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Nora batch 3

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Nora batch 3 by : 8:57 pm On December 8, 2020
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Freddie left his food untouched and went to his room,he laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling.
Lynn in her own room could be seen wearing pants and a blue
T shirt,she held Freddie neckless and stared at it suspiciously,she kept spacing out in her room bitting her lips, ”what is Nora up to,”who is she anyway?why did Freddie handed his neckless to her?why did Freddie seems so weak?why is Chad acting weird? and why was there a burnt Mark on Nora’s wrist after touching Freddie neckless,”Lynn asked no one in particular, ”hmm,I am going to find out everything about u Nora”,Lynn said and head downstairs to eat dinner putting the neckless inside her bag again.
Nora appeared in front of a big ocean smiling,she held her bag firmly as she walked into the water slowing,as the water touched her legs,her eyes turned to a perfect blue,and her nails grew longer and her uniform transformed into a white gown and her hair grew longer and turn from black to pure red,as she got deep down in the water, her legs transformed into a very beautiful glowing green tail and suddenly the white gown disappeared exposing her br£@st Nora swim farther with speed.
Few minutes later,Nora stood in front of a beautiful woman sitting on a chair that looks like a throne who is known to be the queen of the ocean,..and other beautiful mermaids both male and female.
”mother”Nora called with happiness in her voice and appraoched the queen.
(Nora)my beautiful daughter,how was school today”,the queen of the mermaid asked and Nora smiled devilishly and said ”it was the best”,
”so my beautiful princess Nora, have u done wat I asked u to do,” the queen asked while Nora smiled devilishly and said ”yes mother,I have got one,he is under me and in the spiritual realm, his name is Chad,and the other one whom I just captured today,his name is Freddie.
Freddie!I thought u would have captured Freddi a long time ago,” the queen of the mermaid said.
Freddie!I thought u would have captured Freddie a long time ago,”the queen asked Nora.
Actually mother, Freddie was protected by the numbania neckless”,Nora explained and the queen face and the rest of the mermaid striked with fear.
”the numbania neckless!!the queen of the mermaid repeated shaking in fear!! ..”yes “Nora said but don’t worry mother,Freddie is no longer protected by the neckless anymore,I have taking the neckless away from him already and now hell awaits him, Nora added making everyone at ease, ..”good girl,after destroying the numbania neckless we will get ur second sailor ready,bring forth the numbania neckless,” the queen said in disgust, ..”yes mother”mother replied and swam to her bag, unzipped it and searched for the neckless but couldn’t find it ”oh no” Nora gasped and the queen asked ”what is wrong”, ..”i can’t find the neckless mother,what if Freddie took it back without my knowledge,then we are all doomed”,Nora panicked.
No..no..try summoning Freddie spirit,if he appears here he is not with the neckless but if he doesn’t appear here,that’s mean he is with the neckless,”the queen suggested and Nora nodded and move to a place where skelentons of fish were floating in the water, ”freddie.. Freddie..freddieeeee!!!
Freddie could be seen in his room sleeping peacefully but few minutes later he started sweating and water started coming out of his mouth and he was vibrating.
(ok guys,let me tell u wat Nora and the other mermaid troops re up to,every year each princess must deliver two spirit (males) to the mermaid god and after that they receive excess power of a life time).
Reminder:Nora also have three sisters which re princesses.
Freddie vibrated helplessly on his bed,he tried to control himself but he couldn’t,the water stopped coming out from his mouth,but he was still vibrating, all of a sudden he stopped vibrating and immediately ran down stairs
All of a sudden he stopped vibrating and immediately ran down stairs,… meanwhile in the ocean,the queen of the mermaid was furious with Nora, ”why did u stop,Nora how dare u just throw away all what we have worked for,” …”i am sorry mother I just couldn’t do it”,Nora said not looking at anybody but little did her mother knows she has her own plan, …”go,..get out of my sight”,the queen instructed and Nora swam out of the water and disappeared into thin air,then appear in a small dark room,but immediately she got in the room, light up the candles surrounding her,…that night Freddie couldn’t sleep anymore,he didn’t tell his parents about it either,but he is hundred percent sure it is all Nora,..the next morning in school,Freddie walked in class with dark circles under his eyes and sat down helplessly on his seat,he looked over Chad seat but he couldn’t find Chad,Lynn walked in class and made eye contact with freddie but Freddie removed his eyes,Lynn sat down on her seat and brought out the neckless,she looked over at freddie one more time before approaching him, ”hey”Lynn said as she got there, “what do u want”,Freddie replied thinking Lynn is about to give him another stupid love letter, ”look Freddie,I have been noticing something strange going on,” Lynn said while Freddie quickly turned to her and said ”u do”, ”offcourse I do,and it about Nora, I know u know something about her, yesterday she touched ur neckless and it burned her,”when Lynn said that Freddie was kind of surprised but a bit relieved someone else knows ”arent u going to say something about it,” Lynn said while Freddie snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head negatively,Lynn took the neckless out of her pocket and show it to freddie ”i think this belongs to u,”Freddie quickly grabbed it and gasped,he immediately wore it on his neck and said ”where did u get it”,
I saw it fell out from Nora’s bag”, Lynn said.
”i saw it fell out from Nora’s bag” Lynn said while Freddie quickly hugged her and said ”thanks”, Lynn was shocked but kind of happy that Freddie hugged her, because she was madly in love with Freddie, ”well am ready to help u anytime”,Lynn said.
”but wait,how did u know the neckless belonged to me”, Freddie said touching the neckless on his shirt, ”i saw u giving it to no…just then Nora walked in glowing and smiling, but immediately she sighted Lynn and Freddie her mood changed,she felt a bit awkward seeing the both of them together but she didn’t know why,she walked up to her seat making herself so close to them.
”so Freddie we will talk later right”,Lynn said while Freddie nodded his head, …”talk? talk about wat,with this girl”, Nora thought to herself staring at lynn strangely,Lynn turned around to take one more look at freddie but suddenly made eye contact with Nora,she eyes Nora and Nora gasped, .. during break everyone flew out of the class happily,while freddie stays behind with his elbow on the desk and his hands rested in his forehead,Nora looked over
Freddie’s side and suddenly became worried ”why am I suddenly like this towards Freddie,”Nora thought and immediately stood up, immediately as she stood up, Lynn walked up to freddie, seeing Freddie worried Lynn became sad ”freddie re u ok? Lynn said as she got closer to Freddie and rested her head on Freddie shoulder, immediately Nora saw them,she tried to ignore them but couldn’t withstand the jealousy burning inside of her, ..”this girl has got to go,”Nora thought and she suddenly said a spell under her breath staring at Lynn and immediately Lynn choked on her voice and began to cough out blood, ”oh my God,Lynn re u ok? Freddie said holding Lynn and rubbing her back so she could calm down,her eyes became red and glossy from coughing and immediately she stopped coughing out blood,Nora smiled devilishly with her beautiful dimple making a hole.
Nora smiled devilishly with her beautiful dimple making a hole, Freddie turned around and saw Nora staring at them and he became very angry knowing much that is all Nora doing, ”,here have this”,Freddie said and handed his bottle of water to Lynn who drank it and became a little better, ”what do u think happened,”Lynn muttered while Freddie suddenly looked at Nora ”i will be right back”,Freddie said and walked up to Nora angrily ”what is wrong with u Nora,”Freddie yelled, ”dont u dare raise ur voice on me,”Nora threatened pointing a f!ng£r at Freddie, ”first Chad,now Lynn, why us,why this school,why me, why my friends,don’t u have pity,” Freddie said beaming with anger
”look at u talking back at me,I could have killed u a long time ago,and by now u would have been under my control,”Nora said while freddie moved closer to her and said ”u know wat Nora,just kill me since my friend Chad is gone and most of the entire school,just go ahead Nora, kill me,”Nora didn’t say a word instead she just moved back and sighed rapidly looking at Freddie,Freddie moved closer to her and said ”kill me”,he grabbed her hand and immediately remove it when he felt that shock, ”u took back the neckless,”Nora said surprisly.
”offcourse yes,after all the neckless belong to me,so why the surprise,Lynn who was staring at them quickly removed her eyes and face her desk,it actually obvious she is kind of scared of Nora, .”u dare not touch Lynn”,Freddie said trying to sound threatenable, ”and wat re u going to do,”Nora flinched while freddie shocked his head negatively and said ”u disgust me”,and then walked away, Nora heart flinched hearing the word ”disgust” she moved back stared at Freddie as he walked up to Lynn and comfort her by patting her back and rubbing it,Nora could feel her warm cheeks from her burning tears,she suddenly felt sad, annoyed, betrayed, jealous,anger and most of all she needed someone to comfort her.

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