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My crazy house help episode 9

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My crazy house help episode 9 by : 5:43 am On December 3, 2020
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 9
By. Humble Smith
Jace’s POV
“Wow.. so you are here finally!” I smiled as we both walked back to the class after cleaning up..
“Oh yes!!” She squeaked looking around..
“You like the school?” I asked and she gawped at me…
“First of all thanks for saving me from those student, secondly…I love Thai school and a student in it…” She said smiling sheepishly
“And a student???”
“Oh yes,just one student here makes it so bright, infact he is the reason why I came here and….I’m ready for all the bully provided that I stays closer to him..” She stated dreamily
“And I guess the person is Bryan..” I muttered
“Yes!!!” She squealed jumping up like a horse
“Bryan!!!!” She screamed
“Hey, stop shouting like a mad woman!!” I hushed
“I am madly in love with him, I can’t wait to reach the class and stare at his face once again…” She laughed making me sigh..
Bryan just ignored her when those student were hurting her, why would she still talk this much about him??
“When did you start crushing on him?” I asked and she giggled
“Since I first saw his charming picture..I can’t just erase those cute face from my memory, I really love him!!” She squealed making me flinch
“Rose!!!” I called and she turned to me spreading her palm
“Do you even have any idea how much Bryan hates and detest girls like you?” I asked and she shrug
“Do you know I made him laugh?!” She said and my eyes popped out..
“What???..you must be lying right???” I exclaimed making her chuckle as she hastened up her pace to reach the class faster…
She made him laugh???
That’s impossible!!.. Bryan can’t laugh for anything since Sophia jilted him.
I walked faster to get her but before I could even reach where she was, she started running..
Finally we got to the class and I could see her smile as she saw Bryan…
“Okay class, I’m sorry for not introducing myself..” She smiled standing in front of the class, her gaze was on no other person than Bryan..it was just like he was the one she was talking to.
“My name is Rose..a young girl who loves singing and dancing, I am a rich poor girl..an ugly beautiful girl..” She smiled leaving everyone gawping at her..
“I came here with scholarship because I don’t want to spend my father’s money..don’t think I’m poor..I just behave like a poor girl..” She smiled again before heading back to get a seat…
She stood in the middle of the class and brought out a badge….
Rose’s POV.
I just lied of being rich??..Rose sorry for your destiny..when they finds out, you are a dead meat…
“If you are rich then why did you allow us treat you like a pauper without saying or doing anything!!!” One stupid student spoke out and I flinched
Other student was even about supporting his view..
“Keep your mouths shut!!!!” I yelled at the rich kids with a stern look outside shivering in fear inside…
“I just allowed you all because I haven’t made the introduction, Jace knows about me so well..he knows who my father is…a politician!” I growled and shrugged before looking into my badge…
Number 29
That’s my seat number, I traced it and found out it was next to Bryan…
He was staring at me with the “where are you heading to look”
“This is 29???..beside you??” I squeaked and he grit his teeth looking into my badge..
“How can you be sitting beside me???” He sneered
“That’s what I saw..” I smiled and he smirked
“You are aware I know who you truly are right??” He whispered leaving me shocked
Ohh, how did I forgot that he saw me when I was delivering pizza..
I stared at him sulking..I pray he doesn’t open everything to the class..
“Find another seat or I would….” He smirked and I bowed
“Sorry, I would find another seat immediately” I breathed bowing repeatedly..
Bryan’s POV
She quickly turned away and head to where jace was sitting…
Jace smiled sweetly to her and she returned it, he held her palm softly and drew her to his seat, she sat freely with her body touching his body…
I was using my side eyes to state at them, reason??..
I can’t tell, the most surprising part is that I now wants her to come back to her seat…
Bryan keep on being stupid!!!
That poor trash is affecting you, does that show you are normal..
I don’t care about her existence…she is too poor, clumsy and ug….”
Is she ugly???
Hmm, no she isn’t..I have to say the truth, she is not ugly…
I glanced at them and she was even staring at me forgetting jace who was talking to her, her was was shimmering as we rested it on me…
Why is she stating at me??
I rolled my eyes before gazing at the door waiting for the teacher…
I’m quite happy she wouldn’t disturb me again, I now have something to use against her, she just lied to everyone of being rich when she is close to wretched..
I’ll always use that to make her do whatever I say…
After several teaching, the school bell rang for break and everyone started trouping outside except her and jace, they were both chatting happily…
I sat there peeping at them with the corner of my eyes…
“Hi Bryan can we….” She couldn’t complete her statement anymore out of shame…
I had covered my nose like she was really smelling…
“Bryan!!!” The female student called my name
“Can you get your filthy self out of my view?” I snorted
“Do I smell so bad?..why are you….”
“Get out!!!” I yelled and she bowed and ran away…
Just then, something crossed my mind,
The thought sent pain through me again..
She is gone!!!
Ohh..I am getting close to tears,I can now recall the past with her, all the memories, knowing she is gone couldn’t stop making my heart bleed..
I buried my face into my palm and sobbed bitterly
Something was different today, Rose had made me forget about her all this while, but now she is back into my memory….
Just then, I felt a presence around me, I felt someone sit closely beside me…
I thought it was have because he is the only one who had the gut to touch me, but I was mistaken….
Raising up my face, I saw it Rose, she was peering into my eyes and I couldn’t even understand why…
“What are you doing here??” I growled sniffing back my tears…
She smiled and held my palm softly…
“Some broken relationship are like broken glass, its better to leave it broken than to wound yourself trying to fix it back..” She said and her word went deep into my heart…
“Rose, I can’t believe you are touching me and I’m not doing anything about it…” I shrugged and wriggled out my palm before heading out of the class…
I need to visit my pr!v@te house, I need to be alone and shed this tears of hurt…
I walked out heading to the house and she was following me behind…
“Where are you going to??”
“Following you!”
“You are mad for saying that!!..don’t dare get in there with me, it’s restricted to stupid student!!!!” I snorted and she shrugged
“Get back to the class this thorn Rose flower!” I rolled my eyes..
“Hey Rose here you are, I have been looking for you!!” Jace voice sounded as he walked up to her and held her palm while she smiled at him..
“So where are you going to??..let go and visit the school swimming pool!!” He said and I arched my brow
Swimming pool???
“Hey, she is heading some where before you came right??” I chipped in without even knowing when it came out..
“Huh??..where was she going to?” Jace asked and I rolled my eyes..
“Hey, Rose you can come with me if you want..” I said and really felt like slapping myself…
I swear I don’t know when that words came out…
To be continued
Bryan!!..I’m just watching you.

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