NEVER LOOK BACK episode 6 – finale

Belema then did the shocking move I have ever imagined, out of no where she brought out a pistol and then pointed it at her mum as she began to cry while she explained her grievance “mum you were never around for me and now here you are also trying to take away the one person that matters to me” she screamed in a very loud tone.
Scared she might do the worst I began to broker for peace, but Madam Harriet kept the impassive countenance as she stared right into Belema’s eyes with the smirk that disgusted me, “This gold-digger matters a lot to you? Has he told you what he does for a living? Do you even know anything about this fool standing before you?” Madam Harriet asked as she stood hands akimbo while I kept begging Belema not to do anything she would regret, I kept remembering her that it was her mum she was pointing a gun at, one thing Madam Harriet didn’t get to know was that I had revealed all that happened between us to her daughter Belema but she thought that was her last stone in her bag of troubles.
Belema turned to me as she used her head to signal that I should lift both boxes which I obeyed instantly as she began to walk towards the gate with Madam Harriet doing her best to keep her distance from the gun wielding Belema as she opened the gate and then the drivers door as I pushed the boxes in and then she turned to the other side and then hopped in as we drove off in a very high speed, I resolved to drive far away from Lagos back to Port Harcourt and never to step my feet in Lagos again.
We got our own house and moved in as a couple in Port Harcourt and then decided to get married as we picked a date for the court wedding, I and Belema went back and forth about inviting her friends to the wedding, she gave out flimsy excuses “I can’t just go to the court only me without somebody who can testify that I existed and that he or she witnessed my wedding”, I had to give in to her complains and then on that day few of Belema’s friends were invited under a code of secrecy so as not to reveal our present location to Madam Harriet whom I was scared was going to retaliate in some way very dangerous, I had dressed up in my black designers suit and was inside the hotel room we rented with a few circle of my friends when I had loud bangs on the door and the door bell pressed continuously that its disturbing buzz sound made all the guys in the room who were drinking pause and then I ran to the door and hurriedly open it to see Belema’s bridesmaid crying as she sobbed and then said
“I went downstairs to get the bridal train ready only for me to come back to the hotel room an hour later and Belema vanished!”
“Vanished! How can a human being vanish? What nonsense are you saying? Where is my wife?” I yelled
My friends in the room heard what I was saying as they all ran to the door, confused at the answer to give them as they all threw questions at me, I pushed her bridesmaid away from the door and then rushed towards the elevator and then pressed the open button and entered the elevator, I stared at my image on the large mirror used to cover the interior of the elevator and then it began to descend towards the ground floor, cursing myself why I had allowed Belema invite her friends to the wedding and also in the corner of my heart I was hoping nothing had happened to her when all of a sudden the elevator stopped abruptly as I staggered an placed my hand on the wall in a quick response of not falling to the ground and then door of the elevator opened as I looked with utmost surprise to see who that was and here she was Madam Harriet standing before me in all her mightiness that her aura carried with her, adorned in a dark short jean and a black top with a sunglasses that made her looked mean, she was carrying a briefcase as she joined me in the elevator and the doors closed, then she lowered the briefcase on the ground, and then dipped her hand in her waist line as she brought out a pistol and then pointed straight at me as I tried not to be intimated by the gun, I kept a straight face and then said
“Where is Belema? Hope nothing has happened to her?” I inquired
“Your a bastard!, in fact I just confirmed that you have no shame, how do you think you can date both mother and daughter and then still go behind the mother to marry her daughter?” She yelled at me
I tried to speak up but the way she shook her hand made me have this intuition that she might pull the trigger if I offended her the more so I choose keep mute and watch her hand with keen attention in case she tries to pull the trigger, pointing the gun at me as she stretched her hand to the buttons of the elevator and pressed the button written 3 and that was when the elevator began to move again until it stopped at the third floor and the door opened, pointing the gun at me she signaled that I move forward which I did as she picked the briefcase and then closely followed me behind until she got to a room and then stopped and then used the smart card to open the hotel room door and then we both entered.
I stood still as she dropped the gun on a side stool beside where she sat on the bed and then turned a glass of whisky for herself and then gulped all its content once, with a smirk she looked at me and said
“I have an offer for you, and this would be the last offer that I would bring to the table”
She paused for a while and then continued…
“Inside this briefcase is 10 million naira and a plane ticket that would take you London, I am offering you the money to run and never come back or …”
I couldn’t control my temper as I didn’t let her to complete her statement, I scolded her
“Madam Harriet why can’t you understand that I love your daughter?” I said
She picked the gun up quickly from the side stool and then pointed it at me
“Shut up! I say shut up you fool! What do you know about love? Do you know I can kill you here and not a soul would know hear about it” she boasted
“I haven’t finished and your shouting! Wait lemme finish, my other option is that you make love to me here and now, you will f–k me like you have never done before and then I will let you guys wallow in the stupid infatuation you guys call love” she said
The later seemed like an option to end this madness, I thought about it while I stood there as she began to undress, she pulled her jean trouser down as her red large g-string which I wondered the designer that made such large g-string for her very huge back side to fit in, she shook her buttock and then smacked it herself with her right hand and then added
“I know you love this p—y, don’t pretend like you don’t my dear, come and f–k me good”
I loosened my belt and then unzipped my trouser and then lowered it to my thighs without pulling off my coat and then walked towards where she was bending and just shifted the sling-like rope of her g-string, that was when she giggled and then shook it voraciously and said
“That’s my boy! Come give mummy that good c–k of yours”
I ignored her saying for I wanted to be done with this once and for all, I used my hand to shift her butt cheeks apart and then grabbed my flaccid d–k that would have been hard and throbbing if not for the event that had followed, I tried to forced the lump of flesh into her p—y but I couldn’t as my flaccid d–k couldn’t get in, she turned and then looked at me
“Ah! Aaah! What is happening? This your d–k that can’t get enough of my p—y is misbehaving today of all day” she said
She knelt down, grabbed my d–k and then put it straight in her mouth as she began to s–k my d–k, minutes later my d–k became semi-hard, she smiled as she stared at me and then turned with her buttocks facing me, I quickly insert my d–k inside her before it goes flat again and then began to pound her c–t very rough as if I was stabbing her, that made her moan as she jerked her hips to meet the rhythm of my waist, caught in the passion of the sweet sex she was getting, I slowly stretched my hand closer to the gun and then quickly grabbed it!.
The moment I got hold of the gun, I pushed her away as she landed on the bed and then I pointed the gun at her, she began to beg instantly, shivering very visibly of the thought that I might kill her
“Where is Belema? Tell me before I kill you now!” I barked
“Go to the car park downstairs you will see her in a black SUV parked there” she replied
I quickly raised my trouser and then buckled my belt and then left the room running towards the elevator to help Belema before something bad happened to her.
I got to the ground floor and no black SUV was parked there, my heart began to throb faster, scared that the worst might have happened to Belema, I ran back into the hotel and quickly entered the elevator to go back to my floor when my phone rang, I got it out of my pocket to see that the caller was Belema’s chief bridesmaid, over the phone she was breathing heavily as she said
“Belema is standing on the balcony of her hotel room, she wants to jump down and kill herself, I and her mum are down here begging her not to fall” she said
It happened that her mother was trying to run when she heard loud shouting and then looked to see her daughter in the verge of committing suicide.
I quickly pressed the button to the floor where her room is as the elevator slowly took its time to rise to the ninth floor, time was ticking fast and any delay is an outright danger, the door of the elevator opened and I took off to her room, the moment I rushed into her room, she turned to see who that was and she slipped….
My world! half of me slipped with Belema as she fell to the ground with so much forced that the velocity with which she hit the ground killed her instantly, I walked into the room to see her laptop on the table with the video of me and her mother making out, I did not know that Madam Harriet had bugged the room she invited me to and then videotaped everything and then sent the tape of us having sex, in a bid to make her daughter leave me, the raging anger that filled my vein the moment I looked down from the balcony to see the lifeless body of Belema covered in the pool of her own blood while her mother Madam Harriet knelt down beside her crying, I grabbed the gun that I had snatched from her earlier and the began to fire shots at her as everybody that had gathered took to their heels.
I will mourn the death of Belema till my dying days, Madam Harriet couldn’t bear the pain of what she has done as she strangled herself three days later when nurses came to her aid, they saw her lifeless body dangling from the fan.
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