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My grumpy cush episode 7

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My grumpy cush episode 7 by : 9:28 pm On June 13, 2021
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🍅My Grumpy Crush 🍅

😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie? 😏




We drove into a giant mansion and he parked the car at the garage.

I was so stunned as we walked into the house, I followed him silently and we got to a bedroom and walked in.

That’s our room… He finally said breaking the silence

Your room you mean… I said and he grinned ear to ear and frowned again

Whatever! For now you just have to play along as Mrs Maja Marco Avelino OK… He said less concerned

What a jerk he is! I said to myself as i placed my bag on the table beside the bed.

Owwwwwwww! I yawned tiredly as i glanced at the wall clock.

What? 11pm? No wonder am so exhausted… I said to myself

The bathroom door was thrown open and Marco came out…

He only had a towel tied round his waist showing his s£×y manly chest, he looked extremely handsome…

I was already drooling when his voice brought me out of my day dream.

Hey! What are you staring at? He asked as i shook my head

Better! He said as he walked away

I just hate this place…. I said as i sat heavily on the bed.


I sulked myself to sleep, I was so famished but I had no choice than to cry myself to sleep.

I staggered into the room and saw my wife…let’s just call her that laying on the couch and shivering in cold.

What kind of local girl is this? I mean don’t she f√¢king know that it’s cold here due to the snow huh? Anyways how will she know? Has she ever crossed the border of the country? Poor freak! I said as i stared at her in disgust.

She just knows her place… Sleeping on the couch suits her.. I said as i jumped on the bed and drifted off to the land of dreams.

Grinnnnnnnn……. Grinnnnnnnnn….. 🔔 🔔

That was the damn alarm clock ringing!!

Arggghhh! I said as i angrily turned it off and rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I turned to the couch but Maja wasn’t there.

Where is she? I asked myself as i quickly stood up from the bed.

I opened the bathroom door but she wasn’t there.

Has she escaped? I asked myself as the door was thrown open and she entered with a tray.

Here is your breakfast! She said politely as i walked closer to the table where she kept the mug and picked it up and gasped.

What the hell! I yelled in displease

I almost fainted as i heard him scream in disgust and I turned to him.
Anything the matter sir? I asked anxiously

Do you plan on poisoning me you slut? He asked arrogantly as tears circulated in my eyes and i blinked hard to avoid crying.

He just called me a slut! I said to myself

What do you mean? I asked

Oh my gosh! What the f√¢k do you add to the coffee? He asked eagerly

Just 2 tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of sugar and… I said

Did you just say sugar? I don’t take sugar dummy! Yuck! Take this worthless yucky junk food out of my sight… He said grumply

Am sorry! Let me make you a different one… I said as tears rushed down my cheeks

Never mind! Pour that filthy coffee away and don’t worry am gonna eat out lest you poison me… he said as he walked away from me as i rushed downstairs to the kitchen.


He’s the worst person I have ever known and seen! I just hate myself for accepting this contract called marriage in fact am gonna end this useless deal today…. I said in tears and heartbreak

For the past six hours, the grumpy jerk that calls himself my husband is not back.

I sat in the bathtub 🛀 filled with lots of soap foam.

I held the 🚿 hand shower and pour the water on my body.

My skin was glowing actually I know that money is really good it’s barely a month since I started the contract called marriage but my skin looks so fresh and soft.

Just then, the door was thrown open….

I quickly opened the door…

I saw Maja in the bathtub taking a shower, she looks extremely beautiful.

Her skin was glowing… Am I falling for her? No way! I said as i quickly closed the door.

Maja is really beautiful! I mean she looks like a princess, she’s so endowed with natural features… I said as i walked downstairs and sat at the living room watching TV.


of Maja filled my mind, does this mean that am finally falling in love with her?

No way! she’s not my type! this is just a contract and nothing more… I said but I couldn’t stop thinking of her.

Minutes later, Maja walked downstairs…

She was dressed in a flimsy night wear showing her elegant curves and round B@@bs.

Her laps were so hot and spotless… s£×y!! 😍

I just hope I would be able to resist this.. I said to myself

Her lips was soft and smooth… I feel like klzzing her right now but I had to hold myself

I want to talk to you! She said wearing a frown

Am all ears… I said trying to pretend to be focused on the TV

Am done with this! She said and I gasped

Say what? I asked anxiously

I said am done! Yea…am really sick and tired of this whole mess… She said

Are you for real? I asked and laughed in pretence

Isn’t it obvious? Sir Marco I am so tired of this drama like am done with it.. she said

And the money? I asked

You can go with your money! I don’t need it cos am actually packing my things …she said

You mean… I said as suddenly the door bell rang loudly

ARE YOU EXPECTING ANYONE? We asked each other in unison…

Do we like the idea of Maja quitting? 😭Buh Marco is too arrogant swears!😅
Wait ooo who’s on the door? 🙄

Apologies dearies!

Keep following…

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