My grumpy crush episode 13

🍅My Grumpy Crush🍅

😏Subtitle: Am I in love with that meanie? 😏


🌷Sugar Pinky Preshy🌷


I rushed into the ward and to my greatest surprise, I saw mom crying and cursing my Maja.

How could you Maja? You want my only daughter killed? You poisoned her you wretched brat… Mom yelled at her

Mom I didn’t do anything of that sort I… Maja cried

Shut up! Don’t you dare call me Mom… I can never be mother to a murderer… Mom yelled

What’s going on here mom? Baby why are you crying? I asked confused

Baby I don’t…. Maja tried speaking but mom cut her off

Shut up you ungrateful little witch! Marco your only sister is lying lifelessly in there all because of your miserable wife… Mom said and I frowned

Mom your words please… I said but she gave out a loud sigh

She… That devil you called a wife poisoned your sister… Mom said and I gasped in surprise

I didn’t do that Marco I can swear I didn’t… Maja cried

Mommy the Maja I know and got married to can’t hurt a fly talk more of killing someone… I said shocked

Then who poisoned your sister? Who wanted to have Claire killed? Mom asked and I scratched my hair in confusion.

I sat up on the hospital bed smiling broadly.

Well done doctor! I will send you some money to your account… I said

OK ma’am! But why did you have to lie? I mean this is very risky…. It’s a big risk to the hospital… The doctor said as i flared up angrily

Shut up you stupid fool! Listen… If you ever reveal this to anyone, you will be punished.. I yelled at her

Am sorry ma’am! She said as she walked out of the room

No-one can stop me from making that useless bitch to leave our mansion for good… I laughed devilishly


Some minutes later, Mom, Marco, dad and the crying worthless Maja walked into my ward.

I was lying helplessly on the bed sulking when they came in.

Mom rushed to me and hugged me tightly with tears running down her cheeks.


Thank goodness you are awake ….mom cried

Yes mommy! Daddy… I called pathetically

Claire dear! Dad said as he held my hand

Am going to get justice for what happened to you my dear! She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and we didn’t know for a long time but now she’s going to pay for all her crimes.. My dad said and I smiled to myself.

What do you mean dad? I know my wife, she can’t do that which you guys are accusing her of… Marco said as he held the witch close to himself, she did nothing but crying.

What the hell has this useless girl done to my brother to make him trust and love her like this? I thought

Just shut up Marco! That devilish wife of yours tried to kill your only sister and you are here siding with her… Dad roared in anger

I won’t take part in this wickedness dad and mom, I don’t care how you guys see it but I refuse to believe what you are saying… Marco said

Marco I almost died, your heartless wife poisoned the food she prepared for me and here you are taking her side… I said pretending to be hurt

Enough Claire! One more word from you I will be forced to do what I do not want to do… Marco warned

You have been bewitched by that scumbag you call your wife Marco… Mom said in agony

I wouldn’t stand here and watch you guys insult my wife… Maja let’s go baby! Marco said as he held her hand and they walked out

Maja! Dad called with anger written boldly on his face and Maja turned around in tears.

Meet you in court! Yes, cos i have filed a case against you for attempted murder…. Dad said as i was so overjoyed within me.

Tears rolled down Maja’s cheeks but Marco wiped them out and held her tight as they walked away together.

Don’t worry baby! We will get justice for your attempted murder OK… Mom said as i nodded and dad smiled at me.

“Am so happy so finally, Maja is going to be behind bars and my brother will have no option than to marry the one who deserves him and who I want for him”…. I laughed

Come on now Maja! wipe your tears, I know and believe you can’t do such a thing and the good Lord will vindicate you.. Jenna said with her hand holding my neck and consoling me

Jenna I don’t know what i did to deserve this kind of allegations, I mean they even filed a case against me… I cried helplessly.

Calm down Maja! it’s not the end of the world, you are even lucky that your husband believed you, it would have been worst if he disbelieved you… Jenna said


he went to meet with his lawyer, Jenna just look at the kind of torture I landed in for making breakfast for Claire wholeheartedly… I wailed

It’s OK! stop crying… Jenna consoled me

And please i don’t want Mia to hear about this cos she might become depressed and unable to concentrate in her studies…. I said

Alright Maja! but you have to promise me you will stop crying… Jenna said as i quickly started cleaning my eyes

WHAT DON’T YOU WANT ME TO KNOW ATEE? A tiny voice asked from behind and I gasped in surprise….

😭I think Maja is in big trouble now, she doesn’t even have any evidence to prove that she’s innocent? What’s going to happen now? 😭

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