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My world episode 2

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My world episode 2 by : 6:39 pm On June 13, 2021
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Written by
Delis Juliet

Chapter 2

….I was all smiles as I walked out of the restaurant with K,it felt liked I had won a jackpot,it then dawn on me I still loved that lady,I couldn’t help but thank the heavens for making our paths crossed again.i was very very Happy..

Oboy how far na,you just dey smile like roasted goat since we commote from that restaurant,come on man,you are acting so childish,K said.and you,why did you come and ruin everything by asking us to leave,you know how much I had loved that girl in school,for the first time i was bold enough to speak to her,she even gave me audience, everything was just going so perfect,untill you brought your annoying presence….I said

Look at this one,so I should have allowed you keep chatting with her ,at the expense of our jobs.K asked.what ever Kunle,you should have just allowed me enjoy the moment while you go to the office and cover up for me.

I hear you, because you never see girl before. TEMI Waka make we go office joor…

Getting to the office ,I was so joyious, love is a beautiful thing indeed.it was ready 5,and I wrapped up everything,it was time to close,I really needed to get home ,so I could peacefully call Tobi,of course without Kunle’s interference.okay man,e go dey be,see ya,I said to kunle as I rushed to where my car was ,so I could drive home,oboy where you dey go,K asked.Bush,I dey go for hunting,Alaye house na,I replied.is mama around,k asked again.noooo mama is not around.mama is not around,and you are rushing home few minutes past five on a Friday evening,brother man,are you okay,I mean it’s Friday,and it’s time with the boys , kunle said….oh kunle,you are right ohh,but not this Friday,there is something I need to do at home,an emergency actually…

What?, what’s up,is everything ok.,hope all is cool,do you need my help, K asked out of concern,,oh noooo,don’t worry K,it’s not what I can not handle, I’d handle everything trust me.okay,if you say so, kunle said, we shook hands and drove off..

Getting home,I rushed to the bathroom, freshened up,wore a nice shot and top,wore some nice deodorant and perfumes like I was preparing for a celebrity occasion,or like she was there in person.after all that,I lay majestically on my bed,I placed a call through to her Excellency.


answered,hello gorgeous,I replied.
Please who am I on to,she asked.Temitope from earlier today at the restaurant.oh Tope,goodday,a beautiful evening my lady,how was your day,I Asked,it was fine tanks ,and yours?,oh it was awesome, especially since I saw the face of the most beautiful lady,oh please Tope, enough with the flattering,,,,,,,
We spoke for several more minutes,I had butterflies in my stomach,I wanted to ask her about the guy in school then,but I resulted not spoiling the atmosphere with such,I didn’t want to push my luck to far.

Calling Tobi become a ritual,and my day certainly wasn’t complete if I didn’t hear from her.
Days had run into weeks and I asked her out,she agreed to having dinner with me.i took her to one of the finest restaurant I know,it was a romantic dinner by the way,she was marvelled at all she saw,she wasn’t expecting all that Certainly.she enjoined herself,and then I asked her to be mine,she gave a broad smile and said YES.i was very happy,we had become an item…

I was very happy the next day,so I disclosed the news to K,hmmmmmm at long last, Temi,you got your dream girl.am so happy for you brother man.my love life with Tobi was amazing, she was everything I hoped she was and more.she was loving,caring,nice, beautiful in and out, infact she was perfect.i felt I was the luckiest man alive.i took her out for shoppings,we went to small vacations to different places,all I wanted was just to make her happy .A smile on her face was an ocean of joy in my heart.i loved her so much and was very glad she loved me too.i just couldn’t imagine my life without her in it,hence I was ready to go forever with her.

She was coming over that weekend,when I made her favourite meal,did some romantic stuff with rose flowers,and then popped the big question.she happily said yes.i was more than happy, that was the most precious day of my life.the lady I loved so much had accepted to spend forever with me.it was worth celebrating,we went out and had fun,went shopping the next day and went to so many fun places…

On Sunday of it,I took her to see maami,she was a little anxious as I told her we were going to see mama,oh my God, honey,are you sure she’s going to like me,is my dress okay,are my shoes good,is my make up too heavy,is my hair fine,she kept asking different questions,honeyy,calm down, she’d like you,I mean,who will see an angel Iike you and not fall head over heels, sweetie,have you seen the mirror,you are simply perfect,I said.go joor,you are just flattering me,she replied..
Soon we had arrived Mama’s house.

Ibunkun, where is mama ,I asked from the girl leaving with her as a helper.E kaasan ma,e kaasam sir,she greeted,maami is inside,let me call her.

Soon maami came out,I greeted her and hugged her.goodafternoon mam , Tobi said,omo mi, good afternoon,mama replied.


is Tobi,the woman I want to settle down with,Tobi my beloved mother,with whom I am well pleased,we all laughed.she is such a beautiful lady.i like her already,what part of Yoruba are you from,mama asked.

Oh no ma, I am from the Eastern part.Anambra precisely, Tobi said.but your name is Tobi, Oluwatobiloba abi,, mama asked her,oh no mama,it is Tobechukwu ma,Tobi for short.Tobi replied…

So you are saying you are omo Igbo , mama asked,yes mama,I am.

Eheenn,, omo Igbo,,okayyyy,Temi,wa,I will like to have a word with you for some minutes..

I walked besides maami , while she leads the way….
I’d be back Honey,I said to Tobi……

Written by
Delis Juliet

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