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My daughter crazy nanny episode 10_11

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My daughter crazy nanny episode 10_11 by : 8:01 pm On April 28, 2021
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🍨 My
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)
Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
🍓 KATE 🍓
My phone ring woke me up.
I opened my eyes and started looking for my phone but I couldn’t find it.
One thing about me is am actually a bad sleeper.
After a while of searching i found it.
I looked at the number and it was an unknown number. After a while of thinking I decided to pick up the call.
So I picked up the call and and placed the phone on my ears.
📲 Hello, this is Kate Fred on the line please who am I speaking with? 📲
📲 Hey love, I heard your home I really miss you. 📲
📲 Ju…. Jud…. Jude how did you get my number. 📲
📲 Love how i got your number isn’t the issue the issue is we need to meet. 📲
📲 Meeting for what? I thought I made it clear that we are do huh? 📲
📲 Even though you don’t want me anymore, I just want you to know the truth. So can we meet up? 📲
📲 Mmmm okay time and where? 📲
📲 At the city waterfall by 3 o’clock. 📲
📲 Okay I will be there bye. 📲
📲 I love you❤️ bye. 📲
And the call ended.
I became sad, I don’t think I can love any guy the way I love Jude.
He was my first crush, first love, first klzz and first s£×.
Yeah Jude took my virginity two days before the incident between Molly and him took place.
I can still remember that after i cut him and Molly having s£× the next day he came to klzz me like he use to do.
I still couldn’t forget the shock in his eyes when I told him I saw him and Molly having s£×.
He left school immediately back home the next day he told me he was on his right state of mind.
Anyway I have lot of things to do, I need to go to the mall to get somethings.
🌳 Story by Victoria Peter 🌳
After yesterday’s incident, Kyle came to me to ask for permission to get a whore to f**k.
At first I got angry but I heard to let the he-goat do this thing, but on one condition.
I told him he has to take her to a room that is soundproof and he agreed. After a while I heard a knock on the door.
When I opened the door it was a blonde hair lady wearing a skimpy outfits.
I took her to Kyle’s room and they did there thing, I guess. I was so happy yesterday but I woke up angry today.
I made breakfast for Bella and got her ready for school.
I didn’t feel like talking the driver with us I wanted to drive so I took the car keys from him, got into the Benz and drove off.
When I got to Bella’s school I packed at the cat garage and came down.
I opened the car door for Bella and carried her in my arms to her class, when I got to her class I handed her over to the teacher, Bella surprised me when I was about going.
* Bye mummy. She said and I replied her almost immediately.
* Bye baby and be a good girl okay? I said and she nodded.
I got inside the car and drove off the school compound.
After a while I noticed there was a car following me, I noticed the car when Bella and I was going and is till doing the same.
I speeded up a little and they did the same.
Let the fun begin I thought.
I put on my black face cap and black glasses.
I drove at the highest speeding limit and they also did the same.
I drove to a narrow path, actually a short cut to a big express road and the did the same.
I smiled and added my speed.
Immediately i saw the road from far, a big truck was actually about to pass.
I waited so they could get a little closer and immediately i enter the road they also did the same.
I had already passed the road immediately they entered the truck hit there car sending it flying in the air.
I smiled to myself and drove home.
Am sure Molly sent those guys to kill me, but she forgot am a crazy lady.
Molly Johnson and coming for You!!!!
One more to go!!…
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)
Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
I was hoping to get a good news. From my men today, I know they never do an unclean job.
I went to the kitchen and a maid was there washing the dishes and she didn’t notice my presence.
I got angry immediately.
* Hey you so am now too little for you to greet me right? I said to her angrily.
* Am so sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you I was busy with the dishes. She said with her head lowered.
I just went to the fridge, too a bottle water and a glass cup and left.
I kept the bottle water and cup on the big center table in the living room and went to check on my dad.
Because ever since, I kill my mum dad haven’t been himself and am actually regretting killing my own mother.
First my innocent twin sister, and then Jude and Kate and now my mother.
For Kate and Jude, I was only jealous.
Jude loved her so much and no day passed without him buying her flowers and lovely gift.
I had to drug him and he slept with me.
I thought that will make him love me after Kate and him separated buy no.
Instead he hates me so much.
She’s actually the second richest guy in the country while Kyle is the first.
I went into my dad’s bedroom and he was busy looking at mum’s pictures.
* Hey dad, what are you looking at? I asked, he just looked at me his eyes was red and swollen like his been crying.
* Molly get out of my bedroom. He said and my eyes widened in shock.
* What!!!! Dad you said I should? He did let me finish my statement he shouted at me.
* I said GET OUT!!!
I ran out of his bedroom in fear.
Oh god what have I done.
Immediately my phone rang and when I picked it .
👩 📞: Hello it Miss Molly on the line who am I speaking with please? I said on the phone.
👧📞: LOL!! Of course you should know who your speaking with. Am crazy Bunny the one you sent some gun men to kill but guess what? Is like you forgot to tell them how much of a crazy person I am. Is that not Bella’s nanny’s voice.
👩📞: I don’t know what your talking about? I replied.
👧 📞: You have been doing everything in your power to kill me but now is my turn to come for you Miss Molly,
The call ended am I became so scared.
Mummy where are you?😭😭
Oh sorry I killed her😓😥.
🌳 Story by Victoria Peter. 🌳
🍉 LISA 🍉
It’s been two weeks since we came to Korea for my brother’s surgery.
My brother has undergone about two set of surgery and it was all successful.
At least now my brother can now talks and eat unlike before and for John his been such a darling.
We have gone for lot of dates and I must say he’s such a lovely person.
Right now we are at the hospital because today is my brother third sugary.
* Come on Lisa, everything is going to be fine. John said putting his hand on my shoulder.
* But they have been there for like an hour plus now am so worried. I said almost breaking down.
The doctor came out of the surgery room sweating badly.
John and I ran upto him.
* Doctor how was it? I asked.
* Ehhh Miss Lisa, the surgery was a tough one but it was successful.
* Can we see him now? John asked, and I nodded.
* Ehhh I suggest you guys go home and get him something to eat, his still at sleep now but he will soon wake up.

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