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Obsessed batch 10 by : 8:39 pm On January 28, 2021
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Jade received the call while she just arrived at the compound of Dess. She immediately made a u-turn and drove as fast as she can to the hospital, screeching her tyre along…
“Oh God! Please keep Lizzy for me. She’s all I’ve got now” as she drove down the road, her mind kept on disturbing her.
“Doctor. What happened” Jade asked as soon as she met the doctor
“are you a relative of the patient?”
“I’m her sister”
“please come with me”
The doctor took her away into his office and brought out the case file of Lizzy.
“she has a brain tumor”
“Oh my God!” Jade felt like dying. The last thing she wanted was what was happening to her family. How can all of them have one problem after another? She fell on the chair close by, staring into space. She only wanted peace! Peace and tranquility, is it too much to ask?
“it was caused by severe depression and trauma. Right now, all she needs it attention and help in order to get over this stage. Meanwhile, after her surgery and treatment, she should be sent to a rehab. That will be the only way we can really help her. ” he showed her lizzy’s case file consisting of the hypothesis they considered on her.
“okay. What is the cost for the surgery?”
“15,000 dollars”
“when will it commence?”
“tomorrow. You can pay with the remita by the reception. We’ll know when you’ve paid and will commence on the assigned hour.”
“thank you. Can I go see her now? Is she awake?”
“No. But you can go”
“thank you” she left the office feeling dejected. Her whole life was crashing, she never expected it, she felt numb for a second as she saw Lizzy lying on the bed.
A tear dropped from her eye. She suddenly felt angry, she would pay everyone who was behind her misfortune back. They can’t just make her life miserable like that. She knew she was partly the cause of the trauma Lizzy faced, if they didn’t sedate her mother, kidnapped Dess or used Chris against her, her attention wouldn’t be divided, leaving Lizzy all by herself.
She left the room and went over to the theatre her mother was. Her mother was clearly still in coma and she had a strong urge to fight back, revenge and end everything even if it costs her life.
She entered into the theatre and sat close to her. She touched her hand, moving down slowly all over her body touching and caressing her mother. She wanted to fight for her all the more so, she wanted to end everything, so she stood up and turned to leave.
“she’s still in coma” the doctor by the door watching Jade this whole time said
“you’ve been there”
“yeah. It’s really hard seeing your loved one in this kind of state but I hope she gets well soon”
“she will. The drip we’re giving her would help her recover faster.”
“thank you so much doctor”
“anyti…. She moved!”
“what?” Jade turned around, not believing what she just heard
“your mother moved her toe”
“Jeezz” she moved closer, filled with joy “mum. Please one more time. Do it again”
The doctor moved closer, using his stethoscope to listen to her heart beat.
“She moved doctor! My mother f—–g moved!” Jade said excitedly almost shouting
The doctor ran out of the theatre, and came in shortly with nurses and they started the next stage of her treatment.
Chris stood face to face with Jade
“you scared me to death!”
“why are you here? I’ve been trying to reach you babe” Chris told her and locked the door behind him, leaving them inside the dark room with only Jade’s phone producing light
Jade checked her phone and saw missed calls. Gibson had called her three times also did Chris; she missed his own calls twice.
“I’m really sorry babe. I left my phone in meeting’s setting. Why are you disturbed?”
“what are you doing inside a storage room?”
“I’m looking for a document”
“what document?”
“I don’t know. But all I know is that in this house lies a document I should see. I can feel it”
“and you think it will be in a storage room? Where tools and equipments are kept?” Chris scoffed “oh come on!” he let out a laugh
“I know but I just have to try”
“yeah. But you should have called me to come with you”…
“why are you here?”
“Gibson called me and told me something bad might have happened to you, that you said you were coming here, and that if you didn’t call him in an hour time after you left the house, he should call the police. So he called me first before going to the station to bring the cops. When I came, I saw this door opened after going in to find you inside the house”
“I went visiting my sister at the doctor’s she has a brain tumor which would be removed with an operation. I had to quickly go see her after a call from her friend. That was what took my time. I’m sorry… oh my God, we have to quickly call Gibson and tell him I’m okay”
Jade dialed Gibson’s number several times but it wasn’t going through neither was it connecting at all. about three minutes into dialing Gibson’s number, they heard the cops siren from the neighborhood.
“they’re here” Jade said and came out to find cops already surrounding the house
“oh Jade! What happened to you? I was scared to death babe”
“I just finished trying your contact. I forgot to call you that everything was fine. I’m really sorry for putting you through the stress of coming here.”
“are you really okay? Are you sure he didn’t harm you or try to do anything stupid? Because I suspect something fishy about him” Gibson said, referring to Chris who just kept quiet, looking at them…
“no no. I’m fine. I really am” she said forcing a smile.
“why are your clothes dirty?” he said, referring to Jade’s dusty clothes
“oh yeah. I went in there” Jade replied smiling sheepishly.
“what is there?”
“uhhh.. i..”
“what’s going on here?” a cop asked while approaching them.
“uhh nothing… everything’s fine now”
“we’re currently searching the house to be sure everything is fine” the cop told Gibson
“okay. Please let me know if you find anything”
“yes sir!’ the cop responded and saluted, returning to his duty
“do they really have to do that?”
“that’s how’s done. When there’s a distress call, the place where it is called must be searched. They need to be sure” Gibson replied and gave Chris a defiant stare. Chris only maintained his cool and watched on “why are you all dusty? Why were both of you inside that place?” Gibson asked, curiosity written all over him
“uhhh. Nothing, I was just checking inside for something and…”
“let’s go” Chris interrupted Jade. There was no need telling him whatever they were doing anyways!
Chris grabbed Jade and dragged her along and he walked past Gibson.
“go get your bag lets go. It’s becoming suffocating with all these people around” Chris told Jade just a meter away from Gibson.
Jade got her things and went with Chris as they exited the compound.
##8:23 pm##
Gibson got time to check through the documents his crew got from Dess’s house just minutes ago after Chris and Jade exited the building.
“Boo! Here’s all we found” a cop brought a bunch of documents in a dusty envelop
“Where was this found?”
“In the ceiling in one of the roofs”
“Take me there” Gibson told the cop and followed him behind as the cop led the way.
He surveyed the whole room “search the wardrobe” he commanded
“We already did sir! Nothing’s there” the cop who brought Gibson in, said
“nothing more in the ceiling?”
“none sir”
“evacuate and seal up this building at once!”
“yes sir!”
As he sat, reading through the documents, he couldn’t help but sigh all the more. The document in his possession is not but a big secret he wasn’t ready to keep. He regretted coming across it.
He has to find who has been keeping this kind of documents. It contained incomplete details of what could spark fire…
As he critically thought of what to do, reporting whatever he saw to his superiors was the last thing he would do at a time like this. He had to make a move, a quick move that will help in unraveling this whole menace…
Jade stayed with Lizzy at the hospital. After the surgery, the doctor said Lizzy has been improving and all she wanted at this point was to add to the quick recovery of Lizzy and her mother.
She only had her whole time and life tied up. She had finished her internship and the next day was her round off party with her whole set.
She didn’t want to go because seeing Boston there would mean opening a healing sore. Her heart even skipped at the thought of meeting him there and to make the matter worse, their call-to-bar ceremony will be in three weeks time.
She jerked at the touch of someone, it was Gibson
“hey! You came” Jade forced out a little smile
“what’s up with you? You don’t look so happy”
“yeah. I just want my family back. That’s all”
“I’m sorry about that. But they’re doing fine. They’re getting better and it’s a good progress. You’ll get them back before you know it. Come let’s go see your mum” Gibson dragged her up and she led the way
“hey mum!” Jade called as soon as she sat close to her bed “I’m really glad you’re getting better. This is Gibson, a detective helping in your case. Right?” she asked Gibson who stood over Jade smiling.
“yeah” he nodded, touching the hand of the already conscious woman who laid upright
“she’s getting better” the doctor said as he walked in. “she’s doing great and we are very positive that she will get fully better soon. Can I see you outside?” he asked Jade
“sure” jade stood up and followed the doctor
“your mother’s condition is getting better because she’s responding well to treatments. But there’s a problem”
“what doctor?”
“she wouldn’t be able to use her body. Her whole body is paralyzed. Although she is fully conscious now and in no time, will soon start talking fluently, the drug they poisoned her with got deep into her system before we discovered it. We did our best in keeping her alive till this point, and she has the more credit for responding to treatment fast and early. But I’m afraid, her limbs and spinal cord has been damaged. The kind of drug they used, severed her spinal cord and made her limbs inactive. It was already approaching her vital organs when we started treatments on her. We were able to flush it out and give her aiding drugs that could reduce the effect of the poisonous drug, but the effect of anti drug wasn’t strong enough to fully bring back her limbs.”
“but I saw her move. We both did. How can someone who can’t use her limbs move her leg?”
“yeah. The anti drug we used to reduce and curtail the effect of the poisonous drug was not strong enough to fully remove it but! She might be able to control her limb in one way or the other but only on strenuous effort. What she did that .day proved that on the long run, she might be able to fully use and control her body only on strenuous effort. But it can’t be anytime soon, I’m afraid. It will take her time and effort but we will also see how far we can help her”
“when will she be discharged?”
“after we starts talking and her health has improved”
“can she use her head? Like nod?”
“yes. Although the spinal cord was severely affected, the atlas and axis that controls the nodding and side ways sliding of the head wasn’t really affected meaning she can use her head to make signs for now.”
“thank you so much doctor” Jade sighed
“you’re welcome” the doctor replied and they parted ways.
She returned to her mother and met Gibson talking to her mother, showing her a strange document she didn’t know of. The discussion seemed intense as he leaned toward her mother, before their eyes met.

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