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My grumpy cush episode 5

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My grumpy cush episode 5 by : 9:26 pm On June 13, 2021
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🍅My Grumpy Crush 🍅

😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie? 😏

Sugar la sweet 🌷


I was so shocked as i looked at them confused.

What? Me? Sir I… I tried speaking but Marco cut me off and eyed me.

Oh dear! Really? Forgive me my dear! I never knew you are the one my son finally choose to settle down with… His mom said hugging me.

Awwwnnn… Her perfume was extra ordinarily superb.

Welcome to the family dear..his dad smiled at me

Thank you sir! Thank you ma’am… I said playing along

What the heck am i doing? Why am i even playing along? Shouldn’t I just run out of here like this minute? I thought within myself

She’s quite beautiful son and lovable too… His mom said as my face beamed in smile

Sure mom! I love beautiful things especially my Maja Locsin… He said as he held me close to himself.

Oh no! I can’t believe my grumpy crush is actually hugging me so tight… I said to myself

Beautiful things indeed! The young girl said cat walking around me and Marco

What do you mean Claire? His mom aaked

You’re Maja right? She asked and I nodded

You know what Maja? Try being your real self than faking around… She said rudely

Just like her brother, she’s also rude and arrogant but their parents are actually cool… I thought

Marco was scared to the bone marrow thinking that Claire might have found out that we are actually not in any sort of relationship.

What do you mean Claire? Marco’s mom asked

Claire walked up to me and touched the pendant of my necklace.

Just look at this! Looks exactly like my own but you know what you shouldn’t be excited that we have same pendant cos yours is just a fake and I hope that as your pendant is a fake that you are not equally fake… Claire said arrogantly as she threw q dangerous stare at me and walked upstairs.


in the room daddy and mommy, I got a jet lag.. She said as i felt goosebumps run down my body.

why must I have haters everywhere I go? I thought

Don’t mind her dear, come on let’s have lunch together… His mom said warmly

Ooh am sorry mom but I really have to go, it’s an emergency.. I lied as my eye caught with Marco’s..

But dear! This is our first lunch together with our new daughter in law… She said sweetly

I just wished that was true but it is not… I said to myself

I would have loved to have lunch with you but I have an emergency besides we have lots of times to have lunch as a family… I said as they smiled

Alright darling.. See you soon… They said as i turned to go

OK mom and dad, let me see her off… Marco said and followed me outside.

What the hell was all that drama for? I can’t believe am in such a mess! I groaned as we left the compound

Excuse me sir Marco! I don’t understand what just happened in there… I said confused

Well uhmm… Maja you see this is just a game, I will pay you 50 million bucks if you play along… Marco said as my eye widened in shock.

50 million? What a huge amount of money! I said to myself

I still don’t get it sir! I said

Well the woman you saw in there is my mom Lady Bea Avelino and the man is my father the owner of Avelino’s group of companies and the owner of Avelino’s estates Mr Francis Avelino and the girl you saw is my only sibling and sister, a fashionista and a model in the states Claire Avelino. My parents wanted me to settle down here in the Philippines and that was the reason why i came back from the states in the first place.

So I wasn’t even ready to get a girlfriend talk more of a fiancee, but due to the pressure they were putting on me, I lied to them that i already have a girlfriend and that I proposed to her and will be getting married next week, they were so happy and told me that they can’t make it to the wedding cos of some business project and I was excited.

But then, they just got here unannounced and I needed to cover up since I wasn’t prepared so how much will I pay you for the deal? He asked and I kept mute.

Listen! You will have to act and play along like my girlfriend and you will have to marry me next week and in just three months, we can annul the marriage you go your way and I do the same… he said simply

Oh my gosh! I feel like ripping his heart from his chest, so arrogant like his crazy sister huh? He thinks it’s easy! I thought burning up in anger


is so wrong sir Marco… I said trying to conceal my anger

But I’ve got no choice… he said rather carefreely

I don’t think i can do this! Am really sorry… I said and turned to leave but he pulled me back

Do you think I will take no for an answer? You just played along so you will continue to, it’s 50 million that’s at stake here… He said as i stood in agape….



This Marco is really arrogant don’t you agree? 😏
My goodness! He never thought of how our Mama will feel… 😯
I think fate is playing a fast one on 😘😘
Keep following And remember I love y’ all

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