My daughter crazy nanny episode 1

🍨 My
Daughter’s 🍨
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)
Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Genre: comedy and romance
🍹 Prologue 🍹
She is beautiful !
She is hot !
She is clumsy!
She is crazy !
She loves baby sitting !
Who is she? 🤔
Meet Bunny Andrew, a 22 years old lady who lives in a street in Las Vegas…
She is known in the whole Street because of how troublesome and crazy she is.
Even her dressing will tell you how crazy she really is.
She a girl who was trained by her single mother, a widow who lost her husband two days before Bunny was born.
He is handsome !
He is hot !
He is grumpy !
He is a playboy !
Meet Kyle Fred, one of the youngest billionaire in Las Vegas……
He is handsome and has one of the biggest companies in Las Vegas, called KYLE FRED EMPIRE.
He is every lady’s dream man..
What happens when the grumpy billionaire playboy, mistakenly splash mud water on crazy Bunny and receives the beating of his life.
What happens when his daughter new nanny becomes, the crazy Bunny the first lady to give him the beating of his life.
And he is determined to get his revenge.
Will Bunny’s stay in the house be fun?
Or will it be miserable like Kyle want?
Only one way to find out…
Sit tight!
We have a long journey ahead of us..
A long journey of fun and laughter…
So you can buy yourself a pop corn and a glass of milk down here 👇👇👇
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🍨 My
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)
Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
I was enjoying my beauty sleep when I heard a familiar sound…
I decided to forget about it and continue with my lovely sleep but to surprise the stupid sound even got louder, than before.
I forcefully opened my eyes to see the nonsense disturbing me from my lovely sleep.
And to my surprise it was an alarm.
God just kill me already.
Am 100% sure I didn’t set this alarm.
I swear my mum is the most annoying person on planet earth.
How can she set my alarm when I told her not to.
I angrily took the alarm and hit it on the wall and throw it away from the window.
I clapped my hands together dramatically, showing job done I smiled in satisfaction.
I was about lying back, when I heard mum shouting my name the truth is my mum is as crazy as I am. but as the saying goes the Apple never falls far from it trees.
To avoid any of mum’s madness stood up from the comfort of my lovely bed.
I went to the birthroom to take am bath.
Introduction time.
I’m Bunny Andrew, and am 22 year old I finished highschool last two years and my poor mother couldn’t afford the money to sponsor me through college.
But guess what i love it.
I don’t even like the idea of going to school am a very smart girl, am even more intelligent than my teachers back then in highschool.
Am a good definition of beautiful + clumsiness + craziness + hotness =🤔🤔
I think I will leave you guys to solve Bunny’s arithmetics.
I prefer not going to college and getting a decent job.
And guess what my own view of decent job is?
Babysitting 😋😋 I love that so much.
I just applied for a nanny job online for a 5 years old kid.
And I hope I get hired.
For now am working in a restaurant not so far from my house.
I took my bath and stepped out from the birthroom, took my hair dryer and dried up my hair.
And packing my hair two sided, according to the colours.
Yeah I actually dyed my hair blue and pink and packing it two sided makes me look like trouble itself.
After that I opened my closet to pick a cloth to wear.
After a while I settled for a blue long hand crop top and blue pants.
After putting on the cloth, I wasn’t satisfied so I picked a pink short hand crop top and pink short sport skirt.
I wore the skirt on making it a long pant trouser and a short sport skirt, funny right.
I wore the short hand pink crop top on top of the long hand crop top.
I wore a white snickers and a white whist bags.
I smiled at my reflection on the mirror and said to myself ” Bunny your good to go”
And I walked at of my room and snicked out of the house to avoid mum’s nagging.
🍆 KYLE 🍆
I opened my eyes to see the bitch I f**Ked last night still on the bed and that got me really angry.
I looked at the time and saw it was already 7 o’clock in the morning, she even passed out last night while I was still f**king her.
I got more angry at the thought of that.
I tapped her.
“Hey bitch, will you get your sluty self out of my bed you bitch.” Immediately she woke up she put on her clothes quickly and then said to me.
“Mr Kyle my money?”
“Oh you want money huh? When you couldn’t even take me up to an hour.” I said looking at her disgustingly.
“Anyway go to John he will give you your money.” I said and she left.
I rushed to the birthroom to take by bath because I was already late for walk.
After talking my bath, I dressed up in a red sult too my car keys I went downstairs.
I saw my daughter Annabella, and immediately i knew I was in for trouble.
“Dad when is my new nanny coming .” She asked calmly.
I guess she is in a good mood today.
“Today princess.”
I got inside my Benz and drove off.
I’m Kyle Fred the youngest billionaire in the whole of Las Vegas.
I’m grumpy and rude.
I am actually a man whore, I don’t think I can survive a day without sex.
I have a beautiful daughter called Annabella.
I accidentally splashed mud water on a very crazy looking lady, she rushed to me and said.
“Mr what the meaning of this?” She said looking at me angry.
And before I could say a word she gave me a slap that made me blind and deef for 5 minutes.
She dragged me out of the car and gave me the beating of my life.
How can a lady’s hand be so hard like an iron.
After she beat me to her satisfaction, she smiled and said.
” Hello Mr grumpy, heavens saved you I just received a test that I got a job and need to come now if not I would have given you more beaten.”
“So next time when you see trouble you run.”
She kicked me in the forbidden zoon, I groaned in pain she just flagged down a cab and left.
“I swear I will deal with you.” I shouted while she just stock out her tongue for me and the cab zoom off.
So how is the first chapter?😊😊
More fun coming, are you ready to meet Mr grump’s daughter.😋😋

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