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NEVER LOOK BACK episode 3 by : 6:21 am On November 24, 2020
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She smiled as she smacked my chest and then came down from the bed, waddling and shaking her jelly fat body and then sat on the chair I was sitting before she dragged me to the bed and sapped every energy in me, she dragged the pack of Pall mall and then got a stick of cigarrete out and then lit it, she winked at me as our eyes caught each other, puffed this thick smoke into the air and then smiled as she said
“Hundred K!”
“What happened to Hundred K?” I inquired
She took another drag of her cigarrete and then puffed it into the air again, spread her legs apart on the chair as her left hand went down to her p—y and she rubbed for a while before replying me
“I knew you will reject the offer, how about I give you two hundred thousand naira and then rent a house for you?” She said
It was then I got a grasp of what her first statement was, if I had understood it was a hundred thousand naira she was offering to pay a month, I would have accepted at a go, I was jobless back home that even for thirty thousand naira I would have taken the offer! But my ignorance paved a way for me and the offer was doubled and a house was added, I kept this impassive face as I shook my head to the agreement and then she smiled and then burst into laughter, same laugh I heard over the phone when I told her I had broken up with my girlfriend, she then used her index f!ng£r to signal me to come closer as she smiled with her teeths all showing, as I got up from the bed and then was heading towards her, she pointed at her p—y and then her voice came with this commanding tone
“Kneel down and s–k this p—y!, I want to c-m in your mouth!” She said
It was quiet weird that she was commanding me right then, something she did beg over the phone to have a slice of and at the mention of paying for it she had switched lanes to being bossy, in my head I tried to convince myself that this was a test, maybe I should liken it to my first day on a job and I need to impress my boss that I am worth for keeps, I knelt down and then crawled to where she was sitting and then slowly take my tongue to her pubic region, I stuck my tongue out and then licked her c–t lips first and then stared at her from where I was kneeling, she looked down at me as we both smiled and then she poured a glass of vodka for herself and then brought her hips closer with her legs now thrown wide open, she placed one leg on the table size fridge and the other used the arm rest of the chair as a support and then I buried my face in between her thighs, I latched at her c–t with my tongue and licked so slow but yet very precise, I placed my tongue on her c–t and then s—-d my way down until my tongue would dissappear into her v—-a then my upper lips would be used to caress her c——s, she seemed to be enjoying the service I was rendering, when I did s–k a place that gave her utmost pleasure, she would m0@n and then grab my head, sometimes she would mutter
“Good! Good boy! Yea just like that”
She grabbed the glass of vodka and then poured it on her chest, letting it slide down her belly button and then to her thighs and soon the taste of the chocolate flavoured vodka was all over my mouth and then I increased my pace and then she began to jerk her hips with her face frowned in a very s£×y way, she stretched her hand and then turned another glass of vodka, this time she poured it all over my head and face as I was now drenched in vodka, I tried to raise my head for the liquor she poured on me was too much but she was swift enough to catch my head mid-air and then pushed back as she screamed
“Don’t you dare stop! S–k this p—y like a man, I want you to get drunk s—–g my p—y”
I tried to catch my breathe as I continued, I used my teeth to tease her c–t a little and that triggered her into a frenzy mode of s£×ual heigtened action, she pressed my head hard against her p—y with her left hand and then used her right hand to raise the flesh of her p—y up so that I could easily locate her c——s and then I used my lips to grab it as if I want to blow a whistle or like a n—-e place in my mouth and then began to s–k her good, Madam Harriet shook her head from left to right, hitting the back of her head hard on the wall as if she wanted to commit suicide, she grabbed the bottle of vodka this time and then began to empty its content on my head while my mouth sipped and s—-d at the same time!
“Arrrgggghhh! Am f—–g cuming…….shit!……yesssss!”
She sprang up but made sure my head was trapped in between those thighs as she was standing and then held my head as she jerked for few more seconds and then her c-m began to drool out her p—y, I tried to gain freedom from her thighs but she didn’t let instead she gripped me harder and then emptied her c-m in my mouth
“Swallow it! Yes swallow it and I will give fifty thousand naira now as bonus” she commanded
I had no option, eyes closed as I swallowed the salty liquid she did c-m into my mouth and that was when she let go of me, I fell to the ground gasping for breath as she stretched her hand and then twisted my nlpp!es before falling to the bed with shouts of
“Uhlalala! Boy you are something else, I have indeed found myself a treasure”
My eyes were swirling as I felt dazed by the bout of s£× I have been subjected to other six hours of meeting Madam Harriet.
“Wakeup! It morning already!”
My eyes opened and that was when I realised that I had spent the night on the floor, as the blurry vision vanished I saw Madam Harriet holding unto my flaccid d–k and then staring at it, when she realised that I had regained full consciousness of my environment she smiled at me and then said
“Your d–k is big even when its down!, I love it”
“Thank you!” I said
Trying to stand up from the floor but she pushed me back and then put my flaccid p£nis inside her mouth, I wasn’t ready for any s£×, I have been battered by her s£×ual prowress last night and I was weak and hungry, so I grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her away from me and then hurriedly got up from the floor
“Please Ma, let me rest please, I have not had anything to eat since I got into lagos” I said
She frowned at me for declinining her s£×ual advances but I cared less for if I had continued with it I would definitely collaspe on her
“Never you reject my s£×ual advances made at you again for that’s what you are been paid for!” She barked
“Am sorry Ma, but try to understand with me and by the way I have not yet received the bonus you promised and then an advance of my proposed salary to be sure that your not taking me for a ride!” I said
She got up angrily and then walked up to her purse and then opened it, like a magicians bag she dipped her hand inside and then brought out three bunch of crip one thousand naira note and then threw it at me
“These are yours, this is to show you how serious I am but you have to prove yourself, now get dressed let me take you to the house I would give you” she said.
A two bedroom apartment well furnished with the lastest of funitures and home appliances, it was situated in the upscale area of Ikeja, she handed the keys to me with a stern warning
“I don’t want to come here and meet any of these small girls in my house, the day that happens our deal is off!” She warned
Two weeks and life was becoming so boring, all I did was watch movies all day and in the evening Madam Harriet would come sap my energy with her countless rounds of s£×, I endured because the pay was really good, her s£×ual request grew as days grew old into months, from s—–g her p—y it grew into s—–g her ass, farting on my face while she jerks my d–k with a handjob, she once told me to f–k her mouth so hard that she would choke and vomit which I did and her vomit was spilled all over my balls and thighs, if I protest about her numerous s£×ual fantasies she would be quick to remind me that she was paying for it, the day she came home with a gift bag which was my birthday, I hurriedly opened it to see male g-strings and a bra
“What is this?” I asked angrily
She wasn’t remorseful or touched by the anger written all over my face rather she smiled and replied
“Wear it and then dance for me, that what I want from you today” she replied
Angrily I threw the gift bag away and then stood up to leave and she then said
“I will increase your salary to five hundred thousand naira per month and I need you to stop protesting each time I ask you to do something for me!”
That amount caught me off guard and did shut every door of anger I had flaring in me, without hesistation I walked to wear the gift pack was on the ground and then grabbed both the g-string and the bra as I walked into the bathroom to change into those, by the time I was out of the bathroom Madam Harriet was n@k£d as she was holding a big d—o and elton john’s sacrifice song was what filled the air from the speakers on the wall, never in my life have I been dehumanized and every atom of man rubbed off me, I was a male w—e strapped in g-strings and matching bra color, I began to shake my hips slows and dance slowly like a stripper
“Let you d–k stick out of the g-string, I want to see it dangle while you dance” she ordered me
I obeyed and then pulled my d–k out and then continued with my whoring activity, she stuck the d—o into her p—y with her right hand while her left hand played with her nlpp!es, squeezing it gently as she watched me dance, when my d–k dangled faster she would shake her head and then m——–e faster, f—–g herself so fast that the bed made “f—–g sounds” as if I was nailing her on the bed, I grabbed my d–k and then stroked for a while and then it became turgid, she whimped and then continued digging her p—y until she jerked herself to fantasy land, I pulled the g-string and then ran into the bathroon, wishing money wasn’t so important in this cruel world.
She left that evening without saying a word to me because I was in the bathroom, by the time I came out of the bathroom I saw five hundred thousand naira neatly placed on my table, I did not go touching it as I dressed and then walked out of the house, I decided to take a walk to clear the incident off my head, at the exit of the Ikeja estate I tried looking out for any bar or restuarant where I can sit amongst ‘normal’ people and retain my sanity, that was when I saw a lady kneeling down on the road and then battling with her car tyre, from behind she had this gorgeous she that was so irrestible but I had just had a full dose of another womans venom so I was going to pass on this one but when I had past her and then turned to catch a glimspe of her face, it turned out to be the girl that helped me with a free ride at the airport!.

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NEVER LOOK BACK episode 6 – finale / NEVER LOOK BACK episode 5 / NEVER LOOK BACK episode 4 / NEVER LOOK BACK episode 2 / NEVER LOOK BACK episode 1 /

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