Nora batch 6

Chad and freddie watched Nora and her strange acting, ..Nora was making a very threatening mind communication with her mother in the water,…
Nora:wat do u want now mother.
Queen:don’t u dare call me your mother,u threw all we have worked for away,but u know wat, I can finally take Freddie,that good for nothing human u failed to bring here.
Nora:pls leave Freddie alone, don’t kill him,don’t even hurt him
Queen:oh sweetie,I don’t know wat is binding u but u re missing opportunity of a life time,think like one of us and act like us.
Nora:no mother,I am more powerful than all of u and u know that,so stay away from me and Freddie and everyone else around Freddie,I am warning u.
Queen:are u threatening me.
Nora:yes I am.
Queen:I don’t know wat has been happening to u since u started staying with that old witch,but I assure u,I will deal with her and freddie,just mark my words.
Nora:u re going too far mother.
Queen:and u re been too good, Nora humans re our enemies,we don’t need them in our life,aren’t u happy of what u are.
Nora:I was happy of wat I am until now I have come to love human and I think I had love to be one of them.
Queen:(gasped)u re out of ur mind,I don’t like all this rubbish u re telling me but trust me,freddie is going down,mark my words.
Nora:mother pls don’t make me hurt u because of Freddie.
Queen:hahaha hurt me?I gave birth to u but trust me,the numbania neckless won’t save Freddie this time, …Nora suddenly jerked back to life making Freddie and Chad startle
”is she ok,”Chad whispered to Freddie, ”re u ok,”Freddie asked Nora whose eyes started to turn sky blue with tears running down her eyes, ”no Freddie am not ok,…she is coming for u,” Nora said, ”coming for me,who the hell is coming for me,”freddie said,he could feel his heart beating, ”my mother,”Nora said and gaze up at Freddie, ”ur mother,what the hell does she want from me,do I look like one of u,”Freddie said sarcastically.
”what the hell does ur mother wants from me,do I look like one of u,”Freddie said sarcastically while Nora stood up and moved closer to freddie but freddie moved back, ”look freddie,this is not a laughing matter,can I talk to u alone,”Nora said and looked at Chad behind freddie and Freddie nodded and walk away while Nora followed him, ”wat did u want to tell me,”Freddie ask while Nora sighed before talking, ”look,days ago I was ask to bring two male spirits in the siren realm for excess power of a life time,I got Chad as my first victim,and u were supposed to be my second victim but I let u go,I didn’t know why I did so,my mother became furious and once ur name is written in the siren book it can never be changed,my mother didn’t even know that I already set Chad free,but she is unto u now,and am sorry the numbania neckless won’t save u this time, ”what!! how did all this happen,how can u get me into this mess,”Freddie panicked with his eyebrows all arched up, ”am sorry”,Nora said staring at Freddie sympathetically with her sweet eyes,Freddie sighed bitterly ”so after they have got me they will come for Chad,”Freddie asked while Nora nodded,the sadness in Freddie eyes made Nora more sad and disappointed in her mother,Nora stood in front of Freddie without moving or doing anything,they both didn’t know wat to say,Nora bits her lips lost in thoughts,*why is my mother so heartless*why am I being so soft*is my grandma right about me loving Freddie*should I save Freddie,off course I will save Freddie but wat about Chad,*I have got to stop my mother no matter wat*Nora thought, ”so can u help me or think of anything,”Freddie said to Nora looking deep into her eyes, ”well there is a way out,but it is…”, ”it is wat,”Freddie persuaded ”it is stupid and am not sure if u can do it,”Nora said and signed, ”well tell me wat is it,”Freddie said while Nora gave him a look.
Nora episode 30-32
”well there is a way but,it is…,” ”it is wat”,Freddie persuaded, ”it is stupid and am not sure if u can do it,”Nora said and sighed, ”well tell me wat is it,” Freddie Freddie said while Nora gave him a look and sighed,she wanted to say something but couldn’t,she sighed and say, ”i have to go, I will be back,”and she left,Freddie watched her go,he felt a bit awkward,as much as he has tell Nora to kill him,he still love his life,he sighed heavily and sat down, ”what the f–k am I going to do,”he thought as he wipe his face with his hand,.Chad walked up to him and sat beside him, ”so I see u and Nora are done talking,wat did u two talked about,”Chad asked, ”well it is not a good news or great news either,I don’t know exactly why she got us into this mess,”Freddi gagged while Chad arched an eyebrow and said, ”us!wat do u mean by us,” ”,look Chad,don’t freak out and listen carefully while I tell u wat u need to know, ”ok am all ears,”Chad said and Freddie told him all wat Nora said, Chad was shock, surprised and dumbfounded,and didn’t know wat to say at that moment
Nora appeared in her room and stormed to the next room which was the old witch room, ”nora wats wrong,”the old witch asked ”granny,am freaking out,am going crazy,”Nora said pacing out beside the door, ”tell me wat is it,”the old witch said and Nora breath and said, ”my mother is coming to take freddie away, granny am scared like hell,”Nora sadly said with her eyes getting blueish, ”honey, remember wat I say last time,u love Freddie that is why u re fighting for him,”the old witch said, ”look granny,I don’t know wat the hell is love,” Nora said breathless, ”well love is deep and warm feeling u have towards someone,”the old witch said, ”so u mean I have a warm feelings towards freddie? ”offcourse u do,it ur first time, that’s why u wanted to protect Freddie badly,”the old witch said ”yes granny,I love him that’s why I want to protect him.
”yes granny,I don’t care if I luv Freddie or not,I want to protect him from my mother, my mother is going too far,”Nora panicked, ”i have never liked ur mother from the very beginning,so honey am in with u and I hope u re thinking of wat am thinking right,”the old witch said, ”about the bonding Nora said while the old witch nodded, ”i don’t know if Freddie will agree to it,it just an outstanding thing to do,”Nora said and her hair turned red, ”stop worrying it not an outstanding thing to do,”the old witch yelled, ”it is,and am not worried,”Nora yelled back, ”ur hair is red and u re telling me u re not worried,”the old witch said.
Nora sighed and said almost in a whisper, ”dont u get it granny,I will have to have sex with Freddie, ”and so,look Nora it the only way just do it,”the old witch said while Nora helplessly sat down, ”i don’t know if Freddie will agree to have sex with me,am hopeless granny,”Nora said ”look,who cares if he agrees,if he doesn’t then he will die,,”the old witch said, ”but I love Freddie,I don’t want to loose him,”Nora yelled and then gasped, ”i can’t believe I just said that,”Nora thought and the old witch tried to hide her smile, ”look Nora just go back to school and I know for sure that freddie is going to agreed to it,”the old witch said and Nora nodded before disappearing back to school, ”,Nora has a way I can get through all this but she doesn’t wants to tell me,”Freddie said to Chad, ”whatever it is u have to agree to it,”Chad said and Freddie nodded, then in slow motion nora walked in looking beautiful as ever,chad almost lost his patience as he saw Nora, ”freddie we need to talk,Nora said as she got closer to them, ”exactly wat I wanted,” Freddie yanked and Nora gave Chad a look that says *privacy* ”i am going nowhere,” Chad yanked ”i told him everything,” Freddie said and Nora sighed.
”well like I said there is a way to stop my mother from hurting u,”Nora said and Freddie nodded, ”go on,”Freddie persuaded ”well we have to,..well we have to make a bond between us,”Nora said and moved her gaze to the floor, ”a bond!!wat the hell re u saying,are u like going to do some kind of blood convenant or wat,”Chad said while Nora shook her head negatively and said, ”no,it is through sex,” ”what!!Freddie and Chad said together, ”freddie am so sorry,but wat do u think,”Nora said looking at freddie who looks like he is going to pass out any seconds,Freddie stood up from the chair breathing nervously,he shut his eyes and then open them again and clearly nodded, ”i will do it,I will do the bonding,”Freddie said and Nora couldn’t help but smile, ”u did the right thing bro,” Chad whisper in freddie ear while Freddie gave him a look that says *I had no choice” Chad walked away leaving Nora and freddi alone, ”can I be alone pls,”Freddie asked while Nora nodded and walked away,freddi sat down again and signed real hard*it not going to hurt*it just a bonding*wat the hell do I know about bonding,”Freddie thought and sighed more,just then Lynn walked in and saw Freddie state,she walked up to him and place her hand on his shoulder ”are u ok,”Lynn asked, ”yes I am ok,” Freddie replied and jerk his shoulder,she knows Freddie is sad and didn’t want to make him more sad so she walked away to her seat but freddie stopped her, ”lynn wait,” Freddie said while Lynn swiftly turned, ”yes”, she replied ”the neckless,I will like to get it back,will u bring it to school tomorrow,” Freddie said while Lynn nodded and walk away and Freddie watched her go, school closed that day and everyone went home while freddie didn’t feel like going home ”i am going to be dead,”he subconscious said to himself and he held his bag firmly ready to leave but searched for Nora but didn’t see her,he sighed softly before heading home.

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