My crazy house help episode 59

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Written by Humble Smith..
Episode 59.
Xavier’s POV..
Jane walked in all healthy and I couldn’t help but shook in shock..
My eyes fluttered as the truth dawned on me..
She had been saved meaning that my cover had been blown off..
The truth about that night had been known!!
Now I know the reason why the cops didn’t move when I accused George of the crime…
Oh, what is this??
“Do you have any other thing to say?” That cruel agent growled at me…
I was dumb and empty, my head was blanked, do i still need a soothsayer to know that my end is very near…
None of my plan worked out,
I raised my head and it fell on George, all I could see was that man who trusted me as his friend..
I wonder what would be going on in his heart..
I betrayed him to the core, his trust for me made him follow me to that club, even when I raped and stabbed that girl, he still dashed in when I called in…
He saw my act and was shocked..
“Why did you do this???..oh, how are we gonna clean this off, no one should know you did this!!” That was what he said to me…
His face was covered with care, he wanted the best for me,
Less did he knew my evil intention..
I snuck out and my men did the video clip of him trying to lift the girl, even when he ran off seeing I had also left…
I can never forget that terrified expression which he showed when I showed the video to him…
He was too stunned, it was like a dream but was real, he thought it was a play not until I almost posted the video in front of him..
He accepted to do my wills immediately, we both knew what he would lose if I had sent those video, his song music career would end, he would be shamed and pushed to jail, his name would tarnish..
Considering his family and people around him, he decided to be my puppet…
“Xavier did you hated me this much??” He mumbled and I shut my eyes sighing..
The memory of our good moment as friends flashed through,
I was really a betrayal..
Right now, I’m his subject!!
Even if I am not killed, he would be the governor in few months to come, then how would I live??
I turned my gaze to the right and there was Lisa..
She was still looking as beautiful as that day I first saw her..
I fell for her beauty and wanted her to be mine only to be rejected all because of George..
You can’t tell how infuriated I was, she choose George over me so I destroyed all she cherished…
Right here and now, I’m sure she hates me so deep, my surprise was that after all these years of fight, I ended up having nothing..
I was unable to take the lives of my enemies, that are all fine and all smiles while I perish!!
Oh gosh!!..
I made a deep sigh feeling some glimmer of regret once in my life, regret was something I never had, just now seeing I’m a loser, I wish I never tool the evil part…
Maybe..maybe I would have a chance to find love and become happy like they are…
My quest for power and jealousy turned my heart dark, many life had died just because of me…
I killed without restrain because I feared of losing, how would I knew at the end, I’d be a loser….
“This is a rare sight!..Xavier the great now crawling on the ground!!” Rose squeaked holding Bryan’s hand…
“It looks like a dream!!!..this is the man that I dreaded so well!!..Xavier, the name that sends shivers through me!!” Lisa breathed holding George’s palm..
I raised my gaze and it fell on Rose, all I could see was a girl whose death seem impossible..
Killing Rose looked so easy to me, she was nothing then, a mere commoner, her death won’t even be noticed…
That was what I thought, till now I really wondered how possible it was that I couldn’t kill her, my mistake was underestimating her fate, it was the reason I didn’t wipe her memory, she was too common to me…
Right here and now, I can’t help the feeling of a total loser flowing through me..
If I hadn’t got myself addicted to hard drugs, I won’t have got a memory defect which made me forget her face as the girl who got the greatest voice…
My memory couldn’t recognize her easily, I would have took her life instantly before she could get this great power now…
“Xavier, who else can stop me from being the governor?” George spoke for the first time.
“You are worth it!..the state needs a man like you!” I breathed, saying the truth for the first time…
Just then, the door of the room opened and the governor was dragged in like a piece of trash..
There were blood on his knee and mouth,
He was pushed to where I was allowing us crash each other..
Our head hit so hardly that we both got dizzy for some minute..
“This is the end of the wicked!” Jace said wagging his head..
“How dare you all do this to me!!!..I’m innocent!!..I saved him that’s all, I’m not involved in all his evil!!!!” Jaden the president bawled..
“Everything you did is already known, there isn’t any difference in you both!” One of the agent stated..
“Let me go!!! can’t touch me till the court declares me guilty!!” He yelled and this time everyone laughed including me..
Jaden’s POV..
“If you are sighted outside, your death would be so soon because the angry mobs would stone you to death or even burn you up!!” The head agent said and my eyes widened in shock..
“You are not serious!!” I countered..
“Okay, I would make you believe now!!” He snorted and dragged me again without any regard..
I tried struggling myself out of his rough drag but his muscle was too much, I even ended up receiving two blows..
It surprises me how these agents reduces human to trash, they all instantly forget I was once the respected Governor..
They took me downstairs and out of the gate…
My whole body shook furiously as I saw the angry crowd..
Before I could even understand fully, a rock landed on my head making blood spurt out..
I was truing to contain the pain when another hit my belly, a larger one…
They were really trying to devour, if not for the security agent holding them, I would have been torn into piece..
“Do you now believe??” The head agent asked and I was about to reply when a huge body man among the mob succeeded in escaping the security agents retrain and rushed at me with the rod he held…
I couldn’t dodge it, the rod landed on my head..
“You are evil!!! mother died in your hand, you killed my mother and father when you poisoned our river!!!” He bawled in tears and wanted to hit me again but was held…..
Blood rolled down,pain swam through my whole body…
I was dragged in…
The tears from that guy really pierced my heart, I could remember that evil act I did…
Just to kill one person, I poisoned the river after finding out he dived into the river in attempt to escape the assassin I sent to kill him..
Oh gawd!!
It was true, all my act had been known!
Someone must have gotten the secret database and find all the video record i wiped from the state camera system…
“Because of Kelvin love for Celine, you won’t be killed publicly, all the rest of your life would be in jail…” The agent seethed..
At they mention of Celine, I felt my heart bleed, she must have heard all I did, can I even look at her face again, she would never believe her dad was this cruel!
Bryan’s POV..
The sound of siren filled the atmosphere, Xavier and the governor was handcuffed and raised from the ground where they sat..
It was finally happening, Xavier and Jaden is about to face the final judgement..
We all watched silently, my heart was quite heavy as I stared at the bloody face of Xavier..
He won’t stop groaning in pain…
“Bryan…” He called my name for the first time leaving me stunned..
I turned to him and he smiled..
“I’m sorry…” He muttered leaving me shaken..
Everyone was awed, we all fluttered our eyes staring at him..
“Take care of Rose well, Rose take care of him..I couldn’t experience love because I took the evil path, but you two taught me what love is with your life!!” He said in a gentle tone which I had never heard…
The tone wasn’t that gruffy one, it wasn’t that scary like it used to be…I swear it sounded like that of a father…
“If you had changed earlier, maybe you won’t end up dying..” I mumbled looking down to the ground..
Rose held my hand gently..
“You sound really emotional right now, what do you think about Xavier?” She asked and I shut my eyes and breathed heavily…
“Move!!!” One of the agent howled hitting Xavier on the back making one of his wound reopen..
He shrilled in pain followed by a groan that left me shivering…
I don’t know why, but I felt my heart pained with that…
“Why did you hit him??” I half yelled at the agent and he bowed a little..
“His time is up and he got no f**king time to talk!” The cop gruffed..
Xavier glanced at me and our eyes met..
“Do you feel any pity for a devil like me??” He asked..
“Get the hell outta here!!! bloody killer!!” Rose bawled.
“I deserve all this and even more..just that, I’m surprise that Bryan seems to….” His voice was hitched with a punch from another agent..
They dragged him so roughly not minding his wounds..
I shut my eyes not wanting to see more of the torture, at least after today..
Rose and I would live in peace, we would sing to the world without fear…
“Wait!!!!!!” We all heard a loud scream, it was that of my foster mother.
She was running towards us..
We all turned to her including Xavier…
In her hand lies a file..
“Ma’am..good day.” The cops all greeted with a little bow…
Being the known wife of George gave her the respect..
“Mom, when did you return??..” I asked trying to hold her hand but she moved back immediately..
“I’m not worthy to be called your mother, guess you already know you were abducted!!” She stated and turned to Xavier…
“Is this where you finally end??” She asked and he sagged his head in shame..
She turned to George then to me..
“I’ve something to show you all, I can’t say it out of shame and guilt…” She paused and blinked her already wet eyes..
“Bryan was abducted meaning you aren’t his real father…” She said to George before turning to me..
” Bryan is my biological son, I gave birth to him and dumped him in the motherless baby that’s why I made sure we adopted him so I can take care of him..” She paused and glanced at Xavier…
“Mom, but why??..why did you never care about me?..I passed through a lot and you never give a damn!!” I whimpered emotionally with Rose patting my back…
“Take this and read, you will know why I never cared much about you and Xavier’s fight!” She stated and handed the file to me…
Immediately I took it, she walked away…
The crowd around were watching, the press were taking video record and camera shots..
I opened the envelop and took out the content, my eyes dilated as I saw it was a DNA result..
My brow arched as my heart pound so fast,
Can it be what I am thinking??
“No!!!!!!” I screamed as I read it…
The file fell off my grip as I shivered…
Rose quickly picked it up and gasped seeing what was in it…
This can’t be!!!
“Bryan what is it???” Jace asked curiously…
I turned my gaze on Xavier and he also looked at me…
“He is my father…..” I shrieked pointing at him…
At the mention of that, I saw flood of tears roll down Xavier’s cheeks….
“You are my son??..Bryan..I’m sorry..take of your self..” He stuttered with a weak smile before being pushed into the van…..
I stared in horror, not able to move…
My own father had wanted me dead, my own father had wanted my happiness taken away at all cost!!..
Jace and the others gave me a soothing hug,
“Bryan…don’t be too sad, he would have killed me, if he got the chance we would be dead and wasted, don’t…..” I hushed Rose from saying more.
“Who is sad???” I asked with a short laugh leaving them surprised..
“The only thing that would make me sad is losing Rose, but here she is right beside me!!! you think I care if he is my father??..just your safety is what I need most..” I cooed fondling those chubby cheeks of hers…
She smiled sweetly looking more beautiful than ever..
“Bryan..meeting you was a blessing” she purred..
“Rose, it really pains to find out he is my father, what if he had succeeded in killing you, I would have killed him myself not minding any f**king he is..I even regret being a son to that monster!!” I sighed and she held my jaw…
“I understand..that’s why I feel like kissing you here and now…” She soothed with a lopsided grin..
“Do whatever you feel like, at least, there is no Xavier to fear..” I giggled and she brought her head closer…
Right in front of everyone, she kisses me deeply with our eyes closed….
We heard a clap that made us break the kiss, it was just too loud more than the scream of the onlookers..
Turning around, we saw Kelvin coming towards us with Celine beside him..
“What a love!” He laughed
“Are you here to take her away??..oh, thank God, she is your sister, I’m not disturbed at all” I deadpanned with a smirk..
“Even if she isn’t my sister, can you compare her to this Angel beside me..” He chuckled and held her hand gently .
“Fine..we have stood enough!!..time for some crazy party!!!!” Fred spoke out for the first time..
“Yeah!!!..let’s rock a party of victory!!” Sophia added and he swaddled her into his arm making her laugh hardly..
Rose’s POV
“Look at Xavier at your back!” Jace shouted at him funnily and I couldn’t help my laugh….
“The dead or living one??” Clara cackled..
“Mr Governor, take my mother to the beach, that’s where she loves..” I winked
“That’s not a problem..” He laughed and held her hand..
We all head to our cars, the whole crowd were all swooning and drooling so hard wishing they were one of us, their eyes showed their crave..
I couldn’t help smiling sheepishly..
This was the same way I stays all day and night staring at Bryan’s picture drooling and swooning, wishing to meet him, wishing to touch him, wishing to sing with him, wishing I could make him my boyfriend!!!
It was all happening already…
My wish is now a reality!!
“Oh, I’m sorry!!” He squeaked and I turned to him..
“What???…” I couldn’t finish before he quickly carried me into his arm…
“Must you do it??” I squealed amidst giggles..
“Even if I am lazy and exhausted, I won’t let you stress those tender feet” he purred and pecked my lips..
Oh gosh!!..I’m already floating….
Clara glanced at Jace who was the only one left to carry his babe…
“Why the glance, you think I have the muscle to carry a heavy load??” He deadpanned rolling his eyes..
“Oh…fine!..someone else would do it now!” She said and made run away from him but couldn’t make two step forward before Jace caught her hand…
“Don’t make me get mad in jealousy!” He rolled his eyes again before carrying her gently..
“You should have claim strong head like Bryan, I would have make you cry..” She laughed and I also couldn’t hold my laughter..
We got to the flashy cars and zoomed off, I was sitting with Bryan..
Just then, his phone rang…
He took it and smiled seeing what displayed..
“What is that??” I asked glancing at the screen..
“The national singing competition is next week…” He smirked..
“Wow!!!! soon!!!!” I squealed jumping..
“I’m just thinking of who to sing with??..which female can even sing with me??” He muttered thoughtfully..
“Were you thinking I would sing with you?? are my girlfriend doesn’t mean I’d sing with you, Sophia can serve..” He shrugged and my eyes fluttered as I sneered at him..
I tried to believe he is pulling prank but his face was damn mean and void of laugh..
“Bryan what????..” My eyes became wet..
“I’ve even found someone better than Sophia!” He shrugged and looked out of the side glass..
“What did I do?? my voice not good for the national competition??” I asked anxiously..
“Apart from Rose, who else I’m I in love with??..who else has the greatest voice??..who else gives me goose pimple with her smiles…” He laughed and I smiled…
“So you were all pulling my legs and I fell for it again!!” I shouted..
“I can’t wait to sing with you…” He giggled and lay on my laps..
“Pull up this big head off me!!” I half screamed in laughter..
“That same head that made you throw away the pizza for delivery leading to your firing…” He laughed and I joined the laugh knocking his head playfully…
Oh wow!!
I can’t be less happy!!
To be continued

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