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Nora batch 5 by : 7:25 pm On December 9, 2020
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School closed that and everyone went home,Nora tried appologizing to Freddie again but Freddie wouldn’t listen to her and Lynn was happy about it..
Freddie got home and as Usual his parents were at their shop,he ate dinner and went up to his room thinking,he gave up on thinking and came downstairs to watch tv,and it help alot it help him from thinking less,…Lynn stayed on her bed writting on her diary she smiled occasionally thinking about Freddie not giving Nora attention,no matter how u try Nora,Freddie is mine and u re never laying a hand on him,”Lynn said to herself and touch the neckless circling her neck,just then her mom walked inside, ”hey mom,wat re u doing here,” Lynn said ”we re going out now so get dressed ok,”her mom said and went out,Lynn rolled her eyes and change into something fancy and beautiful since her parents were very rich,life is not really hard for Lynn,as Lynn hurried downstairs in her red heels her mother gasps and said ”what re u wearing,” ”a dress,wat is wrong with it,”Lynn said and her mother shook her head negatively and said, ”no the neckless,take it off, ”but mom this neckless is very special to me,”Lynn said using her hand to cover her neck, ”where did u even get that from,it looks disgusting,take it off or I do it myself,”her mother threatened and she frowned and slowly removed it,she went to her room and dropped it inside her drawer and walked back downstairs ”take,put this instead,”her mom said handing her a golden neckless,Lynn angrily took it from her mother and her mother gave her a glare,Lynn put the neckless on and rolled her eyes, ”ok we re ready let hurry ur dad is in the car waiting,”her mother said and they both walked out side, 10:55pm Freddie laid on his bed operating his phone,he couldn’t sleep and he decided to play video games on his phone maybe he will fall asleep, Lynn laid on her own bed exhausted from the party they went,she changed into her pajamas.
Lynn change into her pajamas and laid on her bed falling asleep,and also forgetting to wear the numbania neckless.
Nora could be seen in her dark but cozy room,the moonlight beam through her window,she laid n@k£d on her bed but was covered with a black blanket,her hair was red and her eyes was pure sky blue,she kept thinking about freddie and his words, ”u don’t have heart,”the word ring in her head ”ur heart is made of wood*she kept thinking about all Freddie had said,she close her eyes and tried to get connected to Freddie through her mind and she did, Freddie got tired of his boring video game and dropped his phone angrily beside him and close his eyes but suddenly heard Nora’s voice saying, ”freddie can u hear me,” wat just happen now,” Freddie said sitting upright in his bed and breathing heavily,he looked around his room but no one was there,he breath a sigh of relief and laid back on his bed again,but was astonish hearing her voice again,he wanted to jerk up but stayed quiet, ”wat the hell does she want”, freddie thought and Nora said, ”i want u to listen to me,” Freddie was surprised, ”did she just hear my thought,’ Freddie thought…”yes Freddie I just did,I am communicating with u through my mind and so re u,*I am sorry if u re mad at me but pls hear me out*Nora said while Freddie breath and focus more into the mind,..
*Ok wat do u want to tell me,” Freddie set his mind to say that and Nora happily smiled on her bed,.. immediately Freddie saw himself in an empty red room, ”where the hell am I?Freddie ask no one in particular, ”freddie” Nora called behind him and he immediately turned and saw Nora in a plain white dress and her hair long and red, ”where re we,I was just on my bed some minute ago,”Freddie said panicking, ”i made our minds communication more easier by bringing u in my mind through the klzz,I am sorry once again,” Nora said and sighed.
”ok go on and tell me wat u wanted to tell me,”Freddie yank. ”am so sorry for the klzz,”Nora said, ”oh my God,u re still talking about that klzz,am not mad about the klzz,”Freddie yelled and his voice echoed, ”u re not? then why re u so mad at me,” Nora cranked, ”dont u get it, I am mad because of Chad,”Freddie said and Nora smiled, ”whats so funny,”Freddie said angrily, ”i can bring Chad back,”Nora flinched ”u can?don’t lie to me Nora,” Freddie said, ”trust me I am not lying,”Nora said, ”trust u!that is the last thing I will do,”Freddie said, ”i think is time for me to go back to bed,”Freddie added while Nora smiled and said, ”just close ur eyes and think about ur bed,” ”ok”,Freddie said and did so and immediately he opened his eyes, he was on his bed, ”whoa”, freddi breathed out and signed heavily.
Nora opened her eyes on her bed and took her lovely blooded lip between her teeth thinking about Freddie and the way he reacted when she say she can bring chad back, ”if bringing Chad back will make u happy then I will do it for u,”Nora said and sighed,and her lovely hair turned red, ..the next morning, everyone got ready for school including our beloved Freddie,he got to class that morning and sat down on his seat thinking about last night,just then he felt someone tap him on his shoulder and then he suddenly turned,to his greatest surprise it was chad,he jumped in astonishment ”chad”,.
”hey, good morning to u,why are u yelling my name so much,” Chad said sarcastically while Freddie hugged him,Chad has no idea of wat has been going on, ”do u remember anything?Freddi asked, ”well I remember waking up this morning and eating my breakfast and,…”dont worry that is enough”,Freddie said hugging Chad one more time,Chad shrugged and hugged him back, Nora who has been watching by the door smile seeing Freddie happy,as she was about to fully entered the class Lynn bumped into her.
Lynn bumped into her, ”wat is ur damage Lynn,”Nora said angrily, Lynn stood her balance and walk away,Nora rolled her eyes and walked up to her seat and sat down,Lynn got close to Freddie to greet him but Freddie passed her and walked up to Nora,Nora stood up, seeing Freddie she smiled and said, ”good morning Freddie,”Nora hugged Freddie warmly and happily,so Freddie whisper on her ear, ”thank u very much,”and he smiled,he disengaged the hug and Nora said, ”,have u forgiven me,” ”offcourse,”but how did u do it,” Freddie asked, ”a true magician never revealed his secret,”Nora said nervously and laughed, ”whatever,but thanks anyway,” Freddie said and walked up to Chad,Nora sat down on her seat smiling,she couldn’t believe freddie forgives her,she place her hand on her chest and felt her heartbeat, ”why is my heart beating so fast,”Nora thought and close her eyes and open them,Nora could feel something changed in her but didn’t know when her hair turned purple, ”dude,Nora hair just changed,” Chad said to Freddie,Lynn and freddie turned to look at Nora who just notice it, ”wat is this,” Nora said standing, ”wat is happening to me,”Nora said without smiling,Nora didn’t understand why her hair turned purple,her hair always shows her emotion,and she didn’t understand wat purple means, but red means anxious,angry and sad,but purple,wat the hell does purple means she thought and touched her hair,Freddie moved closer to her, ”stay away Freddie,I don’t know wat is happening to me,”Nora panicked ”wat re u,why would ur hair suddenly change,”Chad said to Nora behind Freddie,Freddie turned to Chad and gave him a look to calm down, ”she helped me,and I think I can try helping her on this,”Freddie thought and Lynn couldn’t hold on the anger burning inside of her,and immediately she walked out of the class,Nora sat down on her seat worried,Freddie sat beside her and said, ”ok,Nora can u tell me why ur hair turned purple.
Freddie sat beside her and said ”ok,Nora can u tell me wats wrong and why did ur hair turned purple,” ”i don’t know,actually my hair is always red when am sad, angry and anxious,while black is only to keep me calm and happy but purple,I haven’t experienced that in my life and I noticed that my eyes are more bluer than before,I felt awkward telling u this but I just feel like to do so,” Nora said and sighed, ”maybe u have a new change or emotion or something I know nothing about,but thank u for bringing Chad back,”Freddie said and stood up smiling at Nora,and immediately her hair turn black again,Freddie whisper to Nora and Nora glance at him and smiled,Freddie sat on his seat and explain to Chad who Nora is, and he should keep it as a secret and Chad agreed to it. during class that morning Nora mind wasn’t at rest, something kept bothering her,her mind kept telling her that something big is coming,but she couldn’t understand or have a glue of wat it is,and she became worried and tried her best to make sure her hair doesn’t change, during break everyone trooped out from the class and to the cafeteria, Chad and Freddie happily walk to the cafeteria and Nora smile at them, immediately Freddie and Chad left Lynn walked up to Nora angrily and more seriously, ”wat do u want,”Nora said, ”u think u can fool me right,I know Freddie will think u re good again,but I know u re still up to something,”Lynn said while Nora rolled her eyes and then scan Lynn neck but couldn’t find the numbania neckless,she smiled devilishly within her and said, ”look Lynn u are been too nosy, why don’t u mind ur business or else,” ”or else wat”,Lynn cut her off, ”or else I will do this,”Nora said and immediately Lynn stop breathing she gasped for air but couldn’t breath, ”so re u going to stop talking,”Nora said smiling beautifully,Lynn eyes turned red due to the fact she can’t breath and all of a sudden she gasped for hell and breath.
Who is that girl (Nora secret)
Lynn gasped for air and breath, ”wat did u just do to me,”Lynn said catching her breath, ”u didn’t stop talking so I had to shut u up,”Nora said while Lynn got angry and immediately held Nora’s neck and said ”i am going to kill u,”Nora gasped and said ”let go off me,” ”i am not letting u go u witch,”Lynn said while Nora huffed, ”then u left me no choice, Nora threatened and immediately Lynn left go off her neck and started to cough out blood,they were the only ones in the class,so Nora took it on her, Nora stop!Freddie yelled from the class with Chad behind him watching,Nora eyes turned to her normal blue eyes and Lynn stop coughing,Freddie ran to them and help Lynn up, ”have u lost ur f—–g mind,u could have kill her,”Freddie yanked, ”i didn’t lost my mind,she started it first,”Nora said giving Lynn a glare, ”i was on my own all of a sudden she used her witchy power to make me cough out blood,”Lynn lied while Nora gasped, ”i can’t believe u,”Freddie said to Nora and took Lynn to her seat who hasn’t gain her balance, ”where is my neckless I gave to u,” Freddie asked while Lynn said slowly ”i am sorry,I forgot it at home, ”it was for u to be protected,why do u have to take it off,”freddie said, Nora sat down feeling extremely angry at freddie for not believing her, ”just wait there Lynn,I am going to destroy u,”Nora said under her breath but Chad heard it and moved away from her staring at Nora weirdly,Nora suddenly sat still not moving,not talking and not breathing,her beautiful lips became more red and her eyes suddenly turned blue to green, Chad moved back again looking at the strange and weirs things happening to Nora, ”re u ok”, Chad asked but Nora didn’t reply, ”freddie I think something is up with this girl Nora,”Chad said to Freddie and immediately Freddie came to where Chad stood and they watched Nora and her strange acting.

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