My world episode 11

Chapter 11

…..Getting home I wasn’t myself,I couldn’t believe what I saw,a woman under my nose, someone I loved and cherished could do such to me without looking is indeed very was already late , I’d wanted to go see Tobe’s mother.she came home very very late that night,she was irritating me.i didn’t even say a word to her,and she probably would have been surprised,since she didn’t leave anything for mama and I to eat.i was waiting for the break of dawn,so I could go to her mother’s….

First thing in the morning of the next day,I got dressed and went to her mother’s place.i narrated all that had happened,from my mother’s attitude towards Tobi at the beginning of our marriage,from our finding out I was the problem,and how Tobi changed from bad to worse…the mother was very very disappointed in her daughter…my son,yes your wife complained about your mother’s attitude towards her at first,I told her not to take everything she said and was doing to her to heart,as your mother was just being a naive African woman,I always told her to be thankful,at least she has a caring husband like you.she came sometime later to tell me the development of things,how it was discovered you were the one with the problem,I then told her it was time for her to reciprocate the kindness you showed her when your mother was on her neck ,by standing by you,I told her I shall be with you people in prayer,which I have been doing,,I never knew my daughter had become a beast….But why didn’t you tell me,I mean,I have been coming to visit you two,and you act like all was well,,she asked,,mama I thought I could handle it,I said…oh no no no,,,I am like your mother,you should have told me,my 38 years of been married to my husband before he passed,I didn’t see the nakedness of any other man,so from who did she take after such dubious character..she brought her cellphone,and placed a call to her daughter, pretending she was sick and dying,so she could come I guess…

In less than an hour or there about,she was with the mother.mamma what is it,she asked her, Tobechukwu,sit,the mother said..mama I thought you were sick, what’s going on here,and why is he here,she said.He, Tobechukwu He,you are referring to your husband as He,Tobechi,what is wrong with you.Tobechukwu,so everything I told you, didn’t get to you,so Tobechi,you have been cheating on your husband,that’s a sin before God and man,from whom did you learn that,,mama asked her…

Oh I see,I see you have been trailing me,so your joblessness has deteriorated to this level,that you would pick up trailing me from one place to another as your new careerrr,,,mama landed two hot slaps on her both cheeks,shut up and sit down,mama shouted,mama you slapped me,Tobe asked in shock,and I am ready to slap you over and over again,what rubbish,how dare you disrespect your husband like that, especially in my presence.with these actions of yours,your husband’s accusations of infidelity is obviously true,don’t you know it is an abomination to be involved with another man while still married to your husband,oh mama I know,she interrupted, that’s why I want to be free from the shackles of tradition.i can’t be married to a dead wood,so I am giving myself freedom, because I do deserve it.I am filling for a DIVORCE,she said.

I was shocked to hear that,in as much as I was mad at Tobe,I wasn’t even contemplating a divorce,she was the one who disrespected me in all levels,yet,she wants a divorce.this world is so not fear,I definitely didn’t deserve all these from Tobe,but one thing I was sure,was that,I was not going to beg her to stay married,we had long separated as man and wife anyways,she was only wanting it to be formal,she had stopped sleeping in our matrimonial room,long stopped cooking for me or doing any other house chores,so if she wanted divorce,then she would definitely get it…

You said what?,mama asked her, Tobechukwu,are you mad,Di what?,mama asked.. mama,there is no point pretending anymore,I do not love this man any more,my heart and soul belongs to someone now.i feel nothing for him, absolutely nothing.Tobechukwu this is not you,this is certainly not you,mama cried out loud.mama please calm down, remember your health,I said.i actually came here for peace and the way forward in our marriage,but if this is what Tobe wants,then let her go on mama,you can force a horse to the stream,but can definitely not force it to drink water,we can make her remain in the marriage,but can’t make her love me,,so it’s better she’s free,I said.

Thank God ,for once you reasoned with your head like a man,Tobe said and walked away….

My son,I am deeply sorry it had to get to this.i shall try and talk to her,mama said.oh no mama,I wasn’t your fault,ever since I took your daughter as my wife,you have been a mother to me,that I am forever grateful,I child,be strong,no matter what happens,you will always remain my child…nama said.I hugged her tightly,some tear drops running down my not cry, Tobechukwu dose not deserve your tears.i cried and cried,at some point she allowed me, saying I should cry out my pains,after which I’d be stronger.indeed it worked.after some minutes,I was ready to go back home…

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