My grumpy crush episode 14

🍅 My Grumpy Crush🍅

😒Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie? 😒




🌸Semi- final episode 🌸

I saw Mia looking at me with tears rolling down her cheeks.

I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore so tears streamed down my cheeks equally.

Go back to your room Mia, your and I have some urgent problems to solve…. Jenna said covering up

No aunt Jenna! Am not going anywhere….i know my sister really needs me… Mia said as she quickly hugged me.

I didn’t do it Mia, I swear I didn’t…. I wailed uncontrollably

I know you didn’t Atee! Mia replied as she held me tight.

You know what Atee? Let’s go see the girl who you said wants to have you jailed… Mia said

No Mia! You can’t go see her, she’s in the mansion but she really is something else so please I don’t want you to get hurt…. I cried bitterly.


Some minutes later, I entered my car and drove out of Jenna’s apartment to the mansion.

I don’t know what my fate may be but I just pray and hope that am being vindicated cos am innocent… I muttered driving home.

I was almost suffocating as sweat filled my body and I was wet…..

You might be confused about what am saying but don’t be!

Actually I sneaked into my sister’s car boot and hid inside.

I was determined to talk to the mean woman she called Claire whose accusing her falsely.

She have been driving for a long time though and I prayed fervently that we get to her destination real quick before I lose my breath.

Some minutes later, I felt the car stopped and heard some footsteps.

Uhmm… Honey! You are back…. A voice said then I heard my sister’s voice

Yes love …that was my atee’s voice and I waited for sometime so that she can leave.

I slowly opened the car boot and looked out of it to see if someone was coming but there is no-one.

I sneaked out quietly and gradually tiptoed into the mansion.

It was really a palace I must say…..

I followed the stairs and hide by a flower vase.

Then I saw a young girl dressed up really classy as she walked up.

I held my breath praying she doesn’t see me if not I will be termed a burglar.

Luckily she didn’t see me, she opened a door and walked in.

It’s probably her room I guess.
Just then, I heard her phone ring inside the room and she picked it up and I quickly tiptoed to her door.

I placed my ear on her door eavesdropping her conversation..

My cell phone rang aloud and i picked it up….

I was so exhausted Codi was discharged from the hospital earlier today.

Oops! Not like something really happened to me though.

📞Hello! …did you take out the copy of what happened on the CCTV cameras?… You placed it on my table?

📞I want a clean job so that that useless girl that calls herself Maja will be behind bars for good… I laughed as I hung up.

I looked at the table in my room and saw a USB kept there.

this is the CCTV cameras of the day I was poisoned…i had to wipe it so that I wouldn’t be exposed.

I picked it up and smiled devilishly….

By the time am done with you Maja, your life and that of your miserable relatives will be ruined… I laughed devilishly as suddenly there was a knock on my door and I quickly hid the USB under my pillow.

Come in… I said as Mom walked into my room

Baby! Dinner’s ready… She said as i nodded and she left.

I locked my door and quickly picked up the USB and put it into my handbag and left my room for the dinning.

Immediately i saw the old lady coming towards my direction, I hid by the flower vase.

She left and I peeped by the door and saw the lady putting the clip she called USB into her handbag.

She got up to leave the room and I hid again.

As soon as she leaves, I opened the door and entered the room.

I quickly picked up her handbag and searched for the clip.

I found it inside the bag and I put it into my skirt’s pocket and I dropped her bag and left the room immediately.

I have a feeling this clip has something to do with me Atee’s case.

I sneaked out again….

Luckily for me, the gate of the mansion was wide open as a car was driving in.

I rushed out of the gate so that I wouldn’t be caught.

Security! Did you see a little girl run out of the mansion? The man driving the car asked as he came out from the car, he looks elderly… Probably the wicked miss father.

No sir! The security guard who was sure no little girl entered the house said as he locks the gate.

I was so relieved that the man believed the security guard.

I ran as fast as my little leg could carry me and luckily for me, I saw some coin inside my pocket so I flagged down a cab and hop in.

I was already very worried cos i haven’t seen Mia since Maja left the house.

Where on earth is she? I asked anxiously as i kept walking up and down restlessly.

I was about to call her sister when I saw her walking towards me

I folded my arms feigning anger and looking at her as she smiles mischievously.

Where on earth are you coming from? I asked anxiously

Uhmm… Aunt Jenna I went to take errr… A text book from Selena my friend… She stammered

And you didn’t bother telling me? don’t you know I got worried? I asked

Am sorry aunt! Mia said sweetly as i patted her hair and she walks in.

The next morning, Aunt Jenna left for the court cos today is actually the D day.

But before she left, I asked her the name of the court and she told me.

Immediately she left, I rushed in and brought out her laptop.

I needed to watch what’s in the wicked miss clip…

I inserted the USB and started watching it.

OMG! my jaw dropped in shock

I sat in the witness box as tears rolled down my cheeks and I watched Claire roll her eyes in excitement.

I have no evidence to prove my innocence ….

COURT! Case 502 attempted murder!! I therefore pronounce the accused GUILTY and so Mrs Maja Marco Avelino being guilty of the attempted murder of Miss Claire Avelino is sentenced to 25 years in prison me…. The judge said but someone cut her off.

WAIT! a tiny voice shouted and everyone turned around…..

😱 This is getting more interesting and ho, oh God please save Maja😭

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Isn’t Mia cute? 😍

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