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My crazy house help episode 8

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My crazy house help episode 8 by : 5:43 am On December 3, 2020
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 8
By. Humble Smith
🎸Bryan’s POV🎸
I was yet to even drop my phone before she ran off like a mad woman…
Oh gosh!!..I wish she had waited, she would have been bundled away like a bag of rice, shit!!..she even saw me in tears..agghrr!!!..that girl is stupid..
Wait…has she began this school??
What???..she had got in with the scholarship…
It can’t be!!..
I quickly picked my back pack before heading out,
“Sir where is the thief??” One of the security asked and I waved my hand as I rushed to the class, you don’t know how pissed I am now, I just pray she isn’t in my class because I’d skin her alive…
I can’t just stop glaring at those peering eyes of w student that won’t let me pass without getting wet, I really wonder when this girls would be sensible…
Looking around, i can see almost all the girls trouping out of their class to look at me…
“He is an angel!!!!!”
“I love him!!!!”
“Why did he came out??..look at him, are you sure he is a human??”
You can’t tell how those words piss me off, I always wish I can kill them all with my eyes, if only I have a supernatural power, I’ll just freeze their mouth for a month…
Finally after my majestic walk, I got to the class, I was yet to even enter before the class went noisy, all their gaze went to me and I felt like going back but hell no!!..
I need to be sure that Rose flower isn’t here, she should be in another different class far away from me!!
“Here comes the angel on earth!”
“Look at his shimmering eyes!”
“I’m fainting!!”
Different scream from the female student…
I sighed and dipped my hands into my pocket as I walked in….
I looked around and couldn’t find her,
Wow!..couldn’t just hold back the smile that escaped my lips..
I nearly had heart attack, thank God she isn’t my class mate
Jace wasn’t even in class, I wonder where he is..
I glanced at Sophia’s seat and she wasn’t there, her boyfriend isn’t there either…I sighed as I recalled they told me they would be travelling..
F**k her!!!
I let out a shrug and went over to my seat…
“What??????????” I screamed as I saw someone under my desk..
I couldn’t hold the scream as I saw her hiding under my desk..really??
Immediately she saw that I have caught her, she sprang up and made to run away, but I quickly held her and drew her back making her fall on the chair like a carton..
“What are you doing here?” I asked with a frown.
She rubbed her temple and looked at me with a silly expression..
“What are you doing in this class!!” I snorted and everyone gazed at us..
“Do you know you are hiding under my desk..?” I sneered and she shook her head continuously…
“Are the security coming for me?” She asked looking around…
“she is a scholarship girl!..she can’t be here!!” A female student squeaked and everyone grunted and growl as they stared at her with disgust..
She looked up and her eyes went through all the student then to me…
“You are here through the scholarship right??” I asked and she licked her lips making it more pink than it was…
Ohh, what I’m I even thinking..
“Ohh, Bryan please stop talking to that trash!!” Another female student crush screamed with disgust..
I quickly cringed away…
“They will help me punish you for coming to that restricted area..” I smirked
“But Bryan…I can’t believe we are in the same class??” She grinned..
“Class treat her like the scholarship student with no hope!!” I said and she popped her eyes at me..
Before she cane say any other thing..a sachet water was burst on her head making her whole dress drench..
“What!!!..” She made to yell at the student but another student quickly fling a raw egg to her face making it spurt all over her face and dress..
“We don’t want trash here!!!” They yelled while she sobbed silently staring at me…
Who cares, this is just the beginning….
Just then, Jace walked in and I could see how shocked he was to see what was happening..
Before I could know it, he charged at one of the student trying to slap the Rose..
To my surprise, he punch at his nose and everyone scampered away…
“You are a b****d!!!” He cursed
Everyone was surprised, it’s normal to maltreatment a scholarship student, I can’t get why he reacted that way…
“You dare not lay your filthy hand in her you son of a b**h!!” He growled and took her hand..
She looked up to him and smiled sweetly…
“Let’s go” he said and wrapped his arm around her waist
Geezz..why do I just feel angry that he held her that way??
Shit..I must be stupid!
To be continued

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