affirmatively
“thank you so much mum” she klzzed her mother and turned to Gibson “let’s go” she told him and hurried out of the room. She came back and klzzed her mother one more time “I’m doing this for us mum. Thank you so much” she left. Her mother stared at Jade as she left the room. She knew whatever Jade was going to find in the room would bring heartbreak but it is better to let out the long kept secret after all. She needed to tell Jade the truth, she owed her after all.
Jade’s mother just finished clearing the restaurant as she sat down exhausted. As she tilted her head sideways, her eyes met theirs…
They were coming down from the cars they parked outside. All fifteen men in suit came down before she came down lastly.
Although she is already old, one wouldn’t know because of the surgery she did about 15 years ago.
The woman wore a gold gown with a touch of blue linings, and a blue stiletto with a matching blue purse. She came down majestically wearing a sunglass although it was already evening.
The people in the restaurant turned to look at the convoy which stood outside the building as the woman walked inside.
“everybody move out” one of the men in black said and people rushed out of the restaurant.
“it’s been a long time my dear” the woman said to Jade’s mum on entering “Susan you think I wouldn’t find you right?”
“Betty” the already frightened woman managed to say
“for your information, I knew where you were for a very long time. I knew from the onset, you know it doesn’t take me anything to know things. I only chose today to come visit, how thoughtful of me.”
“why are you here?”
“oh come on. You know why I am here.”
“and you know I don’t have it. I never did, why are you coming to the wrong person?”
“you and I know you are not the wrong but right person to ask. You stole it from the orphanage”
“I admit. Yes I took it but we have to trade. Give me back my son, and I give it back to you”
“you and I know that is not possible. We made an agreement so we are good on that. You are the one bridging the contract my dear… I give you fifteen hours to return it back to me. You wouldn’t want to see what I’m going to throw at you if I don’t get it back!” she threatened and walked away, with her convoy trailing along.
“I have to hide it. I have to do something, I can’t just let them have it, they should give me back my son.” ….
She got home afterwards and had time to carefully hide it before the return of Lizzy from a night party with Fred and some friends.
Dawn was finally setting in little by little. Susan felt a bit relieved as she couldn’t close her eye a bit. She got up and arranged her affairs.
“mum!” Lizzy shouted from down the stairs
“yes honey!”
“breakfast is ready!”
“in a minute darling” Susan wore her robe and slid in into he slippers. Her mind wasn’t settled. She expected their arrival anytime soon and she wanted Lizzy out of the house before then.
“what do we have here? Hmmm smells nice”
“I made your favourite. Meat balls and creamed rice”
“awwwn baby you’re so sweet. Wish Jade was here to taste your wonderful cookings”
“I took after you mum. You know you are a great cook.”
“oh come on. You do better. When I’m gone baby please continue my dream and make that restaurant talk of town”
“of course mum. But where are you going?” Lizzy paused and looked at her mother suspiciously
“ohhh” Susan let out a laugh “of course I can’t be here forever” Susan said biting into her food. “hmmm nice!” she felt good
“stop flattering me mum”
“you promised to help out at the restaurant today, don’t forget”
“yeah. I would”
“oh no!” Susan exclaimed “please go get my medicine. I think I might be having complications today”
“okay mum” Lizzy left her food and went up the stairs but later came back without any
“I can’t find anything mum. I guess it’s finished”
“oh I guess so. Please quickly help me rush down to get it for me.”
“thanks honey” Susan wanted Lizzy out of the house before Betty and her men come looking for her.
“I’m here to collect what is mine” Betty said as she stood face to face with Susan.
“I’ve told you. Give me my son and you get what you want, it’s that simple Betty.”
“we already made an agreement and I won’t allow you go back on it… search the house!” she shouted to her men and they sprung into action
“no! don’t you dare!” Susan shouted but it was already late as they stormed in various direction, searching the house
“you can’t go into a battle with me and expect to win Susan. You don’t match up. I get whatever I want my dear.” Betty said as she sat on a chair with her legs crossed
About five minutes later, one of the men came back “we couldn’t find anything ma’am”
“it can’t be. Where is it Susan”
“I will never tell you”
“you don’t play with me Susan. Where is it? Who is in possession of it? Who?”
“you won’t get it. Even if you kill me! I have my pride and honor Susan. You can’t take it away even if you kill me. I demand for my son in exchange!” Susan shouted back and pressed a button on the intercom beside her.
“she called the cops madam!” one of Betty’s men who saw Susan press the button said
“I’ll get back at you. Let’s go” she said and stormed out of the house with her men
“294, police emergency department talking” a voice from the intercom said
“oh no. I’m sorry, it was a wrong dial”
“are you sure you are not in any way endangered ma’am? Your voice is shaky”
“no. I’m fine”
“have a nice day ma’am”
“you too”
Susan ended the call and fell on the chair. Her heartbeat increased, sweats were dripping and her hands shook. She started jerking and passed out
“mum!!” was heard in the background but it was of no use Susan already had stroke!
Chris drove as fast as he could. All he needed right now was to warn Jade, that was the only way to save her. The people he worked with were no joke and it wasn’t time yet to leak out the secret.
In a weeks’ time, a container of coke is supposed to arrive and it was the right time to strike. He already knew the procedures to follow to bring them down
“Jade where are you” was the first statement he made as Jade picked up
“going to my mum’s. why? You sound disturbed”
“babe I don’t know what to do. They found out that I gave them a wrong blood sample and I’ve been given an hour to bring your real blood.”
“we need to meet and talk of how we are going to work this out. I don’t want them coming to you nor attacking you”
“okay calm down. We are going to give them what they want. Let’s meet.”
“okay. I’m tracking your phone now and following you down. Who else is with you?”
“okay. I’m assured he can take care of you. Bye babe”
Beep. The call ended
“who was that?” Gibson asked as soon as Jade ended the call.
“Chris. Why?”
“nothing. Just asking” There was clearly jealousy written all over him.
Jade didn’t answer him and kept her eyes fixed on the road. Her phone rang again
“is this miss Jade please?”
“yes. You are currently speaking with her”
“please we need you at the station. We’ve been able to locate the location of your victim friend and we need you for identification purposes”
“alright. Will be there in a jiffy” she said and hung up.
“Babe let’s meet at the police station. They’ve been able to track the location where Dess is. Maybe we can get a cop to help us in this too.”
“no babe. Let’s not involve the cop on that issue please”
“okay. But we can meet there and talk about our next step”
“will be expecting you babe. bye” she dropped the call and made a turn back and headed to the station.

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