Nora batch 1

It all started in privilege private school,school of life,love, friendship and betrayals,school of people with different acts.
Freddie a cool sweet sensitive guy who has nothing to do with girls partrolled around the school with his best friend Chad, one Monday morning,they were both talking and laughing,seeing how they talked u have known they have been friends since childhood,… Freddie was known to be intelligent,handsome,tall, friendly and gently,..while Chad was known to be playful, handsome but not that intelligent,..girls go crazy for Freddie but he didn’t like any of them neither was he ready to like any of them.
That morning after everyone got seated in class,as usual Freddie saw a note under his locker and he picked it up and read it,which actually say,…”good morning Freddie,the most cutest guy on earth,my charming prince,I just wanted to say good morning,” is me lynn,… Freddie tiredly drop the note while Chad laughed and said,…”another note”,..
Yeah”Freddie said while Chad continue laughing”why don’t u just give all this girls that re dieing for u chance ahh, I wish I was u,I could have dated like sixteen girls”Chad said while Freddie looked at him disgustinly but they stopped talking because of the teacher who walked in,…”good morning student,we have another new student in this school”,as the teacher talked everyone was confused because there was no new student beside or behind her,..”excuse me ma,pls where is the new student,”a guy shouted from the back seat,….
The teacher smiled and said,”oh I didn’t notice she wasn’t here, maybe she is shy,get in here Nora,”everyone all waited to see the Nora,and suddenly just like a growing sun,Nora walked in looking like an angel,she was currently different from others, her hair was black as ebony,her skin look so soft and shiny,most of all it was glowing her bright sparkling blue eyes matched her amazing pink lips,she was pretty
Her nose was pointed and firm, and as she talked she has a dimple that every boy in the class couldn’t get their eyes off her,..Chad(Freddie friend) kept smiling and winking at her, Freddie didn’t seem to have any interest in her,….the teacher told Nora to take her seat and luckily for Nora she found an empty seat beside Freddie,she smiled at Freddie but Freddie didn’t return the smile instead he face his book while Chad did the honour and smiled at Nora,but Nora removed her face,Nora got close to the set and dropped her bag,then sat down, immediately she sat down,her hand mistakenly touched Freddie wrist and all of a sudden Freddie felt something and felt a pain in his forehead while Nora immediately removed her hand and started breathing nervously and Freddie pain stopped.
”what just happend”Freddie thought,Nora looked at Freddie strangely and they both made eye contact,…”that was weird” Freddie thought but face his book while Nora continue staring at him,.. immediately a male teacher (Mr hart)walked in.
”good morning students,pls bring out ur maths note and let us continue from where we stop,”Mr hart said with his thick masculine voice, everyone did as they were told,and immediately Mr hart made eye contact with Nora and noticed she is a new student,Nora smiled in a way it made mr hart kept staring and smiling at her,as Freddie raise his head up he trace Mr hart eyes and it ended at Nora face who was smiling brightly, Freddie watched as Nora whispered something to herself still staring at Mr hart.
Freddie minds keeps telling him that there is something strange about Nora,but he ignore that and payed attention to Mr hart, who began teaching and also staring at Nora, nobody noticed except Freddie who suddenly became suspicious.
During break hour, Freddie pack his books inside his bag to get ready to go to cafeteria with Chad his best friend,Nora suddenly walked up to them.
during break time,as Freddie pack his books inside his bag to get ready to go to the cafeteria with Chad, suddenly Nora walk up to them and said ”hey”,her voice was cool,sweet, tempting and most of all seductive.
Freddie glance at her and said ”what”,…..then Nora replied ”um I was wondering if u could pls show me around the school, since am new here,”Freddie sighed,he clearly didn’t want to say yes but it will be rude,before Freddie could forcefully say yes, Chad popped out from nowhere and said ”yes I will like to take u around the school premises.
I wasn’t talking to u Chad,”Nora said and immediately Chad and freddie looked at her weirdly.
”how did u know his name” Freddie asked while Nora smiled and said ”lucky guess”,Freddie looked at her strangly and dropped his bag”ok why can’t Chad show u around”,Freddie said while Nora replied ”because I asked u first”..Chad wanted to say something but nora looked at him in a way she whispered something to herself and immediately Chad move back and sat down,….”chad why re u suddenly like this,won’t u like to show Nora around anymore”, Freddie said looking at Chad who looked like he was been controlled.
”no”,chad firmly said, ”ok”Freddie said and turned to Nora and said ”ok let go”Nora and Freddie walk around the school premises looking like couples, everyone around them both male and female stopped just to glance at Nora,…Nora and Freddie both came across the library where they met Josh the baddest boy in school,Josh approached them and he flashed with a smile seeing Nora,..”hey baby doll re u new here”Josh said while Nora rolled her eyes,..Freddie wanted to say something but Josh prevented him by giving him a glare,..Josh laughed hysterically and got closer to Nora, ”i am not going anywhere baby doll cause I love pretty things and u re part of them,”Josh said and held Nora hand.
”let go off me u dweeb”Nora said trying to remove her soft hands from Josh grip.
Freddie tried to help but Josh pushed him and he fell down, Nora turned and said, ”omg Freddie re u ok”,…
Yes I am and how did u know my na….Freddie hasn’t complete his words when Josh turned Nora face to his and said ”look pretty doll,I like u and u re going to do wat I say,I am Josh and I get whatever I want,now u re going to be my girlfriend.
”over my dead body,”Nora said and smiled devilishly and move closer to Josh,she look Josh in the eyes and whisper something to herself and said to Josh, ”josh u re going to walk away from me now and never come back again, understood!! a robot Josh nodded his head and walked away,..Freddie who was currently watching the scene became shocked by Nora’s command and Josh obeying.
Did she cast a spell on Josh or what,hmm,there is something strange about this Nora of a girl”, Freddie thought,..Nora turned and smiled ”dont worry everything is ok,now take my hand let me help u up,”Nora said and sprouts out her hand and Freddie nervously placed his palm on hers and immediately the both of them removed their hands from each other because they felt a spark like electric shock which felt painful,Freddie stood up by himself and look at Nora strangely, ”what just happened”Freddie said still staring at Nora.
I…I..don’t know”Nora replied.
I have been touching peoples for years and this has never happen to me before”, Freddie said while Nora replied ”well, whatever it was I have no explanation for that”, …..”me too”Freddie added.
So I think we should continue”, Nora said while Freddie nodded his head,..Nora kept staring at Freddie she whispered something to herself and freddie turned and said ”arent u coming”
I…I..have to go now”Nora said shaking nervously and walked away briskly, Freddie watched as she walked away,he sighed and head to the class, getting to the class, Freddie saw Chad spacing out beside the window,he was sweating like real mad, Freddie walked up to him.
Freddie walked up to him and said ”chad are u ok”
”no am not,I just can’t believe wat happened few minute ago,I was sitting down doing nothing , I couldn’t control myself,it was like I was been controlled and all of a sudden I was myself again and it gave me serious headache and Freddie to be frank I haven’t witness anything like that before”,Chad said while Freddie sighed and said ”something smells fishy”
”what re u thinking”Chad said while Freddie replied”nora!Nora?
come on u can’t just blame the innocent girl”,Chad said while Freddie sighed and said ”u don’t get it,she might be sweet and all but my mind tells me that there is something strange about that Nora of a girl”,Freddie said while Chad arched an eyebrow and said ”i don’t want to say u re sounding crazy, but let just say we are both in this together,” Freddie smiled and they both shook hands together smiling.
Nora wasn’t seen in school through out that day until when the bell was rung for school over, as Freddie was packing his books,Nora walked inside the class and pack her books too, Freddie sighed her but ignored her,he didn’t want any trouble, Nora hung her bag at her back and walked briefly to the door bumping into Chad, ”excuse me” Nora said sweetly while Chad gave her a look and said ”look Nora,I think Freddie is right about u,u may be sweet on the outside but horrific on the inside and don’t worry,me and Freddie are going to find out details about u,”Nora trembled in fear as she pushed Chad aside and walked pass him,she glance at him one more time and nodded her head,..Chad went to Freddie and they both went home taking their different route,Freddie got home feeling exhausted and hungry,he met his mum Mrs mecury packing her stuff to go to the shop where she work,Mr and Mrs mecury Freddie parents owns a bakery shop down town, and Freddie is their only child.
Good afternoon mum”Freddie greeted her mother politely.

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