My world episode 9

Chapter 9

I was imagining what she was doing in my office,and how she got to know where I work in the first place.Good day Mr Temi,she said wearing a smile and streaching her hand for a handshake.goodday cassandra.i was looking at her in a way that asked what are you doing here, thankfully she read my mind.
I know you are wondering what I am doing here,she said.yes I am I said.
Aren’t you going to ask me to sit down,she said.well you may sit,I said.

Nice office I must say,she started,,,,Temi,you are such nice man,very nice actually,and as such it hurt me so much to know that your wife is betraying you she said.and what exactly are you talking about miss Cassandra,I asked…

You see,no matter what a couple is going through,they should be able to face it, your wife goes about telling anyone who cares to listen,that she she’s very okay to bear kids,you are the one with the problem,and that she’s just putting up with you for the main time,she said, that is not true,my wife can never do a thing like that, that’s just your if you don’t mind leave my office,I have work to do.well I know you love your wife so much and may not want to believe me,I suppose you have undescended Testicles right?,she asked me,and the doctor said it will be difficult for you to father a child,she was like I was hit with a metal,how could my wife betray me this much,,,,,the shock was all over me,,and your wife is cheating on you,if you must know because her ex is in town and they have been seeing each other,they were together last night,reason she came home late….oh my world,I was almost dying of heart attack…I held my chest,I was feeling a sharp pain….

When I regained myself,I managed to ask Cassandra,why are you doing this,why are you telling me…I asked her.well the truth is I have liked you the moment I saw you,,,but I had to keep it to myself because I saw how much you loved my friend,,,,,but then,I soon discovered she wasn’t the best for you,,,she is not happy because of your predicament,,but you see I on the other hand,I don’t really care about kids that much,if they come fine,if they don’t ,fine,I just want you to love me back.

It felt like I was dreaming,I thought things like that only happens in movie,,you love me,you friend’s husband, that’s it, officially you are mad,get out of my office,I place a call to the security department and they came to get her out of my office….

When she left, I thought all she said,how could my own wife do this to me,how could she tell Cassandra about my situation, aren’t we supposed to be a team…Tobe, cheating on me,no ,no, that is certainly not possible..I rounded off my desk and went home…

I waited patiently for her to return,when she did, I brought up the topic… Tobechukwu,why do you go about telling the world about my situation, aren’t we supposed to be a team,why would you do that,,I asked,and why wouldn’t I?,oh you want me to take the blame for her situation,when you are the cause,oh no honey,I can’t,she said.i will tell anyone who cares to listen,that I am a perfect woman,,, people really do change indeed.i thought within.

Who were you with last night,I asked her?,and why are you asking,am I supposed to give every detail how I leave my life,she asked in return… Tobechukwu,don’t push me,please,answer me,who were you with last night,I asked her again.while I was with an old friend if you care to know,she said.and by old friend you mean,your ex?,I asked her.she looked at me,rather suprised how I got to know,then without remorse she answered ,yes, and I mean,a real man,she said,,I couldn’t take it,I gave her a resounding $lap,,after which I become very sorry,I had never laid my hands on her in over 5years of our marriage,please Honey,I am so sorry,I didn’t mean to raise my hand on you I pleaded,she looked at me in disdain and went to spend the night in our guest room..

I was very regretful over my actions.i tried so much to make up for it,I apologized,sent gifts, roses,and what have you,but she wasn’t talking to me, wasn’t eating on the dinning with me, wasn’t sleeping on our bedroom,she comes home very late and goes out very early,,,it was like we were only housemate.i was fed up,it was affecting my work,I couldn’t concentrate,I started drinking,K tried to warn me that I was becoming too negligent at the office,but I didn’t listen,after the management had given me query for three times and no positive change,they couldn’t help but to relieve me of my duties.

Written by
Delis Juliet

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