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My grumpy cush episode 4

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My grumpy cush episode 4 by : 9:25 pm On June 13, 2021
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🍅My Grumpy Crush 🍅

😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie? 😏


🌷Sugar 🌷


I unwillingly followed Nadine straight to the VVIP lodge, it was dark and I thanked God cos i never wanted to see his face.

Sir here she is! Nadine said as she turned to me giving me a dangerous stare but that did not matter to me .

So it was you who made this? He asked with a stern voice

Ye…ye…. Yes sir… I said with a teary voice as i blinked hard so that I wouldn’t cry.

Well Barbara! He said turning to madam Barbara

Did he just called the elderly woman by her name? I said to myself but then I was still scared

Yes sir Marco! Madam Barbara said

Do you offer home services? He asked and Madam Barbara agreed immediately

Actually I like the beef roll, very delicious and I would like her to be preparing it and delivering it to my place… He said

Did i hear him right? Oh my God! I hope this is not a dream, my Marco actually likes the beef roll? I said to myself as my face brightened and beam in smiles

What? What the hell! He liked it…. Nadine said to my hearing as she stared at me disgustedly with total hatred.

Of course Sir, I mean Maja’s services is really the best, my customers today have been complimenting her… Madam Barbara said smiling at me.

Gosh! I felt like a celebrity…

Let her prepare it and supply it… By the way, what’s your name? Marco asked turning to me.

Is he really asking me for my name? I blushed

Me? I asked him to make sure

Yes! You…. He replied

Am Maja Locsin sir…. I said

Alright miss Maja, thumbs up… He said as he quickly stood up and left with his bodyguards following him like a god.

Nice job Maja! Madam Barbara smiled at me as she walked away

I turned to go but Nadine dragged me by my ear back.


do you think you are going to? Just because you were complimented doesn’t mean you should start behaving like a princess…. Nadine said cruely

Let me go! You’re hurting me… I said as she freed me roughly

So what now? Just because you were complimented you are already feeling like Marco’s new wife huh? You might be so lucky today but not always, so your plans is to leave this table for me to clear right? You must be mad silly! Nadine said as she pushed me aside and walked away.

Why does she hate me this much? What wrong did i do to her to deserve this kind of hatred? I asked myself as i sighed and carried the tray.


Later that night, Jenna and I were heading home when one of the maids rushed to us.

Are you telling me the truth? Jenna asked in excitement

Yes bestie! He said it to my face that I was a good cook…. I said happily as we walked out of the gate

Am so happy for you bestie… Jenna said as we hugged

Maja! Maja!! Jenna!!! A voice shouted from behind and we turned around

Ooh! Selena what is it? We asked in unison

It’s Madam Barbara, she said i should call you Maja… She said

What for? She have already paid us off… We said as we followed her

We walked into madam Barbara’s office.

Yes ma’am! We answered

sit down girls… she said smiling broadly as we sat down

Actually I called you girls back to compliment you for a well done job tonight… she said

Thank you ma’am! We said smiling

And I’ve decided to hire you girls to start working fully in the hotel… She said as we jumped for joy

Bestie! Jenna said as we jumped up

And as for Maja, here is a key, once you get outside you will see a new motorcycle with a helmet on it, it’s now yours you will be using it for supply of beef roll for Marco Avelino… She said as we rejoiced happily.

I watched them rejoice from the window and my hatred for the both of them increased.

I hate those crazy girls, why did I even accept them to work tonight… They are slowly winning madam Barbara’s trust and making me look inferior! She even both a motorcycle for that Maja! I yelled in anger.

I will ruin in your miserable life Maja Locsin! Watch your back cos i will make sure you gnash your teeth in pain, that I promise you… I said as i walked away

I started working at the hotel and i must tell you, my savings increased at least to pay up Mia’s tuition fee and to buy food for us.


am just facing Mamang and her children’s troubles.

I already prepared a delicious beef roll and packaged it as I started my new motorcycle putting on my helmet.

I speeded off heading straight to the Avelino’s estates.

I drove smartly and stopped at the estate in front of a huge nice black gate.

My jaw dropped in awe, I was so shocked to see such a building, in my entire life if I were told that I will stand afar and see such a giant mansion, I would have disbelieved talk more of entering into it.

I pressed the door bell and the security guard let me in, he didn’t even ask me who I was probably his master must have told him.

Moreover I was wearing a pink T-shirt with skycity written behind it.

I entered the mansion looking around in shock. I was holding the package of beef roll.

OMG! Is this really where sir Marco lives? Wow! He’s even living alone in such a huge mansion.

I was told to wait for him at the sitting room, I didn’t even sit down cos i was scared I might spoil something which I know I can’t pay for.

Hey! I heard a voice from the stairs

Good day sir! I brought the package and… I said and bowed my head in fear

Keep the f***king package on that dinning, pick up that cheque from the table and f√¢k off… He said arrogantly as I kept the package and turned to leave.

Wait! He said as i halted

Don’t forget to shut the door behind you! He said as i quickly walked away

He’s such a meanie! I thought and left immediately.

So rude! I said to myself


Well I continued with my supply of beef roll to MY GRUMPY CRUSH.

He was so mean, cheer less and hot tempered most of all insultive I guess that’s because he’s rich.

Life kept sailing and keep tolerating Mamang and her children including Nadine’s grumpy attitude.

One fateful day, I went to the mansion to supply a package to him. I walked in as usual, kept the package on the dinning and turned to leave.

Hope this package is more yummier… he said not smiling

Yes sir! I said and he smiled and then frowned.

Did he just smiled at me? I was so stunned cos since I started supplying the beef roll to him, I’ve never seen him smile

Marco! Marco!! I heard voices and turned around, I saw a young girl and an elderly lady and a gentleman followed by bodyguards

What the f√¢k! He muttered as they hugged him

Mom I thought you guys were gonna come back by next month? He asked

Come on son, we would never want to miss your wedding next week so we are here for it… The woman said and he forced a smile

Wedding? Is he getying married? I asked myself

And who is she? The young girl asked pointing at me as he stammered

SHE’S MY FIANCEE… He said as my jaw dropped in shock….
Is he for real?
Did he say Maja is he’s fiancee?
Like, comment and add up… Luv y’ all

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