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My crazy house help episode 51

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My crazy house help episode 51 by : 4:42 am On March 14, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 51..
Long episode for late update, I’m sorry..
Xavier’s POV..
“This is how the evil ends…so many years, you had rendered lives into nothing, there was no atom of pity, I regret ever being called your daughter!” Sophia spited with a look of disgust..
Her words did well into sending more anger in me,
Now I understand fully how they were able to defeat me, it was my ignorance of Fred existence, I had never thought of Fred so they were able to catch me off guard…
Sitting on the ground in pain, I couldn’t look up to their faces, just some minutes ago, I was glad gloating of winning, who would believe that I would end up helpless under their mercy..
My heart beat increased as horror filled me to the brim..
The sound of the siren is getting louder, they are really coming…
I looked around with sweat all over my face, Fred and Jace were still pointing their gun to me..
There was really no way i cab escape without being shot…
Staying here is also deadly..
The torture from those special agents would be make me feel like dying…
I couldn’t even feel the pain from the wound again, my heart was just too heavy..
Is this the final??
Does it means I achieved nothing after all the sacrifice??
After all the lives taken??
No, this can’t be happening!!..
I glanced at my side and saw my pistol lying an inch from me..
I glanced at Kip and he was giving me a little sign..
I watched him closely and understood his message..
He wants to give his life for my safety..
He had once told me he would do that any day its necessary because I saved him from a group of assassin that was sent to eliminate him years ago…
I shut my eyes and took a deep breath bracing myself up…
Fred was ready for any movement, he is the only one who understood the tactics of escaping, that was why he won’t relent till the agents arrive…
I sat there silently waiting for a chance…
It was like the heaven was on my side a little,
Sophia caused a distraction to Fred with a loud shrill of pain…
“Fred!!!!…i got cramp!” She cried out holding her belly tightly…
“Sophia!” He called out with the other giving me a slight chance..
With the speed of a lightning, I ran over the fence..
Just four step forward, Jace fired two shot to me but it hit Kip instead…
He had shielded me with his body…
Fred quickly made a swift movement and fired at me thrice, Kip also jumped over to the bullet with his last strength…
He was able to take two bullets, one went into my back deeply sending rush of pain over my body but I dare not stop my pace, I dare not let the pains weaken me or I would die…
I was able to fly over the fence panting heavily as I ran over to the major road..
I glanced back and saw Fred and Bryan running after me with guns..
Bryan shot a bullet which flew over my arm..
I was not fast enough, the wounds are too painful, I was able to stay a little strong and run because I had got well trained in the past..
It was few metres to reached the major road, I would need a car to escape, I wasn’t sure of finding any before they reaches me…
Kip must have died saving me, he had taken those bullets to keep me alive..
I need to avenge him, I need to stay alive and fight his killer but right now I don’t think I would succeed…
Another bullet went into my back making me fall to the ground with deep groan, my sight was even getting blurred..
I forces myself up with the bloods rolling all over me..
My breathes was harder, life was seeping out of me as I made more step forward…
Bryan and Fred was still coming closer, I tried standing but just couldn’t, I couldn’t even move a muscle…
Maybe I was fated not to survive this, maybe I had to be ended today…
All these years of planning and creating teams just to accomplish my dream was nothing…
I had even killed many souls, how would I know nothing would be achieved, I would end up being at the mercy of the law…
I could hear the slight sound of their step, Fred and Bryan are coming nearer..
I had no gun, my whole body is weak..
Slowly, I closed my eyes waiting for the worst but just then, a headlight shone right on my face…
Someone ran out of the car and dragged me in…
I couldn’t see the face well, my vision wasn’t clear…
All I knew was that the person took me into the car and zoomed off…
Bryan’s POV..
I and Fred fired shots to the car but still couldn’t stop it…
“He escaped????” I gritted with rage as I shot more bullets to the car which was bullet proofed..
we were already so close to him, it was just some steps more, the car came unexpectedly, we could have even stop it if it wasn’t protected..
Who was that man that saved him???
“Bryan why is the agents yet to arrive??..what caused their delay!!!” Fred huffed in frustration..
“Oh, yeah!!!..they should have arrived a very long time ago!!..” I snapped and picked up my phone to call them again but stopped when one their cars drove to us and halted…
“What happened???” I growled as one of them stepped out..
“There was a huge traffic on the road, someone must have caused it to delay our arrival, we really tried to pass through it but even on foot, we couldn’t pass through…” He sighed and I glanced at Fred who brought out s device immediately..
He clicked some button and a video appeared on the screen..
“We acted impulsively without thinking of any external force…someone of higher power caused the blockage of the road..” He said while we stared at him..
“Three truck fell and obstructed the whole road, the drivers of that trucks can’t even be found..” He added and sighed as he walked a little forward..
“But…all Xavier’s men were killed in the battle!” I and Stan the NSA agent head said in chorus..
“Yeah, they were killed but…their head wasn’t among them, his name is stallion..” He explained leaving us confused..
“How then can he cause such a jam?” I asked but got no reply from Fred who looked tensed immediately..
“Let’s go back, we would talk on this later, just issue a WANTED file, anyone who finds Xavier would be given a very huge ransom..” He sighed and hopped into the car..
Stan glanced at me with a such before we both joined him in the car…
“Bryan!!” Rose squeaked my name as I stepped out of the car…
She ran to me with a tight hug that forced out a smile from my lips..
“Why did you left me in tension, I thought Xavier hurt you..” She purred and fondled my cheek..
“Hurt me??..how??..he is badly injured!” I said and she shook her head..
“That man is a devil, you stayed for long and I was already having silly thoughts..I can’t bear losing you!” She whined and rested her head on my shoulder…
“Bryan!..where is Fred??” Sophia asked abruptly with her eyes brow raised..
“Fred….I’m sorry he….”
“What!!!..he what?????..” She exclaimed blinking her eyes continuously with tears..
“Calm down, he died saving me from Xavier!” I chuckled and she quickly grabbed my collar in shock..
“You are joking right??..stop the prank!!..I’m being serious!!” She squealed, everyone stared at me in total shock..
“Fred can never die!!” Rose shook her head..
“Bryan how could????” Clara spoke out for the first time..
“Where is he now???” Sophia asked and I smiled before shrugging..
“His dead body is in the car..” I said and she ran to the car with speed…
Just as she made to open the door, Fred walked out with a huge smile on his face..
Fred’s POV..
“Fred!!” She screamed out my name happily before hugging the hell out of me…
“I know you can never die!!..” She mumbled and klzzed my cheek..
“Bryan was able to trick you…because of you, I can’t die now…” I said with a lopsided smile before facing the others.
“We lost Xavier…he was able to escape because someone came to his rescue..” I explained and I could see the little sadness on their faces..
“Who would save him, I thought his men were all eliminated??” Jace said thoughtfully..
“We should be going home, I’m sure we must be exhausted especially Sophia, I can’t let her stress her self..” I smirked and she rolled her eyes..
“But won’t Xavier attack??” Clara asked and I chuckled..
“Attack with what??..he is like a dog now, his injury would take many months to heal, it would take years to gather another men, he is declares wanted all around the country, he had already being known as a terrorist…do you think he can ever show his face?” I explained making them sigh in relief…
Bright smiles filled their faces especially that of Sophia..
“Fred you are very unique, so intelligent and smart!..do I worth you?” Sophia muttered leaving my mouth agape…
“Please don’t mention!..have you forgotten who you are?..I’m the one who doesn’t…”
‘Shh…” She hushed and with her f!ng£r..
“Thanks for coming into my life, you have really protected me like you promised, stop seeing me like a celebrity or idol, I’m all that to the world, but for you…I’m a subjected girlfriend, my love for you is so much, I would do anything for you!” She cooed..
“Thank you so much..” I muttered in great joy as I grinned from ear to ear…
“Let’s all go and enjoy our best moment, no one to fear again!” I screamed happily making them squeal too as they carried their girlfriend into the arm leading them to the car…
I watched with smiles…
“Won’t you carry me into you arm too??” Sophia whined with a baby face making me laugh..
“You don’t know how my heart is beating now, it is trending everywhere, my face is everywhere…my social handles has already been flooded by fans all because I’m your boyfriend..let’s go home for now..” I chirped and held her soft palm as we head to the car..
I was happy that there would be peace for a while but…it won’t last forever, Xavier would surely come back to fight, my fear isn’t Xavier but the man behind his escape today…
The governor…
The governor planned it all, he was the mastermind behind the traffic jam, he was also the one who sent that man to rescue Xavier…
After finding out through the communication system which I hacked, I was tensed but decided to hide it from them..
I would be telling only Bryan soon..
Everything would have been hidden from me too if I had no access to Xavier’s main base system…
I used my device to connect to his server, that was when I saw Stallion his only surviving men put a call to the governor informing him of the trouble Xavier was into…
I had listened to their conversation and found out that the governor helped Xavier to escape…
My fear is Xavier having the governor by his side, would we have a chance of winning him the second time???
“Fred!!” Sophia called drawing my attention back to reality..
“What have you been thinking??” She asked staring at me.
“Nothing…just thinking about the future..” I mumbled and smiled..
“Are you afraid Xavier would attack again?” She asked and I smiled squeezing her palm..
“It doesn’t matter if he would attack or not, all I know is that Xavier would never hurt my loved ones again…” I stated with a smile before zooming off..
Bryan’s POV..
The alarm blared jerking me off from my sleep..
I quickly grabbed it and turned it off with a wide smile…
Someone was lying beside me and that was Rose, why would this alarm blare now and they waking her up..
She has to sleep more, yesterday was really hectic but ended in happiness…
I could clearly recall the party in my house, everyone drank to stupor including Rose..
Her drunken state was the funniest, she won’t stop klzzing me..
There was even a time she climbed on my back begging me not to leave…
We all couldn’t stop laughing, Clara was almost worse than her, she just kept screaming in happiness as she drew Jace along, she would keep forcing him to play around with her…
Sophia got only tipsy making her emotional as she poured her heart to Fred…
I really enjoyed the scenes, I was so happy for a moment of peace, a moment when no one was afraid of being hurt….
Xavier wasn’t remembered a bit..
Just as night was coming, my dad and Lisa also came with squeals of glee as they also grabbed their wine..
Lisa was the only one who drank soft drink….
The night was a moment to remember, Rose, her mother and Lisa did the cooking while Sophia stood and watched…
She still can’t cook on her own, being the spoilt rich girl she was…
The food left us longing for more, it was too delicious..
After eating we returned to drinking and spilling the wine everywhere…
Music was reverberating through the walls of the house, Rose and Clara was once ashamed to dance not until they got drunk…
You won’t believe Rose rocked me, Clara even did the same without knowing them selves,
I enjoyed that wild Rose, it was a time I never wished to end,
We had the merriment till dawn before everyone fell asleep there on the couch,
I managed to take Rose up to my room,
We both slept together with our body locked together, I felt the warmth…
It was a time when we closed our eyes and slept together without any glimmer of fear…
My smiles grew wider as these thoughts flashed through.
We would be going to school today..
Today, her voice would be heard…
Do you think I would wait any longer??
Hell no!!
Right there in the school studio, we would sing for the school…
After school, we are heading to see my manager, the world would hear her great voice..
I just can’t wait for her to become a star, with her voice, everyone would fall for her…
Its time for her life to change totally, just a song with me and she would become a celebrity with million of dollars..
Staring at her beautiful face and red sensual lips, I felt on top of the world, having such a goddess as my girlfriend is really great..
My head pushed forward and klzz her before I could even know it…
“Rose, sleep well…today you would sing with me, the national competition is close…we would perform for the million of attendants, they would hear your great voice which is far more than that of Sophia…Rose your life would change for the better!!” I whispered to her and she smiled..
“Had you been awake all this while??” I asked and sat up at the edge of the bed..
“Why did you turn off the alarm, you wanted me to be late to school right??” She asked..
“You shall not stress your self for any school, yesterday was…”
“What happened yesterday???..I got drunk right??..please did I do something silly???” She asked sitting up..
“No…you only klzzed me and screamed that you are h**ny!!” I replied and her eyes widened as she jumped off from the bed…
“Bryan!!!!!!…I did that???” She exclaimed placing her hand on her head..
“Yes dear, you even rocked me…” I paused and smirked..
“Never knew you are that good..” I added with a teasing smile making her knock my head softly…
“Stop saying!!..did my mother saw all this??” She asked in a low tone looking around..
“Why not??..she was even laughing hard” I replied and she jumped on me making us fall freely on the bed..
She sat on my belly and showed me her small fist clenched..
“why didn’t you stopped me??..I’ll blow off your brain, why would you allow my mother see all that??…after all her home training….!!” She squeaked leaving me laughing so hard..
I rolled her over and crouch on her…
“She knew we are deeply in love so…is it bad to rock me??..naughty girl!” I laughed again before standing up..
“We are going to school right away, its time to show your great voice!” He winked and I rolled my eyes..
“After allowing me become naughty in front of my mother, you think I would sing with you??..no!!..I’m not even going to school!” She stated rolling her eyes again..
Rose’s POV..
“Okay fine, thank God, Sophia is still there, we would just sing together then, sleep tight!” He blurted and made to leave..
“Bryan!!!” I shouted and he paused.
“What happened??..keep sleeping till I perform the national competition with Sophia” he said and opened the door..
With the speed of a lightning, I ran to him and jumped on his back making him burst into laughter..
“What???..I thought…..
“Stop!!!..don’t thought anything, I will sing with you!!!..there is no Sophia!!” I screamed holding him tight..
“But you don’t want…..
“Who don’t want??.. I’m I mad or learning how to be mad??..take me to the school let’s sing, no woman would dare sing with you other than me!” I purred as he backed me to the bathroom..
“Yes I know, no one can even take your place, not even Sophia, don’t be jealous because I too would die of jealousy if you ever sing with Jace..” He said making me shiver in joy..
After some hour, we were dressed up for school, Jace and Clara was already in the sitting room waiting, Fred and Sophia was the last to be done…
“Fred are you also schooling in the musical school, you and Clara are odd..” I deadpanned with a smile..
“I am good at playing the piano…” Fred said with a little chuckle..
“Hey Rose, Clara is great at dancing, she isn’t odd at least she would dance with me in the music videos..” Jace defended..
“Stop being the lawyer, did she beg you to defend her..” I smirked making Clara laugh as she held Jace palm..
“He is my lawyer…” She smiled.
“I was thinking thoroughly on the people that would make up my music band, I think I’ve found them…” Bryan chipped in..
“But…who would be the female lead??..Rose or Sophia?” Jace asked and got a glare from Bryan..
“Rose can’t sing…can she be the lead?” Sophia said making Jace and Bryan stare at her like she got two head..
“Do you still have that music clip of that day in Bryan’s pr!v@te house?” Clara asked Jace..
“Yes, but not with me now..” He replied..
“Sophia I’m sorry for lying to you about her voice, she has a great voice that would shook your heart when you hears it…” Bryan breathing and she glanced at me..
“Are you saying the truth?..then why was it hidden?” She asked..
“Xavier wants to kill the girl with this voice so I won’t fall for her, he was waiting for her to sing so he would recognize her with the voice and eliminate her…” He explained and she nodded..
“I would only allow her be the female lead if her voice is more than mine…” She shrugged and I smiled..
“Agreed!!!” They all chorused..
“Where is my mother?” I asked and they laughed..
“Still asleep, last night was too hot!” Clara said as we heading out..
“Clara did I rock Bryan and klzzed him??..did I screamed being h**ny??..did I do all that??” I whispered to her but they heard it and another round of laugh began…
“Yes!!” She replied
“What!!!!..” I screamed and covered my face running to the car, I wasn’t seeing clearly so I toppled and made to fall but was caught by a strong arm..
“Don’t ever hurt your self, no matter how little…I’m carrying you this time before you fall again…” Bryan said and lifted me in a bridal style..
I couldn’t help the huge smile,
We got to school and just immediately we all stepped out of the car, everywhere went chaotic…
Almost all the student left the class and ran out to look at us with those wet eyes of emotions..
There were really drooling at us…
👥Oh God!!..what a great match!!!
👥I wish I am one of them!!!
They kept murmuring and taking snap..
Just then, someone said something that caught my attention..
👥So Xavier isn’t Sophia’s dad, he just wanted to use her..
👥He is a wolf in sheep clothing, how would he try to kill Bryan’s father..
👥He even sent Rose away and framed her death..
I glanced at Fred and he smiled..
“You did that right?” I asked and hr nodded…
“This morning, I exposed all that Xavier did to you and your mother, I also expose some of his evil on Sophia, if he dares to strike again, I would releasee the video of his killings..his reputation is destroyed..” He replied in a low tone making us smile broadly…
“You are really a saviour…” Bryan said
“Thank, Sophia and Rose, they are the reason I’m doing all this…” He smirked and held Sophia’s waist tenderly making a loud uproar emanate from the crowd…
👥Ohh!!!…this guy had really gotten her heart!!
👥How did he do it??..
👥Do you know how I had tried to get just her glance but failed!!
They gave way for us as we head to our class, the press booked an hour of interview with us later..
I’m sure there are many questions to ask, all that happened must have left them befuddled..
We got to the class and it took a hour before everywhere could come back to normal…
The student won’t just stop being crazy for us all…
Fred had even become most of the girls crush…
We all sat on a row drawing attention to us, we sat at the back making the student glance backward at interval even when teaching was on…….
After some hours…
The school bell rang, it wasn’t for break..
“What was that for??” I asked as I saw all the student rushed out…
“They are heading to the music hall..” Bryan replied..
“Huh??..why?” I asked..
“They are waiting to hear your voice, we would sing together right there in from of them all!!” He squeaked and grabbed me up…
“I can’t even wait to hear it…” Fred and Sophia chorused.
“You arranged that??” I asked Bryan who was all smiles..
“Yes….its time for you life to change gradually, I’ll make you more popular than every singer in Korea..” He laughed..
“Hey, no talks again, they are waiting!!” He smirked and I felt on top of the world..
I felt great as he held my palm,
Who knew a day like this would come, who knew thousand of student would rush out to hear me sing not alone but with the most popular singer..
Oh God!!..
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/> To be continued…

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Re: My crazy house help episode 51 by Mollybrecee: 8:05 am On March 14, 2021

Im bored it will take another 3days to get next episode Im sad that xavier escape again

Re: My crazy house help episode 51 by Dino: 10:00 am On March 14, 2021

so sweat!!! But coming out late


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