My grumpy cush episode 3

🍅My Grumpy Crush 🍅

😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie?😏


🌷Sugar 🌷


I heard the sound of the broken glass and rushed into Maja and her friend Jenna picking broken pieces of glass.

Maja! I yelled in displease as crying Maja quickly went on her knees pleading with her friend Jenna.

Am really sorry Nadine! I didn’t mean for this to happen, it was a mistake…. She pleaded

Nadine please don’t tell madam Barbara about this else my friend might loose her money… Her friend begged

Jenna! Get out of here now, back to work… I ordered as she left with a sorry face and I turned to crying Maja.

You idiot! That glass you just broke costs more than your worthless life and if you and your whole family are sold that won’t even replace the glass… I screamed at her with total hatred

Am really sorry… She cried as the land telephone rang aloud and i picked it up.

Hello! I said as i picked it up

Please sir Marco ordered for baked beef roll….. The caller said

Alright! I said and hung up

🤔In Nadine’s thought🤔

What do I do to this worthless girl called Maja, I just feel like throwing her out of this hotel cos i so much despise her but then I think I have an idea…… (smiling☺)

Wow! How about I make her publicly humiliated by making madam Barbara herself in front of my Marco and I know the press will surely be here and she will be made a laughing stock… She will never show her ugly face here ever again…..

Uhmm… I will conceal this on one condition… I said turning to Maja who was still in tears

What is it Nadine? She asked cleaning her tears

I want you to bake a beef roll, it’s for Sir Marco Avelino do it now… I ordered

What? Sir Marco! Her face changed as she looked tensed

Yes you heard me… I said

But I can’t bake that perfectly, you know am still new in this… She said

Are you that dumb? were you not here watching me when I made that for one of the customers? I asked

Yes I was watching you but am not yet perfect please I can’t do it… She cried

Oh really? You are not going to do it? Alright, let me go then… I said and turned to go

Where are you going to Nadine? She asked visibly scared

To madam Barbara of course… I said

OK! Fine, I will do it…. She said

Good! Be fast about that!! I ordered and walked away smiling to myself.

How do I start now? What if Sir Marco doesn’t like what I make? I cried

How silly am I? Why did I have to let that glass break? Now that witch Nadine is using it to blackmail me…

What did she do, did she chop the beef into tiny pieces before mixing the flour?

oh God! Please save me from this… I cried

Minutes later, I was already done and took out the fresh beef roll from the oven and Nadine came in and carried it to serve sir Marco.

As soon as she lives, I started praying in my mind.

I had always wanted to catch a sight of my dream boyfriend Marco Avelino but right now I don’t even want to see his clothes talk more of seeing him cos of anxiety.

I served the beef roll to him, I couldn’t even see his face cos there were lots of bodyguards following him.

Besides the VVIP lodge is really dark with dimmed light I guess that’s how he wants it.

He used a serviette towel to pick up the beef roll and ate of it.

Geez! He yelled with a kinda mixed feelings I guess

My plans are slowly falling in place… I smiled to myself

Who made this? He asked arrogantly

Uhmm sir do you like it? I asked

Are you stupid? You dare not answer my question with a question you bitch! He said unpleasantly

He’s so rude! I said to myself

Am sorry sir! I said politely

Get your rotten self out of here and go get me the fucking person that made this… He said cruely

OK sir! I turned to leave as Madam Barbara entered

Hope you are enjoying the snack sir? Madam Barbara said smiling but he ignored her as he pulled out a stick of cigarette and lighted it then smoked.

What a meanie! I said to myself and walked out.

Finally my plans worked… I laughed as I left the VVIP lodge.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Maja figiating.

Maja! I called her mockingly as she turned to me

Sir Marco wants to see you idiot… I laughed devilishly as she almost collapsed in anxiety.

What? She said in confusion as tears rolled down her cheeks…

Who cares! 😏


What’s gonna happen to our Maja? 🙁🙁

Am so scared already!! 😬😬

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