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My crazy house help episode 58

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My crazy house help episode 58 by : 2:58 pm On April 3, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Not edited, expect minor errors..
Written by Humble Smith..
Episode 58..
Xavier’s POV..
I trembled in fear and terror praying it won’t happen..
I just couldn’t help but pray silently that they won’t touch that object on me, I knew far well how it hurts..
The scream of Rose and Fred was too intense when I did the same to them, it showed they were greatly pained…
“Please, don’t do this to me!!..I can….” My voice seized as my shirt was torn off leaving my chest and back bare…
The knives were still glowing and I could feel the hotness already…
“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” My scream filled the whole building as one of them drew a circled on my chest with the knife..
I could see my flesh melt off with great pain spreading all over me…
The other placed their own on my back and belly leaving me convulsing terribly…
I kept screaming and begging, that moment I couldn’t remember I was Xavier the same man who was greatly feared…all my ego was erased as I shrill in plea tears rolling down my cheeks like a baby…
The pain was too much that I thought I would die but hell no!!
I feels pain only…
The face of Rose and Fred flashed through my mind and I heard their scream too..
This was the same thing I did to them..
Oh god!!
Is it this painful!!!!!
“How does it feels?” One of the agent smirked..
I growled in pain, every part of my body was full of wound, blood won’t stop flowing..
I whimpered and kept pleading but it seems they were more heartless than I thought…
I felt like dying as they lashed one stroke of the whip each on my bloody back…
My head went blank pounding furiously, my eyes were bloodshot, my voice was now weak to scream…
The pain got me so deep that I felt my eyes closing..
The excruciating pain made me pray for death, they whipped me again and this time I fell off heavily with the chair breaking off..
I was now laying on the ground in pain and weakness, moving my eyes ball were even hard to do..
I was damn hot and drenched with blood and sweat..
For some seconds, the intense pain made me regret ever being ruthless and cause pain to Rose and every other person..
My life had been wasted, I got no wife or children all because I was blinded with revenge..
All the power and wealth I got was useless now,
Rose mother and George made me the evil man I am today..
Lisa first met me but fell for George, why on earth!!
That alone brought all the hatred in me, I decided to shatter their life..
I would I knew of this painful end while they all enjoy life out there!!
Another lash landed on my back and I shrieked rolling all over the floor as my back went on fire again..
It was happening real, Xavier is being tortured, oh, gosh!!
Can’t this be a dream??
Another whip went over my neck making a streak of red line there, i could even feel blood tickling down…
“Please…stop!!!” I found my quivering lips begging making them scorn at me..
“Just kill me and end it all!!!..stop this torture!” I groaned..
“You never for once heard the plea of anyone!!” The most wicked among them seethed and picked out the hot knife again, my heart went into my stomach..
Right there in front of everyone..
He stabbed me on the laps deeply that It got my bone..
“That’s the same thing you did to my girlfriend!!!!” He bawled and I was shocked.
Now I know why he had been too cruel on me…
I stared at my bloody lap screaming and convulsing, it was breaking me down in pain, he slopped out the knife and I fell off heavily..
I couldn’t move, slowly my eyes closed..
I pray I’m dead now..
Sophia’s POV..
My eyes fluttered open, everywhere was blurred as I felt my head pound heavily..
There were plaster over my head and back, I groaned and shut my eyes taking a deep breath..
Rose is alive and that alone makes me so happy, her life seem to be of more value to me now..
At the beginning, she was my enemy but now, she seemed to be so dear to me..
After some minutes, I slept off..
I felt a soft palm hold my palm gently, there was a drop of liquid falling on my palm..
I could also hear a muffle of cry as my palm was squeezed softly..
“I promised to protect you but you still have to feel the pain of bullet..wow, you did the greatest job here..you are the hero!!” I heard Fred’s voice..
“I never knew I had trained you to be thus brave and smart, I swear, I can’t love you less, you saved my life and that of Rose, how can we repay you, just wake up and look at me with those eyes..” He purred pecking the back of palm..
Slowly, I opened my eyes and stared at him..
“Sophia!!!!” He screamed in glee with his eyes widened in joy..
I arched my brow and looked around..
“How do you feel??..does it still hurt??..I’m sorry for….”
“Shh..” I hushed and sat up with his help..
His face was covered with smiled as he looked into my face..
“who are you??” I asked and his countenance changed to a shocked one..
His eyes dilated..
“You can’t remember me?” He asked with a crack voice..
“Where is Bryan??..he is the one to be here with me, he is my boyfriend…who the hell is you???!!” I half scream and this time his grip on my palm fell off as he moved back in horror..
“Are you playing prank or what??..Sophia look at me well, this is Fred!!!..Bryan is Rose’s boyfriend, I’m your lover!!!..can’t you recall anything!!!” He bawled with tears dropping off, I could see the fear in his eyes..
“You are hurt, there is bandages over your back and legs, why are you here instead of lying on your bed too??” I asked with an expressionless face..
He kept wagging his head breathing heavily..
“How can I lay one the bed when you were still unconscious, I got up immediately I woke just to meet you, the pain was nothing to compare with seeing you lay too..now you had woke up..our memory is lost, you can only remember Bryan???” He muttered emotionally looking straight into my eyes..
They were pure passion in there..
“Come closer let me see your face clearly..” I smiled making him blink continuously..
“My name is Fred, I really don’t deserve you because I’m a commoner, but..we fell in love, it was like a miracle, we suffered for each other..the love was really strong, how would I know that the last fight would end our love, you lost your memory of me, how can I make you love me again…” He sighed shutting his eyes with heavy breath..
“Do you believe my words this much??” I asked and he arched his brow..
“You couldn’t doubt me at all…” I chuckled and held his palm..
“Sophia..was all that a prank??” He asked with his eyes shimmering..
“Even if I lose my memory, I can’t forget that man who saved me from Xavier, that man who took the greatest risk for me not minding if he would be dead or alive…his name is Fred, I can’t forget that..” I said coyly caressing his soft cheek..
A huge smile appeared on his face followed by a loud squeak…
“Naughty girl!!!..you tricked me!!” He chirped and jacked me up into his arm…
“I was so scared!!!!” He added making me laugh…
He laughed too before laying me on the bed crouching over me…
“You fell so easily…” I said amidst laughter making him klzz my lips..
“You were so good in acting and I was so good in believing your lies…!” He giggled before laying beside me..
“What???..go to your ward!!” I squealed..
“The doctor sent me here, we are sharing the same bed…” He said with those cheesy smile..
“This is a hospital, a bed for a patient, stop being naughty!!” I half yelled and turned to face him…
He also faced me and I felt the spark as our eyes met..
“I love you…” He muttered
“I know..”
“You acted so bravery, taking a bullet and saving her life..” He smirked.
“You made me that way, I had always wanted to be a hero like you..at least I’m not that petty lady depending on her dad always..” I smiled but frowned almost immediately..
“What??” He asked seeing the mood change..
“Xavier told me he isn’t my father, he said I was adopted, can’t believe I have no parent…” I fumbled..
“Rose seem to be your sister..” He stated and I cringed at his word which seemed like a striking truth..
“Can that be?” I asked with a widened eyes..
“When you took the bullet for her, I saw your eyes, it was full of passion, full of pure love, the type that I saw in the eyes of my mother when Xavier tortured me..” He paused and held my palm..
“Do you feel anything for Rose?” He asked and I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out..
How would I say, I felt we were twins..how possible is that????
Just then, the door of the ward opened and we turned to the door only to hear claps and cheers..
It was Bryan, Rose, Jace. Clara, George and Lisa…
They all looked very happy and won’t stop hailing us…
“These are our hero!!” They all chorused leaving me grinning..
“Sophia, thanks for saving my life, never knew you are this awesome..” Rose purred kneeling beside me on the bed with a huge smile..
“I myself never knew I would feel that great love for you even after you slapped me once..” I rolled my eyes playfully making everyone laugh..
“Oh…gosh!!..i was very stupid to slap my saviour, you can slap me back now!!” She squealed making us laugh again..
I glances at Bryan and he was eyeing me..
“Hey, that man over there would skin me alive if I touch you!” I said gesturing at Bryan, this time everyone went crazy in laughter..
“Let’s go and see Xavier..??” Bryan said anxiously with a lopsided smile..
“Now??..” Jace asked glancing at me and Fred who was still recovering from their wound.
I glanced at Fred and he shrugged and held my cheeks slowly..
“We aren’t going anywhere, don’t stress yourself, you just recovered!” He said to me calmly resting my head on his laps as he stroke my hair..
Bryan’s POV..
Oh!!..what was wrong with me??
I don’t just know why all of a sudden, I felt that strange impulse to meet Xavier..
It was clear that we all should rest for days to fully recover, why would I want us to meet Xavier..
“It seem you are anxious to meet him, do you have question for him?” George my foster father asked and I shut my eyes taking a deep breath..
“What do you think would be done to Xavier for all his crime?” I asked.
“He would be hang to death in front of everyone to serve as a lesson to evil men hiding on disguise..” George replied leaving me flinching..
I just felt it was too cruel…
Oh my….
Why do I feel sorry for him??
“The governor is being interrogated even when the truth is already known, they just want to remove all doubt, he also would have being killed by fire squad if Kelvin hadn’t plead on his behalf because of Celine, he would be given a 20 years imprisonment!” George added..
“What is actually his crime?” Clara asked..
“He didn’t only connive with Xavier the terrorist, tons of murder, kidnap had been done by him, he impersonated me to get that seat…” He explained..
“Oh, like seriously, Xavier had always been secret, how did they got to know his crimes that led to his condemnation of death??” Lisa asked..
“Xavier would have served few years of imprisonment and still come out alive if Fred hadn’t brought out all his past crime..” He explained and we all stared at Fred who was smiling sheepishly..
“Wow..that’s great!..but I need to ask about my real parent!” Sophia said leaving us startled..
“What do you mean?” George asked..
“Xavier stated clearly that I wasn’t his child, he said I was abducted, I just feel like she is my sister!” She stated gesturing at Rose..
Everyone flinched glancing at Lisa..
“Why do you think so?” Bryan asked waiting for Lisa to talk..
“Before I took that bullet, my heart felt it!” She mumbled and Rose walked closer to her..
“I was afraid to say it to you when I felt it, I feared you would strangle me because of the difference, can it be true that you are my sister??” She muttered and turned to Lisa..
We all turned to her, she is the mother of Rose and would be that of Sophia if she agrees they are sisters..
“I have a secret to tell, I’m just afraid George would be hurt..” She mumbled.
“Say it..are you afraid I would hate you for any past??..f**king no!!..I love you for the present and not the past!” George cooed fondling her cheek, she smiled and turned to Rose..
She was about saying something when Kelvin walked in keeping us all shut…
He squeaked in joy as he saw Rose hale hearty and hugged her so closely that I felt a tingle of jealousy…
Rose stylishly pulled off from him and bowed a little..
“Kelvin, I heard all your help, you are really a saviour..thanks so well!!!” She smiled moving closer to me…
“Do you know why I helped you??” He asked..
“Oh yes, you claimed that I once sang for you in the past, although I can’t recall any of that, I know you won’t frame up a silly lie!” She replied..
“Are you aware I also love you??” He asked with a soft tone.
Rose’s POV..
“Do you know who Bryan is?” I asked with a short laugh seeing the young president professing love for a commoner..
“He is a fellow singer, I know there won’t be much between you both right??..please it shouldn’t be, okay??” He purred and I held Bryan’s hand softly..
“Our love is too deep to be explained, he isn’t a fellow singer, he is my boyfriend!!” I chirped making his eyes dilate with his fist clenched..
“So you never loved Celine?” Jace asked and he glanced at him but said nothing..
“You would lose her and Rose if you try getting Rose, I can tell that these two is inseparable!” Clara shrugged and kelvin sighed before turning around..
His gaze fell on my mother and they both stood still staring at each other..
“You are Lisa??” He asked and we all turned in shock!
“You know her??” Bryan asked..
“Where is my dad’s twins which you took away and never return???..you eloped with them because you never loved my dad…where are they now!!..I want to see my sister!!!” Kelvin bawled with emotions in his voice…
“They are right in from of you…Sophia and Rose!” Lisa spoke out and we all cringed in shock..
“Lisa, what did I just hear????” We heard another voice..
Turning around, it was the president..
He just walked in that moment..
Bryan’s POV..
“Sophia and Rose are that twins I bore for you…” She repeated and my jaw dropped…
Kelvin couldn’t hold his joy, he quickly hugged Rose and did the same to Sophia but carefully…
“The two great female singer are my sisters, wow!!..” He shrieked and Rose stared dumb in shock..
Sophia was also transfixed, they were both gazing at the president who was all smiles seeing them..
“These are my children which I had looked for all this years…they are now grown up!!!..” He said with those fatherly tone before spreading his arm..
“I know I’m not worthy to be called your father but, I can still be forgiven right??” He said and Rose was the first to give him the hug he wanted, Sophia followed..
“How did it all happened?” Clara asked..
“This was the secret I was hiding.. before I met George, I had met him, he was already married but I stick to him for the money he got, he wasn’t the president then, we were having secret affairs…” She paused and glanced at George who was listening..
“He helped with money which was the only reason i had anything to do with him, his wife gave birth to kelvin so he employed me as a new maid so we can have more time together…that was when I got to know Kelvin and he also turned out to like me not knowing I was there for an affair with his father…it all went well till we had s£× one drunken night.. I found out I was pregnant and that left me shattered…I don’t love him a bit..i ran away with the babies and kept them in the motherless baby home separately all because I fell in love with George and won’t wanna lose him because of my past affairs with the current president….” She stopped and sighed..
George held her palm softly..
“I’m sorry for lying to you all these while..” She mumbled..
“I’m not angry, its the past now!” He shrugged and turned to the president..
“Thanks for taking care of her, since she left i had been troubled” the president muttered with a little smile..
Just then, the door sprang open and seven police men stormed in…
Everyone turned in shock..
“Your Excellency..” They bowed to the president before turning George..
“Sir you are under arrest!” Their leader growled..
“For what??..”we all asked in chorus..
“This video clip was sent to us by Xavier, it shows you were the killer of that young girl who was raped and killed, after you went in and came out, the act occurred..you need to be interrogated intensely!!..maybe you are Xavier accomplice and wanted to escape now!!” the leader huffed..
The clip was handed to the president, then his son before we all got to view it, our mouth were agape in shock at how real it looked..it would be hard proving his innocence…
This was what Xavier had used to manipulate him then..
“Please sir, allow him to follow us to the station for questions..” They said to the president..
“Did you do it?” He asked staring at George who was really afraid..
How would Xavier still send the video even after being brought down..
“Even if I deny it, I can’t escape being the culprit, Xavier did it all well, I would be punished for what I never did all because I befriend the devil!!” He sighed and was gestured to go out..
“Please don’t let him be arrested!!!..he is innocent!!!” Lisa pleaded to the president, we all pleaded to, but it was all futile..
The president has no power to revoke the law..
The girl there was dead so she can’t say what really happened..
We were all so sad and devastated!..how can George be the governor after being imprisoned…
Words can’t explain our feelings as we watched him being taken away..
Everyone followed..
“I can bail him but he would have to spend some time in jail, not because he did it but because the case is a serious one and the video pointed at him…” The president sighed…
Just as we were about leaving the hospital…
Three cars swerved in and blocked the van..
“Who are these????” The cops yelled..
One of the car doors opened and someone stepped out…
Fred’s POV..
I was shocked at who I saw…
It was Jane…
She walked over to the cops with her face grim..
“He is innocent…stop being a dummy!!!” She seethed at the cops..
“Hey little girl, what do you know??!!” One of them huffed and she bite her lips with her eyes getting wet..
“Get lost!..you cops are useless, so Xavier succeeded in tricking you fools even at the peak of death??..he raped and killed my sister just to frame him up in that party, he never cared about the poor soul of my sister!!..now he killed Stallion the love of my life!!!” She cried and handed a clip to their leader..
“That is the video clip of how my sister died that day…Xavier became aware of my knowledge of his crime so he kept me bedridden, you l should end his life once and for all!!!” She whimpered leaving us all dumb..
Xavier’s POV..
At least, I won’t go down alone, the governor and George is going down with me!!!
The video I handed to them would make everyone see George as a criminal like me, the governor would also be termed a terrorist too..
Just this pains alone had left me pleading for death…
Just then…
The door opened and they all walked in…
Bryan and his crew all completed including George who I thought should be at the station..
“What is he doing here??..he killed her after the rape!!…we planned it together!!” I shouted to the cops and agents around but no one moved to touch him…
“Your lies isn’t working..” He said and Jane walked in that moment…
To be continued…
Xavier sorry!!😂😂🙄🙄😅😅

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