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Obsessed batch 1

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Obsessed batch 1 by : 6:21 pm On January 28, 2021
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Episode 1
She sat thinking of how it all started. Thinking about it gave her goosebumps. A tear trickled down the right cheek. Certainly loving a person isn’t a sin. Now it’s done and gone how will she face her life, future and family?
She stood up and went to the refrigerator, took a pack of ice cream and devoured it. At a time like this, eating is the only thing that can take her mind away from her troubles. Shortly, her phone buzzed, relunctant to pick up, she peeped at the caller and saw it’s content. It was him. Her heart skipped a bit as she hesitated to pick up.
“Hello” she finally said after some minutes of silence waiting for the caller to speak first but seemed the caller had same dumbness as her.
“Hello” the male at the other end finally replied
“Yes?” The air was becoming unbearable
“I’m sorry”
“What?” She almost chocked on the ice cream. Hearing this was the last thing she expected
“I’m sorry for what I did, for everything, from the beginning till now. For putting you into this” his voice as soft as those of a Nightingale.
“I don’t expect you to reply but it’s the truth. I’m ready to take responsibility. There are other ways to solve this. Let’s meet and discuss please” he said again
” oh..kay” was all she could mutter.
“Poles street, 14, grils land. Let’s meet at the restaurant there. This evening, 6 pm. Have a nice day”.
Beep. He ended the call without waiting for her response.
She suspected a thing. It’s not all this rosy and solvy as he’s placing it. Her appetite suddenly disappeared. All what she thought of was the situation surrounding this experience. She has to act fast, think fast and have to be steps ahead of him if he’s planning anything out of the blue. This situation certainly can’t be what he’s placing it.
Maybe his intentions are genuine still? She kept pacing about thinking of what mess this can turn out to be.
She picked her phone and placed a call to Dess
“Hey babe” she said on the first ring
“He wants a hookup by 6pm, poles street. Can you watch my back?”
“What exactly do you want me to do”
“Same as always”
“Okay I’ll start by 4”
“Perfect. I’ll go shopping”
“Okay bye. Working on something presently”
“Alright bye”. She dropped the call
Taking her car keys aggressively, she stormed out of the house. Bringing the engine to life, she started the ignition and drove off speedingly along the lonely lane.
### fast foward ###
Jade’s seen pulling up her sky blue sholder arm dress. She stares at herself at the full length mirror and couldn’t stop admiring herself. The fell the messy bun over her shoulders and highlighted her cheeks one more time.
Staring at the silver stilettoes her mum bought for her after their vacation in Hawaii, she smiled almost immediately. She certainly has missed her single mum and sister. She slipped in into it. And made for the door. Whatever meeting she’s going to be having with Buston, it should be worth the effort, the whole effort…
Episode 2
“Location please” Jade said over the phone, holding the steering with one hand and the other hand pressing the phone on the left ear.
“Already there babe”
“Perfect. You’ll see me soon”
“He’s already there waiting”
“Great, I’ll be there. Is the area clear?”
“Yeah. Nothing’s different”
“Okay. Help me hang up”
Beep. Dess hung up
** ** **
Jade dragged up the hand brake as she made out of the car. She scanned the whole area and found everywhere cozy. She searched round to find Dess but was out of sight.
She looked passed the transparent glass and found him seated already staring at her.
She opened the door to the restaurant and walked up slowly toward him. All these while, his gaze never left her.
She sat opposite him on a table and ordered a bottle of cocktail.
“Hey” he finally said after a long time of silence
“If we’re calling this a meeting, it better be so. Get down on it Buston I have no time to Waste”
“Right. About our situation…” He suddenly was out of words.
All these while, she kept her gaze right into his eyes
“First off. You look stunning. I can’t help but say Jade… And I’m sorry we turned out this way, I’m sorry things got to this point. But we can work it out…
“Cocktail order” the waiter said interrupting the convo
“Please drop” she turned to him and smiled. “Please continue”
“Yeah. So as I said we can solve this together. Let’s get married, we would adopt kids and no one will know. Even if they ask, my mum or yours we’ll say we rather want it that way” he said smilling sheepishly
“You think this is a joke? You expect me to keep this from my mum all my life? You think the trauma of knowing I can’t give birth is a easy thing? I f—–g can’t bear children all my life!” She yelled as tears dropped down freely. The whole restaurant turned and looked at her table as she was already in tears. Buston was short of words. He never took anything serious and seeing her cry in front of him was what struck him most. She has never did. He knew her to be strong and harsh. But what was before him was a complete soft woman.
“I can’t have children Buston, ever” she sobbed not minding the crowd.
He just kept mute staring at her as she sobbed into her palms.
He knew he didn’t love her. Not a bit. Even while making out with her. Being friends with benefits, he pretended he liked her because she was extremely attractive. His friends tried having her during their group’s internship in a firm they all interned where he met her. And surprisingly, he was the only person she wanted to talk to.
They started going out on events and parties, Jade started having a thing for him but all what he enjoyed wasn’t the emotions attached to it. She started making moves but he kept seeing and blocking them.
Then she had the first pregnancy. “Abort it he said” and she did
Then the second “abort it. We aren’t ready for a baby yet. After we get married. Or do you want to stop your career now?” She thought about it and did so…
And then just last month was the seventh one. The doctor said she might not make it. But she did. Then it came with a consequence “your womb is damaged” he told them.
Then that was it. He stopped calling her nor picking up. She tried several times to get in touch but no avail. She didn’t know his family at all, never met them. And it’s the last week of internship. She’s about to return home and be called to bar. How was she going to tell her mum. Is this the secret she was going to carry all her life?
Both came from a rich family but certainly, her mum would want a grand child. She would also want to know how her baby would look like…
They’ve been seated there for minutes with her still sobbing. Not minding the crowd, he stood up and went over, took her hand in his and dragged her up. Even if he didn’t feel anything for her, he wasn’t so evil to see and allow someone suffer because of him.
Taking her by the waist, he took the door out and into his car. He drove off. To his apartment…

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