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My crazy house help episode 55

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My crazy house help episode 55 by : 7:38 am On March 26, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 55
Lara’s POV..
It has been some months and I hadn’t got to see my son Fred, although he had explained why he was out but still yet, I wanted him back so badly, being my only son, never want to lose him, we love him more than ourselves, this would be his first time of staying out of home this long and it all happened after getting to meet that girl Rose..
Day and night I long for his return, I would keep having illusion of him walking into the house with those smiles..
He had kept me and his father safeguarded, according to him, there are enemies after out lives, he explained to us the reason we lost our memory..although I can’t remember but it sounded real..
With his warning, I and his father never dared to step out, he had even forced us to make a promise..
Although, I really want to go out and find him, I still won’t risk my life,
Slowly, I slumped on the couch with a deep sigh,
He had been the one providing all we need and I can’t help but wonder how he got the money, I can’t call him on phone because he cut off all connections..

A lot of Short Stories Here

Just then, Dan his my husband walked out of the room yawning and stretching his body..
“So are you still brooding over Fred?” He asked exhaling..
“How are we sure he is alright??..who would inform us if things go wrong with him??” I asked disturbed.
“We just have to wait..he would surely return!” He sighed and I hissed..
“Till when please??..we should check on him, how can we allow him take it all on himself alone!” I whined with a deep frown.
I just wonder who this Xavier he was talking about is…” Dan breathed resting his head on the headrest of the couch..
I picked up the remote and switched on the TV, that was the only water get to see outside the world, that is the only connection we got…
The daily News began and we watched with less enthusiasm,
The only news we long for is the death of this strange Xavier or the return of my son but none seem to be forth coming all this month.
A headline appeared on the screen leaving our eyes dilating as we stared keenly in anxiousness..
📺The plane left off from south Korea and got the crash amid air, some of the passengers were charred while few had their body part remaining, some of them could be identified…
The names of the known passengers are..
Delvis Marcos
Carl Winston
Frederic Shan..
The remote set dropped off instantly as I heard the name just mentioned..
Did I hear Fred or what???
My breath went faster, I glance at Dan who also turned his gaze to me sharply..
“Fred our son was among the victim!!!!!” I screamed and sprawled on the floor in anguish and pain, I couldn’t stop the hot tears that forced out as I cried and wailed…
Dan groaned deeply burying his face in his palm as he sobbed in deep pain…
“Why would our son die like that!!!!!” I screamed and rolled in pain which lingered in my heart..
Words can’t explain my feelings now, I felt totally empty..I wished I was the one who died…
With speed of lightning, I rushed to the door, I’m leaving here to find him, I can never believe he is dead..
“Lara!!..don’t risk your life by leaving here!!!” Dan breathed..
“Fred kept us here to be safe while he took his own life, what is the gain of being alive here??..!!” I bawled and pushed the door open..
“Lara!!” He called and held me..
“Don’t you think this may be a trap??” He asked making me stare at him..
“What do you mean?” I asked and he sighed shutting his eyes..
“I don’t know but I….” Just then, his phone rang..
He brought it out and we glanced at the screen, it was an unsaved number..
He clicked on the green button and a voice came in..
“You must be the parent of the dying Fred right??..come over to the hospital where he is through the address I would send to you right now!!” We heard the voice sounded and I breathed heavily..
Fred is still alive at least,
The address was sent and none of us remembered Fred word of staying indoor, we rushed out in a haste even without locking back the door..
Seeing our son was what we wanted at the moment and not some random indoor for safety…
Stallion’s POV..
My eyes was going dimmer as my stomach grumbled continuously.
I was very weak out of hunger and thirst,after Jace had met with me the last time, he never came again or even sent any food to me..
I was really dying of hunger, Xavier had promised to always save me, it has been some days and I haven’t notice any of his attempt to rescue me..
I had decided to tell Jace a little so as to buy some time, Xavier should surely save me with the help of the governor as a reward of being ever loyal to him…
I had a strong belief that he would finally come and save me but right now, I feels so skeptical, what if he had dumped me off…
The hunger was ripping me off, I don’t think I would survive one more night of hunger…
Just then, the door creak open and I looked up seeing Jace with a plate of food..
My mouth went watery immediately, I didn’t even know when I made to grab it only to be restricted by the bound holding me back..
I grunt and kept my gaze on the food with my stomach grumbling much more than ever.
Jace smirked and took a seat, he sat in front of me and dropped the food a metre away..
“Jace…are you planning to taunt me to death??” I asked breathing heavily..
“I’m planning more than that, after some research, I found out your reason for being ever loyal to Xavier, there is some one who badly needs your help…” He said with a short laugh..
I arched my brow surprisedly..
“Your love for her would never fade away but I can turn it all into a nightmare, I would kill her!” He gruffed leaving my heart skipping as my eyes widen in great shock…
She is my life and everything I got left in the world, she is just the love of my life and I’m doing everything to keep her alive..
It has been some years now and I won’t stop paying for her health treatment, she got an ailment which refused to be cured, each time of is treated it would regenerate…
I loved her so much that I was ready to serve Xavier to the end so I would get the fund to treat her…
The doctor had gave me hope of her getting well again, with what jace said now, I don’t think I would survive seeing her dead after all the sacrifice..
“Do you know who Jane is?” I asked and he chuckled..
“You prefer killing innocent soul for Xavier just for the money to keep her alive, how would you feel seeing her dead even after all that..” He whispered and I shut my eyes In deep anguish..
I feel like the world was crashing on me, after Xavier saved me from death, I became his men, I once wanted to stop the killing but that was when Jane got the sickness so I couldn’t anymore..
“Jace you won’t kill her right??” I muttered..
“How would you feel knowing that Xavier was the reason why the ailment lingered, he connived with the doctor, his plan is to kill her any day you betray him..” He paused and smirked..
“Help me get jace into the government house as the security..” He said and I nodded turning to the food..
He quickly shred the bound and handed the food to me…
I finished it up in haste including the filled bottle water..
“There is a secret Xavier wanted me to keep away from you, your loyalty to him was something he don’t want to lose so he used her to hold you back, the ailment couldn’t be cured because the doctor was paid to prolong it..” He said making me stare at him in shock..
“Who paid them??” I asked..
“Xavier caused the ailment and also left it unhealed fearing you may leave when there isn’t anything holding you back..” He explained..
“You would surely use any method to make me work for you in bringing Xavier down right??..I’ve did the much I can do for you, stop all these lies…” I shrugged feeling intimidated by him…
“We were once good friends, we went into missions together, just trust me this once, I know I can’t torture you into this, you solely believed in Xavier, you are ever loyal..your girlfriend can only return to normal after Xavier is gone!” He coaxed..
“Why should I believe this, what is the assurance, where is an evidence?” I whined..
“Have you ever thought why Xavier volunteered to find doctors for you??..please Stallion, do this for her, she is in pain!!” He stated with a little frown..
I sighed and shut my eyes,
“What do you really want me to do?” I asked slowly.
“Just help Jace get into the government house as Celine’s guard, also protect him from the eyes of Xavier, he needs to find a way to make the president son help us!” He explained..
“You mean Kelvin?” I asked and he nodded..
“Alright, I’ll help you guys but promise me that Jane would be fine!” I mumbled..
“Promise!” He breathed..
I smiled and stood up feeling strength seeping in again..
With the president help, even me would be safe and live a peaceful life without killing all with Jane beside me..

style="text-align: center;">Another Completed BURGUNDY

I had kept wondering how I would explain to her how I became an assassin to get money to treat her…would she still love me after hearing the number of lives I took for Xavier…
“The governor’s daughter would be in thus state tomorrow evening, I need to make some arrangement right now with Jace…” I said
“Meet him upstairs, in the first room..” He replied and I nodded before leaving…
Fred’s POV…
I sighed in relief before heading off to my room, I hadn’t seen Sophia for some time and I am just missing her like mad..
Being all busy with this case, after giving her the promise of protecting her, I won’t relent..
She really gave me the love I longed for, I won’t let her to be hurt even a bit..
Bryan’s POV..
It was early morning the next day and I woke right beside rose like always..
Her head was resting on my chest making me smile, looking into her calm face, all I could do is smile more widely..
She looked damn beautiful and innocent, I could recall our funny past, especially that very day she shattered my heart by pretending to be in love with Jace, I swear, it was an experience I wish never to repeat itself, I cried that day, it was like a second heartbreak!!!
“Bryan, are you awake already?” I heard those sweet voice of hers..
“Yeah babe, how was your sleep?” I asked pecking her cheek, she smiled and pressed her head more on me..
“Why didn’t you woke me up immediately, I made you stay on the bed till now, how did I even over slept??..gosh!!..I’m becoming a lazy girl!” She whined making me smile..
“I love you that way..Rose, we are singing our first song today, I don’t want you to be stressed out in any way!” He cooed.
“I refuse to be spoilt by you!!!..after all my mother’s training!” She squeaked with a chuckle before jumping off from the bed..
I couldn’t help laughing at the clumsy girl, so funny and unique…
After some hours, we were both done cleaning up..
“You must be hungry right?” She smiled and I nodded..
“I would prepare a meal for you, a meal to celebrate our first official song in advance..” She laughed and quickly dashed to the kitchen before I could counter her.
I frowned and stared at space, since I was born, I can’t remember ever entering the kitchen once in my life…
Why would she go into that place left for the maids and chef!!!
I sighed before slumping on the couch, going In there is very much hard, I can’t bear the sight of the place…
Those smoke may suffocate me, the sliced onions would even make my eyes itch and tears falling off…
I hate that place that mad!!..but..now, she is in there all alone, I’m right here all alone, you can’t tell how lonely I feel…
The only option was to go in there, as much as I dread and hated the kitchen, I can’t still stand here and watch her suffer alone, I can’t even stand being all alone without her…
Rose’s POV..
I picked up the tomatoes and blended before adding it into the pot on fire containing the hot oil..
I was all smiles, my life had been a funny one, from the beginning to the end, right now, I’m not only rich but also got the heart of the Greek god!
Cooking in this paradise kitchen for him makes me look like his wife, that was my happiness, I felt already married to him…
I picked the onion to slice but felt someone step in…
I thought it was one of the maid, I was about turning when a strong arm wrapped around me…
“Do you think I can stay alone leaving you here?” Bryan whispered nibbling my war sending shivers through me..
“I told you to wait in the room, I would be done soon..” I replied smiling..
“It sounds easy to say but hard to do, you insist on coming here to cook for, I can’t let you do it all alone!” He stated breaking the hug..
“Huh???..are you serious??” I exclaimed staring at the handsome singer right in the kitchen just because of me..
“I had never walk in here before but…you made me do so today, hand the onion to me!” He muttered and I raised my brow..
I tried declining but he snatched it off and took the knife..
I just watched as he tried slicing it…
His hands were feeble and he was chopping it instead..
I couldn’t help laughing as I saw how he struggled to even hold the onion steadily..
“Oh, this isn’t in your blood at all!!!” I squealed laughing as he tried more..
“I can do this!!..” He mumbled and looked up..
I burst into another round of laughter as I saw his eyes all wet, he even looked more cute as the eyes was now shimmering..
I took the onion from him and gave him a hug, I can’t believe the dept of his love, he was ready to do what he never did,
“Thank you for the great help!!..but, don’t you think you are loving me too much??..” I giggled and he laughed..
After some hours, we were done with both cooking and eating, he won’t even stop feeding me..
I tool another bath before dressing up for the studio, my heart was beating faster, after today, it would be known finally..everyone would no longer be skeptical about us being together…
Bryan walked out of the room looking so charming that I was mesmerized staring at him..
His hair was now brown from the spray, he held my palm and led me out…
Oh gosh!!
Those palm was also tender and soft!!..he must have never use it to do any tactful work, it was like that of a new born baby..
We got out to the garage with fleets of cars, I may not be able to explain how rich Bryan is..but just know he got all to feed my whole generation..
The gold ring and necklace he was wearing costs a million dollar..
Finally, we got to the studio and after some arrangement, we were both sitting in front of the mic as the beating filled our ears..
I closed my eyes feeling the aura, I felt myself floating..
Bryan voice began the magic sending sparks over me, his voice was that type that would bring out your heart and melt it off..
It was just too good, calling him the best was an understatement..
He ended the first verse and we both sang the chorus..
I began my part and even the manager and producers paused to stare at me, they were too stunned..
Bryan was all smiles as my voice flowed..
We ended it and there was a round of applause from the technical crew who got to hear it right there..
“It isn’t a mere gossip that you got the greatest voice, woa!!..this song would heal souls..I bet it would get more stream than ever!” The producer exclaimed..
“That’s true dude… She….” He paused as his phone rang immediately..
He took it out and the caller was Sophia..
“Hello…” He mumbled only for us to hear cry from the other side..
It was Sophia crying so intensely that I felt fear sweep through me..
“Sophia what is going on??” Bryan asked in a high tone..
She kept crying for some minute before mentioning Fred.
“What happened to Fred???” We asked at the same time..
“Xavier had taken him away!!!!” She shrill and I felt my whole body went cold..
My legs moved back in great shock..
What Sophia said struck me so well that I felt weak, I just pray its a prank..
It can’t be true at all!!!!
Fred had helped us with all he got, Xavier won’t spare him..
I quickly dashed out with Bryan following behind..
We got to the car and zoomed off,
Getting to Sophia’s house, she was already worn out, her eyes was bulged out from much crying…
“How did it happen?!!!!” I screamed shoving her shoulder vigorously..
“His parent were taken by Xavier and was threatened!!..Xavier threatened him with the life of his parent, he ordered him to come alone without any weapon..!!!” She explained in a loud shrill..
“Fred went to Xavier alone without any weapon??..are you sure he didn’t set a smart plan, you know how good he is at that…” Bryan mumbled breathing heavily..
“This is totally different!!!..I saw him!!..we were together when the call came in, it was followed by the video of his parent being tortured!!!!..he didn’t wait a second before running to meet Xavier!!!!” She stated and sobbed..
“But, why didn’t you stop him, Xavier won’t kill his parent, he just needed him, be wants to end his life after finding out he was the master mind behind his failure!!!” I whimpered..
“Yes, why allow him!!!” Began huffed..
“I tried stopping him but he loved his parent top dearly, Xavier may knew about it, Fred couldn’t even think straight again, he was ready to even die for them to live!” Sophia cried..
I lay exhausted..
Would I ever forgive myself if he loses his life in this, I’m the one who dragged him to this..
How would I feel again if he dies??
Oh God!!..I’m going mad!!
Why is Xavier this desperate???
Just then, my phone rang…
They a turned to me as I took out the phone, it was Fred’s number..
My heart throbbed in joy as I thought of the possibility of not being caught by Xavier yet…
“Fred is calling!!” I screamed and answered the call..
“Fred, where are you???..stay there, we would come and pick you up, your parent would be fine, promise!!” I kept saying till a loud laughter from Xavier shut me up…
“Wow, what a speech…” He laughed in scorn leaving us all devastated…
“Xavier!!!!!” I growled..
“You remember my voice??..fine, no long talk, in the next 45 minute, he would die from the poison I injected into his vein..I have the antidote here, just come over to the address sent, some men would then take you to me..let me tell you, don’t risk anyone’s life by coming with them, they would all be dead before you..the governor is with me in this….” He paused and laughed croakly..
“Xavier!!!!” Bryan screamed and he laughed more..
“If you want to die that quickly, come with her, I won’t only kill two of you, Fred would also die alongside his parent..no one can save you all from my claw…” He laughed again sending anger through me..
My breathe went hot as I thought of all that just happened..
“Be wise and don’t act selfishly, you should know when to drop off your personal interest to save an innocent life, remember you dragged him into this!” Xavier said and I felt so bittered..
I felt like a curse, was I really a bad luck!
The phone dropped off, I looked up to Bryan with a teary eyes..
He was also in tears,
“You aren’t going there right??” He whimpered..
“I shouldn’t go??..do you think I can live knowing my life killed him and his family, it’s better I……”
“No!!!!!’ Bryan shrilled and hugged me tightly.
“I can’t allow you!!!” He added holding me tightly..
“Bryan…..” I called in tears but he kept wagging his head..
“You aren’t leaving me!!!” He breathed..
“Bryan, Fred must not die!!!” Sophia cried..
I felt weakened,
Can I ever have the peace I wanted..
“Five minutes is gone now!!” Sophia added sniffing…
I quickly pushed Bryan away..
“I’m going, I’m sure of coming back, just wait for me!” I smiled out tears before picking my phone and dashing out before he could even get hold of me..
Maybe some way, some how, fate doesn’t set me with Bryan, maybe we aren’t meant to be together…
At the end, I may lose my life and he would have to be with someone else..
I board a cab and head to the address…
It took me to the empty road, I stepped down and looked around as the cab zoomed off..
Just then, a black tinted SUV stopped by..
I was gestured in and there was three men In.
“You were a little wise to come alone, you don’t know how we waited to wipe any cover…” One of them howled before knocking me out..
I felt blank and fainted….
Kelvin’s POV…
I’ve heard a lot about a man named Xavier, he was once seem as a good man not till his cover was blown off…
He is a real terrorists who had killed a lot of people…
It has been some hours since Celine came back, it surprised me how one of the security guard explained my feelings to her…
Right now, she had agreed to have dinner with me, something she had always declined..
“But, how did you do it??” I asked and he smiled again..
“I’m good at it, so..I decided to help you..” He replied..
“You don’t know how happy I am now, you are talking about Xavier, he got missing and hadn’t been found!” I shrugged..
“What if he is alive??” He pressed harder..
“It isn’t my concern, it is for the cops to deal with..” I waved of off dryly..
He sighed and bowed his head disturbed..
Was he even trying to make me fight the so-called Xavier or what??
I don’t do such..
“Sir, he is alive and is living with the governor…” He said and I raised my brow at him..
Who is this guy??
A security man who knew this much is suspicious.
“Hey who are you really??” I asked and he breathed…
“I’m Jace the singer with Bryan..” He replied and pulled off the hair he was putting on for disguise.
Just then, my phone rang…
I took it out and it was my personal buddy Ken, he was the I put in charge of finding that great voice I longed to find..
“We have found a unique voice just now…it is too angelic, I’m sure its her!!” He said and my eyes widened..
“Yes, check it out!!” He said and hung up before sending a voice clip to me…
I played it and the voice of Bryan the popular singer began, I arched my brow and made to turn it off when her voice came up…
She sang the chorus and her verse…
My eyes popped out as the voice echoed in me…
The voice was exactly the same as her own, the same as that voice I heard that day in the hospital…
“Its her!!!!!” I screamed in joy..
Finally, I will find her!
Till next episode, enjoy this my completed story:- Dangerous Attraction
To be continued.
Got to repair this f**king phone..
Sorry for the late update..

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Re: My crazy house help episode 55 by Dino: 5:17 pm On March 26, 2021

Wow so sweat!!! Let dey game begin


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