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My crazy house wife episode 37

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My crazy house wife episode 37 by : 5:15 am On February 7, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 37
Sophia’s POV..
“Rose…how..dare you..” I fumed drying my eyes with the back of my palm..
She sneered at me and chuckled..
“I can remember you are the one who first slapped me..I gave you mine and you end up crying..” She scorned making Bryan giggled again..
“Rose don’t you know that your slap is too painful?..her cheek had even changed colour, wow!” He said in sarcasm..
“You would surely regret this!” I bawled and she shrugged unconcerned..
“Before I slapped you, I was ready for any outcome, there was a time I respected and feared you thinking you were matured, I thought you would understand my feelings for Bryan and leave Bryan for me, but I was mistaken, you don’t love him still yet, you can’t give your self the respect of staying away from him..are you that cheap???” She gruffed..
“All of a sudden, the poor commoner employed as a maid now has the courage to talk back at me, she can now stand straight and blurt words to my face..interesting!” I smirked..
“I respects those who value it, you aren’t poor but your mentality is poverty stricken..keep on allowing your self to be controlled by anyone, I’m sure regret would be the end..” She shrugged and held Bryan’s hand softly.
“Let’s go in, you know I’d be tired after all that went on today..” She whined resting her head on his shoulder…
“Don’t blame me for what would happen from now, I wanted to pity you because you are poor not knowing you would suddenly point to my face because you got Bryan..gosh!!..I would shatter your life..!” I seethed and she waved her hand unconcerned..
“Empty threat..before my life would be shattered, yours would have been forgotten..” She muttered as they walked away..
Bryan was just so happy watching what was happening.
Those smiles would turn to sadness when Rose would start crying for help..
Let’s see!
I took out my phone and put a call to my dad immediately..
“Dad, this is getting worse and I’m becoming so tired!!..” I complained bitterly feeling the tingling pain on my cheek..
I still wonder what would even happen to my cheek if she slaps me twice.
“What is it?..could it be Rose again?” He asked..
“That girl would make me give up on Bryan, you know I’m just trying to help you, I don’t love Bryan, make things easy for me or I would be forced to give up all this!” I gritted..
“You shouldn’t think of giving up because you would never!..well, I think that Rose of a girl isn’t a little threat, I sent my men to kidnap her mother but someone saved her..” He said.
“Really??..who would have saved her?..she is nothing here, who knew her to the extent of saving her!” I snorted.
“I’m also surprised, I just suspects Bryan’s dad, I would check him out thoroughly, he with escape alive if I finds out he wants to stand against me..” He breathed..
“All this happened today right?” I asked..
“Yes..” He replied.
“I don’t think it was Bryan’s dad, he can’t save that woman for anything, aren’t you aware that he is against Bryan having anything to do with Rose or any other girl???..” I stated.
“So who then would save her, Bryan dad once had a relationship with her..” He said..
“I just think Bryan did it, he couldn’t be found all through the morning in school, he just have went to save her with Jace and Rose..” I explained.
“Really??..does he want me to kill Rose and her mother before he comes back to his senses??” He growled..
“Dad, I think that’s the ibly option..my cheek is on fire now, Rose slapped me…” I spited and a gasp of shock escaped his lips..
I could sense his anger hearing that..
“Don’t bother your self, just wait and watch how I wipe her and her mother off the surface of the earth..” He growled and hung up before I could say any other word..
Would he really kill Rose??
My brow arched as I slumped on the couch,
Should Rose die?
I..I don’t want her to be dead, maybe putting her in pain should be okay..
I quickly called my dad again, seriously, I womr forgive myself if Rose dies..
She just shouldn’t die, I don’t know why I suddenly pities her life..
My dad picked up..
“Dad, there would be a very huge problem that would glitch your plans if you kills Rose or her mother…” I said..
“What are you saying!” He gruffed.
“Rose is poor but had been so popular here, all the student and teachers knows her relationship with bryan, they had also been aware that I wants bryan back, if Rose dies, I would be held responsible for it..” I stated and silence eloped for some second.
“According to the deal made by me ams George, Rose and her mother would be sent to a far away country where bryan doesn’t know of, all connection would be cut off, I think that would be what should be done!” He said and I smiled..
Bryan would have no choice than to end up with me after waiting for Rose without seeing her…
“I would even make it worser, I know of someone who knows how to micmick people handwriting, she would write a letter of break up for Bryan in Rose’s hand writing the day before their departure..that would make him lose hope on her!” I gloated.
“That’s my girl..” He praised leaving me grinning..
He hung up and I smiled in satisfaction..
Clara’s POV..
It was morning the next day and guess what??..I’m getting prepared for school..
This is something I hadn’t think of because I thought it can never happen, going to school ended in my life the moment I lost my parent..
I had been living with two couples who just let me stay with them just to help take care of the house, nothing else..
I cater for myself, Rose became my friend the very moment I stepped into that slum…
I started living there because none of my relatives could help me..
I don’t just want to be a burden to anyone, that was why I resolved to live in this poor area with this couple who don’t give a damn about me…
They rarely stays at home and I don’t even know much about them..
After living poorly, working tirelessly with Rose for many years, I would step my feet in a school for the rich..
A place I have never thought of going, all because of Jace…
A wide smile crossed my lips at the mention of his name, I felt just too happy that I would meet him again today..
Rich kids had been one of my greatest enemy because of how spoilt and arrogant they always turned to be, but, Jace was purely different, he is rich but the coolest guy ever..
I don’t mind loving him, my feelings for him just found it way into me and right now, I’m falling deeply..
Rose had also gotten Bryan her long time crush, are we fated to date rich kids..
Would this change our lives??
Does it means we would one day become rich??
Just then, my phone rang, I picked it up hoping it was my foster mother, she is just the only that calls me once in a while…
I glanced at the screen of my phone and saw an unsaved number..
I wanted to drop my phone but found myself clicking on the green button..
My heart skipped beat as i gasped hearing who was calling…
It was Jace…
“He…llo” I stammered..
“Clara babe, come and open the door for your boyfriend..” He said and I swallowed hard..
“Wh..at..how..why..when did you..” I couldn’t find the right word to use.
“I am getting weary standing here, please let me in..” He said with a weak voice..
“Okay, wait a minute” I said and rushed to open the door..
It was true, Jace was standing in front of this poorly built house, why on earth should he be here??
“You are almost prepared, oh yes, I came to pick you up..” He grinned..
“And who said I needed a lift??” I rolled my eyes playfully.
“I know you needed it!” He shrugged and pressed my cheek playfully..
“Look at you Jace, just look at where you came to?..isn’t this place making you throw up??..your mansion can but thousand of this house..” I said staring at him..
He laughed and slumped on the bed, which was for one person alone..
“I feels more comfortable here than my mansion, just your presence makes here so good to stay!” He said lying flatly on the bed..
“You are funny!..lie there while I leave for school!!” I squeaked and picked my bag heading out..
“I would drive you to school!!” He screamed
“I don’t need it..my legs aren’t breaking anytime soon!” I screamed back..
“You won’t be allowed in without me!!..” He said and I paused my step..
That was true, I would be threw out.
“Then bring your self here now!!” I yelled
“Come and take me up, I can’t stand..” He shouted…
“Are you this troublesome!” I said heading back..
He was still lying there on the bed with his eyes half closed..
“What kind of boy is you, so your plan is to make me go late to school so I’d be punished right??” I half yelled and he chuckled..
“Who would dare to punish my girlfriend??..he should be ready to be fired from the school!..come and lift me up babe..” He said raising his hand..
I whined and moves closer, he smirked and I knocked his head playfully making us laugh at the sound..
I drew his hand but he was too heavy making me lose balance, before I could knew it, I fell freely on his body..
My mouth went agape, I blinked continuously to be sure of what was happening..
My head was on his chest as I lay on him for real..
I tried jolting up immediately but he wrapped his hand over me with a smile..
“Clara, I love you..” He whispered into my ear making me blush.
“I know…so let me off!” I said without struggling to leave.
“Do you love me?” He asked.
“I..i love you..” My lips muttered before I could hold it..
He quickly stood me up and carried me into his arm in joy.
“Finally you said it to my ear with sincerity, I promise to be a good boyfriend to you!” He squealed and pecked my lips as he led me out to where his car was parked..
My jaw was already aching me out of smiles, I had been smiling nonstop, this is my first time feeling love, Jace just seem to be the best man for me.
I am loving him so deeply,
He took me to his car and drove me to school.
“So Bryan is your best friend right?” I asked and he nodded.
“He is my buddy, I can’t di without him, we had been friend for long…” He said.
“Rose is also my very best friend..do you find out that their love would be tough?” I asked without looking at him..
“That was why I offered to help, I won’t want to see Bryan pained..” He sighed..
“I can’t bear seeing Rose being hurt, Jace let’s fight with them, let’s join hand to bring those men down..” I said holding his palm..
“Anything you want me to do, just say it out, I will..” He said and I nodded with a wide smile.
We got into the school and I couldn’t stop the gasp, it looked more like a paradise, Jace kept holding my hand which made us become the center of attention..
Everyone student around kept staring at me,
“Hey Jace so you meant what you said then??” We heard a female voice behind.
We turned and saw it was Evelyn..
“Did it sounded like a joke??” He smirked.
“Who are your parent??..you don’t look like a rich kid, what brought you here, how did you even know Jace?” She sneered at me.
“I should be asking you how you know my boyfriend???” I shrugged making Jace smile hearing i called him my boyfriend..
“Jace had been my dream man, I was waiting for the right time to express my feelings which I knew he would understand and accept me if you hadn’t brought yourself to him!” She snorted.
“I hate talking with girls like you, stop making your self look cheap, Jace doesn’t like you..go and face your study..” I shrugged and held his hand..
“Let’s go please…” I smiled and he nodded..
“Do you even know I am the daughter of the school principal??..don’t talk rashly at me or I would get you expelled..!” She seethed.
“Try anything silly and you and your father would find your a**s out of this school!!” Jace stated making me wink at her..
“You heard that right??” I chuckled before walking off proudly grasping his soft palm.
Everyone just moped dumbly..
Max’s POV
Beads of tears filled my forehead as I paced restlessly around my office..
You can’t tell how bad I feel, once in my life, I would harm an innocent soul..even if I’m not sure she would be hurt, I know it won’t go well with her…
Xavier won’t allow her go unhurt, he wants me to bring her to him after threatening me..
My name is Max the proprietor of Diamond musical school, just this morning, I had received a call from Xavier the deadly monster..
That is a name to explain him, why won’t I call him that after he almost destroyed my school, he even went ahead to almost take the life of my daughter all because I suspended Sophia from the school years ago..
I had suspended her for 1 week because she arranged some boys to beat up a girl, I suspended her not knowing who her father is..
The suspension made her lose face and a singing competition with bryan, Xavier made me cry on his feet..
From then, I never troubled Sophia and also feared him..
Once again, he had called and ask me to life Rose into his trap..
He wants to take her away without Bryan,
How can I say no??
As much as I don’t want to do that to Rose, I still don’t want to experience his wickedness again..
I’m just so sorry about the girl..Xavier had warned me never to let bryan know about it..
Jerry’s POV..
With a slow unsteady step, I head to Lisa’s house after many years of leaving her and my daughter.
I walked further with my heart beating fast and heavy, it was true that I didn’t show her love as a wife but I won’t want to hurt her..
Why would that man want me to bring her to him??..
He knew that lisa trusted me as her husband, that was why he threatened me to lure her to him..
I got to the porch and there were guards there..
“Hey who are you???” They asked with a strong tone..
“I came to meet my wife, who are you guys??” I asked them..
“We were sent to guard her..” They replied and just then the door opened and lisa stepped out.
She was shocked to see me..
“Lisa I have something to tell you, but please allow me to take you out..” I muttered..
“What are you saying???..after dumping me for another woman???” She seethed.
“I want to tell you the reason why I did that and..I also got to find out Xavier’s location after he visited me sometime ago to ask about you, just allow me to take you out this last time as a way to ask for your forgiveness..” I said solemnly..
She sighed deeply before going back in to get prepared..
We both boarded a taxi, which has Xavier’s men as the driver and passenger.
I glanced at her and snuffed back my tears, she believed me..
Now, there was no way she would escape…
I am so sorry but Xavier would kill me if I don’t do this..
“Lisa I’m sorry…” I mumbles and she turned to me sharply..
She couldn’t do or say any other thing before a drugged napkin was pushed to her nose making her lose consciousness…
I was pushed away from the cab while they drove her off to where I don’t know..
I dare not report to any cops..death would befall me instantly.
Bryan’s POV..
It was almost an hour later since Rose went to meet the proprietor who called her..
I was becoming so troubled and couldn’t wait for the lecture to end before I head out in a rush..
I got to the office and it was closed,
My heart skipped beat, what had happened??
I head to the principal’s office and asked about the proprietor..
“He went out, I don’t know where exactly..” he replied leaving me shaken..
“He went out with Rose??” I asked..
“No..he went out alone..” He replied leaving me confused..
I turned to head back to the class when my phone rang.
I took it out and it was Rose calling..
I sighed in relief before picking it up..
“Where are you now??..it has been long you went to meet…..
” save your saliva..” A hoarse voice cut my voice.
My body shook vigorously as I recognized the voice…
No!!..this isn’t happening!!
“Rose your girlfriend and her mother is here with me, very soon they would vanish, just want to notify you..” He croaked a laughter..
My feet wobbled,
“Listen to their voice…” He laughed and the next I could hear was Rose cry…
“Rose!!!!!” I called out and her cry increased as someone slapped her..
“Xavier…don’t touch her!!!!” I shouted making him laugh the more..
My heart shredded into pieces as I felt my breath leaving me..
It was true!!
Rose had been taken by Xavier, he also has her mother..
Oh..Xavier why????😫😫
What is my crime??
To be continued
I’m afraid right now!
I’m not sure someone is reading this story again. Toriperians, should we stop the story?

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Re: My crazy house wife episode 37 by Esther adeola: 9:37 pm On February 7, 2021

Continue with the story ! Fantastic story

Re: My crazy house wife episode 37 by Pizarena: 9:52 pm On February 8, 2021



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