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My daughter crazy nanny episode 12_13

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My daughter crazy nanny episode 12_13 by : 8:04 pm On April 28, 2021
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🍨 My
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)
Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
🍓 KATE 🍓
I came back from the mall to see Bunny, moving tho and fro in the living room and immediately i knew something was wrong somewhere.
She didn’t even notice me she was just talking to herself, saying things like.
” How dare that good for nothing witch try to kill me.”
” Who does she think she is.” She murmured angrily.
I looked up the steps to see my brother Kyle looking at her, I have never seen my brother look at a woman that way before.
Ever since my brother hailed Bunny as his daughter’s nanny, he changed completely.
The Kyle i know, can never stayed a day without having s£× with a woman. But ever since I came back I haven’t seen him with one before.
I think my brother is in love with Bunny but is scared to tell her because of how brutal she is.
And I have a feeling that Bunny likes my brother too, but her crazy character won’t let her acknowledge her feelings.
Only one way to find out.
Why not I make a deal with my cousin Bella, too get her a new mummy.
Come back from school early Bella we have lot of work to do.
Immediately she saw me she smiled, even an idiot will know that was a fake smile she is not happy and I know it.
” Bunny what’s the matter? You don’t look okay, you can talk to me you know.” I said but she just looked at me and then to Kyle and breath out.
” Kate I was attacked today by some gun men on my way back from Bella’s school.” She replied sitting tiredly on the sofa in the living room.
I could see the anger in Kyle’s eyes, one thing only me knows about my brother is, his actually at bloody beast when his angry. And right now his damn angry.
He just looked at Bunny and said to her.
” Bunny go inside your room take a shower and get some sleep live the witch for me.” Kyle said to Bunny.
” What about Bella?” Bunny asked.
” I will bring her back from school myself.” He replied and she nodded.
I think this is the best opportunity to take permission to go see Jude this evening.
So I cleared my throat and began.
” Kyle I …… I want to asked for your permission to go see a friend, I promise I won’t be long.” I said hoping he won’t freak out.
” Kate is this so called friend your going to see is it in anyway Jude?” He asked looking into my eyes.
” Yes.” I replied with my head bowed.
” Do you still love him?” He asked.
” As much as it hurts me to say it yes I do love Jude.” I replied.
” Then give him a chance, it wasn’t his fault he was drugged.” He said to me and he left.
Bunny also touched my shoulder and left for her room too.
I think I have to go get ready to go meet Jude.
I just hope it goes well.
🍀 Story by Victoria Peter🍀
🍆 KYLE 🍆
I stormed into my room angrily.
How dare Molly, how dare her try to screw my life up huh?
First it was Vera, Bella’s mom, and then Milly her twin sister and my fiancée and now my Bunny.
That’s never gonna happen.
I know you guys maybe surprised, mentioned Vera’s name because I said she died during delivery must they are all lies.
The doctor made us believe that she died during delivery but he was a liar.
Vera use to be my secretary.
She was beautiful and s£×y. She was a blonde hair lady in her early twenties.
One thing about me is, I maybe a playboy but I never f√¢k my workers it a policy I made and was very ready to abide in it.
Not until one day, we went to a party and we both got drunk and that was how it all happened.
I had s£× with her and that was how she got pregnant for me, at first I told her to get rid of the baby, but she bluntly refused.
She carried the baby and on the day of her delivery, she was at my house when her water broke and I took her to the hospital without knowing that Molly has already payed the doctor to kill both Vera and my baby.
The doctor killed Vera but didn’t have the heart to kill an innocent baby, so he refused to.
And the day Molly died I cut one of her gun men Richard popularly known as scorpion🦂🦂.
And he became my spy.
Through my help, he found out that Molly’s mother is his long lost sister.
He was actually kidnapped by a mafian drug lord, and that was how he became an assassin.
And when Molly sent them to kill her mum, he took her away and burned an empty car making them believe he killed her.
I think Molly coming after my Bunny is actually out of the picture.
I fell in love with iron lady the first day I set my eye on her, at first I thought it was only lust but the feeling kept getting stronger.
And I will do anything to protect what mine even though it’s my last breath.
I too my phone and dialed scorpions line. He picked up on the second ring.
📲 ” Hello scorpion, I need something from you and it about your cousin.” 📲
📲” Am at your service Kyle, what exactly do you want me to do.” 📲
📲” I want you to keep an eye on Molly for me, I want to know where she goes, what she does? And everything.” 📲
📲” Consider it done.” 📲
📲” Okay bye and be safe.” 📲
I said and hang up.
🍀Story by Victoria Peter🍀
🍊 JUDE 🍊
I was still in the office, doing some work on my laptop when I heard a knock on the door.
” Please come in.” I said and my secretary walked in.
” Elizabeth is there any problems?” I asked with my eyes still on the laptop.
” Sir it 2 o’clock already, you said you were going to see someone by 3 isn’t it.” She said.
“Okay you may leave.” I said and she left.
I quickly rounded up with what I was doing and left.
When i got home I packed the car at the garage and stepped down.
I went straight to my room took my bath and dressed up in a blue crazy Jean trouser and white shirt with a black canvas and black face cap.
Took my car keys and stepped out of the house, took my black Benz and drove straight to the water fall.
I just hope Kate forgives me and accept me back because ever since she left me my life has been a mess.
Introduction time.
I am Jude Bryan the second richest young man in the country am actually Kyle’s best friend after John.
And also Kate’s will I say ex or boyfriend.
It was all Molly’s doing she came to my apartment back then in highschool and as Kate’s best friend, I let here in since Kate was still coming.
I offered drinks for the both of us, and she drugged me and I slept with her thinking it was Kate.
And that was how she ruined my relationship and I hate her for that.
When i got to the water fall I sat down on a stone near the water fall.
After a while of waiting I finally heard the voice I have been wanting to hear for the past four years now.
🍨 My
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)
Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
🍓 KATE 🍓
I went inside my room, striped off my clothes and went into the bathroom to take my bath.
After talking my bath I dressed up in a black short gawn and a transparent heels.
With a black handbag, took my car keys and left the house and drove to the water fall.
Immediately i got there memories started coming back, this was actually the first place and meet Jude.
I saw him crying at a particular rock near the water fall, and I approached him and asked him the reason he was crying and he told me his mother died two days ago.
I comforted him and cracked lot of jokes to make him laugh and it worked.
That was how we became friends and the friendship became strong and immediately i knew I was actually in love with him.
It was still here he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted and he klzzed me for the first time.
Yeah he was my first klzz and also my first s£× and even though he broke my heart, I never regretted him taking my veginity.
I walked further into the water fall and i saw him sitting in the same spot I saw him sitting the first day I saw him.
Immediately i became nervous, this is the only guy that manages to make me feel nervous.
I stood there looking at him contapleting whether to call or not, I stayed rooted at a point for more than 30 minutes.
” Hey.” I manage to say, immediately he looked towards my direction and his lovely blue eyes fixed on mine, I felt butterflies in my stomach.
” Hi Kate, ehhh how are you doing?” He said.
” As you can see am good, and know need of asking you the question I can see your looking good too.” I said smiling he smiled back and I walked up to him and sat down next to him on the rock.
” You look stunning baby.” He said and my cheek heated up and I use my hands to cover my face.
” Thanks.”
” Yeah and you even look more pretty when you blush.” He said a smirk on his pretty face.
” Am not blushing.” I defended and he just smiled at me biting his lower lip.
He only does that when he wants to go dirty with me, and the thought of that made me smile at least I still have an effect on him.
” What about your girlfriend?” I asked hoping he will say he doesn’t but I was wrong.
” She fine I guess, looking as hot as ever I just feel like striping her off her clothes and do some naughty things with her.” He said and I became sad but didn’t show it.
” Wow that good, is she here with you? I would love to see her for doing a good job on you.” I said looking around, he just looked into my eyes lustfully smiling.
” Yes she is actually sitting next to me looking even more beautiful, s£×y and hotter than when I saw her five years ago.” He said and then it occurred to me that am the one he said he wanted to strip off my clothes and f√¢k me, the thought along made my legs heat up.
” Huh?”
” You see Kate please forgive me and let’s go back to the way we use to be, even though am not at fault please forgive me. My life has never been the same ever since you left my life please huni.” He said and I sighed and looked in his eyes and I saw he was saying the truth.
” Okay.”
” You mean okay like you have forgiven me and we are back to normal?” He asked looking at me.
” Yes I have forgotten you and we are good now.” I said smiling shyly and his eyes lit up with joy and he gave me a hug when we broke out of the hug he looked into my eyes.
” Can I klzz you?” He asked looking at me lustfully I nodded shyly because ever since he left me I have klzzed any guy nor had s£× with any guy before except him.
He slammed his lip on mine klzzing me hungrily and I found it hard to breath.
I took my f!ng£rs into his soft hair while he took one of his hands to my ass squeezing it hard making me gasp he used that opportunity slide his tongue into my mouth.
While his other right hand was squeezing my ass, his left hand was combing my br£@st giving it a soft squeeze, and I m0@ned in his mouth.
He broke the klzz and I became confused, don’t tell me his going to turn me on and leave me like that, it was already late everywhere was so dark but i cared less because when ever am with Jude, I feel protected and safe.
” Are you sure this is the right place to do this?” He asked and I just kept quiet.
” Let’s go home.” He said and helped me up and we walked to where our car was parked, he locked up his car and asked for my car keys.
” What about your?” I asked when we were already inside mine.
” I will come get it tomorrow, but for now I have a food to eat.” He said driving with his left hand while his right hand was in between my legs massaging my p√zzy through my pantie.
When we got to his mansion he packed my car in his car garage, it was already about to rain. I just hope Jude doesn’t kill me today cos one thing about him is that he so brutal in bed, he can make love to a woman for close to 2 hours without getting tired.
Immediately we can down from the car he came to me and we engaged in another round of hot klzz and make out. It was already raining heavily and yet we were still on the rain klzzing.
He immediately sweeped me off my feet and I locked my legs around his waist.
He carried me inside the house still klzz and he started walking to his bedroom and can hear the maid talking but I cared less.
Immediately we got to his bedroom, he locked the door and placed me carefully on bed but I pushed him off me and stood up.
I could see the confused look in his eyes and I smiled at him seductively. I walked up to him and pushed him and he fell into the sofa in his bedroom my eyes was still locked with his.
I knelt down in between his legs and took my hands to his belt, I unlocked his belt and throw it across the room. I zipped down his trousers and brought out his large cock.
He was so large my hand couldn’t even circle around it.
He was already hard as rock.
I smocked his d!¢k with my hands after a while I took his d!¢k into my mouth and started s√¢king on it.
He goan throwing his head backwards.
I continued s√¢king his d!¢k and my other hand playing with his balls.
He took his left hand to my long hair and forcing his d!¢k deeper into my throat and I nearly chocked to death.
After a while he released inside my mouth, I wanted spit it out but he immediately said.
“Swallow it!!!” And I did as he said.
” Good girl.” He said biting his lower lip.
” Now is my turn to pleasure you love.” He said and like a flash he threw me on the soft bed.
He took my dress off quickly, leaving only my bra and pantie. He came on top of me and we engaged in another hungry klzz.
He trailed klzzes all over my body and I shuddered at his touch.
He took my nlpp!e into his mouth and started s√¢king on it.
I m0@ned.
He took off my pantie and knelt in-between my legs and started s√¢king my p√zzy.
His tongue rolling and licked the life out of me.
J. Jude ahhh!!!!
And god knows i don’t even know what I was begging for.
I stood up from my legs and smiled at me, my p√zzy juice was all over his face.
He positioned himself in between my legs and lifted my legs up making my p√zzy face him.
” Are you ready to have daddy’s cock buried inside you love?” He asked and I nodded.
He hanged one of my legs on his shoulder and guided his large d!¢k to my entrance and started penetrating my p√zzy hole slowly.
I screamed in pain mixed with pleasure.
” f√¢k love your so tight.”
When he adjusted into me, he started moving slowly and after a while he increased his pace.
We started f√¢king me fast and deep, hitting at the right spot in every thrust.
🌳 Story by Victoria Peter🌳
After a while he pulled out of me , and turned me making me stand on my four( doggy).
He positioned himself and thrust into me very violently earning a scream of pleasure from me, and started banging the day light out of me. It was just like the sound of the rain was giving him more strength.
I kept screaming, and anytime I turn to look at him, he slaps my ass so hard making me want to cry.
Am close!!!
I screamed. He increased his pace and like a flash we both hit climax and collapsed on the bed.
He pulled me to his arms, I was so week my eyelids was getting heavy.
I love you Katy was the last word I heard before sleep took over.
🌳 Story by Victoria Peter🌳
When school was over, I was hoping to see nanny Bunny in school to pick me up but instead I saw dad.
I walked up to him and he gave me a klzz on the forehead.
” Daddy this one you came to pick me up from school today what happened to nanny Bunny?” I asked and he smiled and said.
” You nanny was sleeping so I didn’t want to disturb her, so I came to pick you up myself.” He replied.
He opened the car door for me and I went in and he drove off on our way home i felt like asking dad a question.
” Dad?”
” Yes baby?”
” Do you like my nanny?”
” Ehhh yes I do but I don’t know if she likes me too.” He said feeling nervous.
” Should I help you out?” I asked.
” Can you do that for daddy?” I asked.
” I will but on one condition.” I said smiling evilly.
” Anything baby name it and it’s done.” He said.
” I need a Barbie house.” I said happily.
” Consider it done.” He replied smiling.
I am smiled to myself, nanny Bunny your going to be my new mummy.
Just watch and see…
After reading this chapter, take your bath with holy water ohhh😚😚
Before someone will say I spoiled him or her😂😂

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