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My world episode 8

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My world episode 8 by : 6:44 pm On June 13, 2021
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Chapter 8

…. Cassandra was always at our place,I was wondering if she didn’t have anything she was doing with her time other than coming around to visit Tobi.

Soon my wife wanted to be like her,dress like her,buy the kinds of expensive hair she had on.indeed where two or more women gathers, competition is involved,whether deliberately or indeliberately .Tobi wanted a new car,the one she had became too old all of a sudden,when ever I don’t do her biddings,she will nag and nag until I become frustrated.she was always out with Cassandra.

Honey don’t you think Cassandra is a negative influence on you,you have changed negatively since she started coming around.i had said,well I don’t think so,Cas,as she calls her,had been my friend long before I knew you ever existed,if she wasn’t a negative influence to me then,she definitely isn’t one now…

My darling wife,you two have parted ways for quite sometime, don’t you think she may have changed,I asked her,well I don’t think so, she’s still the Cas I knew back then,I do not choose your friends, I’d appreciate it if you do same to mine.she said and went to bed ….

Tobi went back to her ways,she even became worse.cassandra was definitely not a good influence on her.and the handwriting was very visible, except my wife wasn’t seeing it.

Tobechukwu started complaining about our situation again.its been more than two years,and I know you know I have been patient enough,for how long are we going to keep trying .she asked.my love,as many times as possible,and we are going to keep praying too untill God hears us,I said to her..it’s easy for you to say, because you are a man,every where I go people look at me, some with pity,some mockery ,others with hatred all because I am yet to be seen with a baby bump,and of course in an African society like ours,when there is delay in Child birth,all eye’s are on the bride,it’s easy for you to say, because you are not the one been called upon every Sunday for prayers for the fruit of the womb.she shouted ..

Honey I know how you feel,trust me I do,,,,if only you understand what I am passing through inside,it’s not easy for me too,but your love keeps me going.and I strongly believe with God we shall have our Testimony,all we need is prayers,I said…


hissed at me and went to bed.at dawn,I was very surprised to see her up very early,and dressed too.where are you going honey,I had asked her,work!she replied,work,what are you talking about,what work,I asked.well I found a job,with the help of Cas uncle,she replied.and you didn’t think it was appropriate for me to know.i asked.well you just did,she replied.and went to wherever her job was .

Tobi’s work was taking too much of her,she usually gets home exhausted,tired and late at night.she doesn’t cook again as she was usually very exhausted,I wasn’t seeing my wife,all because of her job,even on weekends.,,,I try to wait for her, to serve her dinner and give her a massage when needed.,,there wasn’t anyneed for a job,I was taking care of my family,but even if my wife was bored and needed to work,not something like this that is so exhausting and time consuming………

Cas was the one telling her to get a job,and to leave the house,it wasn’t right for her to be at home.But after putting up with her for a while,I had to speak out,hence I told her I wasn’t comfortable with her job.honey,this job of yours is taking too much of your time,you are hardly at home,and you always get back exhausted,I wouldn’t want you to continue with that job,i politely told her,,, really,I should stop working,and what do you expect me to be doing at home,sit and be doing nothing,no kids to keep me busy,what will I be doing,she shouted,,honey you can think of what to do, anything else,that job of yours is too difficult for you.i said,,she hissed at me and went to bed.

We had that conversation days back,,,,one morning she came to me,and told me she needs some money to set up a supermarket,that truly she wants to stop the job,I was happy she had seen reasons with me,,,I smiled broadly,and asked her how much,5million,she responded,5 what?,honey you are joking right,I asked her,does it look like I am smiling,or are you seeing my teeth she replied.honey 5million is way too much,I can’t afford that,I love the fact that you want to go into business,that will be very nice,since I am already a monthly worker,you been in business is great.but dear, businesses may not always start big,you can start small and it will grow big.i tried to explain,so what are you saying exactly Temitope,she asked already angry,,, that I shall try and raise about 1.5million for you to start up with,I said.

What?,you shall give me 1.5milliin at of 5million,my goodness,what kind of a man are you, Temitope,men who open big businesses for thier wives do they have two heads,and to think they are even real men,yet youuuuuuu,she hissed and went out.she didn’t have to finish the statement for I knew what she wanted to say.

I went to work,but I wasn’t happy that day,my day had been ruined.later the evening I got home, hoping to have some rest,only for Tobi to resume the issue,she wasn’t going to allow me a moment rest even in my own home,she continued with her nagging,she said the least she could collect was 3million.


honey,if I remove that much from my savings,it’s going to shake it,3million is quite huge.i said..well if you like let it shake it,let it scatter it,or let it empty it,I don’t care,all I need is money to start a new business and that’s it.

Money for her super market became the talk of the day,I couldn’t eat ,sleep nor sit in my house,all because of Tobe supermarket.so I decided to give her the money,just for peace to reign,after all it is for the good of the family,her business is mine and mine hers.i called her that Sunday evening,and gave her the cheque,she was very happy,and that made me happy too.

She looked for a shop,in a busy area,and stocked it up,her business was doing fine,and she was happy…..

One Friday afternoon,I was told I had a visitor by my secretary,who,I asked who,one miss Cassandra, Cassandra?,I wasn’t expecting anyone, nevertheless I asked her to let the lady in.coming inside my office was,lo and behold,it was the Cassandra you know.I mean Cassandra,Tobe’s Friend….

Written by
Delis Juliet

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