My world episode 7

Chapter 7

…..Sometimes when those we love put up certain behaviors,we get ourselves thinking if we actually knew them at all.i couldn’t stop asking God why all these had to befall me.i was having a wonderful life with my wife untill this episodes of child’s delay came in.can’t there just be a happy home.cant marriages just be perfect,these and many more I couldn’t stop asking.

My wife was getting worse by the day.she could leave the house and come back at night without thinking of what I’d eat, especially since mama was around.she said mama annoys her,she doesn’t like seeing her.

My son,you can’t continue like this,how a woman disrespect you this much,only because you are facing a minor medical challenge,real wives supports their husbands in times like this,not what Tobi is can not continue like this.its better you are without a wife than have one who doesn’t respect or love you.mama enough,I interrupted,my wife loves me that I am very sure.the whole development is making her at this way, she’d get over it soon, and return back to her usual self.i stopped her.

I went into our bedroom and thought about my life.i love my wife,but I am losing her.l didn’t know what to do,or how to get about it.all women wants to carry their babies,so I know it’s hard on her.

That day,she came home drunk,she was smelling of alcohol,I knew Tobechukwu drinks once a while,but for her to get drunk out,is one side of her I discovered that day.she was saying all sort of rubbish,she fell on the sofa in the living room.i had to take her to the restroom to bath her,she had thrown up all over the place,I managed to undress her and gave her a bath.and then took her to our bedroom.what kind of a woman have you taking for a wife Temi,this one is going to kill you oh,a woman goes out and get herself drunk and her husband washes her.Temitope Temitope Temitope,how many times did I call you.mama shouted,I didn’t pay attention to her.i just went to our bedroom to join my wife. Nevertheless I thought about what mama said…

I had woken up before Tobe,I made breakfast,and brought to her in bed.she wokeup to a sumptuous breakfast before her in bed ….. what’s the occasion,she asked as she robbed the sleep off her celebrate your drunken night,I said looking at her.she was then starring at me, probably trying to remember what happened yesterday.


have something to eat,it will help for your hangover,I told her.there is one thing I have learnt in life,that violence and anger is not always the way.she ate gently,she really can’t resist breakfast in bed no matter how angry she is at me,I always manage to make her smile when ever I served her breakfast in bed.

When she had finished eating,she looked at me,and I could see my self in her Bright eyes,she held my hands and said, honey am so sorry for everything,I was really angry at mama,but unfortunately I passed the aggression on to you,you don’t deserve any of the things I had done to you,you have been the best husband in the world,you stood by me even when I had no atom of hope,thank you,some few drop of tears were already running down her cheeks.i wiped them off with my hands.Honey,I understand,the love I have for you is indescribable,you are MY WORLD,I understand what you are going through,it is not easy for me ,let alone another person.i know the woman I married,and I know that we shall scale through this together.
We hugged tightly,and had the second wonderful meal in bed😜😜😜😜😜,I hope you know what meal I am talking was so wonderful,we hadn’t had such in a while.we freshened up,and we were about going out to have fun.

Coming out,we met mama in the sitting room.We were so loved up and laughing out,mama was so surprised and she couldn’t even hide it.Temitope, what’s going on,your wife disrespect you and I,comes home late at night,and even gets drunk,here you are , laughing and smiling as if all is well what is wrong with you,what has this Omoigbo done to my child olorun.mama shouted…

Mama, aren’t you supposed to be happy seeing us like this,or you enjoy seeing my wife and I fight all the time.Tobi and I went out,leaving mama home..

My wife was back,I was gradually pleading with her to forgive mama her short comings,but unfortunately mama wasn’t even helping issuses…

It’s been two years after my medical discovery,and five years if marriage, my wife and I have been doing fine,not untill Cassandra came into the picture, Cassandra happenes to be one of her friends back in our university days,who was based abroad.we met her one Sunday Evening at the supermarket,my wife and her exchanged phone numbers and addresses.

Soon she became a regular visitor at our place,and that was the beginning of our problems yet againnnnnn…

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