I boarded my flight to lagos and then arrived at the airport, then the unimaginable happen, I dialled Harriet’s number and it was switched off, I could not believe that she could do such to me, I was confused on the next line of action to take, if I should board a flight back home but that seemed like a stupid suggestion in my head, I was in lagos already and going back without achieving my aim of coming to lagos would be an act of cowardice, walking through the lobby to the car park of the airport with a confused trail of countenance that made my stomach cringe, thinking of how and where to go, I walked to the taxi’s parked at a corner and then saw this red camry car with the inscription “Airport Taxi” written boldly on it, I bent down to exchange pleasantries with the driver, he had groundnut peels all over his body as he chewed copiously
“Oga good afternoon oh! Abeg you fit carry me go any hotel around make I lodge?”
He smiled as he used his hand to dust the groundnut peels off his body and then flashed his almost yellow teeths at me and replied
“Oga na fifteen thousand naira” he replied
A bit confused at his answer so I decided to get proper clarification from him
“Is it for the hotel or the taxi?”. I asked
He shook his head and said
” JJC lele yi, na for my kabu-kabu ni”
I felt like dragging his head and then smashing it on the steering before him, I was shocked that he would charge such an amount that was almost my flight ticket price to lagos
“How naaa.. Oga you get evil mind oh I said”
Just then thunder began howling and then dark clouds began to gather, in split minutes the harsh sun was a past tense as the rain began to drizzle and that emboldened the driver as he looked me from where I was standing and then said
“You are stingy oh!, you can give oyibo man your money to fly plane but can not give african man money to chop!”
I ignored him as I stood there helpless, I brought out my phone again and then dialled Harriet’s number and the machine answered the phone, saddened by the turnout of events I turned to walk back into the lobby when I saw this gorgeous lady, she should be around my age, she had this long brazilian hair, a very short gown that revealed her fair spotless thighs, the body hugging gown revealed her near ‘8’ shape, her full breast kept jiggling with each movement and then her cleavage made imaginations seem like minning, she walked past me and the scent of tom ford’s exquiste rare perfume collection filled the air, I watched as she walked to a jeep and then pressed a button she had on her hand and then the car beeped, instantly heavy downpour took over the city, still speechless and caught in total surprise as the rain fell on me but yet I didn’t make any move, she sat in the car and then drove out, only for her to reverse and then the car came to a halt exactly right in front of me and then she asked me as she whined down the glass of her down and then smiled as white dentition was as white as heavenly bodies, she then spoke in an accent like that of british person
“Hello mate! Where are you goin too?”
Startled by the prescence of this near mermaid edifice before me all I could utter was
She smiled as used her hand to raise her curly hair that was almost covering her left eyes, she then replied
“Coming in”
I opened the door and then sat inside as she whined the tinted glass up and then began to drive out, from the inside of the car I saw fat woman outside spotting a blue jean as she was running into the lobby who almost lost her footing, thanks to the security guard who quickly caught her, then I turned to see that she had lit a stick of pall mall cigarrete and then puffed it freely into the air, when her eyes caught mine she smiled and then winked at me as she offered me cigarrete which I declined and then she asked
“Which hotel again did you say you were going to?”
“Any hotel, I just need a place to pass the night” I replied
She played music loud as the nicotine stench filled the car while she zoomed off into the heart of lagos, she parked infront of a hotel and then whined down as she pointed at the building
“That’s a good hotel with an average price, I will have to leave you here, I have better things to do now, you seem like a JJC to me, becareful of you dealings here before you get duped” she said
I thanked her for the help and then decided to see if I could have her number, maybe see her someday and be friends with her, she declined so strong and then smiled saying
“Sorry man, you will never see me again, just enjoy my charity work I just offered and then go your way”
A bit embarrassed was what I felt as I alighted from the car, then I ran to the hotel under the rain.
Hours later, tucked under my bedsheet and watching live game of the priemere league when my phone rang and then I grabbed it to see that the caller was Harriet
“Am very sorry! I know you must have waited for me and then gone back to portharcourt? How do I make it up to you? Should I come to portharcourt right away?” She asked
She kept asking questions without letting me answer one until I had to keep quiet and then let her finish before I replied
“Am still in lagos! Meet me at Providence suites at ikeji, room 402” I said
She could not believe it as she told that she would be on her way immediately, thirty minutes later I heard a knock on my door and then I opened it, here she was standing in the aura of her grace, immediately my mouth opened and then called her name
“Madam Harriet”
This was the first time ever I was calling madam, indeed she is a madam in all sense, she was very tall, large hips that measured the size of a bag of rice, her boobs was practically forced into the shirt she was wearing and then she had this blue jean on, the umberella in her hand made me realise that she was the fat lady I saw at the airport running into the lobby, she had this dimple that made her so sexy each time she smiled, she walked and then sat on the bed,
“Your quite a handsome dude, I think am beginning to like you the more!” She said
As I sat on the chair that was placed beside the bed, she grabbed the intercom and then ordered for vodka and a pack of pall mall cigarrete, there must something about this pall mall cigarrete that made every woman I had come across hold it as if its some makeup accessory, we dranked and then discussed about everything, from my personal life to school and then politics and then we delved into sex talks
“What’s your best style and how many minutes can you last in bed?” She asked without winking an eye
A bit shy I answered her question and that seemed to excite her
“How can you say you can last up to two hours if you want to?”
I smiled and then tried to change the course of the discussion but Madam Harriet was not taking no for an answer
“Stand up and show me that big d–k that gave me sleepless nights”
As she said those words she stood up and then walked to where I was sitting and grabbed my hand as she helped me stand up , she sent her hands straight to my zip and then unzipped it as she then began to unbuckle my belt, when she was done she hurriedly dipped her hand into my boxers and then I watched her eyes popped as she raised her eyes up and looked at me as she unveiled my “weapon” , and for the first time Madam Harriet broke the norms and then spoke pidgin
“Choi!!! See d–k na!”
She kissed the fat head and then carressed it with her hand and then asked
“I hope you know how to use this thing well?”
….Thirty five minutes later we were both covered in sweat, I had f—-d every single hole in Madam Harriets body, her mouth, her p—y and ass have all felt the fury of my long rod-like d–k but one weird thing was that Madam Harriet was insatiable in bed, if possible nail her to the cross with a d–k, stuff her mouth and ass with spear-like d–k she would still ask for more, her c-m was the most voluminous I have ever seen, it would drain down my balls and then when I hit the right spot she would bit my ear so hard that I had to f–k her harder to make her scream so as to leave my ear, caressing nipples and then wiping the sweat on my chest as she looked me in the eyes and said
“I have never seen any man that knows how to scrub and rough handle my c–t like you did, your Ex must be stupid to leave such a good quality d–k, can I have you forever?” She asked
“Forever as in?” I replied
“I don’t think I can let you to portharcourt with this good p—k, since your looking for a job, let me rent a house for you and then fix you on a salary, all you do is beat this p—y good for me!” She said
That was a good plan and very tempting but I was scared of going into such kind of agreement, it sounded cool but very risky, being broke and looking very improvished was never an option to me so I looked  back into her eyes and said
“How much? I am game”

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