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NEVER LOOK BACK episode 4 by : 6:22 am On November 24, 2020
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I smiled as I walked towards her, it was then that she saw me and then returned the smile too, she seemed a little shy as I stood before her
“Small world indeed, finally we meet again” she said
As she stretched her hand that covered with dust, I grasped it and then shook her hands, I assisted her in fixing the flat tyre as relief was written all over her, sweating and panting from the stress as she opened the door of her car and then entered, my arms where now place on the hood of the car, she brought her head out and then gave me a white paper
“That’s my complimentary card, am expecting to hear from u someday” she said
I took the paper from her and then waved goodbye as she drove off.
We exchanged few calls as the days went by and soon we were now both habitual callers, not an hour would pass without us exchanging either calls or text message from each other and then the visit followed, I had lied to Belema that I lived with an uncle here in Lagos who doesn’t allow female visitors due to his strict religious perception and she bought the white lie, whenever she is less busy I would book a hotel and then we would spend hours together, some days she would get extra clothes and then go to the office from the hotel room, we would chat, have wild s£×, play cards and enjoy each others company.
I had returned home one faithful morning to the house Madam Harriet rented for me only for me to see her car packed outside, as I entered the compound I saw her tapping her left leg on the ground and fuming with fury, she pulled her glasses when she saw me and then began to shout at me
” I thought I warned! I thought I warned you to always stay in this house, the deal was that anytime I want you I can have you, all you have to do is stay indoors” she barked
I maintain my cool as I walked closer to her, my joyful of spending time with Belema, a woman who made me feel like am worth something were ruined the moment I opened that gate, I didn’t talk to her as I dipped my hand into my pocket and fetched my keys, as I struggled with the knob of the door she grabbed my shirt from the back collar of my shirt
“Am I not talking to you?” She screamed
But yet I ignored her as she kept yelling and then finally the door opened, I walked inside with her closely following me behind, I turned and pushed her to the wall and then gave her a resounding slap, I grabbed her gown by the neck and then drew her close and then grabbed both ends and then tore it apart
“Oh my Designer gown” she yelled
I remained impassive, void of any emotions as I dragged her by the hand and then pushed her to the bed, I grabbed her bra and then tore the springs apart, with her stomach on the bed while her ass faced me I held both hands and tied it from the back, she tried to struggle and it was then I looked into her eyes and said
“If you move I will kill you!”
She looked at me all scared at what my next action would be, I then pulled my t-shirt and trouser, turned to the table as I stretched my hand to grab my lubricant, I emptied the lubricant on my d–k and then moved to the bed, dragged her fat waist and then placed her in the doggy position, aimed the tip of my c–k at the opening of her ass and then forced my d–k inside, with all the anger and pain she had put me through, I rammed her ass like w—e, f—–g her non-stop with a very fast pace and t—-t that made her yell for mercy but I remained unperturbed!, her fat ass kept bouncing on my hip and thighs while I punished her, I felt this sharp bruise on my d–k because her p—y was so now so dry and very hot but I didn’t bother, since her problem was my d–k I had to make sure I feed her with it until she cringes, her eyes began to blink so fast as she tried to say a word but couldn’t say a word when her mouth opened, finally she was able to mutter a few word
“Water! Water! Please water oh!”
I wasn’t bother as I increased my pace and t—-t, that was when she opened her eyes wide open and stared at me with surprise, she struggled to break free and that was when I had to leave her, I got up from the bed and then handed a bottle of water from the fridge to her, she gulped the content of the bottle the way an athlete who had finished a marathon race would do, I was happy that I had punished her but instead I got the shocker when she threw the empty bottle on the ground and then stared at my flaccid c–k and then smiled saying
“This is why I can’t loose you to anyone, in fact your salary has been increased, you beat this c–t so hard like I have always seen in p–n movies” .
It was Madam Harriet’s birthday and all was set, she took me shopping a day to her birthday and made sure I got the best of clothing, I had to lie to Belema that I was traveling to visit my people back at home because Madam Harriet had told me earlier that I would spend the weekend with her, so as not to raise suspicion I had to lie!.
I arrived at Oriental Hotel to a large gathering of people, the ambiance that class of people that gather there was that of the very rich and influential people, gifts were dropped outside at the entrance of the hall, I dropped mine and joined the crowd as I scrambled to see if I could see Madam Harriet but she was no where to be found, bottles of expensive champagnes flowed like tap as I grabbed a bottle and drank from it while I danced to the slow music the DJ was reeling out, not long after that did I see Madam Harriet coming out from the hallway of the hotel that leads to the hall, I quickly stood up and then arranged my suit properly, it was then I saw another imposing image coming from the back of Madam Harriet, I looked and saw that it was another young guy like me, I concluded in my mind that the guy might be her son but I was baffled when I saw her stop, turned to the guy and then began to klzz him with the guys back resting on the wall, they klzzed very deeply, I was certain that every other person in that party caught a glimpse of the revendous affair, I shook my head in disappointment as I turned another glass of wine for myself, I noticed a guy staring at me and then he walked towards my direction and then sat beside me and then spoke in a low tone
“Calm down my guy!, don’t drown yourself please, every young guy you see here was invited by madam Beatrice and we are all s——g her”
I turned to see if I was the only one that heard what he said and then I began to check the countenance of every young guy whom I felt was not meant to be in the circle of this really wealthy people, I shook my head in total disappointment as I gulped the bottle of champagne, I felt a hand on my shoulder and the fragrance of “Cheantuer Ville” filled the air, the fragrance was so familiar that I turned quickly to see Belema smiling in a red evening gown she wore
“Are you not meant to be in Port Harcourt? What are you doing at mothers birthday party? Who invited you?” She asked
Those charades of question threw me off balance as I felt like disappearing.

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